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Alsa Crescent

"Its just a rumor.."

0 · 587 views · located in Celnaria

a character in “Final Fantasy: Chronicles Of Odin”, as played by Sonicx00



"I'll do it on my own..."

Race: Cremiere

Gender: Female

Nation: The Federation Of Vidaria

Class: Dragoon
Weapon Type: Lance (Polearm)

Age: 21

Zodiac: [] Sagittarius (nov 22 – dec 21) - Freedom-loving, straightforward, open-minded, philosophical, ethical, optimistic, enthusiastic, blunt, impatient, hotheaded, self-indulgent.

Blood Type: A - Conservative, reserved, patient, conformist, punctual, introverted, obsessive, stubborn, self-conscious, uptight.


Level: 2
EXP: 0/5


HP: 66
MP: 0
P.ATK:20 P.DEF:8
M.ATK:14 M.DEF: 10

Strength: 9 / 23
Vitality: 6 / 22
Agility: 13 / 23
Speed: 5 / 21
Magic: 4 / 17
Spirit 4 / 14

Job and Magic Abilities

Jump – Level 1
Calling on the spirit of the Wind Drake, a Dragoon gains the ability to break the bonds of gravity and soar into the skies with a single bound. Jump can carry the Dragoon as far as 30 meters – vertically, horizontally, or a combination of both. If used as an attack, it inflicts 2xP.ATK+2xP.DEF as damage on the target. Can only use this ability every 2 post. When used the user will not land the attack this post but the starting of the next round (If hit)

Cherry Blossom – Level 8
The Dragoon charges her weapon with the Dragon Spirit, building up a critical quantity of energy before hurling it at the enemy. As the weapon strikes the ground, the charge releases in a series of fiery explosions, engulfing the immediate area. Cherry Blossom strikes automatically, inflicting 2xP.ATK + 2xM.ATK damage on all opponents in the targeted Group. Can only use this ability every 2 post.

Ancient Circle – Level 15
Every Dragoon knows that not everything with scales is a friend. By creating a circle of power around the party, the Dragoon can infuse all weapons in the area with the Dragon Spirit, allowing them to strike true against wyrms and their kin. Once activated for everyone will add addition X damage to their P.ATK for 5 post. X = the user's M.DEF. Can only use this every 6 post.

Lancer – Level 22
Channeling the power of the Red Dragon into her weapon, the Dragoon lunges forward with bone-shattering force. Deals 1.5x P.DEF as damage. 50% of the damage dealt takes off that much MP from the target. Can use this ability ever other post.

Reis's Wind – Level 29
The Dragoon calls upon the power of the Holy Dragon Reis, enveloping her allies in a stream of life force that bestows the Status Condition Regen. Restores everyone's every HP by 1x M.DEF per post. Last for only 4 post. Can only use this ability every 5 post.

Dragonheart – Level 36
The Dragoon shrouds herself in the power of the Dragon Spirit, entrusting her life to its mercies. Resurrection upon death... May not occur right after dying but you will live later... this can only happen ONCE in the roleplay.

White Draw – Level 43
The Dragoon summons the power of the White Dragon in a sweeping white mist that encircles the enemy, draining their magical energies before dissipating in a shower of mana-rich particles. After using this, everyone gets x amount of MP. X = 1xM.DEF/ Enemies are drained X amount of MP. The damage dealt to enemies is 2xM.ATK. Can use this ability every 2 post.

Power Jump – Level 50
Dragoon veterans jump high and true, marshaling their training to launch powerful attacks in mid-flight. Power Jump can carry the Dragoon as far as 60 meters – vertically, horizontally, or a combination of both. If used as an attack, it inflicts 4xP.ATK + 4xP.DEF as physical damage on the target. Can only use this ability every 4 post. When used the user will not land the attack this post but the starting of the next round (If hit)

Dragon Breath – Level 57
The Dragoon draws on the power of the rarest of all wyrmkind, the two-headed dragon, summoning two spectral dragon’s heads to perch on her shoulders and consume the enemy with waves of magical flame. Deals (Target's Max HP - Target's Current HP) as physical damage if hit. This cannot exceed over 9999 damage.

Dragon Horn – Level 64
Mastery of the Dragoon Jump gives the Dragoon unrivaled control over her landings, turning a single deadly impact into a series of brutal, unpredictable pounces. Can bounce up to 4 opponents at once... This takes a slight preparation time before activating aka 1 post.. Your first jump deals 16xP.ATK +4xP.DEF. The last three if you bounce this much only deals 4x P.ATK. If there are not 4 jumps all attacks will direct on that one target. This can be used every 8 post in a battle.


Polearm - 25
This Skill concerns itself with larger bladed melee weapons whose reach is further than normal. This includes both Polearms and Swallows.

Riding - 10
A character with this Skill knows the basics of staying on and controlling a mount like a Chocobo. One Task Check is required to mount up and begin riding; depending on the conditions, additional Task Checks may need to be made during the course of the ride.

Dancing - 20
A character with this skill can tell a waltz from a gavotte, and knows enough of the general etiquette and required steps to avoid mashing people’s toes in the process.

Acrobatics - 20+5
A character with this Skill is flexible and coordinated enough to execute complex acrobatic maneuvers. A single Task Check is required for a set of maneuvers or feat of balance. Conditional Modifiers depend on both the complexity of the manuevers and the circumstances. The consequences for failure hinge on the feat being attempted.

Singing - 20
While not everyone is born with the voice of an angel, careful training can make all the difference. Characters with this Skill know all about projection and range, and have at least a few melodies memorized at any given time.

Awareness - 15
This Skill measures a character’s collective sensory awareness. In the field, it is mainly used to spot hidden items, secret passages, and other incongruities that might not be noticeable at first glance. At higher levels, Characters with this Skill gain a certain sixth sense when it comes to spotting potential dangers or noticing when something isn’t quite right – a con-man attempting to swindle the party out of its Gil with counterfeit Elixirs is just as likely to get the neck-hairs tingling as a dozen slavering beasts waiting in ambush around the corner.

Trade - 15
A character with this Skill knows her way around the art of buying cheap and selling dear. A successful Task Check can be used to locate merchants and shops in the immediate area, or can be used to appraise the authenticity and value of an item.

Climbing - 20+5
Whether it's light free-climbing or full-fledged mountaineering, a character with this Skill can scale vertical surfaces with a reasonable degree of success. One or more Task Checks may be needed for a successful ascent; in the event of a failure, no progress is made. A Botch will always result in a fall, with consequences depending on the severity of the drop.

