Final Fantasy: New Adventure!

Final Fantasy: New Adventure!


Hundreds of years passes since the Warriors of Light saved the world, now Chaos and the Four fiends have returned.

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Theme song: (As IF it weren't OBVIOUS to most!)

INTRO: 100 years ago...
The warriors of light took on the daunting task of fighting Chaos and the four Fiends.
They ventured from their homes in order to protect the world, venturing the world,
after a long time, they finally were victorious, replenishing the crystals, they took on a mighty foe.
Chaos. The god of discord, loomed on their horizon threatening to destroy everything.
They went back into time to slay Chaos in hopes of ending the Paradox he caused, they succeeded
but at a cost, their deeds were only remembered as legends...

Now Chaos and the four fiends have returned reaping hell across the world resurrecting Garland, the Archdemon of Chaos. In their first attacks they destroyed Corneria in hopes of destroying the warriors of light, innocent people were killed although most fled, a few survived, wandering the surrounding area in hopes of a settlement to live on. Soon after the earth decayed and a fire swept through the area, The earth and fire crystals faded. Storms brewed destroying coastline around the world, floods ravaged bridges, rivers and lakes, The water and wind crystals faded. All seemed lost and that the Warriors of Light would never rise again.

(Okay now for something completely different!)

There are 6- I mean 5 openings (One's for me!) But there can be others whom are wandering and will help the Warriors of Light (Because only 6 people can't kill a monster army THAT easily!)
Warriors of Light
1. Remi Montoya
2. Tia Rubi
3. Kai Kensei
4. open
5. open
6. open

Other helpful characters!
(will be more if needed)

Character Skelly:
Class (look at OOC thread)
Weapon (if any)
Magic (if any)
any other details that I missed please pitch in! You don't need a bio though!

Thats all for now... (I guess)

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-The destroyed Forest of Corneria-
Remi quietly walked through the woods at a hastily pace looking around almost on patrol for monsters, 'strange... There are few monsters around here...' she thought as she moved forward, 'I need to find the other warriors.' As Remi thought about other topics she stopped and looked around, "W-Who's out there?" she questioned hesitantly.

"You show fear in your heart. Warrior" A foreboding echo responded from next to nowhere

Remi was shocked, "C- Chaos ?!" she yelped as she prepared for a fight, 'No! That just can't be!' her mind raced as Chaos appeared with Garland from nowhere. Remi brashly went in for the fight. She quickly attacks doing no damage at all to Chaos, whom stands there as Remi attacks again failing to even hit, Garland steps in and attacks Remi, Dealing 9999 damage.

"No..." Remi said as she falls to the ground K.O.'d

"Pathetic... and this is a warrior of light? Ha! She wasn't even a challenge!" Garland boasted as he turned around and left with Chaos leaving Remi for dead.


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#, as written by Byte
Corneria, INN

A woman, clothed in an all red attire had taken a lonely seat in the corner of the counter. Her company nothing more than the shadow that always followed, and a small pile of emptied glasses. “Another one for me!” The young female announced. A free hand waving at the grey-bearded bartender that immediately made preparations to pour his customer another glass of ale.

Today hadn't at all been going as planned. No actual monsters, aside from the ones that had managed to interrupt to woman's training. No cries for assistance. Nothing. She thought that perhaps the tavern had something worthwhile, but instead the red-clothed woman had found herself enjoying the music while enjoying a drink.

“'Ello there, lass. Want ta join me friends and I?”

A filthy, muscular hand wrapped itself around the woman's fragile waist. A mistake, the owner of said hand shouldn't have made. Not very surprising, as the rough and dirty appearance revealed that the large gorilla was a generic bandit. Before this... filthy fiend could breathe more senseless lines into the woman's ears, a half-emptied glass was smashed on the top of his head. Pieces of glass, and a mixed liquid of blood and alcohol ran down his face.

“Get yer filthy hands off of me, ya shit-stained chump!” She retorted, turning opposite from the bandit and reached for the bo-staff that rested next to her seat. Without waiting for a decent response, even though there wouldn't be one, the young femme tossed a small bag of coins towards the bartender and left the INN.

Corneria, Streets

She knew all too well this Gori character would make another attempt to snatch her. The reason might've changed, but the method wouldn't. “Filthy beast. I should've torched his gorilla butt, that'll learn 'm!” Another pause would follow before she continued her rant. Though no-one could hear anything, except for some mumbling and grunting.

Attempting to clear her head from that insignificant rage, the woman had hopped on one of the bridge's ledges and stared down at the small river flowing underneath the construct. If only there would be a predicament, something worth doing...


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-Still in the forest-

Remi Montoya
Hp: 1/90
Mp: 10/10
Ailment: Silence (Can't use magic)

A few hours later Remi came to her senses on the ground and stood up and staggers a bit, "How am I not dead?" She questioned as she felt a sharp pain in her side, "C-..." She attempted to heal herself but just couldn't for the fact that her spells was blocked for a bit she decided to make her way to Coneria where she'll hope to find a mage whom can heal her. Remi limps off to town.

-Coneria streets-

Remi finally reached the streets of Coneria to see a woman storm out of the inn with a bow staff grumbling and so on. She stops and puts her back on a wall in pain and slid down and drifted off into unconsciousness sitting against the wall she leaned herself on.


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#, as written by Byte
Corneria, Streets

Finding herself calmed, the red-clothed woman had formed a teeny tiny plan on maybe setting off. Corneria hadn't brought her anything exciting, nor fun. Only a lack of monsters and filthy beasts of bandits. There was one problem though, a lack of money. The mini quests the young femme received from local merchants were worth just enough to keep her from dying of starvation, yet not enough to actually travel a far ways from Corneria.

