Alyssa Kushka

Awoke to a nightmare.

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a character in “Fight or Flight”, as played by CherrySwirl


Name: Alyssa Kushka
Nickname: Alice
Age: 25
Altered by Stim: Yes
Profession, Talents and Skills: Former police officer
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Background: Before order was destroyed Alyssa was a police officer fresh out of the academy. She was constantly looked down upon by her other officers who were mainly men. She didn't complain about the sexual harassment because she didn't want anyone to think she couldn't herself. During a time when the city became prone to teenage flash mobs, where areas of the town were terrorized by groups of organized teens who robbed any store and assaulted random citizens she was called down to aid in containing the riot. While tussling with one she was cracked over the head by another, lost consciousness and ended up in a coma.

When she finally awoke, she was alone in a hospital bed. The hospital appeared abandoned. Looking out of the window it appeared the rest of the city was as well. She pondered the idea of a nearby nuclear plant going atomic and the city being evacuated due to radiation. At the moment, the Stim carnage is a mystery to her.

So begins...

Alyssa Kushka's Story