Etiquette - 20
This Skill gives a character the ability to act and speak diplomatically regardless of the circumstances, observing and respecting the sensibilities of others. A successful Task Check allows a character to discern the most appropriate code of conduct in a given situation, and act accordingly; a failure results in the character misinterpreting the situation, with potentially disasterous results. Botches will almost
always result in a diplomatic gaffe of the first order.

Swimming – 15
A character with this Skill has the training to float, swim, and dive in water and other liquids. Normal swimming requires a successful Task Check to stay afloat and get to a destination, while more Task Checks
may be required for long or difficult stretches of swimming. Botches always have disasterous consequences. Diving requires a Task Check if a character is attempting to reach a particular location underwater, if he remains submerged for longer periods of time, and if he attempts to take an action underwater.

Language – Common Tongue - 15
The standard Human tongue, lingua franca on most worlds. Most, if not all, adventurers will be fluent in this language to one degree or another. This Skill is given to all starting characters, regardless of Job.

Double Jointed Legs -
Thanks to the structure of their legs, Creimire can jump further and survive greater falls than other races. Creimire gain a +5 Racial Modifier on any Acrobatics and Climbing checks where these abilities are beneficial.



Effect: Noble blood runs through the character’s veins, placing them a few notches above the average adventurer. Characters with this kind of background may not always have kingdoms and other holdings to call their own; in some cases, they may be illegitimate heirs or outcasts from their own domain.

Though it has been 150 years since the Cremiere had lost their kingdom... their lineage still lives on. 150 years later, although most do not remember, Alsa has the blood of her family. She would be known as Princess Alsa Crescent, yet the Crescent family since the kingdom has fallen has become less known to those of our time now. Even to Alsa, she is unfamiliar of her importance to the Cremiere race. The viera on the other hand have preserved such information and know of the lineage itself yet seeing that times have changed and Vidarian's do not claim to be a kingdom, the information is stored away for Cremieres only and for safety.

Ancient History
Effect: The character has a deep, abiding connection to an ancient civilization or vanished race. In many cases, such a heritage will not be obvious until later in the game; only when the party discovers fragments of said civilization will her knowledge and powers fully manifest themselves. While such ties will be useful to the party, they will also draw the attention of opponents scheming to use them for their own ends.

As you know being a princess holds quite a ancient history indeed yet as seen as all cremiere's their lineage and history lie amidst the fallen kingdom of Cleyridia.


Effect: The character belongs to a group or organization that may be capable of helping her out during the course of her travels – a mercenary group, a band of thieves, loyal vassals of a king or kingdom.

Alsa is a part one of the highest ranking members of the Lancer Guild of Vidaria. She is not a leader but is claimed to be known as a Dragon Knight among them or a chosen champion. This is one reason she is lead to go among Alexander to take part in the festival.


Effect: While the definition of 'attractive' continues to be hotly debated in pubs the world over, a character with this Advantage taps into some timeless, universal standard of beauty that never quite goes out of fashion.

Effect: The character has a compulsive need for a certain something, whether a physical substance – herbal tea, coffee, cheap cigarettes – or a particular activity, such as high-stakes gambling or airship racing. As a result, they will be through hell and high water to get their ‘fix’.

Interestingly she enjoys and finds satisfaction by smoking her Vidarian pipe. She doesn't always have the pipe in her mouth but will do it once she is in a break.

Lone Wolf
Effect: The character is ill at ease around the company of others; her poor ability to judge responses and gruff demeanor tend to cause offense more often than not. Depending on character progression this may go away later.

Heightened Senses
Effect: The character has enhanced hearing, smell, or sight, allowing her to spot things that would normally not be obvious.



Alsa actually has quite a nice complexion to her with her grayish-white furry skin. You could say she'd be soft to keep yourself against if you wanted warmth. The cremiere stands to only 1.5m (4'9) and weighs only 60 kg (130 lbs). In addition to this part of her appearance, Alsa has long and straight white hair that flows down half way down her chest barely reaching past her breast. Part of her hair covers her right eye most of the time unless moved. Alsa has beautiful enchanting greenish teal eyes. Generally she is beautiful with her appearance.

Equipment wise her apparel follows final fantasy's typical and tradition dragoon appearance yet has a few twist and changes.. Like the picture of Freya, she wears a similar hat that is dark blue. Her leather coat which follows her color scheme of dark blue is rather similar to excluding the emblem and cloth hanging from the collar. Her coat is kept open which reveals her bottom layer. Her bottom layered shirt is a white, ruffled frill shirt which covers the beginning of her leather slacked shorts. As ever cremiere's boots are... they're customly made leather that covers up to the ankle yet the claws of her feet are revealed. As a weapon her lance holds true looking like a trident with a long red ribbon hanging from the end.


When it comes down to personality, Alsa on the outside to those who do not know her, could be probably be seen as a “Bitch”. Yet to those who do get to know her, they will could say something along the lines of “She is open and isn't afraid to say anything that hurts but she means well”. The reasons this would be said is because Alsa can be quite straightforward, blunt, impatient and stubborn yet redeeming qualities wold be that she is optimistic, Punctual and kind when she shows it.

Alsa naturally has a harder time with people and her group due to her blunt personality but she tries her best to at least let them know that she cares even though she'll deny or cover it up. Alsa is very introverted meaning she is often quiet and doesn't mind when others do the talking. This also means keeping to herself, even if its information although when it comes down to needing to speak then she will getting straight to the point. Being introverted also comes to the fact that she is indeed a Lone Wolf. Even as Alsa is a part of the lancer guild she felt like it would always be better if she were alone and doing it herself. Yeah one may say she is full of herself but deep down, she just didn't want others to get hurt. In addition she felt it was her responsibility to keep everyone else alive.

In a good sense, when the atmosphere is down, Alsa tries to be as optimistic as she can even though being introverted may stop it. She is also one to be very punctual and tries to never make anyone wait but some events are unavoidable. The girl does her best in general with everyone although her blunt and straightforward demeanor is shown. Overall she is just one rounded person yet this doesn't exclude her natural habits.

When inside and alone, she enjoys singing and dancing. This was and is often her joy when alone and needs to relieve stress. She doesn't enjoy showing this side of her but there are times where some fun is just needed. When outside in a field or in her forest.. she was often good at naturally climbing and going through her homeland acrobatically. She was no ranger but she definitely had the skill like one even when holding her lance.

Aside from these... Interestingly as blunt and straightforward as Alsa can get she has trade and etiquette which is obviously a very good cover up and act yet she can do it when she needs to. This is often what comes to play when she is called upon by her guildmaster.


