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Rowan Lotton

"I always thought violence didn't solve anything until one day it did."

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a character in “Final Fantasy: The Shadow Pact”, as played by Malfunction


Rowan Lotton
"Those who can, do."

Basic Details

Hometown: Hope's Reach
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: NORA member
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



Physical Attributes

Weight: 138 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Build: Lean
Skin Tone: Caramel tone

Hair: Light brown hair that reaches her waist when it is down. It is usually kept in a pony tail though so it reaches her mid-back. Her bangs frame her face and reach her chin on both sides. There is also a small amount of hair that falls in between her eyes as well.
Eyes: Red eyes.
Facial Features: She has tattoos on her upper cheeks, just a few centimeters from her eyes. They are two stripes that curve are around two inches in length and with about two centimeters of space between them.
Distinguishing Body Features: She has tattoos on her arms and her face. There are three separate tattoos on each of her upper arms of three red stripes, each on top of each other with around two inches of space in between.


Head: Kite has a grey and red bandanna that she usually always has on.
Torso: She wears a grey tank top most of the time and a cloth that is wrapped around her diagonally, going from her left shoulder down to the right side of her waist.
Arms: The only thing on her arms are her tattoos.
Legs: She wears black pants that are stuffed into boots.
Feet: Dark brown combat boots.
Accessories: Her bandanna, gold ring earrings with about one inch of diameter, and her red cloth that she straps from her shoulder to her waist (it used to be a cloak that used to belong to her mother but it tore apart after a fight; Kite, not wanting to give it away, began to use it like she does).


At first sight, Kite seems like a rather passive individual because of how she tends to keep to herself at first. She is exceptionally aggressive and very up front person though. She isn't shy nor easily ashamed. She is quite stubborn to the point that she will do anything just to keep her pride intact (she hates asking for help, losing, looking weak). She speaks before she thinks and prefers to cut straight to the point when she has business with someone. Her has little to no patience and a fierce temper to go along with it. She tries to fix this though, so she tries to hold herself back as much ass she can before she snaps. The word "tries" is there because it doesn't tend to last very long anyway. When she is annoyed or angry, she can be very aggressive, rude, and it will take some time for her to actually calm down. Kite can hold grudges for a really long time as well, mainly because of her pride. Even if she's not angry anymore, she will pretend to be in order not to look like a hypocrite.

She is also a surprisingly good listener but no many people come to find out because she seems like the type to not care about other's problems. When someone does talk to her, they find out that other than a great listener, she is an even better criticizer. As said before, she speaks without thinking. Most of what she says are her honest thoughts and she forgets about the chance on her words hurting other people. She also does many things without thinking and is impulsive, like speaking out of turn, touching someone without permission, or running into a fight for example.

In all, she is a childish person. She can make a competition out of everything for the simple fact that she loves to win; of course, she hates to lose just as much (she's a sore loser). She lets her emotions get control of her most of the time. Kite hates working or doing things she doesn't want to so she usually complains the entire way or tries to find a way to get out of it; and if she does do it, every little noise can irritate her and make her unable to concentrate.

She easily gets attached to people and it's easy to tell when she cares for someone. While she tends to ignore the presence of strangers and only speak to them if needed, she is very aware of people who she considers friends and will instantly start up conversations with them. With friends she tends to joke around with them, get easily emotional over things because of them, she'll mess with them for amusement, she will hit them or insult them often, and she will follow them to the end of the world. As much as she tries to be independent, Kite easily becomes too dependent on people.

Kite is an emotional person. As hard as she tries to keep them in control, it is really easy for other people to know when she's upset, happy, etc. When she's happy she isn't as ill-tempered as usually, she is a little more carefree and passive (she also likes to whistle when she's in a good mood). Kite always has a scowl on her face when she is angry or something is bothering her. It depends who she's angry with and how much for how she behaves though. She will yell, curse, and fight when it's directed towards strangers or a friend who she's really not that mad at (like stealing her food, teasing her, winning against her). It's when she's really angry and hurt that she tends to be passive aggressive. This will usually lead up to her avoiding them and not speaking them for a long time. When this happens, it is really hard to get her to calm down. She usually forgives them after one or two days but she never tells them or behaves like it. It is because of her pride and stubbornness that she keeps on behaving like she's made at them, even if they apologized. She just can't put herself out there in a position like that and it really is super hard on her to break out of that habit.

