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"I'm getting too old for this!"

0 · 315 views · located in Celnaria

a character in “Final Fantasy: Chronicles Of Odin”, as played by Sonicx00



"Too old for this!"

Race: Tarutaru

Gender: Female


Class: White Mage
Weapon Type: Staff

Age: 33

Zodiac: [] Aries (mar 21 – apr 19)
Key Traits: Eager, courageous, independent, quick to anger, impatient, impulsive, violent.

Blood Type: Type O
Key Traits: Ambitious, robust, self-confident, vain, insensitive, ruthless, arrogant.


Level: 1


HP: 34
MP: 31
P.ATK:4 P.DEF: 7
M.ATK:30 M.DEF: 30

Strength: 2/13
Vitality: 7/12
Agility: 4/19
Speed: 2/21
Magic: 10/27
Spirit 15/30

Job and Magic Abilities

Level 1
Intuitive Magic
A White Mage can use her spellcasting abilities for other purposes.

Level 1
Cure – 5 MP
An iridescent spark of blue light spirals around the target, trailing glowing specks in its wake. Cure restores (2 x M.DEF)

Level 3
Aero – 7 MP
A vicious gust of wind assails the target, tearing into it with razorsharp debris. Aero inflicts (1.5 x M.ATK) Wind Elemental damage.

Level 5
Poisona – 3 MP
A slurry of dull purple spheres washes over and through the length of the target, canceling all Toxin-type Status Conditions currently afflicting it.

Level 7
Elemental Guard - 10 MP
Strings of luminous violet light encircle the target, trailing long streaks of mystical energy as they orbit before vanishing. Element Guard bestows the status Condition Element Resist (6); the caster must specify which Element is affected when casting the Spell. Additional castings of Element Guard may add additional Elements; casting Element Guard for an Element the target already has a Resistance towards, however, will not produce any additional effect. Grants the target (1x Caster's M.ATK) as M.DEF when targeted by a spell with the called elemental.

Level 9
Blink - 10 MP
Fluorescent rays of magical energy twist in complicated spirals around the target, distorting vision and light to bestow the Status Condition Blink. The combatant phases between solid and immaterial states at
random intervals, increasing their ability to escape attack. Targeted starts with 3 evasions. If the gm rolls 1-3 the target will evade a attack completely regardless of what it is. Blink last 6 post.

Level 11
Fade – 18 MP
A blazing pillar of light issues forth from the ground beneath the target, growing skywards until the victim is wholly consumed by its sacred power. Fade inflicts (3 x M.ATK) Holy Elemental damage.

Level 13
Faith – 15 MP
A translucent shield of gold encloses the target, slowly rotating as golden motes dance around it in graceful circles to bestow the Status Conditions Armor Up (4) and Mental Up (4).

Level 15
Stona – 10 MP
Needles of rainbow light stab into the target, showering dust as stone cracks and splinters under the onslaught. Stona cancels the Status Conditions Stone and Petrify.

Level 17
Aera – 22 MP
Howling green winds encircle the target, drawing together in an ever-tightening funnel of air before disappearing. Aera inflicts (4.5 x M.ATK) Wind Elemental damage.

Level 19
Cura – 20 MP
Twin specks of glowing green light twine around the target, trailing a dusting of soothing magical energy to restore (6 x M.DEF) Hit Points.

Level 21
Protect – 20 MP
Four dull-blue crystalline shapes wink into existence around the target in perfect symmetry, glowing as they radiate a barrier of magical energy to bestow the Status Condition Protect. Grants the target (2xVIT) as P.DEF.

Level 23
Silence – 22 MP
A shining sigil appears under the target amidst a flurry of yellow lights, flashing white before fading away again. Target can not cast anything for 5 turns. If gm rolls a 1, it goes away earlier. Can not be used on bosses.

Level 25
Basuna – 36 MP
A gentle mist of green and gold blows over the target, canceling the Status Conditions Berserk, Blind, Poison, Sleep, and Zombie.