Generations It's been a hundred and fifty years since the cremiere have fled their homelands and split up to many different nations of Celnaria. Yet the legacy continues and history is preserved among the federation of nature and magic, Vidaria. Although the cremiere families have forgotten and many stories that go around are seen as rumors, all that stands true to the legend of Cleyridia is upon the mistress whom knows nothing of her passed. Her life lead by her families new traditions of the lance and her legacy of the dragoon has swayed the thoughts of even her family of royal blood. This girl lass could be the very hope of her people to take back what's rightfully theirs yet will she believe the stories if she were to find out. She who has lived here her entirely has yet to be mentioned from the elders that keep her family's legacy and story secret made a result of a girl who acts as nearly their own protection. She may not be seen as a queen or princess of their people but to all vidaria... she is known as the legend of a hundred and fifty years, seen to be the cremiere hope to their own nation. Everyone knows the rumors of Cleyridia only by books and stories even Alsa herself but never had it spoke the last name of the king and queen.. Now a hundred and fifty 129 years later, the baby of the Crescent family has sprung only to relies as a glowing blue soul, meaning she was the next dragoon. Although it was only rumors the Lancer guild in which they were a part of believed this was true. The guild was established by a Dragoon whom was a Miqo'te male and he is the one who notified the guild to keep the knowledge even claiming that a new Dragoon will rise soon...

When alsa was born she actually lived in the forest near a small town outside of Vidaria, her family consisted of two other Cremiere known as Malla Crescent and Rhor Crescent. The two were wonderful parents yet at the same time also Vidarian's Lancer guild members. Her mother more or less had to eventually give her position up to raise Alsa, which was her plan all a long and her father whom came and gone was at that time the lancer guild's champion. Claiming him to be the best lancer of their time. When Alsa was born it wasn't long til they saw the blue aura radiating from their baby's body and soon after a blue crystal formed upon their child's heart. The prophecy stood true, at least for the lancer guild. Yet to the cremiere of Vidaria this was an amazing event. The only cremiere to get this power nearly seemed as if she was meant to be the one to take back her homeland. Word spread quickly throughout Celnaria in different ways..To many, this was just an amazing event since most knew of the Dragoon of legend. The other part was specifically to hopeful Cremiere that this was Cleyridia's hope. Some elder viera's had a idea and thought to this as well but figured not to allow the family to know of their royal past. Although a great motivation or “rumor” there were a lot who figured it was lies... especially cremiere of different nations which is why many do not treat her as some hero or hopeful idol.

When Alsa reached the age of four, she had already began training in the polearm arts by her mother who surprisingly was scary to many people, even Rhor. Her training methods weren't easy and heavily exhausting yet there was no way Alsa could stop. Her intense training often made her become excluded and unfriended due to the amount of time it was taking. Aside from her melee training, It could be well noted that although as rough as her mom could be she taught Alsa the art of singing and dancing which was basically Alsa's only play time. Finally by the age of ten she was able to join the lancer's guild. Being new in the guild had kept Alsa quite and even on days where she had time off without any missions. She was training herself in the wilds to fight prey, strengthen her body and expand her knowledge of survival. However as every Cremiere family is... they were always close and she would always come home to see her parents...

Upon the age of fifteen, Her father was sent out on a mission alone to climb the vi'eran Mountain and find out why the mountain began shattering. Though he successfully found out what caused it... it was a whole different story to say he survived... It wasn't long to say his return never made it and Alsa and her mother stood before the lancer guild leader pleading him to let her go. Although he didn't want to he decided to let her go by their determination... As alsa climbed upon the mountain she felt as if the crystal was singing to her. Hearing the hum clearly yet her mother couldn't. She suddenly opened up her shirt to see the crystal glowing. Never had this happened before which made her scared. As they finally reached the top. There, stood before them was a grand black dragon. Never did she ever lay eyes on one until now. Even in this age dragons were extinct and rarely seen. It wasn't long either when they noticed her father's corpse laying against the wall this sent Alsa in a rage. Her mother as well as the two fiercely fought the dragon she could feel the crystal upon her heart getting warmer and when it came to the final blow that is when Alsa reached her true potential showing even her mother that she indeed was the dragoon. Leaping 30 meters into the air to crash down upon the dragon. After the battle A blue light radiated from the dragon coming in as if the crystal was absorbing its power.

After reporting back and telling them the news, Alsa was promoted to champion due to her legacy and extreme skill. To the rest of Celnaria, they have yet to hear about this. Five years later when it came time to get a team to lead, she refused wanting to work alone which was normal. Although the leader didn't like it – he accepted it. Yet alas a new loss was made this year as well. Her mother old... passed away... she was no longer able to go on without her husband and felt too weak to continue on. Which Alsa couldn't forget.. yet to her, she was at least thankful of being with her in the end, then not knowing. Five months later, she got word that she would be going to Alexander to take part in the festival which came only every 20 years, she felt honored but didn't know that her path may change after this...

So begins...

Alsa Crescent's Story


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(Do not forget before posting/starting to read everyone's character to see what your character MAY know. Some characters have more fame then others or may have a reputation – Also do not forget to read the following:"Map", so you know where Alexander and the areas are, "Nations", so you can see the city map and know about the areas, “Plot Discussion”, “Game Mechanics/Posting” and “The World's Modifications” in the OOC, If you don't and are conufsed as to what is going on in the RPG then I wont hesitate to remove your character. If you have any questions then ask before posting)


Dragoon (Level 1)


Alexander (Port)– Airship Docks

Alsa's eyes were closed as she could hear the the hiss of the airship coming to a stop before the unpleasant mechanics of the that binded the airship in placed clapsed onto the vehicle. The motion felt rough but as any passenger, our Lancer knew that it only meant they were about to let passengers off soon. The girl's eyes slowly opened to the crowd lifting themselves up and grabbing their belongings. It made her rather unhappy to see how crowded it was but this was only natural, especially due to the fact that not only did families come to Alexander to celebrate the fourth celebration but our natural adventurers, guilds, and other talented fighters too. With her one revealing eye, it looked as if it had been eying a tarutaru thief who was conversing with a few of his team mates. It unsure if they were of a guild but none-the-less were she surprised. She stretched accidentally letting her polearm fall to the ground as if she forgot that she was holding it the entire time. When Alsa bent over from her seat to grab the weapon, she heard the door suddenly descended as every airship doors does when it is safe to get off. The girl lifted herself up, raising from her seat as a few people passed her to get off, even the taru and his two friends. She sighed when it was finally only but a few left and decided to make her move towards the exit of the ship. With every footstep the girl made she could hear it slightly echo among the wooden base of the ship as the voices of the passengers slowly faded away. It was only but thirty seconds that it had taken her to finally step off the boat. After finally getting off, she walked over to a wall and leaned against it before crossing her arms and closing her eyes thinking to herself before speaking outloud.

