Marcus Lane

A cyborg from another world. In a relationship with Camari Lennon. Original name Madzkit. Age: 25 years old.

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a character in “Feelings, Deprivation & Circumstances”, as played by SierraWrangler


Marcus is a cyborg from an unknown planet. He crash-landed on Earth and found it hard to manage with humans. Later, he was accepted in the Avengers as a teammate.

He is very emotionally insecure, puts the blame on himself when a person he cares about gets hurt and can get very cocky at times. Marcus changed throughout years because of his past life, and built walls around him.

Yet, he can be nice and friendly to people he cares about.

Marcus likes drinking and smoking when he is feeling bad and enjoys flirting to annoy people, despite their gender.

He is 25, Earth age.

Marcus is prone to panic attacks, hyperventilating and fevers.

He is experienced at using weapons, specifically riffles, knives and other throwing tools.

He also has his cyborg form which is metallic yet humanoid, taller than a human, has red eyes and messy white hair which is made of substances unlike humans'.

Although, Marcus doesn't like using his other side because his blood can be misused to make something like him, only more dangerous.

Physical appearance: Messy layered ash brown hair, pale white grey & black eyes, 189 cm tall, lean muscular built and a fair complexion.


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