Level 27
Raise – 38 MP
Spirals of twinkling red light encircle the target, showering it with a gentle drift of ghostly, radiant feathers. Raise restores any target whose current HP is 0 or lower to 10% of their maximum HP. Undead monsters targeted by Raise – as well as combatants affected by the Status Condition Zombie – will not be revived; if their current Hit Points are greater than 0, they will instantly reduced to 0 HP, regardless of current HP, ARM or M. ARM values, or the Damage Cap. Does work on bosses but if undead it deals (15x M.ATK)

Level 29
Shell – MP 30
Twelve pearls of softly-glowing light enclose the target in twinned hexagons, adding the Status Condition Shell. Grants the target (2xMAG) as M.DEF.

Level 31
Dispel – 43 MP
A shimmering blue mist engulfs the target, its power tearing away beneficial enchantments in an instant except shield.

Level 33
Aeraga – MP 60
Lashing tendrils of wind wrap around the targets, forming a howling vortex that mercilessly spins and tumbles its captives about before finally relinquishing its grasp. Aeraga inflicts (7.5 x M.ATK) Wind Elemental damage.

Level 35
Curaga – MP 55
A brilliant constellation of blue and violet light encircles the target’s body, restoring (9 x M.DEF) HP before fading away.

Level 37
Banish – 65 MP
Beams of blazing white light saturate the area, touching off a chain of searing explosions which tears through all targets in short succession. Banish inflicts (7.5 x M.ATK) Holy Elemental damage.

Level 39
Protectra – 50 MP
Gray-blue crystals of magical energy form around the party, raising a protective barrier to grant them the Status Condition Protect.

Level 41
Esuna – 67 MP
Beams of warm violet light emerge from the ground around the target, cleansing away all debilitating magics and malicious enchantments. Esuna cures any negative Status Conditions, except those explicitly stated to be immune to its effects.

Level 43
Shellga – 65 MP
A chain of ghostly pearls twines around the party; a moment later, thin links of magical energy join them together in a series of elaborate hexagons, granting the Status Condition Shell.

Level 45
Vanish – 77 MP
Four ghostly mirrors with surfaces like mercury flash into existence around the target, rapidly spinning until they – and the target – disappear, granting the Status Condition Vanish. The combatant is turned completely transparent, rendering them invisible for all intents and purposes. Combatants affected by Vanish may not be targeted by normal Attacks, Spells or Abilities, though they will still take damage if the Group or Party they belong to is targeted; attacks with the ‘All’ designation will also affect them.

Level 47
Arise – 100 MP
Glowing particles of light shower down on the target, raising up a beam of golden-red life force to revive it in a shower of fathers. Arise restores any target whose current HP is 0 or lower to 100% of their maximum HP. Undead monsters targeted by Arise – as well as combatants affected by the Status Condition Zombie – will not be revived; if their current Hit Points are greater than 0, they will instantly reduced to 0 HP, regardless of current HP, ARM or M. ARM values, or the Damage Cap. Does work on bosses but if undead it deals (30x M.ATK)

Level 49
Reflect – 85 MP
A shower of green light splashes over the target, solidifying into layer after layer of shimmering magical protection to grant the Status Condition Reflect. If casted on a targeted monster and he decides to target himself or if flees hit then the target will shoot the spells back in multiple directions as a AoE. Be sure to try and dodge.

Level 51
Renew – 110 MP
Brilliant blue lights descend onto the target, releasing a burst of radiant golden energy upon contact to restore the target’s HP to its maximum value. Undead monsters targeted by Renew – as well as combatants affected by the Status Condition Zombie – will not be revived; if their current Hit Points are greater than 0, they will instantly reduced to 0 HP, regardless of current HP, ARM or M. ARM values, or the Damage Cap. Does work on bosses but if undead it deals (30x M.ATK)

Level 53
Wall – 85 MP
Columns of radiant red light emerge from the ground around the target, rotating slowly as they wrap it in a shell of protective magic before disappearing, granting the Status Condition Wall. An invisible barrier of impenetrable force surrounds the combatant, nullifying physical attacks. Whenever a combatant under
the effects of Wall is struck by Physical damage or Elemental damage reduced by Armor, that damage is reduced to 0. Can only absord (50xVit)

Level 55
Resist - 85 MP
Multi-colored bubbles of magical energy surround the target, granting it the Status Condition Resist. The combatant is inoculated against all harmful and abnormal conditions. For as long as Resist remains in effect, the combatant is considered to have Immunity to all Fatal-type, Mystify-type, Sealtype, Time-type Toxin-type, Transform-type and Weaken-type Status Conditions. Last only Last only 3 post.