“Now... what were the instructions again..?”

Alsa was silent as her mind tried to clear everything up. ”When you finally get off the boat, be sure to head to Central Alexander. When their you'll see the beastmaster's tent... can't miss it when it's in the town's square and there are cages of beast... Relatively you'll probably only have an hour to get signed up due to the scheduling of the airship I placed for you. I would have sent you sooner but every time this festival comes around, it becomes rather difficult.. Anyways make me proud!” She said in her head, to remind herself of what to do. She unfolded her arms and opened her eyes and turned back to the airship and looked at it for only a second before heading towards the exit of the docks and into the airship office.

As Alsa made her way inside to pay, she could still hear the airship's steam engine running. It only reminded her of why she dislikes riding airships. Although for her, she enjoys the speed of it. The cremiere never did enjoy the loudness of the engine. Although naturally you get use to it, for Alsa it just wasn't the case, Especially when the engine turns on after maintenance. The girl itched her ear as she walked to the desk where a human female smiled up the her with a quill in her hand.

“Good day and welcome to Alexander, may I help you?”

Alsa nodded before taking a parchment rolled up from her pocket and handed it to the woman. She took it and began taking the string off gently with care.

“My name is Alsa Crescent, I'm the champion of the lancer guild of Vidaria here for the festival..”

The woman nodded, looking down at another paper. She made sound gestures of understandment and agreeing before dipping her quill in the ink and signing the paper.

“Ok you're all set, no need to pay – the funds were actually taken care of a week ago, so when you're ready to go back home. Confront the desk as you normally would and show them this...” The girl said giving Alsa a smaller piece of paper. Alsa only nodded taking the paper before walking passed the desk and onward into the city. When she finally made it outside, she looked around amazed as her gaze met with the beauty of Alexander.

Alsa blinked seeming as if she were stunned to be there. It was actually her first time being in such a place. Her whole life, she was surrounded by trees and nature. As close to this that she got was Vidaria which looked completely different. The dragoon's head followed a couple in slightly different clothing then what she was used to. To Alsa, it was very “artistic” and being here only made her want to explore the city to see what made this large city so grand. She moved over to a sign which was what she really needed at the time. Her eyes scanned it before noticing where she was.

“Port Alexander...” She said with a sigh at the end. “If this is their port then where is central...I only have about 45 minutes to find out where I'm going. I best ask someone for directions before “jumping” around to my destination.” Alsa thought. It was only lucky when but a small Tarutaru with a book between his arm was walking as if it were towards her direction. He had a soft smile and gave a friendly wave.

“You look quite losty-wosty. Anything I can help you with?” The taru spoke.

“Yes... actually you could – I never have stepped foot in Alexander and I know I am in Port Alexander currently... I need to know how to get to Central”

“Ah! An adventurer, no doubt bout to take part in the action for the festival. I guess I should've figured with you holding a lance and all.Ighty-righty, Heres how you get to Central Alexander, If you take these stairs after walking down that path, the stairs will eventually descend you down to Central Alexander.. No doubt you'll probably need directions for the square so... Once you get down those steps you'll want to take the alley ways through and head north east from you, the steets get crowded-wowded during the festivals from what I hear... Anyways – I myself best get back home to set this book up before watching the festival errupt – I only have 20 minutes to see the parade at least! See ya!” He said beginning to run the opposite way. Alsa waved before making her way to the stairs before descending down to Central Alexander...


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Dragoon (Level 1)


Alexander (Central)– Stairs

As Alsa made her way down the long steps, she suddenly heard the sound of fire crackers and looked towards the east. Only to see a little bit of the light that was given off yet difficult due to the fact that it was daylight. The Cremiere blinked as she moved over to the stone rail of the stairs and placed her hands among it. Although it was the fire crackers that had brought her to look, the eyes wandered the grand city that she had only heard about. It may not have had a large tree that towered everything but she doubted even the tree could cover the area of this city. She tipped her hat a little before stretching knowing she didn't have much time and only at most fourty minutes. Seeing that she herself came from the highest point of the city, these stairs were obviously quite the walk. She smirked.

“I'm halfway … It had to be nearly 300 seconds that I have been walking down these stairs. I only wonder how that poor Tarutaru will make it down the steps quick enough...” Alsa sighed seeing a female tarutaru make her way down yet gave her a confused look as if she meant to say “I'm doing it, aint I?”. The Cremiere chuckled before gripping the side of the rail and smile with a grunt she lunged herself off and fell quickly onto the top of the closest build. Naturally people looked amazed and gasped when they saw this others just looked wide eyed as if they saw something amazing. The lancer only repeated this until she landed directly on a building in Town's square of Central Alexander. She blinked when suddenly fire crackers once again shot off. She looked up seeing confetti fall from the sky. Her eye squinted before horns and drums started playing. Her attention suddenly turned to the music and what she saw amazed her.

Three beautiful mithra dancers came dancing from a street that was blocked off before, with Tarutaru female's throwing flower petals out onto the streets. The crowd cheered wildly in excitement seeing the fascinating events starting. Suddenly acrobatics came jumping and preforming tricks and the band followed obviously spreading the joy further. Alsa smiled and clapped along with the music eventhough she knew time was running out. By this point Alsa only had thirty minutes to sign up for the event yet she couldn't help but watch the events unfold. It was all too new to her, Vidaria had their cultural festivals at night where many of the town folks placed up booths and held dances in West Vidaria but never has it came to this with a whole parade and to think this isn't even the rest of the day. Alsa moved the hair that began to cover her left eye to keep watching as the wind began to blow until her eyes suddenly came across the amazing creature that one of the preformers came riding out mounted upon one of the hard to tame monsters “Goobbue” It had to be from Ahn'verian territory but everyone clapped known the less. It was so expected of the Beastmaster's guild. Alsa chuckled, she wasn't sure if she was going to be amazed or afraid of such a sight. None-the-less her focus was taking control which wasn't good. Suddenly not from the parade but a new sight caught her attention. It was the three friends whom had rode on the same Airship as her. The Tarutaru ahead turned his head suddenly noticing Alsa kneeling watching them pass by and then continued on heading towards a booth where a small line was.

