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James Hillary 'Jack' Russell

CIA Clandestine Services Officer

0 · 248 views · located in Modern World

a character in “Fiction Dictating Reality”, as played by RaptorThreeSix


Mr. Russell is a caucasian male, is approximately six feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds on an athletic build. His hair is a dark brown when cropped short, but would be a coppery red if it was allowed to grow out some. He has freckles over most of his arms, shoulders and face. He has two tattoos: one of his family coat of arms on his left upper arm, and one of a Cross of St. James superimposed on a Celtic sword and Harp on his left shoulder blade. Mr. Russell has a scar on his left eyebrow, one on his abdomen from his appendectomy, and one on the tip of his left middle finger--the result of an unfortunate kitchen knife accident. Though Mr. Russell tries to blend in, he does cut a rather imposing figure when he so chooses to; it can assist in getting cooperation when none might otherwise be available.

Though not necessarily a snappy dresser, Mr. Russell always attempts to have a well-dressed presentation. For normal office attire, he wears a polo shirt with the company logo on it, tucked into khaki trousers. When on a formal detail, he will wear a suit tailored to conceal radio, pistol, spare magazines, and light body armor. For drills, he will wear his group's uniform: an olive drab or khaki flight suit over which is load-bearing equipment or armor vest. His footwear is generally light hiking boots, or specially made shoes that give the appearance of Oxfords while still maintaining good ankle support and running stride.


Mr. Russell has a rather laid-back personality. Never much of a screamer (except during his Army days), he does harden his countenance when someone fails him. Mr. Russell tries at all times to be relaxed, and has the patience "of a saint," according to one associate. He tries to always see the positive side of any obstacle, but maintains his candor and will point out deficiencies so that they can be improved. Usually can be found joking about with a half-grin on his face.


Mr. Russell maintains a working knowledge of a wide assortment of the tools of his trade. Generally he maintains on his person a SIG-SAUER P229 and two spare magazines as well as a light burglary kit and an encrypted cell phone.

His qualifications in weapons (as of 1999) include:
US: M9, M1911A1, M4A1, M16A2, M249, M240B/G, M60E3, M203, M2BMG, Mark 19, LAW, AT-4, M40A1, M24, M82A1
NATO: Browning/FN Hi-Power, SIG P226/229, H&K P7/USP/Mk23, FN FiveseveN, SA80A1, FAMAS F-1, G3, G36, P-90, FN FAL/FNC, PSG-1
Warsaw Pact: AKM (all variants), AK-74, Makarov, Dragunov, RPD/RPK, PKM, RPG-7, -11, -18

Mr. Russell is intimately familiar with the capabilities of several different forms of high-explosive, to include C4, Composition B, PETN, Semtex, various brands of det-cord. He is trained in high-speed offensive and defensive driving with many vehicles. His personal vehicle that he uses while at home in the States is a '9X BMW Z3, even though it is slightly unsuitable for the driving that he gets to do in Northern Virginia.


James Hillary Russell was born in Arlington, Virginia to John Hillary Russell and Mia Russell on 05 November 1969. His father worked for the CIA first as a security officer and later as a Special Protection Officer (SPO) for Ambassador Helms during the first Iranian hostage crisis, but was luckily extracted before the second (and infinitely more famous) crisis. His mother, Mia, was an editor and reviewer for various publishing houses, and an avid fan of the outdoors. "Jack," a childhood nickname that stuck with him, attended Bruton High School near Camp Peary, Virginia, graduating in June '87 with a 3.8 GPA. He didn't travel very far for college, either, deciding to attend the University of William and Mary. Using an Army ROTC scholarship, he pursued a degree in Political Science, graduating Cum Laude (as he partied a bit too much in his sophomore year) in 1991. Once in the Army, he branched Infantry, attending Ranger School, Airborne, Air Assault and Pathfinder school. Much to his disappointment, he missed the Persian Gulf War, but was in Bravo Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and took part in the bloody events of the Battle of Mogadishu on 03-04 October 1993. After rotating back, he served for a year as commander of Bravo Company, 2nd-506th PIR, before his application was accepted to participate in the Special Forces Assessment and Selection--the "Q-course". In September of 1996, Captain Jack Russell was granted his long tab and joined the 7th Special Forces Group. In January 1999, Major Jack Russell was permanently seconded to the Central Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Operations. Inside the National Clandestine Service, he was assigned to the Special Activities Division's Special Operations Group.

So begins...

James Hillary 'Jack' Russell's Story