Level 57
Holy – 150 MP
Motes of brilliant blue light begin to circle the target, moving in a deceptively lazy fashion as they gain in intensity; as the light reaches blinding levels, beams of holy energy erupt from the ground, blasting the target in a series of powerful explosions. Holy inflicts (18 x M.ATK) Holy Elemental damage; unlike other White Spells, Holy is not affected by the Damage Cap and may exceed 999 damage.

Level 59
Rebirth – 175 MP
A golden, cloudy sunset hovers over the battlefield as rays of light strike the dead and wounded, gentle drifts of feathers falling in each beam’s wake. Rebirth restores all eligible targets whose current HP is 0 or lower to 50% of their maximum HP.

Level 61
Shield – 200 MP
Glowing fragments of golden energy converge on the target, forming the outlines of a shield over its body before disappearing in a flash of light to grant it the Status Condition Shield. The combatant is fully enclosed by a glittering dome of magical energy, essentially cutting them off from the general melee. For as long as the Shield remains active, all damage done to the combatant is automatically reduced to 0. All Status Conditions – positive or negative – and Recovery effects, Items included, are similarly nullified. Any preexisting Status Conditions are also nullified. Last absorbs (75xVIT) post.

Level 63
Whirlwind – 150 MP
A distant rumble is heard as the sky darkens and fierce winds begin to whip around the caster. As the gale picks up strength, a violent twister erupts from the sky, tearing through the immediate area without mercy. Whirlwind inflicts (16.5 x M.ATK) Winde;e,elemntal damage on all eligible targets.


Defaults Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
A character with this skill can tell a waltz from a gavotte, and knows enough of the general etiquette and required steps to avoid mashing people’s toes in the process.

Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
While not everyone is born with the voice of an angel, careful training can make all the difference. Characters with this Skill know all about projection and range, and have at least a few melodies memorized at any given time.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Learned
Knowing haute cuisine may not improve one's reputation as a fearsome warrior, but when the alternative is another week's worth of dried meat, nobody's liable to complain. A character with this Skill knows how to prepare and identify all types of dishes with a successful Task Check. Often you can control this yourself but if a task check ever comes into play I'll let you know.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
The location of an ancient tomb, an obscure local legend, the address of the nearest inn in town – characters with the Inquiry Skill are adept of digging up the information they need as quickly and painlessly as possible. One Task Check must be made for each piece of information the character wishes to locate; the amount of time spent searching can vary between half an hour and several days, depending on the breadth of resources available to the character. A failure simply means the character isn't able to locate the information and may continue trying, while a Botch means the information just isn't available – or that the search has ended in serious trouble. (I'll lead you through this as GM)

Language – Common Tongue - 24
The standard Human tongue, lingua franca on most worlds. Most, if not all, adventurers will be fluent in this language to one degree or another. This Skill is given to all starting characters, regardless of Job.

Language – Elvaan - 20
Complex and florid, Elvaan has its roots in antiquity. Like all other aspects of Elven culture, it is a source of racial pride and jealously guarded against dilution from outside sources.

Language – Vieran - 20
Highly similar to Elvaan language in this world which that said could be known that Vierans did encounter Elves when they arrived on Celnaria yet the relationship was so distant and forgotten that overtime it slowly branched off where elves made their own language and Vierans progressed.

Lore (History)- Celnaria - 15
General knowledge of key events in an area's known history, including dates, personalities, and other minutae. Further specialised by country or region.

