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Tier Sera'Veilan

"Don't remind me..." (WIP)

0 · 363 views · located in Celnaria

a character in “Final Fantasy: Chronicles Of Odin”, as played by Sonicx00



"Call me the Ex-princess"


Race: Elvaan

Gender: Female

Nation: Kingdom Of Ahn'Veria

Class: Monk
Weapon Type: Fist/Gloves

Age: 54

[] Aries (mar 21 – apr 19)
Key Traits: Eager, courageous, independent, quick to anger, impatient, impulsive, violent.

Blood Type: Type AB
Key Traits: Cool, controlled, rational, outgoing, popular, emphatic, aloof, critical, unforgiving, indecisive.


Level: 1
EXP: 1/5


HP: 55
MP: 0
P.ATK: 20 P.DEF: 13
M.ATK: 21 M.DEF: 4

Strength: 10 / 28
Vitality: 13 / 28
Agility: 3 / 14
Speed: 5 / 17
Magic: 7 / 17
Spirit 2 / 16

Job and Magic Abilities

Level 1
In any other profession's training, hand-to-hand fighting is a matter of last resort. Monks, however, are taught to rely on their fists from day one, honing their proficiency to the point where even a simple punch can become a force to be reckoned with. Brawler allows a Monk to make two attacks against a target with Claws, Flails, Gloves, Staves, or Brawling attacks at the cost of a single Attack Action. Calculate damage as if the Monk had made two separate Attack Actions against the target, rolling to hit as normal. Able to do two attacks twice... both attacks have a chance of being blocked. This only works for basic attacks.

Level 1
Punch Rush
The Monk unleashes a flurry of rapid-fire punches, fists moving faster than the eye can follow. Punch Rush inflicts (7.5x P.DEF) Physical damage, striking automatically. Can only use this every 3 post.

Level 8
Meteor Strike
In an impressive display of strength, the Monk forcefully lifts the target over her head before swiftly suplexing it into the ground, a strike that rattles the battlefield to its foundations. Meteor Strike inflicts (7.5xP.DEF) Physical damage, striking automatically; in addition, If gm rolls a 1-2 it inflicts the Status
Condition Confuse for 4 post. Can only be used every 3 post.

Level 15
Earth Slash
The Monk slams the ground with one outstretched palm, sending a violent tremor that surges through the earth before erupting in a shower of rocks and debris. Earth Slash inflicts (3.3 x M.ATK). Earth Elemental damage on all active combatants in the targeted Group, striking automatically. Can only be used every 3 post.

Level 22
By keeping a close eye on her opponents, the Monk is able to marshal a counterattack at a moment’s notice. When triggered, If the gm rolls 1-2 when target attacks, It allows the Monk to make an immediate Attack Action targeting the combatant that damaged her. The attack inflicts (5xP.DEF) Physical damage. Note that Counter will only trigger once for each Attack or Ability, even if they consist of multiple individual attacks. Meaning it only happens once every post that consist of damage coming to her.

Level 29
Aura Cannon
Gathering her chi, the Monk fires a searing beam of blue-white energy from her palms. Aura Cannon inflicts (6.3 x M.ATK) Holy Elemental damage, striking automatically. Can only be used every 4 post.

Level 36
Fire Dance
The Monk releases her built-up chi in a wave of heat and flame, sending ghostly, fire-streaked doubles into the fray to scour the battlefield. Fire Dance inflicts (5.6 x M.ATK) Fire Elemental damage on all active combatants in the targeted Group, striking automatically. Can only be used every 4 post.

Level 43
Soul Spiral
The Monk begins to whirl on the spot, gathering speed as she focuses her life force into waves of soothing green particles that wash over the party. Soul Spiral restores Hit Points to the Monk’s allies at the expense of the Monk’s own; the Monk’s player must declare how many HP they wish to sacrifice when the Ability is used.
The amount restored depends on the Monk’s VIT; reduce the Monk’s HP by the chosen amount, then consult the table below to see how many Hit Points the rest of the Party regain. The forumla = HP sacrificed x 5 = Amount healed. Can only be used once.

