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Odyssia Frig Eona

"We all yearn for that one thing even if we do not know its name, as such we continue to live..."

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a character in “Final Fantasy: The Shadow Pact”, originally authored by Misdemeanor, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Odyssia Frig Eona's Story


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"Let time flow for eternity as I continue to wilt by Your will..."


"Ku ata suno ho valai,
Chju riji furahel lekai,
Kontevai unvuvat tundro nuai,
Shutertei chiki piahdo,

Chimata e verih purei,
Betchona soweti yanei,
Shijakoh alehkni fatalingya,
Meknisa ulvoleh silei,

Putrashain afurel je kurozo wo,
Towa e kodohsai ni kodohsai sufralai,
Putrashain afurel je kurozo wo,
Towa e kodohsai e kodohsai sufralai,

Pullilyah quschershischia schuqkaijha wo,
Yamefet sumekri fet sumekri ling gangnu,
Tueri manjahut tearapkhu,
Hanijaha darshei lahadarshei shinjulo..."

Crystalline pink eyes slowly revealed itself as the song spoken in the most ancient of tongues had ended. The wishes carried by the melody were now floating in the river of time to reach the ears of the Fal'Cie Khronica. Its archaic hymn etched within the primordial temple built by the Frig Clan for its primary deity. Despite such its significance, it was not immune to the passage of time as it showed deterioration in its structure as to be expected from then and now. After all, it had been built for a many centuries ago and still could provide sufficient shelter to its particular guest. The said resident now walked the halls with a rather solemn expression. It was also natural to assume that the song that recently filled the halls belong to this person.

"Oh Divine Khronica, what do you desire of me this time around...?"

It was the harmless question that reverberated within the dilapidated temple where in the past was a magnificent sight to see. Now, it was only a shadow of its former glory. The same could be said about this guest that continued to walk inside the ruined hallways. At some point, this person was also part of the illustrious Frig clan. At some point, this person was known as the Great Priestess of Khronica. Now, she is simply known as Eona, the L'Cie. The trail of thought made Eona released a light yet empty laughter as she halted from her stride. The twistedness of her dreams and wishes had granted her a burden to bear for the endless transition of time. Lowering her gaze to the ground, she had now a dejected and broken facade.

"This time let my shackles be released..."

This was Eona's silent plea as she pulled back her gloves on her right hand. Turning her hand as such the palm faced her, it revealed the insignia which had condemned her to a life servitude. The brand of a L'Cie was a the very pinnacle of hope and depression. Making a fist with her said hand, she released a small yet frustrated sigh. After doing so, she returned her gloves to its proper appearance covering her hand once more. She had carried this mark for such a long time that she was not even certain how old she was supposed to be. Her physical aspects had remained the same yet, it does not change the fact that she was far older than all of the people in this current age. That information brought her a sense of loneliness. It was because of the undeniable truth that she is alone.

"What should I do...?"

Eona wondered outloud as she reached inside her secret pocket. There she had retrieved a perfectly preserved heart-shaped seashell. Clutching it close to her heart, her eyes and face softened to a particular degree. The confusion and sadness she felt was slowly dissipating. Cradling the seashell and looking at it with adoration, she was thankful to the one person who gave this to her. She had always hoped that they would meet again soon as was promised. It was then during such thinking that her stomach made its complaint. Breaking her brooding, she released a fleeting giggle which now had a bit of emotion than the last one. She kept the seashell once she had calm downed. It was time for her to get something to eat.

There was a nearby town and Eona knew that she must go there. She should be safe from the judging eyes of the populace as long as she kept her brand hidden from anyone's curious gazes. For now, she retrieved her cloak from her makeshift bedroom. After doing so, she left the temple and now was faced with the known treacherous jungles of Odyssia. Somehow, this was familiar to her as nature had always been part of her lives as she lived here in Gran Pulse for as long as she could remember. In any case, she traveled through the dense forest and was unscathed by it. The animals had avoided her and she had came to an understanding that it was probably due to her being a L'Cie. This idea brought a sad smile on her lovely face.

Soon enough, Eona had reached the said town and entered. She had never been to the town and would content herself from the heresays of others. Although, it was wonderful that she was able to travel far from the temple. For the meantime, she began walking the streets as she received looks from the people due to her taste in clothing and her alluring yet innocent beauty. Her only reaction was to ignore the onlookers as it would only cause more trouble if she does greet. She had one goal in mind by coming here. It was to buy some food to eat as she has money to spare. The only question if the people still accept the currency she had brought. Hearing her stomach complained once more, she hurriedly look for some food stall. However before she could finally find one, something unexpected happened.

"Divine Khronica... What have you done?"

The setting changes from Odyssia to New Bodhum


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#, as written by GeNeTiX
They work so hard to find a calling,
they let time judge the worth of their labours,
but they come to find at the end of their time:
purpose is just a matter of perspective -

Your labours haven't even begun...

Sarot Ari Markas

Markas rests back in a weathered booth seat, that wouldn't look too out of place in a 50's diner, with its blue leathery upholstery. The bag of dead Jackwings lies under a spotless white table, thankfully sealed shut to prevent any odours escaping. He watches the tourists and merchants boarding the ferry for its first run of the day - an elderly couple in walking gear, a young family, a female NORA soldier. He notices something strange about her, as though he had seen her somewhere before - a dream half forgotten... and only a fraction clear.

Rather quickly, he finds himself drifting back to days of old, trying to find anything in his memory to help him recall her - nothing... He shrugs it off as being a coincidence and looks past her towards the distant island of Odyssia; despite the mystery surrounding it, it afforded him shelter, and the promise of a decent pay for his services, and even a hearty meal to top it off, which would do him good. Life as a stalker by profession can be uncertain at best; failure to track your prey can lead to some very long nights in the cold, and from Markas' own experience, any night out in the wild could be your last.