Lore (Magic)- White - 25
Magic Lore gives the character a fundamental understanding of the principles of sorcery as well as the training to identify individual spells and enchantments. Further specialised by type: Black, White, Time, Spellblade, or Blue.

Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
This Skill gives a character the ability to act and speak diplomatically regardless of the circumstances, observing and respecting the sensibilities of others. A successful Task Check allows a character to discern the most appropriate code of conduct in a given situation, and act accordingly; a failure results in the character misinterpreting the situation, with potentially disasterous results. Botches will almost always result in a diplomatic gaffe of the first order.

Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
Intimidation and browbeating are powerful tools if used correctly, establishing the character as a force to be reckoned with – even if they aren't. A successful Task Check is required to intimidate a target, after which the character can make her demands; failure means the target is unimpressed. A Botch, on the other hand, could potentially result in a nasty turnabout.

Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
The fine art of getting your way. A character with this Skill can use their powers of persuasion to do anything from bartering for an item to convincing that troublesome Captain of the Guard that, no, they really aren’t an Imperial sympathizer, thank you all the same. Negotiation is always used in form of an Opposed Task Check; when making her Task Check, the player must first declare her 'offer' to the other party, who in turn roll against either their own Negotiation Skill or an appropriate Skill Default – the weight of the character's offer will determine the basic CoS.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Learned
A character with this Skill knows enough about the body and its workings to diagnose and treat most kinds of sickness and injury. A successful Task Check is required for a correct diagnosis; another for the treatment if the character has the means to carry it out. Failure in either could have drastic consequences for the patient. Healing can also enhance a party's natural recovery (This can be first aid as well)

Default Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
This Skill covers weapons that inflict blunt as opposed to piercing or slashing damage, including Rods and Staves.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
By using landmarks, the stars, and other environmental features, a character with this Skill can travel from location to location without losing his way. In addition, the character's well-honed sense of direction can be a valuable asset in mazes and other confusing locales. One Task Check is required for the character to find his way; subsequent Task Checks may be required in the case of particularly long or complex routes.



Family Ties
Effect: The character has a claim to greatness or notoriety through ancestors, parents, children, siblings, or extended relatives whose names and deeds are widely known.

Though only jotted down in history – Following the family's tree, you'll see that Mobobo is actually sixth generation of her family. Unlike her the other generations of the family and due to the fact that she is female she is could very well be seen as the last of the great sorceror's bloodline. To her regrets if they could've been help she didn't marry nor found the one who “deserves” her love, therefore has not bared anyones child. She is of course not reknowned and known due to the fact of many generations passed yet many other races do notibly speak of him if they lived that long but relatively do not “treasure” and smother her as if she were a princess.


Effect: The character belongs to a group or organization that may be capable of helping her out during the course of her travels – a mercenary group, a band of thieves, loyal vassals of a king or kingdom.

Although she has left the Vidarian Mage Council, she claims to have strong ties with it. She was once the white wizard hence is why she has the robe to prove it. This also leads to her having quite some ties to the Mage college.

Effect: The character has an ally – a partner, a mentor, a loyal servant, or simply a good friend – they can lean on in times of trouble. Specify who the ally is and what their relationship is based on when choosing this Trait.

Although as much dislike that the roegadyn shows for Mobobo, It can't be helped that Impa will at times help her Mentor when need be. It could notibly be shown that there is a rivalry going on now that Impa is white wizard yet to Mobobo, she often is quick and this leads to Impa saying she hates her which was even said during the time she was her mentor but deep down therre is love for one another in a good friend type of way.

Effect: The character has been knocking around long enough to pick up friends, acquaintances and contacts almost everywhere in the world; not always in the highest or most exalted of positions, but almost always useful in the right sort of situation.

Being in the the high council, She had many run ins and meetings with other kingdoms, especially Alexander. All nation leaders know her but this doesn't mean they're willing to help her all the time. As much friend's as Mobobo has, it could be well said she has 2x as much enemies.

