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Fighting Back the Chaos

Fighting Back the Chaos


The Apocalypse has begun, now the world calls for heroes to fight it back before it falls into darkness forever.

494 readers have visited Fighting Back the Chaos since Zed Yggdrasil created it.


The world has become a vast wasteland, the source is unknown, yet many people blame the Mages. They were not far off.
When the catalyst occurred and destroyed a majority of the world, monster began to appear. Though these 'monsters' held signs of human intellect. They then became known as the Extraspecies and there were a vast amount of them, to the point they outnumbered the remaining humans 10:1. But we all lived in peace with them, until what is known as the "Dark Catalyst" occurred. Soon the humans who had perished five hundred years prior in the first catalyst rose from the grave at first they were thought to be of the Zombie Extraspecies, but they were wrong. Soon battles between the dead and living were a part of everyday life and it hardened the softest of hearts for a long time. Five hundred years.....five hundred years of constant fighting with dead and a solution to the endless was found. A third catalyst must occur, but this one had to purify the land and the research showed, that masters of each form of magic must gather at the center of the catalyst sight and undo the dark magic. For one hundred years people have attempted this, yet all have been stopped, by all manner of undead beasts and their Necromancer controllers.

Your story begins in Stronghold XIII, the mightiest and largest of all living settlements. The other twelve have been overrun and it is now time to fight back and retake your homes, retake your world and to put an end to the Necromancer King and his thirteen Generals. Good luck and may the Hope guide your path.

Necromancer King
Also known as the Lich King. The mastermind behind the Dark Catalyst and main source of the dark magic in the world. His tower is protected by barriers that are sustained by his thirteen Generals.

The Thirteen Generals aka Legion

General I - Asmodeus, the Blood Mage. A master of both blood magic and necromancy. Guarantees that all living killed by the undead will turn once killed by them. Rumoured to also be a Vampire.

General II - Daemonis, The Shadow Lord. A master of Shadow magic, as well as necromancy. Lives in an area labelled as the Abyss, for no light has visited that land since he set up his home there. It is unknown what creatures lurk in the Abyss. Rumoured to be a Shade.

General III - Abyssal, the Dread Lord. A twisted master of necromancy and life magic. Has created what he calls the "living dead", creatures that have created from random parts and given a mockery of life to wander and kill. Rumoured to a Flesh Golem.

General IV - Azereal, The Angel of Death. Said reside on an island floating above the Catalyst Tower, it is unknown what his powers compose of, but he has been seen wearing robes with the hood up and wielding a scythe deadly precision.

General V - V, the Vanguard. A master of necromancy and subterfuge. He could hiding among us now, he could even be typing this out as you read. He is everywhere, yet he is nowhere. Prevents all assaults on his tower, by blending in with soldiers, causing chaos. True appearance is unknown.

General VI - Draco, The Dragon Lord. Twisted by Necromancy's foul magic he then turned his mighty herd of dragons into Dracolichs. Known throughout the land as an Immortal, he tamed and rallied the dragons at the start of the war, before the foul magic warped him, to the way he is today.

General VII - Jynx, the Cheshire Cat. A curse master of infamy. Her curses have been known to ruin the best of plans. Lives in a little ramshackle hut that moves around the land, never in the same place and its only by sheer dumb luck that anyone finds her home, where they are then swiftly killed.

General VIII - Oktober, the Terror of the Deep. Master of both necromancy and water magic. Living in castle under the sea he awaits for a great battle. Controls what has been called the "Krakelich", yet it has never been seen. Well by anyone alive anyway.

General IX - The End. A vicious creature that commands all of undead animals, lead them in mindless rampages through out the land, killing all in their path. Always on the move and never stops.

General X - X, the Endless. A necromancer and blood mage, that resides in a castle that has been labeled, the Bastion of Blood. For withing resides nothing more then halls of endless blood and skeletons that will never die, even when burned to ash. The greatest of warriors have fallen before ever reaching ten feet past the door.

General XI - Digi, the Technomancer. By fusing the dead with machines he has created mighty weapons that will not die for as long as they can still move. Has destroyed many armies that have tried reaching his tower and that few that have, have reported that it is filled with traps and the dead bodies of those had made it in before.

General XII - Kronos, the Reaper of Time. resides in what is known as the Dead Zone. For nothing can live where he resides. It is rumoured only a timeless immortal can even enter the Dead Zone.

General XIII - Unknown. It is unknown who this general is, but all the others refer to him as Legion.

The Hope

A source of magic that was created by the survivors. It is filled with the purest desires and intentions of all the living and is the bane of all the undead. True Mages refer to it as Holy Magic, but they humour the people and call it Hope. For it brings the people Hope when all creatures fade from its power. Few people know how to wield this pure magic in its most powerful form. It is myth that one most be, pure of heart, mind, body and soul to unleash its full power.

Toggle Rules

1 - No GOD tier characters, you may be near the power, but your character will suffer worse then all others.
2 - Do not antogonize GM. He will send his personal character after you. The GM is the one allowed a God teir character, he is meant to smite the other so called
3 - You allowed to play just about anything except for extraterrestrials though you can ask the GM for permission on that.
4 - You may have adult situations, but as per rules of the site, please move it somewhere else. Other than the gore of course.
5 - You will not demean other players. For many are new to the RP world and we want them to enjoy it, you can help them, but don't be rude about it.
6 - Hell if your a Furry use your fursona if you want, but be warned other players may try to kill you out of spite or just on principle.
7 - Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier


Character Portrait: Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier
Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier

A knife wielder of the Wind Element and crazed zombie killer


Character Portrait: Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier
Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier

A knife wielder of the Wind Element and crazed zombie killer

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Character Portrait: Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier
Yami "Bloody Wind" Xavier

A knife wielder of the Wind Element and crazed zombie killer

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