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"My love was once a man. Now, unless I find another, it will be to kill."

0 · 325 views · located in Akusho Village

a character in “Feudal Moon”, as played by Jaybt9


-Autumn's Beauty


-Hourglass figure, with breast and hips standing out
-Smooth skin with an ochre complexion. Slightly tanned.
-A beautiful face with Asian and African features (slanted eyes, and full lips)
-Black hair flowing just above her navel area.
-Hazel Eyes


Akikaze's personality is revealed based on gender-roles. To some guys, she is quite flirtatious and provocative (Hence, the attire). Her exotic appearance is known to draw many mens' eyes. She has fallen in love before, but finds it hard to now, because no one was like her last lover, who was killed in an attack two years ago. To those that she doesn't find attractive, mainly because of age, she treats them seriously, and is even loyal to those above her rank in the school. She even uses her seductive personality to trick male targets and kill them.

To girls. she is occasionally friendly, but if someone is against her, there is a 200% guarantee that she is against them as well.


Ninja Rank:
Emerald Star


-Red hood with silver flower designs
-See body
-Silver armor on right shoulder
-Silver Gauntlets
-Brown Bands along upper arms
-Cloth Belt, slightly below chest
-Brown Band along right leg
-Tabi cloth, Heeled metallic sandals
-Black fishnet suit
-Red Ninja suit

Red Wagasa (Japanese Umbrella), with a blade concealed in her umbrella. It comes out the other end, once she twists the handle

Red and Black Kunai

Red and Black Tanto

Sword Fighting: Mastered
Disguise and Impersonation: Mastered
Stealth and Entering Methods
Spiritual Refinement: Specialist-Wind
Kunai Fighting
Tactics: Mastered


Akikaze was born by an Afro-Latin immigrant father, and a Japanese prostitute mother. Both of whom are publicly unidentified, however it was exclaimed that her mother went by the name "O'Kiko". O'Kiko raised her child in secrecy, because those prostitutes who had children were punished, while their children were also put into prostitution, or slavery. While O'Kiko felt that she didn't have much to live for, she thought her child did. Once Akikaze turned 5, her mother had given her gold coins and a red umbrella, advising her to walk East and only stop to eat for food, and not for anyone. There would be someone waiting for her.

Akikaze walked east for days trying to figure out what she meant by those last words. Who was waiting for her? This mission was, however, interrupted by a group of childish men who tried to rape her. As soon as they could get that chance, a group of ninjas arrived mysteriously, killing all 6 men. Afraid, Akikaze didn't know whether they were going to attack her, too. But one, stood to her, holding out their hand. "Akikaze, I've finally found you.", the ninja said in a soft womanly voice. It was a fellow kunoichi named Kosuke Anayama, a successor of the legendary Mochizuki Chiyome, and one of the Sanada Ten Braves. Kosuke Anayama has taught many Japanese women to become kunoichi, and Akikaze was no exception, putting her into Shifting Shadows and making her as her own child.

Kosuke Anayama had taught Akikaze all of her life, along with feminine abilities, such as music, dance, and calligraphy, so she could become a kunoichi in disguise of a geisha, or courtesan.

When Akikaze was 15, she fell in love with a male ninja of the school, named Akira. They both worked alongside each other for quite a while. This was until Akikaze was 17. One mission, lead them to an ambush. Akira, a rather heroic type, suggested Akikaze to escape while she had the chance, while he fought back, but Akira failed and was killed.

Saddened by the incident, Akikaze had no choice, but to move on, yet she would get her revenge one day.

Now 19, she is one of the Shifting Shadow students to stand out in the crowd.

So begins...

Akikaze's Story