Effect: No matter where you go, it seems like everybody knows who you are – and what you’ve done. While the baying throngs awaiting you at each and every town may be good for the ego, the wellwishers aren’t the only ones taking an interest.

Being known as this generation's “White Wizard” is one thing but it is said that in her thirty three years of living compared to the high priestess. She is most likely more powerful then Maloven was a hundred and fifty years ago, comparably. In addition she's a taru.. Although Taru's are incredibly great at magic and learn quicker then anyone. They are rarely on the council due to their short lifespan. One main factor that brings her fame is the fact that she herself LEFT the council without explaining why. Which was written down in Vidarian history.


Effect: Whether it’s through good looks, riveting oratory, or blind animal magnetism – a Charismatic character has the uncanny ability to wrap people around her little finger in no time flat.

Effect: While the definition of 'attractive' continues to be hotly debated in pubs the world over, a character with this Advantage taps into some timeless, universal standard of beauty that never quite goes out of fashion.



Being a tarutaru of Celnaria, Our adorable little white mage stands to .8 meters which is about 2.8 feet. In weigh, she of course is quite light and easily moved as every tarutaru is being 32 kg (53 lbs). As far as skin complexion and color go, she is actually dark/tanned skin compared to the picture I placed as a reference. Her eye colors are interesting. The left eye is bright red as her right is light green. Her hair color resembles that in which is in the picture yet is a light purple. (Will create her and post the picture lol – WITH GEAR)

As far as gear goes, ever since leaving the council she is in more of the vidarian clothing. Not rags yet not too noble either. Her cloak flows down slightly passed her waist as her slacks then fall to the ground. As an undershirt – it is a black vest. She does wear earrings as well and often a necklace. Although she prefers her “old” boots, she wears the leather boots of made of the strong raptor leather.

Although rarely she is seen to have it on, it is no secret that in her bag and on occassions, she will wear her old White Wizard clothing. The only reason she doesn't is because it draws too much unwanted attention in which often she blows off as much as she can. These robes resemble to picture entirely being the classic and legendary White mage traditional clothing. In this campaign wearing traditional uniforms means you hold/held very high standings in the world for some classes. Mainly the mages.

As cute as our little white mage may and seem. The word cute can't be said for what she is on the inside. This tarutaru by her zodiac can be quite independent, quick to anger, violent, courageous, Eager. From her passed, Mobobo was taught to never hold back and often took these to heart at young age. She was always eager to find out the truth and if something stood in her way, her anger kicked in. As she grew up, did tend to cloister herself way from others and was quite keen to know things others did not. This made her often go against many principles laid on her showing her to be very courageous which in fact was shown when she left the council. An amazing act, especially for a Tarutaru.

With this nature comes some of her stereotypical blood type traits that fall onto her, although not as ambitious as she seems unless hidden, she does actually have high hopes for particular things that will happen to her. Some in which may or may not come true during this roleplay but most of those ambitions come in on the spot which is why she rarely thinks of them in a long run. Her personality could be shown as robust in will due to the fact she is not one to back down and is often the one to show no mercy. Many people have noticed this, her personality being the type to mess and fool with peoples minds, breaking them down as she herself sits and laughs not taking insults but reflecting them. The laughter only is a symbol of her self-confidence, some people could say that it has never been shown from one person so much confidence. In almost any situation her will or fear isn't shown yet this doesn't mean that she doesn't have any fear but she tries her best not to show it and remain positive. Which often comes down to her being vain or in other words conceited. Even before being known as a white wizard, she was one who teased and had quite a conceited personality towards those lesser then her. She herself knew she had a lot of power and therefore came down to her ways of teasing, which comes down to her being insensitive to others feelings. She'll say what she wants, regardless if people want to hear it or not and has no reason to be otherwise or so she feels. Her teases can be quite cruel if not completely racist even towards her own kind. Which comes down to being ruthless, never giving others a second chance and if she does, its never her choice and would rather disposal them after the task is done. This can often be shown if she shows certain hatred towards someone... if one is dying she wont revive them if they were on her list. She herself is actually quite arrogant too which comes down to her believing “Care for yourself before others”. If she is close or knows the person well then she will MAYBE do something to help but if nothing benefits her then no way.

