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John Ishimura

Civilian skilled in combat

0 · 375 views · located in The Area 51's

a character in “Fighting Normality”, as played by jung567


Age: 19
Gender: Male
Role: Boy 2
Normal straight black hair that is short. His eyes shows some confidence in the midst of the terror. He has a white tank top with a black t-shirt over it. Along with a pair of comfortable jeans to go along with it. He also wears a black vest made of leather for added protection. His boots are also made out of leather to protect his feet. His angular and masculine face shows much confidence as well... Besides his face and clothes, his body has a musculature close to a boxer's build as a result from training in kenjutsu from a young age. He has a height of 5"8' and weighs 135lbs. ... ter-2.html (First top panel)


John is the usual type of guy to stay calm in most situations and tries to think logically. Like most people of his age, his actions are affected by his emotions. After running to Area 51's and from the zombies, he still has a strong mental set to keep him going. However, it won't be for long in any case... He has already shown some signs of depression, but his will to keep going is still strong... for now. Besides the depression, he is also showing signs of insanity from stress and could very well go into post traumatic syndrome disorder if he is not careful. This is the result of seeing so many people die despite helping them... Before the zombies, John used to be a kind and honest person. Now, he is still somewhat kind, but he threw away most of the honest part to survive.


Katana, M4 with seven full clips, and some throwing knives for weapons.

A small first-aid box and a small bag with preserved fruits and vegetables in a can.


John was born as a Japanese-American when his parents immigrated legally to America. His father established a martial arts dojo and taught many students along with John in kenjutsu, taijutsu, and knife-throwing. John soon surpassed his father at the age of 15 as he was gifted for this type of stuff. He had friends teach him how to handle a gun on his spare time in summer break. His grades were quite above average and his parents seemed to be satisfied with that. He could've tried harder, but he was too into engineering and only got better grades in science as a result. His hard work and honesty was something everyone loved about him. He later joined the army for his college funding and found himself going up the ranks a bit. His base on martial arts from his father helped a lot... Then the zombies came into being... His parents were eaten alive from the zombies and caused much sorrow to the boy. He was soon sent to Area 51's to help out. But the nukes closed off the entrances when he was in... He heard there was still one that can open. John wanted to see what actually happened and hopes it won't be hell out there... Which it probably will anyway...

So begins...

John Ishimura's Story