Johnson Maxwell

I was killing people before Stim, when it was one sided. Then I decided to keep killing afterwards... so it was fair.

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a character in “Fight or Flight”, as played by TheRaven&ThePawn


Character Skeleton

Name: Johnson Maxwell

Nickname: Mr. Skulls

Age: 32

Altered by Stim: No

Profession, Talents and Skills: The Enforcer of the Skull Sons, his body has grown powerful from countless bullet holes, knife wounds, broken bones, and torture. He is very skilled with small arms or high accuracy weapons and can generally hit where he wants even on a moving target. He also has a brawler style of combat which focuses on his knowledge of autonomy which is used to torture and kill those who stood in the way of his gang, which means his skill with a knife is astounding.

A tall roughly shaven man who bares his scars with pride. Though his enemies have changed he hasn’t… still the cold blooded well dressed Enforcer he always was. He generally wears a white dress shirt tucked into his black slacks with a crimson tie. Black dress shoes and a gold Rolex are worn as accessories as well as a blood soaked machete a high caliber ‘hand cannon’, a small collection of butcher knives, and several wilted roses.
Lastly what may unnerve people the most is the jacket of dynamite which is strapped across his chest, insurance for the worst.

Hometown: New York, Manhattan.

Background: The Enforcer of a gang known as the Skull Sons. Brutal by design he and his fellow gang members inflicted fear and left a trail of blood and death so great the national guard were needed just to keep things stable. Their brutal tactics of guerilla warfare between other gangs and police left a significant casualty count even with the release of Stim into law enforcement.

When shit started heading south his life mainly remained the same… except it kind of got easier… he was used to fighting super power cops, the hell were these brainless freaks going to do to him? Though while his gang maintained their status as gorilla fighters unknown among the other members several had acquired Stim to allow themselves to stand a better chance… and that… that was when it really went down hill. Before anyone knew better most of the gang were slaughtered in their sleep, Luckily for Skulls his paranoia saved him as he slept in a separate room which he kept locked with several deadbolts. When he awoke to the pounding he armed himself with his machete before looking through the peep hole… that wasn’t a pretty sight by the way…

Knowing his base of operations was compromised he got dressed took his assortment of weapons and left using the fire escape. He has since found himself in Chicago… in his meaningless wandering. Walking to walk… killing to kill… be they infected or just in his way. Those who see this man idle should be able to tell he isn’t mentally stable.

So begins...

Johnson Maxwell's Story