Other then such, Mobobo is actually pretty fun when dancing and singing. On top of that she is very intelligent when it comes to Languages and often tries her best to keep up with the history of Celnaria. In addition, she is well on her way with social skills which some people hate because she can be right and be a complete jerk at the same time. On this note she is great on navigation. She is worth it to be on a team, just hope she's not too much to handle.



Until now, for five generations Maloven was known as one of the most powerful black mages to have ever lived hence the family on this note felt as if they had to continue the legacy and not just in any magic but in black magic. It was well – Known that the family was only into black magic after Maloven died yet the dire truth was that no one could successfully succeed him and often even when it came down to the choice of a new “Black Wizard” their family was never chosen. The hopes were falling and even the off branches of the family who came in felt it was time for the main branch to stop until the newest child was born. The reason it seemed this child was special was because of the magic source among the child. It was said she was chosen, special, and harnassed a lot of magic, close to if not more then Maloven ever weilded in his youth. This in itself said by the High Priestess mad the family extremely happy yet the information that she had held was the future. Although as ever high priestess, she was unsure if such things were true but felt the achievement would come none-the-less and their families grateness would return. No one knew how Mobobo's story would unfold...

Age 1-3: Young and Learning

It wasn't long after being born when Mobobo was actually learning by the age. Life went by as if it were normal until the age of two when she learned and became to the least of poor in common language which was highly spoken around her family. This was expanded of course as years went by. Nothing else was really taught other then her fondness of dancing by her mother who had the curse of speaking in rhymes at the end. Mobobo had talked in such a way as well which only came later when she begin speaking properly. Originally her parents taught her when they had the time and she herself would often read alone which is obviously quite impressive even for a Tarutaru. This continued until her mother left the mage college to further expand her daughters knowledge upon the world.

Age 4-5: Home Schooled In Magic

When her mother came back becoming a mother fulltime, Mobobo began learning how to cook and expand her knowledge in life in general. She expanded her mind to the idealogy of many things. One of which was language. This was an interesting factor seeing that she herself was at an average speaking level already. It was only enhanced when a close family friend who was alive for most of their generation approached them. It was through a request that she learned Vieran and not a request by her mother but herself. The knowledge flowed into her like it did with the common human language yet a little slower and for a good reason to. The age finally hit when Mobobo had to learn the basics of magic. She was excited but noticed everything was black magic. Although untouched black magic never did interest her in the long run. It wasn't long until the tarutaru learned of the seven elements Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Ice, Dark, Holy and their meaning behind the spells. This continued for many years.

Age 6-9: Learning her history and the beginning of mage college

When Mobobo hit the age of six she was on the college level black magic 1 taught by her parents and the nature behind it. It wasn't any secret but as her studies developed so did her personality. She began to become the girl we know today. Her mind was to herself in the right place ambitious, eager and on the right path yet something bothered her as she grew up and that was “Why?”. The word passed through her head during this age as if she were in her teens like a human or other creatures with longer longivity. Yet these whys could be of importance. “Why, Black Magic when there is so much out there? Why does it seem like this family is strictly for the black mages? Why does it feel like I am lacking information or ideas are withheld from me?” and so on. It only came time where Mobobo had her mother take her to Gaia's library where there she read up on the history of her family since Maloven only to finally understand it. The reason it lead to the library was because Mobobo's mother mentioned something about her being a legacy child. She wanted to ask her father but he sadly was never there which in circumstances she stopped caring about him sadly. After reading up on her history she wasn't quite sure of what she believed in and if in truth she probably believes what she currently does now. It wasn't long until the white wizard suddenly approached the family only recognize Mobobo. In a way the white wizard feared her but was amazed none the less due to her incredible mind. It wasn't long after conversing for quite some time that the madam known as “Lady Bell” decided in their best interest to enroll Mobobo into Gaia's college. Normally Taru's join the college at fifteen but the proof that the woman had was undeniable especially when she was basically seeing a legacy child of the great sorcerer with such an amazing mindset. Mobobo obviously accepted and attended the semester after the current. It was at the age of eight when she stepped into the large college yet even then and after that explanation she had something in the back of her mind that just wasn't letting go. “A legacy child” she couldn't stand being called that yet didn't express it until it was too late...

