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Zell Rouge

Let the games...begin.

0 · 183 views · located in Bevelle

a character in “FFX: Sin's Return”, as played by digi-kun


Name: Zell "Z" Rouge

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Al Bhed

Aeon: Yojimbo

Class(es): Gambler x Black Mage

Appearance: Has black hair with bangs that part down the middle, showing his forehead but covering the sides of his face. He wears a short ponytail on the back. He is 5' 11" weighing at 145 pounds with a thin, unimpressive build. Has green eyes and a scar going horizontally right under his right eye that starts from his cheek and ends at the bridge of his nose. Likes wearing heavy clothing with a lot of pockets to hold all his gear and books.

Special Abilities: 1.)Joker's Luck- Zell tosses a 10 sided die. If it lands on an even number, one opponent is hit with an explosion of magic. Power increases, the higher the number. If odd, nothing happens.


Personality: Generally enjoys life and tries to make a game of anything. Even in battle, he treats it like some kind of game to be won.

Weaknesses: He can't resist a good gamble. If he likes the odds of winning, and there's a decent prize to be won, he'll jump at the chance to test his luck. In battle, his weapons are generally much weaker than the others and his second skill depends solely on luck. Not very strong at all.

Strengths: He's a quick wit, and likes to make jokes a lot, lightening the mood. Likes to see the world as a big game. In battle, his attacks have a large range and usually catches his opponents off guard. Also has high magical resistance.


Clothing/Armor: He doesn't wear very much armor, but he does have thin and light chain mail on his upper body. Over that, he wears a worn, brown shirt. Both the chain mail and the shirt are sleeveless. He has black, cargo pants with three pockets per leg, each carrying a deck of cards. He has three belts, one to hold up his pants, and the other are wrapped around his stomach. He wears a dark red, sleeveless coat with two pockets on the front for his dice. He has more pockets inside the coat with more dice inside. The coat comes down to his thighs, and the collar only covers his neck. It is left unzipped. There's also two large pockets on the waist of the jacket, where he keeps a spell book at all times. On his wrists he has card holders, each holding a deck for easy access. He has three studded earrings on his right ear and three more over his right eyebrow. He also wears a ring with an engraved hearts symbol on his right forefinger, one with diamonds his his right ring finger. Spades is on his left middle finger, with Clubs on his thumb.

Weapon: Playing cards and dice that have been imbued with magic. He can enlarge the cards and use them as swords, or just throw them at his foes. His dice can also increase size, as he can throw them at his opponent. He also holds a book which he uses to magically imbue his equipment.


I was born...heh, well lets be honest. I've got no idea where, or even from whom I was born. All I knew was that my parents left me with a group of travelers who wandered from town to town looking for work. Gotta admit least they were kind enough to leave me with somebody instead of dumping me in the middle of nowhere eh? They were the ones who taught me what I know about the games. And I'm not talking Blitzball or anything, no. I'm talking about games of chance. Oh, I knew it all. Slight of hand, weighing dice, shuffling the deck in such a way to con people out of their cash. Admittedly, it wasn't the proudest time of my life. We came to Luca. In search of more prey I guess you could say. There I tried conning this old man, but hoo...the old coot saw through me like glass. He took me away to his home to punish me I suppose. My group couldn't find me and needed to leave, so they did. I never saw those guys again. Meanwhile the old man, was about to do something, not sure what. But apparently he had noticed in me an Aeon. A great beast, whom summoners call to defeat the Sin. He proclaimed it destiny that we met, and that he wanted to prepare me for whatever it was that was coming. I thought it a waste of time at first. I mean, the Sin was supposed to be gone for good right? Well, so I thought. The old coot says it's my destiny, but in all honesty I'm only excited to see what happens down the road. A future I can't even comprehend...a tomorrow no one can my story.

Skills List

1.)Water- Deals water elemental damage. Very effective against fire type enemies.
2.)Blizzard- Deals ice elemental damage. Effective against earth enemies and lizards.
3.)Focus- Augments physical moves temporarily. Can be applied to himself and allies
4.)Slots- Summons three ethereal slots, and like a slot machine, randomly shows elemental symbols. If there are three matching symbols, a random status ailment is inflicted on the opponent. (Burn, paralyze, freeze, poison, or sleep)

So begins...

Zell Rouge's Story