"Your inadequacies are not my fault nor are they my problem. Leave me, to my meditation, you annoy me."

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a character in “Feudal Moon: Eclipse”, as played by BleedingCrimson


Nickname: Sama-san
Age: 20

Personality: Very aloof and often thinks better of herself because of her status as Prodigy. Very often quiet but if she does so choose to talk her voice is cold and completely unfeeling and her words are more likely than not something important even if they come across as mean, cruel or simply caustic. Kei enjoys sarcasm and has quite the knack for it, along with everything else she tries...

Her ego is very inflated, rightfully so she feels, though she does not say anything about being better, preferring to simply let people know by how she holds herself (back straight and always walking confidently, like she has somewhere to be even if she doesn't). Her guard is never down, even while sleeping, and can even be somewhat paranoid.

She is awkward in social situations and is horrible at speaking with people without making them feel 'unworthy,' Kei is generally an unapproachable person. She likes it better that way though, it means she has more time to study and read. "Friends and emotional ties are a burden and hold you back anyway..."

Role: The Prodigy
Ninja Rank: Emerald Moon

Head, Neck and Shoulders- Helmet and Neck armor
Arms- Leather Bracers (as seen in picture)
Chest, Back and Waist/Legs- All leather (for stealth, silence) Chest plate under Waist/Upper legs plating
Feet- Tabi

Weapon: A weapon that can be used as twin swords, a heavy staff, a double-bladed staff or

Stick and Staff Fighting [Mastery]
Pyrotechnics and Explosives [Mastery]
Unarmed Combat [Mastery due to Role]
Stealth and Entering Methods

Bio: Born and raised in the school by her father, mother died in childbirth. She had began her training as soon as five years old and started passing through ranks at ten. Her genius allowing her to bypass many years of intense training, a natural genius who through a natural aptness flew through the ranks.

History: It is all she has ever known, it is her life force, it is her passion. Has not made many (any) friends but doesn't particularly want to either. The annoying ones who wont leave her alone tend to be classified as friend, unfortunately...

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