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Final Fantasy Frontier

Final Fantasy Frontier


A world where war has stained the land of Wolgaia, a group of heroes hope to bring balance back to their homelands. Will they succeed or will their world fall into darkness forever?

886 readers have visited Final Fantasy Frontier since Cap'n Gregginz created it.

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The world of Wolgaia has been at war with itself for over 100 years to see whole will truly rule over the land. But the war has come at a price. The land is dying, the water is stale, the wind is weak and fire has started to lose its spark. Aside from the Castle Cities, villages and towns have fallen due to constant invasion, making traveling outside of the kingdoms very tough. Even the strongest of warriors consider leaving the Castle Cities suicidal. Through the course of the war, St. Ajora has fallen to the Odemir Army and with it, Odemir has claimed the most powerful of Templar and Paladin knights. Five years have passed since St. Ajora's fall and one man now knows the secret of regaining his kingdom, finding the lost heir to the throne. Can he do it before the other kingdoms suffer St. Ajora's fate and bring peace to the lands? Only you, the heroes, can decide.




A: Holy City-St. Ajora: A kingdom ruled by religion, St. Ajora had the world's largest population of over 2 million citizens living within but that could not save them from the barbaric city of Odemir. The city was thought to be untouchable because of the large stone walls that surrounded it but that couldn't stop an attack from the inside. The city has fallen to ruin and is now a cesspool of thieves and whores killing their own kin to survive in the harsh laws given by Odemir. Previously ruled by God King, Adam (who met his demise due to the betrayal of his own knights), St. Ajora is now in the hands of the Odemir senate.
B: The Ajora Abby: The Holy Church of St. Ajora but after it's fall, the Abby became tainted by the evils of the Odemir Army. Now a home for thieves, the Abby is a dangerous place to all outside the Theives Guild.
C: Death Mountains:These mountains are infamous for their rough terrain and dangerous monsters. All who enter never return until Odemir found the secrets of the cavern and made it's way to St. Ajora. No one could have imagined that they could traverse the mountains and leave without a scratch. The mountains are dangerous to all but only those who have ties to the Odemir Army knows how to avoid its dangers.
D: Desert Oasis, Odemir: Set in the Humbaba Desert, the Oasis is the only safe place from the harmful sun and brutal heat of the desert. Main population of the Odemir Kingdom. The citizens are brutal and barbaric, but proud and fearless. The Oasis has beautiful architecture but years of warfare and battles between the warriors have damaged the grand towers and buildings that once stood there.
E: Castle Odemir, The Colosseum: Castle Odemir is home to the nobility, King Ricard Odemir and his family. Beneath the castle is the Colosseum, a brutal ritual of the Odemir people. When Odemir takes prisoners, they are forced to enter the Colosseum and to fight to the death. There is only one way to survive and that is to win. No one has ever escaped or been released from the Colosseum unless you're in a body bag. Odemir wishes to rule the world in a barbaric and militia state.
F: Garanda Port: Originally St. Ajora's main supply of export, Garanda has now become a war victim zone where the people who survived the walls of St. Ajora escape from the barbaric Odemir officials and the corrupted knights of Ajora.
G: Peak of Renaissance-Falrod: The city of Magic and Art, Falrod wishes to rule the world in an artistic way and teach the world knowledge. But the will do it by force. Shoving knowledge down an outsider's throat until they are fully brainwashed into the Falrod way of life. The people of Falrod do not take well to outsiders unless you are trained in the magic arts. The citizens of Falrod are all skilled in the arts of magic and the city is home to the Falrod Academy of Arcane Arts where each citizen learns to master a variety of mage classes.
H: Castle Falrod: Home to Queen Sara Falrod and her two sons, Sara leads her kingdom with a firm but graceful hand. The castle's architecture is named one of the greatest structured castles in the world. The Castle is guarded by only the most powerful of mages that the Queen picks herself.
I: Matoya's Crypt: The resting grounds to Queen Matoya, Queen Sara's Mother. The crypt is said to hold a legendary tome of a spell she had mastered in hopes of bringing victory to Falrod. No one has been able to survive the traps she had lain to test who would be worthy enough to wield this spell.
J:Relm of Beasts: Hyzla: Secluded from the rest of the world by mountains that surround the island, Hyzla had wanted to live in peace and harmony with all life, including humans. Although monsters live all throughout the world, the beasts of Hyzla are peaceful and welcome all travelers with open arms. Although the citizens of Hyzla are peaceful, they hold some of the most powerful of Geomancy and are excellent hunters and warriors because of their heightened senses. The beasts of Hyzla have been shunned both my monsters and humans because they lie in-between the two races.
K: Industrial Playground-New Largus: The most technological city in the world, New Largus has begun work on the industrial world by creating the steam powered engine and a weapon known as a "Firearm". New Largus has even gone as far as creating artificial life, robotic slaves that fight for the Largan Army so the people may live safely and continue to expand technology. New Largus is led by Regent Garland Largus who wants to bring the world into a new and better future where life has been made easier because of machines. The wildlife and plantation around the Largus area however are scarse because of the industrial expanding they have done.
L: Ruins of Old Largus: Hundreds of years ago, when Largus first started their thirst for technology, they had created the first artificial life form but the cyborgs took over the city and destroyed it. Thankfully the machines also killed themselves and all that is left is a junk yard where Largus learns its past mistakes in hopes of powering their new home. The Junkyard is where all of New Largus' garbage is stored, making is a chemical wasteland.
M: The Blacksmith's Home: Not much is known about the man who lives there, most people leave him alone. They say he was once a great knight of Largus but left to pursue the art of synthesis instead of technology.
N: Village of Dalm: The only village that has separated itself from the rest of the world, the citizens of Dalm are hidden from any and every map and they wish to keep it that way.
O: Farris' Grotto: The Land of Pirates, the Grotto can only be opened to those who have dedicated their lives to swashbuckling. Many famous Pirate Captains are laid to rest there and its a safe haven for any pirate who needs to lay low. Pirates are hated by all kingdoms. Even Hyzla is not a fan of their way of life. Wanted posters of any and every pirate can be found in all cities in hopes to end their villainous ways.
P: Grand Library-Daggurrio: Surrounded by harsh winds and rough waters, the Library is said to hold some of the Wolgaia's biggest secrets and may even hold the most powerful of magics and weapons.

