"I am the true meaning of deception hahaha!"

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Name: Ikraan Salah-Al-Din

Gender: Male

Age: 19,064

Description: Image

Personality: Ikraan is rather different when it comes to persona. He is though, crazy.His mind is deceitful even to him. He also has a tendency to switch moods in the blink of an eye. His moods in general are though, anger, confusion, wicked and assertive. He will regret nothing that he does and isn't afraid of a huge challenge ahead. This is what makes him crazy along with his mood swings. He is head strong and will NEVER give up for any means necessary. This includes everything. If he looses his food he will search for days until he finds what he was hunting. This also results in him holding grudges against another. Once he gets angered about someone there is no breaking that bond.

Ikraan also has a bit of a creative and childish sense of humor. When he isn't around killing or setting things on fire, he is usually seen admiring the world around him, drawing, writing, and even playing with his food. He is sometimes seen with the habit of talking nonsense to himself when he is awake and when he is asleep. If you were to ever befriend or tame Ikraan, which is highly unlikely, then he would want attention almost all the time. His past rider gave Ikraan plenty of love and kindness to where the dragon has become a bit sensitive around the ones he loves. But like I said, this is the general stuff. Besides this there is no telling what this dragon could do...


Rider: None.

Element: Blue fire. Unlike the orange and red counterpart, blue fire is well...blue. But remember the blue end of the flame is the hottest? Well, blue fire is the hottest fire around. It can set things on fire in a matter of milliseconds. It can scorch enemies in minutes. It can even destroy an entire forest in hours. Ikraan also has this power to set himself, or any other body parts, on fire.


1.) He can set his entire body, or body part of choice, on fire. Special oils in his skin protect his flesh, fur, and feathers from burning.
2.) As you've noticed, some of the pics of him have wings where as others do not. This is because he can make his wings appear visible to other if he wants to or not. Its a trick he learned with his old rider and he has kept it all throughout his life.
3.) He may not be the strongest of the bunch but he is the fasted. On land and in the air(But mostly in the air). His serpentine body is fast and agile, built for running and flying.
4.) He is also a master at lying. He can tell just about any lie and you could believe him.

*Controlling his emotions



The sun peaked over the horizon. Winter was at its climax and things were indeed chilly. A rustling could be heard in a moderately sized stable. Inside, a red, orange, and cream colored dragon was sifting through a bag of apples and oats. Although most dragons were carnivores, Ikraan was an omnivore. The dragon licked his lips and dug his muzzle in the bag and pulled out four apples in his maw. His breakfast however was interrupted by the stable doors opening.

Ikraan swallows his meal and turns his head toward the door flashing a toothy grin. His bright blue eyes glanced over at a small seven year old boy who had a bucket of sulfur and other minerals. "Ikraan! You know you not suppose to be eaten that stuff till'..." The boy pauses to think a moment. "Till after trainin' in done." He says finally before walking over to the trough and filling it up with rocks and ores. "Really now?" Ikraan takes a moment to think. "Well, I wasn't aware of anyone saying that to me..." He says with another big grin. The kid smiles before leaving the stable. Ikraan snakes his body off the ground and lazily strenthes his legs and wings before lurking over toward the ores. Somehow...The dragon had a feeling today wasn't going to be a normal day...

So begins...

Ikraan's Story