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Rud Ra

"Getting hit motivates me. It makes me punish the guy more. A fighter takes a punch, hits back with three punches. "

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a character in “Final Fantasy: Ultimate Illusion”, as played by ZeroTolerance


Image[Name]: Rud Ra
[Age]: 24
[Appearance]: Somewhat tall, athletic muscular physique, most visible features of his are the tint and textureof his skin which is compromised of mostly scales hinting at his reptilian ancestry, he doesn't receive as much attention for his features in his homeland as much when he ventures outside of Rosenia, in fact bangaas are more likely to draw attention to his "watered down" human-like features. Humans on the other hand are more likely to perceive him as pureblood Bangaa.
Rud does in fact come from a mixed race background belonging to half-bangaa, half-human lineage, however he identifies moreso with his Bangaa background. Rud Ra also has a human form that he can cloak himself to adapt in human environments, resembling such.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 171 lbs
Job Class: Dragon Fighter(Hybrid of Dragoon and Monk)
Rank: Colonel
Home Country: Rosenia
Personality: Rud Ra rather enjoys fighting earning him a reputation as one of the more distinguished Dragon Fighters, to be precise he holds the rank of Colonel. A dragon fighter is a sort of titled claimed to a class of bangaa warriors. He hopes to someday become a Dragon Master or Dragon Lord himself. He was instructed by the youngest dragon master in history of the Bangaa military, his teacher becomming a dragon master at the age of 26.
The process to become a Dragon Master is notoriously ardous, earning them reputation as being the most discplined warriors in all of ivalice. The process to become a Dragon Master usually takes a Bangaa 50 years to accomplishing and that's if they're qualified for the rank, because of this there is a surplus of Dragon fighters and a small pool of Dragon Master's. Most bangaa are jovial and social. Rud is an exception, known for his cool demaanor and stoic personality. Relations between the two races are considered generally healthy and their two countries form a solid alliance. His birth stands as a testament to this bond.

Ranks of Bangaa fighters.
Dragonee-Dragoon Apprentice in traiining.

Dragon Fighter- Dragon adept, mostly soldiers, can range from the rank of 2nd lieutenants to colonel.

Dragon Master-Elite dragon warriors , Dragon Masters oversee the training of Dragonee's and usually lead a unit of Dragon Fighters, they also fullfill a leadership role similar to General in the Bangaa military.

Dragon Lord-Proclaimed to the greatest dragon warrior.

Skills, Abilities
Most Dragon Fighters have the following skills and abilities, Rud is no exception.

Garuda Drop- A dragon fighters variation of "Jump"

Fire breathing- A dragon fighter's fire breathing is roughly equal to the fira level spells.

Rud Ra has also shown super-human strength, speed, and agility, as well as enhanced senses, (Sight and Smell).

[History]: Rud grew up in the land of Rosenia, a place populated by a prominent Bangaa presence. At an early age he took to martial arts and the ways of war when most other children his age opted for make believe fantasy, a hobby of his was to brave outside the safety of his village and interract with wild beastkin. He even developed a particular friendship with a young wyvern, taking it on as a steed and ally. Although mix raced bangaa were fairly uncommon, he was treated no less differently than most other Bangaa growing up.

At the age of 10 he enlisted himself into the military corps. Not uncommon for some Bangaa, Bangaa maturing sooner than hume children however training at that age is considered rudimentary and the real dragon tirals occur late in the teen years. At the age of 17 Rud officially completed his education and entered the dragon army under the rank of Dragon Fighter 2nd lieutenant. It was believed that only a pure blood bangaa were capable of graduating the dragon trials, on account of his half human heritage it was thought to be impossible, however he passed with distinction with a rank of 2nd in his class, His dragon form technique has been described as "without flaw" by some of his superiors.
He's earned somewhat of a reputation as a celebrity due to his extraordinary circumstances, however he's earned the scorn of some of the elder more traditional bangaa. It is speculated by some that Rud is considered to be promoted to Dragon Master sometime soon becoming the youngest dragon master in history, but these remains rumors until announced officially.

[Equipment]: Rud Ra's initial piece of equipment is a standard suit of dragon mail armor provided by the Bangaa military, an armor not necessary valued for its defensive properties, it however has a regenerative effect primed inside it . It's a light weight armor allowing for mannuverability. Rudra weapon of choice are polearms however he naturally excels in hand-to-hand combat and prefers that for short range engagements.

Gil: 1500
Job Points (JP) : (none to start)

So begins...

Rud Ra's Story