The other areas on the map have yet to be discovered. Maybe our Heroes can find out what is happening there?


Submitting Characters

Follow this simple guideline and make your character. Pictures are not wanted. If you put in any form of picture to describe anything, you will not be allowed to post. Be descriptive. Also, playing as "Damien the Destroyer" and using a picture of Tomba doesn't make me want to take you seriously. The people are real, remember that. There are no gods of the people, even the Hyzlan beasts are mortal and suffer pains and aches. Avoid making demi-demon-god characters, that shit's stupid. Hyzlan beasts are human/monster hybrids and that is okay as long as it's not overly ridiculous like your beast character is a combination of an echidna, a dolphin and a bear. One animal to make your beast.

Jobs: Every character is given a job and throughout the entirety of the RP, you will stay as that. Such as Monk, Paladin, Archer, Black Mage, whatever. Stay in the lines of jobs, think about where you live. If you have a Black Mage, s/he's not going to be from Odemir. Some jobs have a combination of techs like a Paladin knows knightly and white mage skills but they don't know everything the main job can learn. Plus, once a job is taken, no one else may be that job. Someone becomes a Blue Mage, tough, you've gotta be something else. Feel free to make up some job classes as well, as long as they are not ungodly powerful or are too similar to another job class that's taken. Job Classes may be reserved and I will post here which jobs have been taken.

Body Description:
Biography (Mainly the important details, keep it as short as possible. The RP can showcase his/her background through events that happen as the story goes):
Personality and Traits:

AND LAST, HAVE FUN! That's the point of these so lets kick ass and be awesome!


AXEL BROOMAL- Played by Cap'n Gregginz- Job Class: Paladin

The Shadow- RESERVED Job Class: Red Mage/Mimic

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Character Portrait: Axel Broomal
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Re: Final Fantasy Frontier

So I could be a Red Mage/Mimic?

The mimic being the sub class. It would basically allow me to copy a technique that has been used on me (or if I have seen it used on someone else) but it would lack the same amount of power as before. Though it would also lessen the actual damage done to me. The technique would also have to be used soon otherwise the magical energy storing the knowledge would fade.

Re: Final Fantasy Frontier

I will allow both dual class characters and upgrades but upgrades are for the Mage characters more than the other classes. I consider Thieves and Ninjas different classes because they fight differently. Theives steal while Ninja's Throw and use Ninjitsu.

An example is a Red Mage would become a Red Wizard/Witch (depending on sex).

Re: Final Fantasy Frontier

Well this seems interesting enough. I would like to reserve the Red Mage position.
Also is it possible to dual-class or even upgrade? The dual classing is simple enough, the person is whatever the main class is but their sub class simply adds on a small amount of abilities/powers. As for the upgrading, Black Mages upgrade to Black Wizards, Thieves upgrade into Ninjas. Or are Thieves and Ninjas counted as their own class outright?

Re: Final Fantasy Frontier


Everyone is welcomed to post any questions and reserve job classes here. After we get at least 5 people to join, we can start but you are more than welcome to join in after we get started. Lets have fun people!!!

Final Fantasy Frontier

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