Kite loves many things. She likes being praised, winning, exploring, free food (she loves and is willing to try any food), when someone does something for her, being with her friends, action, fighting, exercising, furry animals, danger, adrenaline, napping, the color red, birds, stories (hates reading though), warm clear days, making people happy, and many other things. There are more stuff she hates, of course. Kite doesn't like losing, disappointing others, making a mistake, misunderstandings, work, having to do things she doesn't want to, being angry, insects, (physically) slow people who can't keep up with her, the things/people she cares about being hurt or sad, people who beat around the bush, people who give up easily, and the list could go on.

She is also anemic and because of this she is seen eating most of the time, or at least wishing she was eating. This usually causes her to be short on money so she does many things around town to get more money. She has a terrible sense of direction because she tends to be forgetful, this causes her to get lost and even be late at times. She also has a habit of looking up at the sky and zoning out while doing so.


Weapon: Naginaifu
Physical Class: Sentinel

Carried Items: Snacks, small notebook, and a pen.

Magical Class: Berserker (COM-RAV)
Elemental Strengths (2): Fire, Earth
Elemental Weaknesses (2): Water, Air



Rowan grew up with her father, a machine operator and mechanic in the industrial plants, and her two uncles who worked and lived with her father. Her family wasn't poor, but still struggled with money various times. Rowan grew independent at a young age in order not to be hindrance to her father who worked constantly. She was a well-behaved kid who focused on her studies in order to graduate quickly and work to help out her father. Because of this, she was an awkward and unsocial child. There were a few times where she interacted with kids her age but the friendship didn't tend to last long because they would get irritated with her demeanor.

Growing up, she started to get the traits of her father. Living with three competitive and boisterous men made her who she was. The teasing she usually got from her uncles made her temper shortened and force her to speak up more. They would make a big deal whenever she lost against them in something and because of that she began to hate losing and becoming more competitive. She became more confident and defensive than most girl's would be in her teens. She had gotten too accustomed to being around adults to even know how it was to interact with other teens by then. The only interaction she had with people her age by that time was with Damien Alexander, who she had studied and graduated with. Rowan, growing a distaste for the wealthy families moving into Hope's Reach as time went by, found herself in a one-sided rivalry with him. Damien's calm nature canceled out her anger many times though and this made her resentment fade away with time. She found herself being more passive around Damien, whose tolerance and patience discouraged her anger and restlessness, and she was able to actually interact with him somewhat normally through time. Though her would never say it out loud, Rowan values their friendship a lot.

Before she even graduated, Rowan had already had various jobs. Most were minor and usually a one-time thing since her impatience got in the way. She also learned how to use her naginaifu at a young age. One time, when she had been coming home late from a delivery she had done, Rowan had been mugged. Her stubbornness made her chase after him, though, and she managed to catch up with him. The guy was bigger than her but the play wrestling and sparring she had done with her uncles while she was growing up made her able to stand her ground. To make it short, she arrived with a black eye, a number of bruises, the money the thief had taken her plus some extra that she had take from the thief as well. After that, her father decided to teach how to use the naginaifu, a weapon that he had had since he was young as well. Being a young girl, the mere weight of the weapon troubled Rowan yet she wasn't the type to give in so she trained until she could use it properly. Because of this Rowan grew a little more confident and many people seemed to notice. Trouble seemed to always follow her because she would constantly find herself in a fight. She grew into the habit of getting into fights very quickly; she soon learned that she actually enjoyed the thrill of it.

In a delivery for a job, Rowan found herself in New Bodhum one day. She came across some Monsters on the way. At first she didn't have trouble fending them off and in fact was actually excited for some action in her boring journey to New Bodhum. She grew overwhelmed though but a few members of NORA showed up and helped her defeat the monsters. As much as she declined and complained the entire way, they insisted on escorting her the rest of the way to the city — just in case more monsters happened to appear. On the way, they explained to her what NORA was and what they did. Although she didn't say it, she was quite fascinated by them. They seemed to notice, though, and they complimented her skills with the sword and if she would consider joining the group. She declined the offer immediately, knowing she couldn't just leave her family. After that she delivered the goods, received her pay, and went home. Days passed though and her normal life continued; this time her mind was filled with NORA. The fact that they actually fought for something had made an impression on her. It didn't help that her childhood friend, Damien, had recently been promoted from his position in the Guardian Corps. Being the competitive person she was, she wasn't pleased that he was advancing through life and she was still in the same position. Her father was quick to notice her absent mind and after asking her, she told him about NORA. Soon after listening to her, her father encouraged her to go. Rowan argued with him but her father insisted and she couldn't help but oblige to her father's words and her wants.