“If only there'd be a crook that was worth a good coin...” Running a hand through her orangy-red hair, the young woman decided to head off in search for whatever help was needed. Lucky, or rather... unlucky for her, she stumbled back towards the INN. Somewhere safely tucked away was, what appeared to be a young girl. Taking a closer look, the red-clothed female found that the girl was injured near her side, and gravely at that!

“'Ello girl?” She called, snapping her fingers to get the girl's attention. She was dressed in heavy armour, a warrior perhaps? Then, how did this young-ling injure herself? Over her head, probably. “Hang on, dear. Ye'll be healthy in a jiffy.” The red-haired woman pressed her hand together like a prayer, closing her eyes as a yellow-ish light began to appear on her hands. With a gentle touch of the wound, it slowly began to heal. 'Cure.' As the spell was called. Fairly basic, but it did what it had to do.

MP: 50 → MP: 49

Shortly after the girl had come back to her senses, the woman began to question the origins of her injury. “You okay, dear? Took a heavy hit on yer body, didn't ya? Care to explain it...?” There was no reason to care, especially considering her age. Cocky kids... But if a fighter clothed in heavy armour took a hit like that, something was most serious. Or at least, that was what the mage thought.

“Oh, apologies dear. I forgot ta introduce meself, didn't I?” With a short pause, and an extend of greeting, she spoke out the words “Crimsonia, though ya can call me Tia. Tia Rubi.” She would've charged the girl for the healing, but... maybe it was a good thing to not address a payment right now. Hey, she got to eat!


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0.00 INK

-Coneria's streets-

Remi Montoya
HP: 90/90
Ailment: Silence

Remi woke up feeling better seeing the red haired woman standing in front of her, "Chaos... I attacked foolishly and ended up nearly dead..." She said shamefully, "Nice to meet you Ms. Tia, I'm Remi" She stood up and dug into her pocket pulling out a little satchel, "You look like you want me to pay for the healing..." Remi said as she pulled out what was in the satchel, 100 Gil, she handed it to her politely, "thank you..." Remi knew that she was in Tia's debt and looked at her straight in the eye.

Gil 100 -> 0

Remi looked at her side and saw that her armor was severely damaged from her fighting, 'I need to get new armor...' She thought as she looked up at Tia noticing her hat, "You're a Red Mage!" She excitedly took Tia's hands in her own nearly jumping, "I've always wanted to meet one!" She was happy that she finally met a Red Mage as she then stopped herself before she got carried away and looked away, "Sorry, I almost got carried away..."


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Byte
Corneria, Streets

Why was it always tha- Oh yeah... the hat. That obligatory red hat and white feather. Honestly, she never really knew why she carried it with her. It was once the hat of her mentor, so probably to remember the old fart. To remember that it was a strict, old, and filthy man who taught her the basics of all things.

And now, there was a young child firmly grabbing onto her hand and dancing as if she had met a god! No, no. Far from it, Red mages weren't gods. They were... talented, surely. But skilled in nothing. Jacks of all trades, they were. Mages trained in every field of combat. “Glad to meet you... Remi. Excited, are we?” No she didn't add that last line, too rude.

Why did this young, innocent child want to meet one? Buggered if she knew. Strange introductions aside, what was with this Chaos character? One does not simply, foolishly attack someone with that name. Remi's apology snapped the red mage out of her thoughts, reminding herself what she originally set out for. “Don't mind it, dear. Yes, I am a red mage. Now, if ye'll excuse me...” And with that, Crimsonia turned around only setting about three steps before a familiar face showed up from the INN.

“Oh, crud...” This Gori character immediately spotted the red-clothed mage, and angrily stepped forward for some physical talk. “Back fer more, chump? Bringin' yer friends too?” She gestured at the two other bandits that had followed the bulky gorilla.

[Cue face-palm for generic title naming.]

“Shut it, ye wench. Ye be payin' fer rejectin' me, Gori the mighty.” And with that, the bandit unsheathed his weapon, a black-metallic flail.

“Then I be getting' my wish. Torchin' yer hairy bum, or maybe ye'd be better off with a zap to get yer brains workin'.” Tia raised her bo-staff, ready to take this generic crook to the ground.


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0.00 INK

-Coneria's streets-

Remi Montoya
HP: 90/90
MP: 10/10
Ailment(s): Silence

Remi saw that a fight will soon happen, "Excuse me Mr. Gori- or-whatever-your-name-is" Remi said, "but is there a need for this fight?" She walked in between the combatants to try to be peaceful, "Now why don't we-" Remi said interrupted by an attack by Gori

HP: 90 -> 65

Remi thrown back by the hit got back up looking irritated by the hit, "Now that wasn't necessary... And a cheap one at that..." Remi got up and drew her sword and shield for a fight.


Party: ] Enemy:
Remi Montoya ] Bandit 1
HP: 65/90 ] HP: 50/50
MP: 10/10 ] MP: 00/00
Tia Rubi ] Gori
HP:100/100 ] HP: 79/80
MP: 49/50 ] MP: 10/10
Bandit 2
HP: 50/50
MP: 00/00

Battle... Begin! ((Breaks out Probability Simulator on TI-83 Plus))

Remi attacks Bandit 1 for 10 Dmg.
Gori attacks Tia for 5 Dmg.
Bandit 1 attacks Remi for 5 Dmg.
Bandit 2 attacks Remi for 5 Dmg.

Damage at end of My phase
HP: 55/90
MP: 10/10

HP: 95/100
MP: 49/50

Bandit 1
Hp: 40/50
Mp: 00/00

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