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Tuesday Springs

"Ironically, I do not like Tuesdays."

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a character in “Final Experiment”, as played by Twizzie Lord


Tuesday Springs âœŧ Nicknames include Tues and Day âœŧ Twenty two years old âœŧ Bisexual
Touka Kirishima âœŧ Paired with

Valentine's Day, bird watching, writing, window shopping, rose tea,
romance novels, chocolate, and the color blue

Darkness, cars, violence, insects, birds, airplanes, heights, horror movies,
dolls, stuffed animals, and silver linings

Never wears matching socks, doesn't like Tuesdays, has a large stamp collection

#A8D2DB âœŧ #CAA2CF
Romantic âœŧ Observant âœŧ Soft-spoken âœŧ Neurotic âœŧ Untrustworthy

Tuesday, at her heart, is a kind girl. A kind girl who is afraid of many, many things-- reptiles, insects, being under pressure, the dark, confrontation, blood, heights, mannequins... the list goes on. But it's safe to say she is most afraid of confronting her fears. So over the years, she's become very good at finding places to hide or people to hide behind, even if it means sacrificing the well-being of others or things important to them. Everything Tuesday does is driven by fear. She's a very deliberate, cunning person who is convinced the world is a cruel place, humans are cruel creatures, and the only way to survive is to use other people and things as buffers. She plans everything out very carefully so that she is always at minimum risk. She takes into account everything she knows, the probability of unexpected events, and compares what's on the line to the fear she may or may not be facing. More often than not she gets a second opinion from her brother, who always tells her to take the risk-- he's probably the only reason she gets things done. When things go wrong, she has a panic attack and hides behind whoever is there. She's actually very untrustworthy in this sense, as she has no hesitance selling other people out in order to get out of trouble.

Her insensitivity when it comes to others developed from her fear of everything and a lack of sympathy from other people. She's dismissive of most because she's always been dismissed or worst in the past. Though at her core she is a nice person, you have to become very close with her to see that. In fact, even if you're friends with her, her fears will eventually get to her and lead her to betray you. In reality, most don't even end up as her friend. She betrays them before they have enough time to befriend her. All in all, she's very untrustworthy, but very lonely. She longs for someone to confide in, someone to understand her fears, and not judge her for the things she does. She always carries a rose on her person, hoping that one day she'll find someone to give it to. Secretly she's a bit of a hopeless romantic. She likes watching romantic comedies, and whenever she's alone reads all the romance novels she can stuff into one night.

Overall, Tuesday is very soft-spoken. She talks in a quiet voice. She comes off as shy. Never pushy nor insulting... just a bit jumpy and very careful. When you meet her, however, she does come off as odd-- eyes always darting back and forth, hands always to herself, and she has been seen wearing long sleeves, gloves and pants during the hottest week of summer. When asked why, she claimed she was afraid of mosquito bites. If around her for a while, her neurotic nature becomes very apparent. Though she does try very hard to hide it, that usually only makes it worse. Then again, there are many things that make her anxiety worse.

"There are too many cruel things in this world."

Tuesday was given to a small family on a sunny afternoon. Her adoptive parents were very kind people, though strict. They had a young boy only a year older than Tuesday, who bonded with her very quickly. They all got along nicely. Even though Tuesday was a crybaby, her brother didn't seem to mind. He was always there for her when she needed someone to hide behind. Her parents tried their best to accommodate for her neurotic nature. Though, she wasn't as lucky when it came to school. She was constantly teased and bullied for her irrational fears, making her even more withdrawn and insecure than she naturally was. Sure, her brother always came to her defense, but it was never enough to keep people off her back. She spent most of her school days miserable, and eventually learned to manipulate people into becoming her shield. Her sympathy toward others slowly dissipated, until there was only enough left for those close to her.

Tuesday loved her family. They loved her. Her parents wanted what was good for her, and at one point they decided she wouldn't be able to survive in the world the way she was currently. So, they started drilling her about her fears. They told her to be braver. They made her do more things she was uncomfortable with. She had to talk to strangers, be in the same room as a stinkbug, swim at a beach... and she hated every second of it. At some point, she completely broke down. But she did find comfort in her brother. When he was there to walk her through her fears, she found she could keep herself from breaking out in tears. They managed to get it to the point that his voice over the phone was enough to keep her steady.

And eventually, they got her to get an apartment of her own. It was a small apartment, with little furniture and not a lot of windows. She liked it because it made her feel safe. She spent many days on her blue bed sheets, typing away at her computer. She was a writer, and a decent one, at that. It was a good way for her to channel her emotions and acted as a stabilizer-- she had a completely different world in her hands, one that she could tweak and control, and that was comforting to her. Not surprisingly, she specialized in romance. She won a few writing contests and had some things published here and there, and she was proud. At some point she came into contact with a world-renowned author. He gave her tips and told her she had potential. She fawned over his books and gave him her honest feedback. They became friends. They even talked about meeting in person. In fact, one day, a letter appeared on her doorstep from the author asking to meet her for coffee on a Sunday.


So begins...

Tuesday Springs's Story