Age 10-12: Black Magic, I refuse it!

When Mobobo hit the age of ten, It came of age when her mother had began to come down ill from old age. She was nearly to the end and Mobobo constantly had to cut a few classes to tend to her at times. The tarutaru could barely stand and the first time in a long time her father returned to aid his wife. Mobobo couldn't help but yell at him. It was at this point when she broke the habbit of rhyming at the end of her sentences. The reason for yelling was because he never visited and such. The father had an excuse yet the argument continued until her mother stopped it. It was then when she finally got mad at her mother from being explained that he was doing It to make things easier, knowing she was the legacy child. This was the last straw. After an argument facing her parents she had enough and left saying “I am no legacy... I am Mobobo, your child... If you want a legend then keep your eyes open as I.. Reject black magic”. This did not make her parents happy at all and eventually came to Mobobo leaving her household to live among Gaia and it was then that she confronted Lady Bell asking her to personally train her to be a white mage. Though she wondered in her mind why she was doing this... It also struck an interest to see the one of maloven's blood going white mage then black. It made her incredibly curious so she accepted taking her in as a pupil and being her mentor and trainer. In addition to many of the staffs attention they were very surprised by this change seeing Mobobo taking classes in the art of White Magic which all came to how the child rewrote her own legacy.

Age 13-16: Overcoming the art of white magic and her legacy rewritten!

It had been a few months and over those months Mobobo had grown older being thirteen. The tarutaru didn't bother to see her parents because she figured they wouldn't be happy of her achievements regardless. The taru had been astounding as she learned the ways of white magics. It wasn't long until her intense magic was showing. Only the wizards noticed this but never spoke of it. They called her a legacy of her own kind but kept it from her so she wouldn't get too angry. It came to be three years later of incredible training that Mobobo had learned the art of white magic and became quite accustom to it. She then graduated among this very time from showing such knowledge and ability.

Age 20: I'm a professor

It had been four years since graduation yet that wasn't where her studies ended and that much was obvious. Cloistering herself often for days to enhance her white magic beyond limit. The tarutaru only came out to get sunlight and eat. On occasion she would also go meet up with the white wizard for Vidarian tea which was always pleasant. It always interested her but she did wonder how her rents were time to time... Her mother only visited her once a month if not two and often the meetings were brief only to say come “home and lie” in the true meaning behind it. It was obvious at this point though that Mobobo considered herself a woman and at that point she believed it to be true from seven years ago. She had no reason to go back them since she had what she wanted and was accepted for it and to her knowledge at least wasn't being seen as a legacy.

It had finally came the time when Mobobo was given the access and job of being the professor of White Art or at least one of them. Her life was rather calm until word came in when her parents have died. It was said that they had been trying to contact her for awhile about the situation since the father passed but nothing came in. Interestingly she was kind of sad but she treated it as a passing moment for what they nearly made her go through against her will. The white wizard confronted her about it but she claimed that “They were only the stepping stool of my real potential...” other then that classes were taught strict and even in live demonstration Mobobo was quite fearsome.

Age 21-25: I'm also a mentor

As classes moved along an interesting student came along. Her name was Impa as a Roegadyn she registered to go among the path of a white mage which was rare for her people but possible. It came to be quite an interesting sight especially when Impa watched and studied her teacher constantly. It wasn't long until personally the roegadyn asked Mobobo if she could have her as a mentor and be her apprentice. Mobobo accepted only because of her determination and the two studied with each other or more like she taught Impa most of what she knew but there was much wiser things in mind that she never revealed not even to the white wizard herself. It wasn't until five years later when they had to go a little bit of separated ways just due to the fact of the next big event to happen.