“Bingo!” Alsa said suddenly realizing that was where she needed to go. The girl leapted from the building into the alley way, so not to many people noticed she jumped from the top of a roof and landed as if it were normal. She adjusted the lance on her back and then her clothing as she began making her way into the loud and busy town's square. A cat passed her feet as she headed towards the outside. Alsa looked over but then continued only to fight the crowd that was gathered around. It was bad planning on the festival's part that the booth to sign up was where the best sight for the parade would be. Alexandrian's looked as the small cremiere pushed them aside. They shook their heads with a grumble and then continued their attention on the parade. When Alsa got up to the line, The small Tarutaru, looked over and examined Alsa and cleared his throat.

“So – Lancer guild's champion I'm guessing? He said as his eyes moved from Alsa's feet to her eyes. He didn't wait for a answer before speaking once more.

“I hear, you're a force to be wreckened with.. with quite a thrust. Yet – these are just rumor's going around... I personally doubt you're really as powerful as they say you are... although... I could be wrong” Obviously he spoke with an ego while his two goons grinned going with him.

“I guess we'll see in the event wont we?” Alsa smirked.

“So we shall...” He said turning around and walking forward seeing the line had moved during that small talk. They looked to be average swordsman or warriors, most likely the natural adventurers taking part in a event only for the thrill and no true meaning.”And to think they come from the beautiful nation of Vidaria...” Alsa thought in sarcasm. Vidaria in itself was very beautiful yet there were less swordsman in that area then there were rogue types and mages.

Alsa was looking towards the parade, It was moving along in what seemed to be a quick pace but this could just be anticipation. It wouldn't be long until the festival's event would begin yet what would she do in the remaining time she had.

“Next -...” A voice spoke.

Alsa walked up to the counter and took the quill. Her eyes then skimmed the paper to find a empty space available and immediately when she found it, the lancer wrote her name down.

“There you are...” Alsa said walking off after placing the quill in the ink. The lancer didn't wait for a reply but managed to do a bow before taking her steps away from the counter for the remaining. She then thought in her head wondering how much time they would have. Alsa placed her right hand's fingers against her forehead thinking and figured at the least she would have time for a drink at a near by tavern. She took her Vidarian pipe and lit it, only to take a few puffs and blow out a cloud of smoke while her eyes shifted towards the parade.

“Well – not to long now before I kick that Tarutaru's ass in the competition...”


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Boren Narglen

Dark Knight (Level 1)


Central Alexander – (South Stairs)

Boren stood tall and ran his hand through his hair as people ran all around him, he stood on one off to the side of the stairs so that he wouldn’t have to deal with people running into him or shoving him but from where he stood he could see the parade and he let his eyes wander along the scene for a little while. Beasts of all kinds were being paraded through the streets, their masters keeping a firm hold on them with chains, whips or sometimes just a hand on the thing itself. Boren watched as kids milled around the sides of the parade, jostling the city guards a little who kept the population away from the main activates. In between one of the groups of beasts a group of players were walking and performing, a quick up beat tune radiating out of their drums and flutes as they walked; somehow the noise of the music was actually louder than the roaring crowd watching the event. With a shake of his head and a small smile that quickly vanished into his normal grim visage Boren descended the last few flights of stairs. His pace was slower now, not from the number of people walking but rather because of the children, many of them scurried pass him on the way to the festivities. A small hume girl even bumped into boren and landed on her backside, this caused him to turn a little to regard the girl. Dressed all in a pink little dress she barely came up to his knees, her hair was all done up in pigtails and her quivering lip and frightened eyes told him that she knew what he was. A moment’s pause came over Boren as he never liked dealing with children, the image of his sister filled his mind and he choked up a little. Luckily for the both of them her mother quickly scooped her up and put her on her shoulders as she carried the little girl through the crowd. The little girl gave one backwards glance at Boren and gave a little start at the wink her gave her in return. A wink more filled with sadness than anger.

As the fireworks started to fill the sky and the loud popping noise echoed out Borens head snapped towards it, his head actually started moving even before the sound went off. The noise and light of it all caught his attention immediately and brought him to the ready as he thought that something might be amiss. With a small smile he moved back into the crowd in the central square, he worked his way till he was near the beastmasters tent. Before going in though he found one of the men standing nearby drinking, the man was a Elvaan standing about two meters tall. He had the telling signs of aging with weary eyes and crow’s feet around his eyes, grey hair that didn’t show any sign of color anymore, even his skin seemed old as it took on an old leathery quality to it. The man looked towards Boren and gave a small nod of his head as he spoke. “Narglen”
“Have you signed in yet?”
“No, not yet. What are you doing here? Don’t you have some bunnies to be guarding or something?”

“Oh, their hopping around somewhere out there. No foxes around at the moment, except for you that is.”

“I’m no fox, more a wolf. Better than an old shepard at least”

“we will see young one, not much difference between a fox and wolf. You should go sign in or I’ll win the bet by default.”

“That might be the only way you win old man”

With those final words Boren turned and made his way towards the Beastmasters tent. He and Morick had a somewhat friendly rivalry, Morick was a leader of one of the groups in Alexander that handled protection details for important figures. A bodyguard of sorts. Whenever they spoke they used they used codes such as bunnies to represent the people he was protecting and foxes for anyone going after his charges. The rivalry naturally extended from the fact that they had to work side by side on occasion but they had very different means of accomplishing the task.

Boren looked towards the tent though and the stream of people walking out as he made his way inside. As he stepped in, having to duck his head a little so as to avoid the top of the entrance ,he looked at the collection of individuals in the room. Some of them gathered together as teams and others stood apart from one another, all together though he could see people of all sorts of different ages and types, some heavy set and old having seen many battles and some young, thin and looked like they had barely left the warmth of their mothers bosom. More than a few heads turned to look towards him, he took note of those who noticed him but more importantly of those who noticed him and then looked away. Those would be the experience players, the ones who could size up the prey with a simple glance. As he joined the line he glanced at one of them, a thin and grey cremiere smoking a pipe. The most notable thing about her was the fact that she had a giant stick on her back, easily marking her as a lancer. She wasn’t that tall but she was rather pleasant to look at, from what Boren could see at least. Most of her features were obscured from either the smoke, her outfit or more specifically the tall hat which hung a little over her face and her hair which made it hard for him to tell anything specific about her. His eyes moved from her to a large and bulky looking fellow sitting on the floor, the katana on his waist marked him as a samurai but Boren paid him little mind, the man bore too many scares showing that he was more likely a fool than a skilled person. Then again Boren had enough of his own scares. He had only enough time to study those two individuals slightly before getting to the front of the line and signing his name, his eyes took in the list of names ahead of him, picking out Morick and a few other people from the city that he knew. After that glance he put his name down and stepped aside, turning so as to leave the tent and get out of the over cramped space.


