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Brice Leoline

An alchemist with a passion...

0 · 77 views · located in The World of Renagis

a character in “Final Fantasy: Ultimate Illusion”, as played by Varanus


Age: 25

Appearance: Brice has short brown hair that gets curly if he lets it grow out. His eyes are hazel and his skin is tanned, mostly because of living in Hensia most of his life. He normally wears a button shirt with a vest, and long pants both formally and as his “work” clothes. The only part of his attire that doesn’t match his outfit is his “hiking boots” which is finds to be much more comfortable to wear for his line of work as opposed to regular leather shoes. He has a thin scar across his left cheek, which reveals his more hands-on aspect of his career.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 155lbs

Job Class: Alchemist

Home Country: Hensia

Skills: Brice has a vast knowledge of alchemy; he’s studied in depth and experimented with raw sources of magic as well as chemical and magical interactions of rare and magical minerals, crystals, and enchanted items. He incorporates these sources into a wide variety of machinery. His profession is almost that of a “magic-engineer” he works closely with two distinct groups. He travels the world with miners, prospectors, and mages to find supplies containing sources of magic. He learns the location of these objects and collects them. The second group he works with machinists who engineer and invent a product of interest. It is usually Brice’s to figure out how to power or incorporate machines with sources of magic. He has particularly applied his skills to weaponry and has created various ballistics powered by magical items and other sources. He also knows how to mix basic items to enhance their effects. He is also an excellent navigator. The extent of his medical abilities only lie as far as what he knows about particular healing items.


Brice has a passion for his work and it’s because he actively works his passion as a career that he is a generally happy fellow. He doesn’t go out of his way to make friends but is willing to partner with associates that would benefit his work. He is decisive and blunt. He is pride of the strong attributes that he possesses but has no shame to admit his weaknesses and back down when there’s no hope. He is a complete realist. Violence is never his first choice but has learned to cope with it in cases of defending himself and his allies. It is very practical to possess a skill to defend yourself which is why he has gone out of his way to take sharpshooting as a hobby. He even incorporates his gunning skill into his designs and products. Brice is not a fan of war, especially when Farmina took over his home town. He supports the end to the war and Farmina’s reign of conquest, though never actually pictured himself contributing to battle against the forces and end it with his own hands.


Brice carries a small but thick book that serves as a “field guide” to artifacts, raw materials, and magical items. He also has maps of various parts of the globe. He carries both a handgun and sniper rifle. His firearms can utilize bullets but he also has an adaptor for his weapons to allow to fire magical energy with an equipped magic resource.


Brice was born and raised most of his life in Hensia. Son of an inventor and a mage, Brice was exposed to aspects of both technology and magic. He spent most of his childhood in his father’s studies, with little choice but to become a bookworm and pas the time reading up on science, geography, and the geology and interaction of the world and magic. Though when he wasn’t reading he was hanging out with a close friend who was the daughter of a desert hunter. Getting to know his friend and her family, he was introduced to handling firearms and would practice with his friend on the edge of the city, target practicing.

By the time Brice was 15, he was able to become more involved with his father’s work. IT started off with him running errands to collect supplies for his father from across town. Eventually with the contacts that both him and his father have collect, he started travelling outside the city by airship to collect rarer and rarer materials. Eventually Brice was partaking on expeditions across the edges of the continent on a regular basis. He was loving his work. But soon Farmina was raging war and eventually took over Hensia. Brice was out of the city when Hensia was conquered and never was able to return. Luckily he had received word that his father had escaped in time out of Farmina’s territories. Brice considered working for Farmina but that would just mean becoming a slave. Despite the war, Brice has continued to provide his professional services.

So begins...

Brice Leoline's Story