Level 50
Razor Gale
The Monk enters a slow spin, charging up her chi to loose a rapid series of crescent-shaped air blasts at the enemy. Razor Gale inflicts (7 x M.ATK) Wind Elemental damage on all active combatants in the targeted Group, striking automatically. Can only be used every 4 post.

Level 57
Demi Shock
Reaching out with one hand, the Monk sends tendrils of chi to compress the air around the target, creating a sphere of crushing gravitational force. If the gm rolls a 1-3 The shock will cause damage equal to 50% of the target's maximum HP,regardless of stats. Demi Shock may never inflict more than 999 damage. Treat this as a Gravity-type effect. Can only be used every 5 post.

Level 64
Phantom Rush
Drawing on deep-seated chi reserves, the Monk attacks the target at blinding speed, shifting from angle to angle so quickly that outside observers see a veritable army of Monks descending on the target to beat it into submission. Phantom Rush inflicts (15xP.DEF) Physical damage, striking automatically; this attack ignores the Damage Cap, and may inflict more than 999 damage. Can only be used every 10 post.


Singing - 15
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
While not everyone is born with the voice of an angel, careful training can make all the difference. Characters with this Skill know all about projection and range, and have at least a few melodies memorized at any given time.

Dancing - 15
Defaults Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
A character with this skill can tell a waltz from a gavotte, and knows enough of the general etiquette and required steps to avoid mashing people’s toes in the process.

Acting - 10
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
A character with this Skill has the training to fake emotions and devise new personalities for himself. With a successful Task Check, the character may attempt to use Acting to bluff, improvise, impersonate, or con. If the target has the Awareness Skill, resolve the attempt through an Opposed Task Check; a Botch will always expose the character's ruse.

Brawl - 25
Default Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
Brawl is basic unarmed combat. Inelegant but effective in a pinch, it allows the character to rely on their bare hands in a fight if no other weapons are available.

Acrobatics - 20
Default Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
A character with this Skill is flexible and coordinated enough to execute complex acrobatic maneuvers. A single Task Check is required for a set of maneuvers or feat of balance. Conditional Modifiers depend on both the complexity of the manuevers and the circumstances. The consequences for failure hinge on the feat being attempted.

Awareness - 15
Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
This Skill measures a character’s collective sensory awareness. In the field, it is mainly used to spot hidden items, secret passages, and other incongruities that might not be noticeable at first glance. At higher levels, Characters with this Skill gain a certain sixth sense when it comes to spotting potential dangers or noticing when something isn’t quite right – a con-man attempting to swindle the party out of its Gil with counterfeit Elixirs is just as likely to get the neck-hairs tingling as a dozen slavering beasts waiting in ambush around the corner. (As a GM I will be the one to say if those with this skill realize anything)

Language – Elvaan - 10
Complex and florid, Elvaan has its roots in antiquity. Like all other aspects of Elven culture, it is a source of racial pride and jealously guarded against dilution from outside sources.

Language – Common Tongue - 15
The standard Human tongue, lingua franca on most worlds. Most, if not all, adventurers will be fluent in this language to one degree or another. This Skill is given to all starting characters, regardless of Job.

Etiquette - 15
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
This Skill gives a character the ability to act and speak diplomatically regardless of the circumstances, observing and respecting the sensibilities of others. A successful Task Check allows a character to discern the most appropriate code of conduct in a given situation, and act accordingly; a failure results in the character misinterpreting the situation, with potentially disasterous results. Botches will almost always result in a diplomatic gaffe of the first order.

Intimidation - 15
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
Intimidation and browbeating are powerful tools if used correctly, establishing the character as a force to be reckoned with – even if they aren't. A successful Task Check is required to intimidate a target, after which the character can make her demands; failure means the target is unimpressed. A Botch, on the other hand, could potentially result in a nasty turnabout.