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Dragoon (Level 1)


Alexander (Central)– Town Square

There was only twenty minutes left until the festival began and things were closing in... as a matter in fact the parade around Central Alexander seemed like it was coming to an end. Alsa noticed the parade wasn't too long but then again she could only wonder if this really was the main event. The hunting festival is beginning soon and this was further reminded when the one taking the name shouted out.

“I'd like to remind you all that you only have nineteen minutes before the festival begins!”

Alsa tok the pipe from her mouth holding it only but a couple of inches from her mouth as her revealed eye shifted to the announcer. A sigh escaped from her mouth gently, Alsa was becoming impatient only wanting to get the event going already. She was suppose to be representing the Lancer Guild and yet to her mind it was only becoming troublesome. Not that she was in any danger but how time now was going rather slowly. The environment was just one other thing she wasn't used to although she could only figure other cities excluding her own was like this as well. The cremiere had been informed before coming to the duchy that Alexander had been the most populated nation if you could call it that for over seventyfive years and it continues to grow. She never expected it to be this crowded. The girl took another puff of the pipe only to tell it was hashed. Her eye squinted at the taste before patting the end of the pipe against her palm before releasing the tobacco against the ground. She stretched looking up into the sky before wondering to herself of what she could do. Upon reaching into her pocket she only found a small amount of gil if at most a thousand gil. She looked around before once again fighting her way out of the crowd only to see a city map. She thought outloud to herself expecting the map.

“I could go to the slums and find a tavern... yet.. who knows how long I have. It was only lucky at that time that an outside stall would be seen in the corner of her eye. It looked to be selling all sorts of beverages which she immediately could indentify some of them. She walked over to the stall once a few children passed by and placed her long fingernail on the counter tapping it to the Human who had her back turned working on storage. The tap startled her and immediately she turned to her blinking before speaking.

“Oh I-I'm sorry... what would you like madam?”

“Vidarian Ale please..” Alsa replied kindly. She wasn't sure how it would end up but it wasn't like she was going to get drunk. As a matter in fact the serving was too small and seeing it was an outside stall you could only be able to buy one. The girl bowed before getting the drink ready and handing it to the lancer who carefully drank the beverage while looking around. Her eyes glanced everyone around town square that was in her line of sight before gently speaking out.

“Only fourteen minutes left...”

There wasn't a lot that Alsa could think of doing that didn't require a large amount of time. On top of that she figured she really only had nine minutes left to be here before the event started. The girl stretched before walking towards the crowd only to notice they were heading onto town square rooftops. It was only due to preparation meaning it was almost time. The only ones on the ground after five minutes was the ones taking part in the event and the beastmaster guild. Alsa was sitting on the steps of a near by building until suddenly she heard the announcer's voice.

“All beast are being released! Warriors do not touch any of them unless they attack you on sight.”

Most of the beast came rushing out spreading across town hall into other areas. She could only hope and wonder if everyone would be ok, mainly in the other sections of Alexander but she doubted that they'd get too far. The Cremiere had risen from where she had sat only to leap upon the building she stood at ready to go.

After the announcer gave out the instructions based on the event she began the count down.


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Dragoon (Level 1)


Alexander (Central)– Town Square

The atmosphere of anticipation was definitely present, the sound of everyone readying their weapon, drawing their tools of war and battle could be heard nearly by everyone. Even the cremiere herself whom suddenly stood tall above everyone else on the roof grasped her lance as she turned towards the sounds of the beast. By this point they had scattered and they weren't in just one herd anymore. Alsa knelt down in a readied position to launch herself as she suddenly heard the announcer's countdown.

“10... 9... 8... 7..” She began loud for everyone to hear, the crowd leaned forward as their eyes scanned every individual and unique warrior on the field only to wonder who was going to be victorious. Alsa had her eyes closed in the last bit of meditation she would get. She suddenly felt as if she couldn't hear anything being so focused. The woman grasped her lance spinning it in her hand once again getting back into her jump position. It was only then when she suddenly obtained her hearing once more.

“3... 2... 1... go!” She said with the gun shooting into the air. Alsa leapt immediately using “Jump” and luckily in that moment was able to get a kill as she came down from jumping over a couple of buildings. The monster was luckily one she was use to and that was a Lesser Toad. Her ability didn't manage to kill the beast instantly but was well on its way to death. She already knew to avoid the tongue of the beast which made it all to simple. However she was only grateful that it had been a lesser one and not an adult. As the tongue lashed out to get her she managed to jab right through it making the toad back up only to suddenly be rushed by Alsa. That was a kill. Alsa stretched before chuckling saying that if she were to fight only things that came from her region this was in the bag. The reasons for such things was only because her guild originated from Vidaria and she had never fought anything outside of it. Due to this fact the woman felt the need of hunting down the other creatures she wasn't familiar with. Immediately to this thought she ran through the alley that was in and headed west towards the slums. The thought of fighting others lasted as she entered the alley way. No monsters had appeared in there yet this did not last.

It wasn't long after she got out when she was suddenly ambushed by a Verian Raptor. Her eyes went wide as the thing charged with such speed closing in on her. Being unfamiliar with the raptor's fighting style she jumped out of the way from the charge but was hit by the tail immediately afterwards. This sent her suddenly tumbling against the ground rolling into a couple of barrels. She shook her head from the shock that had just hit her but quickly recovered yet at this point the beast had already been pursuing her yet this time was ready to leap clasp its teeth to her arm. With only one hand she thrusted her lance towards it in which it seemed to realize the sharp edge and point of the weapon and evaded the attack. The raptor jumped back and screeched high pitched getting itself ready. Alsa lifted herself finally off the ground with the time she had and moved her hair back from her eyes finally ready. She wasn't to sure of what the raptor would do next but she knew she wasn't dying by it today! The girl leaped towards a wall before pushing herself from it with force lunging lance first towards the beast. The raptor barely managed to evade only having its leg sliced through the side. The woman only caught herself by suddenly placing her hand against the ground to catch herself. Her eyes scanned the raptor's structure wondering what its weak points were in it all. The raptor thrashed around angrily as it hopped and thrashed it's tail destroying barrels in it's path. Suddenly it charged once more and Alsa did the same gripping her lance with two hands. She suddenly stopped halfway when she then managed to do a suprising thrust forward. The raptor had went right into the weapon as it's end came clean through the beast. Alsa panted and sighed at the end. The girl did enjoy the battle but she wondered how tough the other three unfamiliar monsters were. She kicked the raptor from her lance, allowing it to fall upon the ground. It was then when she realized a few hunters looking at her. Some smirked as if they could've done better others only nodded as if they were noting her skills down this didn't bother her until suddenly she saw the three idiots. The taru looked at her and then shook her head as if he were a little annoyed. He pointed the other way before saying something to his friends and they headed off out of sight. Alsa then decided to also begin heading off, there wasn't much time to rest when she had to try to win. The lancer followed the street until another alley way appeared. Instantly the woman grasped her lance and went in ready.


