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Fiction Dictating Reality

Modern World


a part of Fiction Dictating Reality, by RaptorThreeSix.


RaptorThreeSix holds sovereignty over Modern World, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Modern World is a part of Fiction Dictating Reality.

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Edward Tollns [0] Personal Assistant to an older vampire and brother to one newly turned.
Monoda (Aka Mo) [0] A therianthrope of sorts, an experiment that was only so succesful, was meant to be a prize to a ruler but failed to reach expectations.
Nakotah Creek. [0] Please, call me Noah.
Kendra Rydberg [0] A young Minnesota-born bobcat therianthrope, determined not to be weak any longer.
Shianne [0] Shianne is a 300 year old vampire. She has survived throughout the years depending on no one but herself, and she tries to keep it that way.
James Hillary 'Jack' Russell [0] CIA Clandestine Services Officer

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So, because we're going to be playing in the forum-area instead of via the tab system, I've decided that this area shall be where I post things of mutual interest for all people involved in "Fiction Dictating Reality", when I'd rather not mess with the rules page (as those are the general rules, and these are pretty specific). So, for the first ever update, I have for your reading and internalization pleasure...

"Comparative Vampire Government 201: How They All Govern Themselves"
A Clif-Notes Edition on Vampire Government
  • North American Government
    • Territory. Vampires on the North American continent have a unified government--that is, the United States, Canada and Mexico are all under one government. These territories do not include any of the islands in the Caribbean (except for Puerto Rico). Territorial divisions within this government are generally centered around cities and towns--usually the rural areas do not have the human population to sustain vampires beyond lone individuals. Local groups of vampires that have chosen what passes for permanent residence--generally met if the vampire has resided in an area for over twenty years or so--will come together and nominate a representative for the continental assembly, generally the oldest vampire of the group with the second or third oldest nominated as a deputy. Should the oldest vampire die or 'retire,' the deputy will step forward to fill the vacancy and a new deputy will be nominated. At a minimum, the representative is at least 50 years old, but usually only those who are 175-200 years old are considered for the smaller territories. Larger territorial representatives are generally 300 years or older. As there are no local laws, there is no need for a true local government.
    • Continental Congress. This is the group of representatives for the vampire community in North America. A unicameral legislature, it meets in Philadelphia twice a year in January and July. There are term limits of 30 years for all representatives. Territories are set, and can only be unified (if a significant population has emigrated out) or divided (if a significant population has immigrated in) by decision of Congress. Each rep has one vote, and most minor bills require a simple majority. Major bills require a super-majority or two-thirds. Enforcement of all decisions of Congress is conducted by a group of 150 vampires who are only loyal to the Constitution and Congress.
  • European Government
    • Governing Bodies. Vampires on the European continent have a rather fractured governmental system. There are four important governing bodies, three on the nation-state level and one on the international level.
    • United Kingdom. The nations of Great Britain and Ireland (still unified, similar to the North American continental body) have a House of Lords, not to be confused with the Parliamentary body, this House has limited legislative duties, but does serve as a judiciary to resolve any conflict and punish violations. The body does nominate representatives to the European Union--again, not to be confused with the similar body of the same name--for international relations. It retains the right to not comply with EU decisions regarding foreign relations. Rank in the House is granted by age and/or services rendered. There is the possibility of hereditary transfer of titles, but are rare. Ages generally associated with the ranks are:
      • Lord/Lady: 50 years.
      • Baron/Baroness: 75 years.
      • Count/Countess: 100 years.
      • Duke/Duchess: 250 years.
    • Continental Systems of Government. Throughout much of Continental Europe, there is a rather feudal system of government where the strongest vampire rules. Territories can be conquered and divided at will. Leadership is generally passed on to a nominated heir--territories which have leaders die without nominating their heir can result in internecine warfare. There is a rule banning the engagement of international relations below the national assembly-level; this is generally adhered to. Though national boundaries are largely ignored by vampires, they are respected for participation in the national assembly of vampires. These assemblies are never attended by the leaders of the territories themselves, but their appointed representative. The national assemblies also nominate representatives to the European Union, which decides on international relations. Some smaller nation-states groups of vampires have unified themselves with those of the larger nations, generally along the lines of language:
      • National Assembly: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco
      • Cortes Generales: Spain, Portugal, Andorra
      • Budestag: Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary
      • Zgromadzenie Narodowe: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia
      • Verkhovna Rada: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Balkan States, Bulgaria
      • Hellenic Parliament: Greece and Cyprus
      • Parlamento Italiano: Italy