Negotiation - 10
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
The fine art of getting your way. A character with this Skill can use their powers of persuasion to do anything from bartering for an item to convincing that troublesome Captain of the Guard that, no, they really aren’t an Imperial sympathizer, thank you all the same. Negotiation is always used in form of an Opposed Task Check; when making her Task Check, the player must first declare her 'offer' to the other party, who in turn roll against either their own Negotiation Skill or an appropriate Skill Default – the weight of the character's offer will determine the basic CoS.

Smooth Talk - 15
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
This Skill allows a character to use pure charisma to persuade an unwitting victim to do his bidding. One successful Task Check is required to ensnare the target; additional Task Checks may be required depending on what the character requests of his victim. If the target has the Skill Awareness, resolve the attempt through an Opposed Task Check. Any failure breaks the character's hold over the target, forcing him to start anew; a Botch ruins the attempt entirely, and may alert the target to the fact that they are being manipulated.

Stealth - 10
Default Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
This Skill gives the character a basic understanding of subterfuge, allowing him to secrete himself in darkened corners to escape detection and sneak around without arousing too much suspicion. If another party is in the vicinity and has the Skill Awareness, resolve the sneaking attempt with an Opposed Task Check. A character will always think a Task Check is successful regardless of the actual outcome.

Streetwise - 15
Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Learned
Streetwise allows a character to navigate a city's criminal underground. A successful Task Check can allow a character to obtain a piece of information, locate illicit goods and services, or find a contact. The amount of time taken for the search can vary between half an hour and several days. A Failure simply means the character has not been able to locate the object of her search and may continue trying. A Botch, however, will alert local gangsters and authorities to the character's search, with potentially disasterous consequences. Streetwise can also be used as the criminal equivalent of Etiquette if the character does not have that particular Skill available to her. (This will depend on your history and most of the time will be controlled by me)

Climbing - 15
Default Attribute: Strength (STR) Type: Intuitive
Whether it's light free-climbing or full-fledged mountaineering, a character with this Skill can scale vertical surfaces with a reasonable degree of success. One or more Task Checks may be needed for a successful ascent; in the event of a failure, no progress is made. A Botch will always result in a fall, with consequences depending on the severity of the drop.

Swimming - 15
Default Attribute: Vitality (VIT) Type: Intuitive
A character with this Skill has the training to float, swim, and dive in water and other liquids. Normal swimming requires a successful Task Check to stay afloat and get to a destination, while more Task Checks may be required for long or difficult stretches of swimming. Failed Swimming rolls leave the character in danger of drowning – he must make another Task Check with additional modifiers to pull himself back up. If he fails the second Test, outside intervention may be necessary. Botches always have disasterous consequences. Diving requires a Task Check if a character is attempting to reach a particular location underwater, if he remains submerged for longer periods of time, and if he attempts to take an action underwater.

Tracking - 10
Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
By combining clues with old-fashioned instinct, a character with this Skill can track a quarry – animal, human, or otherwise – over a distance. A character must make an initial Task Check to pick up a target's trail; more Task Checks may be required to stay on the trail if following the target over longer distances. Any failures during the tracking process mean that the character has lost the target, though the GM may allow her to make another Task Check with an increased modifier in order to resume pursuit. (If we ever come to a chase scene I will keep you informed if any checks will be needed – remember checks are totally up to you and I expect you to be fair.. It is ok for your character to get us lost at some point to add more to the game lol.



Family Ties
Effect: The character has a claim to greatness or notoriety through ancestors, parents, children, siblings, or extended relatives whose names and deeds are widely known.

Although the the Sera'Veilan reign has gone for only two generations Tier, is known to be the last born of the family. She herself dislikes this fact due to the events she was dragged into but doesn't blame the old king and rather loves him. She is promised to be queen someday if she remained for her people... but due to the queen this may not happen...

Effect: Noble blood runs through the character’s veins, placing them a few notches above the average adventurer. Characters with this kind of background may not always have kingdoms and other holdings to call their own; in some cases, they may be illegitimate heirs or outcasts from their own domain.