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For those who are leveling up this round, If you may have forgotten the rules on how to level up then please go to the OOC tab “Game Mechanics/Posting Guide”. Be sure to update your profile accordingly, I will be checking.

Alsa Crescent

Dragoon (Level 2)


Alexander (Central)– The Alley Streets

As Alsa slowly entered the alleyway her arm slightly raised as she her palm touched the wall, dragging it along for only a few seconds. Her foot seemed to step into small puddle of water on the ground as she made her way forward. It was quiet in her area yet battles around her were able to be heard. The Cremiere's eyes shifted examining the space between the buildings, a little similar to the other alley but it was no surprise she was still in the same district. The girl scratched her head through her blue hat only to the re-arrange her hair that was moved in the process. Only about fifteen seconds in she could hear the footsteps of a few participants behind her. She turned her head towards the entry way of the alley only catching the feet of those who passed by and suddenly turned back and sighed. Gripping her lance as she continued only making it to another cross way in the alley she suddenly heard a growl from the west it only followed with a mountain wolf running towards her. Her eyes squinted as it closed in. Her grip tightened as she began positioning the polearm in her hands. The lancer's foot took a step forward as grinning as her other hand taunted the wolf who began to rush her and with that the battle began.

Alsa stood her ground as the wolf rushed towards her pushing himself from his hein legs as soon as he came into range. The Cremiere spun her lance once before jabbing through the monster tossing it to the side quickly by swinging it to the side. The creature was thrown into the wall only to get up and shake its head. The lancer eyes widened as she repositioned her lance. She could once again feel the adrenaline of battle rushing into her, ready to thrust again. Alsa stood examining the creature as it struggled slightly to stand. She knew the attack that was placed upon her was rather common sight seen from the wolves of Vidaria. However... what she did notice was that the skin was thicker then those of the forest she was from. The cremiere wasted no time to rush canine fiend with her eyes on its. The wolf once again leapt towards the girl only for her to bring her polearm up in a defensive position. Her lance taken by two hands only to position it just right before it snapped at her with its fangs. The attack was parried by the base of the spear only to be thrown off. It was only as soon as the wolf collapsed onto the floor that Alsa made her move thrusting her lance into the skull quickly twisting the end. The girl sighed rather disappointed that the battle ended so soon. She stretched before taking out her pipe after sheathing her spear behind her. Alsa's right hand held the pipe by two finger fingers as the left hand went to her side continuing down the west path that the wolf came from. She figured since one monster came from this direction, she may as well see if more tread there.

As the girl walked down the path only to hear battles in the distance. It was long until she read the end where she suddenly met the Taru and his gang he snickered before holding up four fingers. Alsa only shrugged holding up three. She wasn't ashamed by this... the fact that they had a party and she was only one person said something to the likes of them. In the distance the cremiere suddenly saw a Zu charging on its feet towards the taru. In an instant she pointed towards him and yelled out to him.

“Look out, Idiot!!”

He ddn't believe her and fumed towards her before turning around to prove her wrong only to be trampled upon the ground. His partners attempted to grab their weapons but were knocked back with a whip of the beast's tail. The talon's slowing dug into the small humanoid's shoulder as the Zu screeched towards the woman. The two guards shook off the hit after they lifted themselves off the ground. Alsa looked down at the lalafell and then two his accomplices. It wasn't long before she decided to help them out and charged forward. The Zu did the same not enjoying the threat the cremiere posed. The bird drew its neck back as it got close to his target before jerking it forward. This caused Alsa to immediately jump out of the way not wanting to get pecked by such a large beak. The girl then jabbed through it's large neck killing it instantly. Luckily through this action the Lalafell was saved but he showed not gratitude and walked off angrily, obviously humiliated. Alsa shrugged before walking away from the scene.

As Alsa ran the streets she saw no sign of any other monsters, she wasn't sure if she should head to the other districts or not seeing that they were a little far. One thing for sure though was that she wanted to get those last two monsters needed before meeting back to town's square. The cremiere's eyes wandered as she passed by the alleyways looking for signs of living monsters. It wasn't long until after not seeing any monsters she leapt into the sky landing upon a building. After landing she closed eyes sniffing the air and listening for the animal's sounds. Sadly it threw her off being in the city, it was too loud. The woman sighed adjusting her hair.

“I wonder who's going to win...?”


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Alsa Crescent

Dragoon (Level 2)


Alexander (Central)– Stairs to the East Slums

This was it, the final place the girl thought she would wander into to conclude this festivals events. Alsa waved her hair back and sighed. Even if the lancer was right at the border between the two districts, she wasn't sure if she really wanted to take the steps. It wasn't the town that worried her but the sudden feeling that she needed to be in the central Alexander with as much time that was given. Alsa suddenly turned facing the large buildings behind her. Her gaze then looked down to the brick ground that had been painted in the beast's blood. The cremiere's eyes began to close as if in a she were contempt with the sight. It only followed with a subtle sigh before the lids that covers her irises opened. It was then when the teal eyes locked straight and the feet of the owner began to move. With her right hand gripping the lance tight, her left was the only one available to move her coat back in position from feeling the sleeve slide down from her right shoulder. The warrior moved forward ready for what awaited her.

As the cremiere walked back into the bloodshed district of central Alexander. She could smell the stench of blood upon the ground as she walked down the streets of the district. Occasionally her foot would step into small puddles of blood upon the ground in which she felt a few drops cross her ankles and through the walk she could only hear the steps of participants walking back towards the center. It was quite obvious by the sound their steps made in which she could pinpoint the directions in which they were going. Alsa noticed the taru and his group come from the alley, they gave no acknowledgement towards her and continued down the road towards the center. From their expressions they looked worn out. Alsa stood watching the three walk off down the streets and out of sight. It was only then when she began to hear drops as if pebbles were hitting her hat. She lifted her hand only to catch rain drops fall into her palm. The amount of drops increased and became heavy as she could hear it fall upon buildings in the distance. The woman's hand rose to adjust her hat as she began walking a little faster walking over small puddles of water that began to wash the blood from the streets and into the creases between the stones upon the ground.