She left Hope's Reach and went to New Bodhum when she was 23 and has been in NORA for over two years now. She keeps in contact with her father, uncles, and sometimes even Damien through letters.

So begins...

Rowan Lotton's Story


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A loud yawn left Rowan as she made her way through New Bodhum. Her hand rubbed the tiredness from her eyes with little to no success. She had been out most of the night patrolling the outskirts of town and had barely gotten enough sleep to function properly. She had offered to go to Odyssia for the weekend a few days ago though and that stupid promise had forced her out of bed early that morning. The weekends was a reason for people to get out and have fun, you see, and because of the monsters they tried to add more security than usual. Rowan hated the crowding but if there was hope on there being some action, she was sure to be there. The thrill of a fight, she had learned after a while, was a really great thing. Just the, her stomach made a familiar noise and her eyes quickly snapped down to it.

The demands were clear.

Rowan's hands quickly dug into her pockets for a snack. She was surprised, though, when she came out empty handed. Her frown deepened as she quickly checked out her other pocket. A colorful string of words that would make any mother cover her child's ears left the young woman's mouth. She had eaten the last of her snacks yesterday after fending off a monster who gave a pathetic excuse for a fight. The fight then in turn became an excuse for Rowan to eat. An annoyed sigh left Rowan as she began to head to nearest store. If she was back at home in Hope's Reach, she wouldn't have to survive off of snacks. Instead, her father would have her food ready at all times and she would just have to take a few steps to get it without spending any money. Yet here she was, buying snacks that were nothing compared to the food of home to supply her stomach's needs.

"How much?" Rowan grunted as she stared at the woman in front of her. She had wasted no time in gathering the stuff she needed. Rowan had been doing this routine for about two years and she knew exactly what snacks she wanted and how many. The cashier studied the about of things Rowan was buying for a second before announcing the price. A scowl grew on Rowan's face at the sound of it but she paid it all nevertheless. She grabbed her bag of salvation and was out of the store in less than five minutes. "These prices have been going up," she muttered under her breath as she made her way to the docks. She had gotten quite accustomed to knowing the times for when the ferry would depart and arrive. Thankfully, Rowan set out a little early that day and while she had gotten sidetracked with restocking, she would still arrive just in time for the first leave to Odyssia.

As she moved through the town, she opened the bag and began to take in the contents. Her eyes studied each of the different types of appetizing goods and she tried to decide which one would be the first victim - she says first because one, as everyone knows, is never enough. She finally decided on a healthy choice for the beginning of the day. Her father had always lectured her that to start the day right, she had to eat right. Her lips twitched upwards the tiniest bit before she took a bite of the apple in her hands. Her eyes brightened up at the wonderful taste. She swallowed the sweetness and instantly took another bite. The day had become a little better after that.

The smell of the ocean soon reached her. It was the sign that she had gotten closer to the docks. Soon, they came to sight and Rowan wasted no time in buying her ticket. Many people had already boarded the ferry. Rowan leaned against the rails of the ferry and continued to please her hunger while she waited for them to leave for the island of Odyssia.

The setting changes from Gran Pulse to New Bodhum


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#, as written by GeNeTiX
They work so hard to find a calling,
they let time judge the worth of their labours,
but they come to find at the end of their time:
purpose is just a matter of perspective -

Your labours haven't even begun...

Sarot Ari Markas

Markas rests back in a weathered booth seat, that wouldn't look too out of place in a 50's diner, with its blue leathery upholstery. The bag of dead Jackwings lies under a spotless white table, thankfully sealed shut to prevent any odours escaping. He watches the tourists and merchants boarding the ferry for its first run of the day - an elderly couple in walking gear, a young family, a female NORA soldier. He notices something strange about her, as though he had seen her somewhere before - a dream half forgotten... and only a fraction clear.

Rather quickly, he finds himself drifting back to days of old, trying to find anything in his memory to help him recall her - nothing... He shrugs it off as being a coincidence and looks past her towards the distant island of Odyssia; despite the mystery surrounding it, it afforded him shelter, and the promise of a decent pay for his services, and even a hearty meal to top it off, which would do him good. Life as a stalker by profession can be uncertain at best; failure to track your prey can lead to some very long nights in the cold, and from Markas' own experience, any night out in the wild could be your last.