Age 26: The event of history (Becoming the White Wizard)

Everything was going ok for the Tarutaru, She and her mentor were discovering new ideals of the life stream yet life began to feel so repetetive as if there was more out there for her. Little did the taru know there was and it wasn't good news either. Being nearly over half her lifespan and considering herself getting too old was the beginning yet that was only minor. What was major however was the fact that word came to her bearing grim news. Her mentor had died and that very mentor was the white wizard herself. This was devastating which caused her to cloister herself for the rest of the day after a funeral. When time came her apprentice had helped her get things straight yet it was still unsettling knowing the one she looked up to for nearly half her life was suddenly gone... This only made her think of her parents to and to an extent she felt bad not having the same amount of care for them as she did for the white wizard. Days were long but it slowly began to come together after awhile.

During the months of loneliness excluding the attention of her pupil and only a few classmates who tried to comfort her which often was denied at times because she didn't need it the council had been rather on edge as they suddenly noticed the letter that was directed to Mobobo herself. It was during a class she was teaching in Gaia that the famous wizards approached her personally which they themselves were naturally a sight to lay eyes on and if they approach its serious business. They made Mobobo follow them to the council room presenting the letter itself. Mobobo was amazed by its content as basically gave the proposal to be the next “White Wizard”. Although hesitant at first she did accept the task and days if not months later the word had spread to nearly everyone in Celnaria mostly to mages. Her role was much more serious yet to her standings she did understand and only wanted to succeed her mentor who sat in this position before her.

Age 28-32: A White Wizard no longer!

Life went on and she did her task as a White Wizard, making new ordered laws on magic, dealing with diplomacy among the nations, taking action for what needed to be done. It was by this point when Mobobo had become seen as a leader more then a White Wizard and at this point she definitely succeeded if not completely overrule the position. Her apprentice, Impa had taken her position of professor of white arts which made her happy yet at the same time this often broke most of their communication due to Mobobo being busied. It wasn't til later on that her views became independent and her mindset came clear. She wasn't happy in Vidaria anymore yet the robes she wore represented her and she felt warm among them yet that aside she began to get less and less happy.

Surprisingly holding such power Mobobo used it for her own good in going deeper into parts of history and at one point decided to revisit it by a spell the Black Mages used which was limited of course. The part in which she had visited was when she herself met Maloven. They discussed the her present and the future to come of the world which of course the part of history was erased when she disappeared to return to the present. What was discussed was the truth behind the legacy. Although Mobobo wasn't truly interested in anymore she did really want to know the secrets in what really occurred back then. What she found out was that Maloven himself felt as if he was basically a weapon and a tool. He had been given praise much later yet in his present time it was nothing more then a simple draft issue. In this point of the event it was also revealed that the foe was Odin and that he himself saw Odin escape through the “void” which in Mobobo's mind was a portal. With this information Mobobo had returned yet did not speak of anything. In fact, even the council had been brought to attention of Mobobo's actions. It made her mad when the phrase that she was a new legacy came out. With that Mobobo smirked writing a resignation yet also promoted immediately through a letter that Impa was the new White Wizard. The two would have banished or outcasted Mobobo but they believed that in the time travel something else occurred in her mind and she needed the rest of her life to find out what it was... Impa however did not and often disliked the idea behind it. She even argued against it at first but ended up taking the position. Outside she said it was because she wanted to be better then Mobobo yet inside it was only because Mobobo had asked it personally and she considers her to be her mentor in heart.

Age 32 – Present: Ambitions to fulfill...

Mobobo now travels Celnaria looking for answers and exploring what is out there. It is notable that she has returned to Vidaria and Gaia on minor occassions but finds herself going to the libraries of Gaia. As of now word has gotten out of Mobobo's resignation and many people wonder why. At the same time everyone is wonder where the Tarutaru has gone since then. Only in Vidaria does anyone recognize her. If you're not one who is important then you probably wouldn't. Mobobo however is not afraid to say her name in public so if people should hear it, they may just be surprised.

So begins...

Mobobo's Story