As Alsa walked quickly through the streets and alleyways she too found herself heading in the direction towards the center of the district. The warrior found no sign of any creatures about and didn't feel like wandering anymore. Her legs held strong yet overall she was exhausted and didn't want to go forward with the event, especially when the challenge wasn't at all challenging as they made it out to be but it was tradition in Celnaria and to a point she felt happy about it. With a stretch of relief her eyes squinted as her hands and arms went into the air. Her left leg also stretched to the side slightly before repositioning itself. The moment only felt at peace for only a second before the woman began walking once more.

In the center of Alexander the goobbue was being placed into the cage until suddenly a bright pinkish aura fallen onto the creature and turned its rough skin dark and black. Suddenly the monster thrashed breaking the cage in the process with roars to follow. The crowd jumped in fear and some began fleeing. This only made the goobbue rush the benched areas in which they were. It didn't take him long to slash one of the support beams which caused some of it to collapse. The creature then knocked over some flames in which soon followed with the creature knocking the flame pillar down which began the flames in the center. It didn't take long for the flames to grow. two of the adventurers who didn't run grabbed their pistols they carried and shot at the monster but with only 6 rounds they began fleeing themselves only to be chased. The two men ran down the streets as the giant monster chased after them. Suddenly they saw Alsa and waved, gesturing for her to go away. She only then saw the monster crash through the side of the building which made her go wide eyed and took immediate action of leaping into the air quickly jabbing the monster as it went under her which got the monsters attention. The goobbue hit Alsa mid air which made her fall upon the ground only to tumble slightly. She got up from the wet ground wiping her mouth feeling some blood that was drawn and then noticed soon after that the creature was suddenly fixated on her which made her grip her weapon ready. She wasn't sure how she had to fight this thing but none the less she was ready and with a grin she spun her lance before holding it in front of her.

"Lets do it..."


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(Remember to look on Patch:1.20x: Trial to see a preview of what the battle post should look like. Also please read the OOC to see a typed out explanation of the system! For a tip note here: Do not auto hit/ spell hit, everything comes down to an attempt, what determines hit comes down to my next post. Also watch your character's surroundings and environment they all come into play. Also additional info: We'll be skipping Boren until he finally is able to commit back to rp finally. I know its been a while so if you don't remember this RP's rule/mechanics feel free to read over them. All though this is counted as a boss fight, Its also a test to see if i need to increase the difficult or not. )

Message to all: Remember most of you only recognize Alsa as a "Lancer", sometimes its hard to believe a living legend upon a young person. Lancers are common especially coming from Vidaria. If you're from Vidaria you have heard stories that someone among you was the soul of a dragoon especially since it became slightly new news. Some areas have spread the rumor but slightly vague. No one currently knows who it is other then about 55% of Vidaria depending on your activity among the city itself.

Also I added a roll system that I WILL be doing and this will be used when you attempt do anything IN BATTLE. Outside is still the same for all your skills with the task check. If you want to know everyones roll then look below. Each round i post.

A note to spell casters: Keep in mind and read my post well and learn of your effects on some monsters. I will not say what certains spells will do to some.

Please look in the OOC to see the new category explaining about Fighting.

For Jaspon:
"Lets go Rote!" Dyranor said and immediately the chocobo dashed off through the street. The ride was slightly bumpy as the bird ran through the streets filled with broken barrels and blood that had already began being washed away by the rain. As the man with the chocobo got to the scene the chocobo kwee'd out in a screech coming to a halt.

"It seems Rote doesn't want to go further… I'll most likely let you off here… be careful… As for me, I'll be checking on the rest of the town. Lad be safe"

Once you get off you see a dragoon battling a giant monster and two other humanoid near by.

Alsa Crescent

Dragoon (Level 2)


Alexander (Central)– Streets

A clap of thunder echoed into the cremiere's ear as her right hand grip tightened around the pole arm. It's spear readied to jab any foe bound to charge her. The warrior could feel the rain shower down upon her and by this point her clothing had been drenched, her fur wet and all at the same time the fog of the cold rain only slightly fogged her vision. In the ambience you could hear barrels in the alley way tipping over and rolling. Town people panicking from a far. Alsa knew this threat had to be taken down soon. The lancer looked the foe in the eye with only a light step against a small puddle in front of her. The goobbue watched carefully with only a snarl from its large mouth. It wasn't long until the Cremiere wanted to act because it was only seconds that the beast would. In the distance the girl could only see a what looked to be a another cremiere whom obviously isn't from Vidaria looking by his clothing and a viera whom showed signs of being a Vidarian citizen. She shook her head wanting to call out to them but didn't. The woman had decided to act and leapt backwards doing a flip before grasping the bottom of her lance. The dragoon than gave a slight battle roar as she charged forward, her feet barely touching the ground before attempting to strike towards the beast whom at the same point began to charge upon her. As the girl approached the beast she suddenly stopped. The water beneath her rose up only a foot from the friction before she leapt, only using her natural athletic abilities. When in the air the girl moved griped the pole arm tight as she adjusted it to where the spear was held as if it was a two-handed sword. Her elbows were right over her head as the arms were behind her. As she descended finally and Immediately she her lance down barely missing the goobue whom stopped just in time to look up and notice the attack alas was making. He roared at the threat ready to begin his attack.

The goobbue roared out releasing some spit towards the cremiere as his breath came out as well. He than and attempted In retaliation to Alsa's attack to raise his arm and strike down upon the cremiere who assaulted him and was about to land after her attack. His hand went across her face only to miss. Had the girl not evaded quickly by barely by falling she'd been hit. The beast picked himself up recovering his arm from the miss as he noticed the cremiere leaping backwards and spun her lance with her right hand as the left moved her hair back. The girl could only smile not expecting the battle to be this hard.


Her eyes moved upon the two near the scene.

"If you two are civilians I suggest you move from this area... Otherwise feel free to assist... this is no ordinary beast!" She exclaimed. She could only think it was foolish of them to attempt to tame such a thing.

Beserk Goobbue
Level - 4
HP: 300
MP: 0
Agility: 6

Alsa rolled: 90
Beserk Goobue rolled: 94