The boat is almost full now, bustling with tourists and folks hoping to catch a few bargains. Every table is occupied, except his own: a man in a hood with a dubious looking bag apparently carried prejudice... A horn is sounded, as a warning that the boat is going to depart, then only a minute later, it pulls away from the docks. Markas closes his eyes, and drifts away into a light snooze, living in the past with shadows of friends.

Carrus Research Facility, Hope's Reach

Numerous men in white protective suits enter the room, wheeling in cages each containing a wild animal - panthereons, gremlins, flans and more... Without uttering a word through their darkened visors, they push the twelve cages into the testing chamber for Maxwell's experimentation, before sealing the chamber and leaving the room.

An intern shudders and mutters to himself: "This is just, cruel..."
His friend nudges him: "Better here than in the hands of NORA... at least here they get fed, right?"
The first intern returns a blank look, and waits for Maxwell.

The Seiren Market, Odyssia

Eona's shock comes from the sight of numerous stalls knocked over by what would appear to have been gale force winds... however, the fact that only a handful of nearly a hundred stalls in the market have been affected, would suggest some kind of supernatural force. She can't help but wonder whether a l'Cie is behind this. There are two PSICOM soldiers here, enquiring with the stall owners to find out what happened, though from this distance, it is hard to make out what is being said.

The market itself is a normally a very busy place in the mornings, a fine labyrinth of stalls, cannily trying to trap tourists in a web of cheap wares and attractive bargains, however, this incident has drawn a crowd around the area, so things seem slow in the rest of the market.

As the PSICOM soldiers leave the shopkeepers to mend their stalls, one can be heard saying to the other, "Do we need to report this? Can we be sure there's a l'Cie behind this?"
His partner doesn't even pause to look at him. "Yes. There's a l'Cie here. We need to request back up - if there's a l'Cie here, it can't mean anything good for us. The question is, what were they looking for here, and why?"

The setting changes from New Bodhum to Gran Pulse


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"Gah, I hate this," Rowan muttered as she gripped the rails she had been leaning on. She had been growing sea sick from the motion of the ferry. It took far too long for Rowan's pleasure and she had already eaten more than half of the snacks that she had bought in the store. She had been trying to hold back on eating the last of her snacks seeing as she really didn't want to spend any more money. Especially not in Odyssia! The markets had even higher prices because of the amount of tourists and merchants that it attracted.

Rowan cursed under her breath as she glared at the island that was becoming bigger and bigger by the second. Why couldn't they just arrive already? With a sharp intake of breath, Rowan decided she wouldn't accept being assigned to patrol Odyssia anymore. As much as she loved that the island had a more abundant variety of monsters, Rowan could not stand the ferry ride and the crowds that the island usually had were unbearable and tiring.

Speaking about crowds, the ferry had seemed to gotten a bit more people than before. Now that they were half way to Odyssia, everyone wanted to get closer to the rails to take in the ocean and the sight of the island. Rowan would've made her way to the back where more seats had become open if it wasn't for the fact she had developed a tight grip on the rails to try to keep herself from moving. Instead, she was forced to push a few people who were getting a little too close for her comfort and even threaten a few that looked like they about to.

Something in her stomach clenched and for a moment Rowan thought she was about to throw up. Once she discovered it was a false alarm she couldn't help but sigh in relief though.

It seemed like forever until the ferry finally settled on the docks of Odyssia. As soon as they had safely arrived, Rowan ran off the ferry ready to kiss the wonderful thing known as land. Of course, she didn't or else people would look at her strangely and then she would have to beat them up. She had to focus on her task instead. A sigh of relief left Rowan as her feet made it to land. She appreciated the fact she was no longer on that stupid boat while completely forgetting that she would have to get on it when it was time to get back to New Bodhum. Rowan began to make her way to the markets first, finding the fact that she needed to buy something to drink to calm her still upset stomach. Most of civilization was on the shore of Odyssia due to the fact that the island was invested with monsters so Rowan made it there in no time. Before she could start searching for a cheap place to get something to drink, her eyes caught sight of something.

"What the...?" her voice trailed off as her feet began to move to where a crowd began to form. Rowan pushed through most of it and was soon greeted with the sight of many stalls knocked over in only one particular area. It was strange and unsettling all in one. The audience in the crowds were whispering about various things and from what Rowan could make out, a l'Cie was the prime suspect.

Both confused and intrigued at the situation in front of her, Rowan had completely forgotten about her aching stomach.