Tier, or rather “Princess Tier Sera'Veilan” is obviously daughter of Queen Sera'veilan but doesn't show nor want to be recognized as such. She has no intentions of turning or going to the queen for anything at this point and claims she would rather kill her then live among her. Yet that just isn't possible now seeing that at a young age... she made it quite clear that she wasn't allowed in here unless suddenly permitted...


Effect: The character belongs to a group or organization that may be capable of helping her out during the course of her travels – a mercenary group, a band of thieves, loyal vassals of a king or kingdom.

Over the years in Alexander, Tier became a high ranked membor for an underground guild known as “Guild of Shadows”. An assassin's guild that doesn't just specialize in assassination but also provides information and other dark task among Celnaria. It is said there is a branch in every nation Tier became the leader of all of them. Although she isn't given the title she is one of the strongest members in the guild even though she isn't the stealthiest.

Effect: The character has been knocking around long enough to pick up friends, acquaintances and contacts almost everywhere in the world; not always in the highest or most exalted of positions, but almost always useful in the right sort of situation.

The “Guild of Shadows” an underground guild that takes on tasks of Assassination, thievery, and Information against the government order's. Unlike the military following the duke or a certain leader. They take task often from normal towns folks or even high nobles for coin or even give out secret information for coin. Although the only contacts she really has are the ones of her branch in Alexander. It isn't impossible for her to get a hold of other branches.

Effect: The character has an out-and-out bad reputation – as a murderer, as a traitor, as a criminal of the highest caliber Whether justified or just the result of hearsay, this Notoriety makes his life that much more interesting.

Excluding the fact that everyone knows a daughter of the Ahn'verian queen left years ago and no one knows who it is. Tier has a bad reputation from those who pay attention she is known as a the “Demon Of the Streets”. It is known she is the only one not afraid to kill someone in daylight and even though it sometimes goes against principles. She herself gets the job done while hiding her face when on the job. If she is not wearing her famous cover then she is unknown. One good feature that gives herself away at times is her bright blue eyes and her way of speaking. Also the fact that there are times where she just doesn't care if anyone sees her without the mask on when she kills. One reason she has never been caught was SOME of the protection she was given by the “Executioners” and the fact that she doesn't kill when guards are present.

Effect: The character has managed to make himself highly unwelcome somewhere – to such an extent that he is banned outright from entering, or would risk life and limb in doing so. Decide where and why the character has earned this dubious distinction when choosing this Trait.

She is an outcast of Ahn'veria, due to the queen's hatred towards her daughter from recent events that will be explained in the history, Tier was outcasted by her mother never to return unless faced or if she had a good reason. Other then that she is not allowed in Ahn'veria ever again.


Effect: While the definition of 'attractive' continues to be hotly debated in pubs the world over, a character with this Advantage taps into some timeless, universal standard of beauty that never quite goes out of fashion.

Effect: Whether it’s through good looks, riveting oratory, or blind animal magnetism – a Charismatic character has the uncanny ability to wrap people around her little finger in no time flat.

Effect: The character has a compulsive need for a certain something, whether a physical substance – herbal tea, coffee, cheap cigarettes – or a particular activity, such as high-stakes gambling or airship racing. As a result, they will be through hell and high water to get their ‘fix’.

She enjoys the typical pipes of Alexander's slums, claiming them to be the best made.

Heightened Senses
Effect: The character has enhanced hearing, smell, or sight, allowing her to spot things that would normally not be obvious.

Lone Wolf
Effect: The character is ill at ease around the company of others; her poor ability to judge responses and gruff demeanor tend to cause offense more often than not. Depending on character progression this may go away later.



Describe how you look, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color. In addition List what your character carries, what she wears, How does her weapon look.

Describe your character's personality. How he/she is alone, with others, when in battle etc. What does this character like/dislike. Be sure to use your skills, Traits, Blood type and Zodiac to help you define your character's personality.

Give a descriptive history explaining what your character has been doing over the years... How she became the job she/he is, what she has done over the years. Be sure to use your character's Race, Traits and skills in this to define your character... Realize you have a lot to go off of so it will be a lot of information.

So begins...

Tier Sera'Veilan's Story