Fight for Neythil

Fight for Neythil


Are you strong enough to fight an entire alliance in order to save the only heir of the throne? NOW ACCEPTING!

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Before we get thrown into a world of chaos, a short explanation is in order:

The nation of Neythil has seen peace for over 300 years. Many kings have done the large country a service by setting up programs for the poor, free schools for children, a large market system for farmers, a university for mages with a wide curriculum, and many other benefits for the nation. However, these said kings have died at incredibly young ages, pressing conspiracy theories through the crowds.

With the health of King Ozark failing, and him not having a male heir, Princess Allianna is being presented in court at the age of sixteen. Whomever can gain her trust before the end of summer, as decreed by King Ozark, shall not only have his permission for her hand in marriage, but also the throne of Neythil. With Alli's blatant dislike of the snobby men who have thus far presented themselves at court, the nation is in chaos. And this is where the tale begins.

The year is 456 H.E. There are only six weeks left for Allianna to find herself a husband. Thus far only the largest and richest men have presented themselves. However, they've all been in their forties... as old as her regal father, whose health was quickly deteriorating. Due to the age of these men, Alli has refused to see any of them. Word quickly spread that she was conceited and only concerned about herself, a selfish princess who would ruin the nation whether she married or not.

Knowing such words were not true, the King's Royal Guard and Alli's only woman figure, Ulura, became the girl's only person to confide in. Secrets spilled from Allianna's plush scarlet lips late at night as tears forged their way down moist cheeks. She didn't want to marry someone whom she could only ever see as a fatherly age.

Shortly after going to bed from her midnight watch, Ulura heard a strange commotion from the king's bedchambers. Dressed only in her undergarments, Ul grabbed her lightly glowing sword and ran for the door. Before she could reach it, the door, frame included, was blown inward. The woman dodged the main entirety of the door yet caught a large cobblestone to her forehead. Dizzy from the impact of the rock, Ulura sank to the floor as she tried to control her body. Blackness ebbed into her vision and the last thing she heard was the princess scream.

Sunlight awoke the guard along with the sound of shouting voices.

"OVER HERE!" cried a man whom Ul recognized as her second in command, Mikale. Strong hands lifted her into a sitting position and she groaned.

After nearly an hour of feeling weak and feeble, Ulura demanded an explanation.

"Mages drugged the guards through their water. Once we were decommissioned, I have gathered that a group of maybe ten or so men stormed the castle with two mages and, ma'am...the king is dead and Princess Allianna is missing. Our dead numbers near thirty, mostly guardsmen. Duke Alicard and his brother both are among the dead."

Devastated, Ulura demanded that a Royal Guard garrison be set up in the courtyard. Before she could say another word, a girl stumbled into the blown apart room. She was dressed in a white dress, traditional of the Moon Goddess warriors. Crimson stained the side of her uniform and all weapons were missing from the tan belt that rested across her hips. A pale hand was held to the crimson stained side.

"Princess... Allianna... West Stronghold." Was all that the teen muttered before collapsing to the rubble strewn ground.

Fury rose in Ulura's eyes. "I want a perimeter set up and the castle searched for any remains or traces of these men. I'm drawing the reserve and heading to West Stronghold. You, Mikale are to keep the men here and guard the nobles that still reside within the castle walls. Draw a new well and have guards positioned as you see fit.

Despite her lack of clothing, Ulura was prepared to fight anyone at that moment.


"Meet at BlueBird Inn. We are departing at sunrise to search for the princess."

Although hastily written, you can tell the signature is that of Ulura Mittern, head of the King's Royal Guard and from now on, your boss... should you accept the proposal of danger in order to rescue the princess.

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1~ Please write intelligently. This means I want correct grammar and attempted spelling. I know we're humans and make mistakes so I'm not really worried too much about correct spelling. Just please don't substitute "u" for "you", "4" for "for", and so on.

2~ Make your posts of decent length. I understand that sometimes your creative juices may be lacking at one point. I don't ever want a single sentence or word to make up your post. It isn't worth our time trying to make something of it.

3~ Post at least once every three days. Even in my busy life I will be making time to come here and chat with you all.

4~ After one week of inactivity, I will kick your character. That is, unless you've gotten in touch with me beforehand to explain your upcoming absence.

5~ Something I nearly forgot was the "No God-modding" rule. Pretty much means that you shouldn't control other peoples' characters unless they give you permission. THIS INCLUDES THEIR NPCS!

Ulura: Makkenji
Allianna: Makkenji

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Re: Fight for Neythil

Works for me, I'll have a character written up for you soon enough.

Re: Fight for Neythil

I hadn't really given that side any thought.... so I'll pretty much give you room to do whatever you want! ^_^

Re: Fight for Neythil

Oh shizz, I am very much interested to take part in this and I'd like to use a character I've been bouncing around in my head for a while, a Warrior-Priest/Paladin concept but I would need a bit of background as far as common religion(s) of your setting [If you're cool with the idea that is.]

Re: Fight for Neythil

I'd like to add a characters to this. Who are you going to be playing? I'd like to play the princess or Ul if you aren't but if I can't play either then I'd like to know how many women are you allowing in the royal guard?

Re: Fight for Neythil

I only want one, maybe two mages. What I will accept will be put into the character skeleton, which is what I am working on now... along with the rules xD

Re: Fight for Neythil

Is a Utility Mage acceptable?

Fight for Neythil

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Welcome! I appreciate your interest in this bit of Neythilian history. I'll be getting a character skeleton up later today but for now, I would suggest getting some basics in order. I know that some of the things on the skeleton will be:

~ Age, gender, appearance, etc.
~ You will be required to provide a picture for reference
~ A themesong! I love getting to know a bit more about characters through the music that their creators associates with said character.