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Ken McFly

0 · 197 views · located in Tokyoronto

a character in “Fiery Friday Night Fury: Puroresu”, as played by JayZeroSnake


I'm Ken McFly, aged 19 years, officer. I'm a 6ft tall caucasian with an athletic build that has some muscle to it. I dress in a T-shirt with a pop culture reference on it, with a sleeveless jacket over that, some track pants, and black/white hi tops.

When I get into the ring, I keep these clothes on, but I'm well known for just taking off my shirt and jacket. I also have a single shoulder pad I can wear with the kanji 'Ikken Hissatsu' meaning 'One Hit, Certain Kill'

The Kanji: ... e-vert.svg




Some would call me lazy, selfish, and downright stupid, a complete loser...But those are also the people who've failed school. Others have called me Decent, nice, an all around good guy. True though, I might be a little lazy…well…whatever!…I still kick ass in the ring, and I screw around with those other assholes fighter pals of mine, and kick ass duel my most giant douchebag asshole rivals.

Theme: Spirit Never Die by Masterplan

Quote(s): "Urarara!!," "WATAAAH!!!," "ATATATATA!!!," "You're already dead, you idiot!," "KA~KAKAKAKA~!!," "The secret to power is to remember the method of Furinkazan!," "Be Swift Like the Wind!," "Stay as silent as the forest!," "attack as fiercely as fire!," "Make your defense as powerful as a mountain!"


Cell Phone, Keyring, Candy Cigarettes

I'm versed in both Pro-Wrestling, and martial arts, having practiced Kyokushin Karate and Wing Chun. I have all the basic abilities of any of the other wrestlers, including the almighty, Burning Inner Strength. I have a dream you see, to kick the asses of every good bastard sir or bitch madam that tries to come my way.

Signature Moves: (As Of Now) They primarily consist of striking techniques at the moment...

1. Hadouken: A move I saw Kenny Omega Do, that imitates the Street Fighter attack, except he hits with both hands instead of throwing a fireball…I do it the same way, but maybe I could use my Burning Inner Strength to materialize energy, or fire or something, once I get stronger?…

- (Regular) ... re=related

2. Rolling Savate: Also known as the 'Rolling Sobat' I think. I jump, and do a MUTHAFUCKIN' SPIN KICK!, but to be specific, it's a MUTHAFUCKIN' JUMPING BACK SPIN KICK. Emphasis on "MUTHAFUCKIN'" there. ... re=related

3. Ashura Satsu: A powerful german suplex.

- Variation Part 2- Ashura Shousatsu: An aerial version of the attack.


Ken is an up and coming young Puroresu fighter who is known for his killer kung fu techniques of the Chinese Wing Chun, the brutal power of his Japanese Karate, and his amazing willpower, which lets him stand up to those above his weight class and annihilate them with his iron fists. He grew up from a young age on the mean streets of Tokyoronto, bullied by various others. His grandfather, a once revered martial arts master, considered now a drunken old fool, taught him the way of fighting, his best styles being the aforementioned Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Japanese Kyokushin Karate styles. He made a name for himself beating up gangs and cleaning the streets as the "Zangyaku Choujin (Violent Superhero)" for his amazing skills, and his violent, unforgiving nature towards criminals, his hate for them normally growing, the greater the crime the other has committed, or how they act overall, or some other factoring reason.

Due to intense training and brutal battles on the streets, Ken was able to catch up with most other wrestlers in terms of high power abilities. His favorite foods include Potato Chips, Gyuudon, and Poutine, and actually sleeps in most mornings, and reads manga and watches anime, much to the surprise of some of his fans.

So begins...

Ken McFly's Story