The boat is almost full now, bustling with tourists and folks hoping to catch a few bargains. Every table is occupied, except his own: a man in a hood with a dubious looking bag apparently carried prejudice... A horn is sounded, as a warning that the boat is going to depart, then only a minute later, it pulls away from the docks. Markas closes his eyes, and drifts away into a light snooze, living in the past with shadows of friends.

Carrus Research Facility, Hope's Reach

Numerous men in white protective suits enter the room, wheeling in cages each containing a wild animal - panthereons, gremlins, flans and more... Without uttering a word through their darkened visors, they push the twelve cages into the testing chamber for Maxwell's experimentation, before sealing the chamber and leaving the room.

An intern shudders and mutters to himself: "This is just, cruel..."
His friend nudges him: "Better here than in the hands of NORA... at least here they get fed, right?"
The first intern returns a blank look, and waits for Maxwell.

The Seiren Market, Odyssia

Eona's shock comes from the sight of numerous stalls knocked over by what would appear to have been gale force winds... however, the fact that only a handful of nearly a hundred stalls in the market have been affected, would suggest some kind of supernatural force. She can't help but wonder whether a l'Cie is behind this. There are two PSICOM soldiers here, enquiring with the stall owners to find out what happened, though from this distance, it is hard to make out what is being said.

The market itself is a normally a very busy place in the mornings, a fine labyrinth of stalls, cannily trying to trap tourists in a web of cheap wares and attractive bargains, however, this incident has drawn a crowd around the area, so things seem slow in the rest of the market.

As the PSICOM soldiers leave the shopkeepers to mend their stalls, one can be heard saying to the other, "Do we need to report this? Can we be sure there's a l'Cie behind this?"
His partner doesn't even pause to look at him. "Yes. There's a l'Cie here. We need to request back up - if there's a l'Cie here, it can't mean anything good for us. The question is, what were they looking for here, and why?"

The setting changes from New Bodhum to Odyssia


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"Time will deliver us to our respective paths, the question, what is mine...?"

The whispers and murmurs that a l'Cie was present made Eona involuntarily trembled as she slowly backed away from the growing crowd due to the unprompted scene of the knocked over stalls. Her grip on her cloak tightened as fear spread through her. Trouble will soon befall her if she does not remove herself from the market. She occasionally visits the town when the need arises yet that could be counted by hand. Furthermore, she highly doubted that the residents in the town do not have doubts about her identity. It was clear to her as day based on the discerning looks that she would receive from them on the times she would come to buy some of her supplies. There is little suspicion in her mind that the people would most likely point her out as a prospected l'Cie if given a chance. As such, she should take her leave before matters changed for the worse. Eventhough, she was certain that she was not the one who had toppled those stalls.

"Divine Khronica, please keep me safe..."

It was a silent plea that only echoed inside her thoughts. If there was truly another l'Cie, Eona wondered who it was and if this said person was also turned by the Fal' Cie Khronica or another. It was a nice thought that another l'Cie might share the same focus as her. Yet, she was not much pleased as the current situation made the citizens and even PSICOM soldiers alerted at the possible presence of a l'Cie. The current times might be different but the prejudice against Pulse l'Cies has not changed even now. Even when Cocoon has fallen from its throne, the same ideals and beliefs have yet to be broken and changed. Thus, all she could do was to hide her existence from everyone else. This saddens her greatly but there was nothing else that she could do at the moment. Furthermore, she has other problems starting with her ever vague focus. She has yet to resolve the issue and the sands of time continued to flow for her impending fate as a Cie'th.

Slowly slipping through the crowds, Eona overheard one of the PSICOM soldiers stating that more soldiers will be present here and they truly believe that a l'Cie is here. It was even more imperative for her to leave this town and to lay low within the temple for quite some time. She could still make it with her remaining provisions and the things she could find in the forest. There was no other choice as she did not want to engage the soldiers or be captured by them. She hasten her movements as her eyes remained on the discussing soldiers as such she did not notice her fallacy until it was too late. Her minute of being distracted caused her to bump into other PSICOM soldiers who was also called to the scene. Meeting the eyes of the one she had bumped, she could feel her heart beating so fast. She was having a hard time to believe that the people around could not hear the desperate beats of her heart.

"Look where you're going, missy. There is a l'Cie about."

Eona awkwardly removed herself from the soldier's private space and immediately offered an apologetic bow. She seemed to have the worse of luck. Of all the people she could bump into, it had to be a soldier who will capture her without hesitation even if she pleaded to be innocent about the case of knocked over stalls. Furthermore, she already understood that they view l'Cie such as her as a bad omen.

"I'm so sorry... I will be careful next time."

With that said, Eona hurriedly left as the soldiers and his companions looked at her leaving form. Unknown to her, she had left something very important behind. The soldier she bumped into noticed something on the ground. Picking it up, it was a heart-shaped seashell. He wondered if it belonged to the pink-haired girl that bumped into him just a few moments ago.

"We should have caught that girl. She's a cutie right?" One of the soldiers commented. "I agree! Hey, what's with the distant look? Want to go after her? She's out of your league, man!Another lightly teased as he noticed his friend looking at the direction where Eona went. "Nah, she'll be back. I have the feeling. Let's go." With that, the soldier kept the seashell as they went towards the other two PSICOM soldiers already at the scene while Eona continued to make a run for it bumping into people occasionally as she was plagued with memories of being hunted down at some point in her life. The only thought in her mind was.

"Don't let them find out.... Please..."