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Final Fantasy Wars


14 Final Fantasy games in, why not have a war RP between the 14 games?

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Choose a Cannon Character if you want, other games like Final Fantasy IV The After Years are allowed and YES you can be a Chocobo because they PWN!!!
Anywho... PLOT!
it started out as a battle of good and evil, then it happened, traitors joined the other side... now instead of 2 sides, there are 4, each fighting for something different...

the 4 groups(4 per side(the other side is the opposites)):

FF 2 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 4 (2 OPEN) Members: Lufia
FF 3 (3 OPEN) Members

FF 9 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 10 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 5 (3 OPEN) Members:

Who am I?
FF 1 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 6 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 7 (2 OPEN) Members: Kotaro9714

The recent ones
FF 11 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 12 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 13 (3 OPEN) Members:
FF 14 (3 OPEN) Members:

Other Clan:
FF Tactics (2 OPEN) Members: Vain
FF Legend(s) (3 OPEN) Members:
FF Crystal Chronicles (3 OPEN) Members:
FF Mystic Quest (3 OPEN) Members:
Chocobo clan:
153923000 spots open!

Now chose your game, because once you do , no turing back

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Zyon dashes across the field looking around to make sure that nobody comes out and blindsides him, as he dashes he thinks about home, the castle walls of Baron, the two moons lighting up the night sky, the Red Wings, pride of Baron, and Cecil and Rosa's warm expressions. He stops to ponder the thought, but then notices he's in an open field and is in the epicenter of it, but he continues to stand there as if, waiting for someone... He looks around the place to make sure he's note followed, or about to be attacked, then he reaches into his bag, and pulls out a stone, The crystal... As he looks at it he mutters to it, "I swore to Palom I'd get you back for her, and I'm not giving up yet!" he then stows the Crystal away as he feels a gentle breeze, Zyon calms down... He notices its almost night, "I hope the others are okay..." he mutters as he watches the sunset, and as if it were summoned, he has a camp ready. He sits by the fire and thinking about how the others told him to run from the battle to "protect" him, "I could have protected myself!" he screams as he punches the ground thinking of the worst for his teammates, then he hears Edward's Harp playing from the crystal, His Friends from Baron finally reached him, he listens and calms down, he finally falls asleep...


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Cloud rides through the field on his motorcycle. He increases his speed as he see's just empty land. The sound of his cycle is all that he hears, the wind rushing past him. Seeing the landscape seems to never end, he slows down to a complete stop. He sets up the kickstand and gets off. He see's the large open clearing he is in seems to stretch for a while. His eyes scan the landscape as well as the sky's for any clues of life or danger. The sun had just set and Cloud needed to set up camp. He checked once more fr any signs of life, his eyes seeing a trace of smoke. He stared at the sign for a bit before taking out the provisions for his camp. Someone else was here, but he needed to rest. He walked over to the bike and set the perimeter alarm. If he was going to be attacked, he would know. He sat down and took out a lantern. Without wood, he was down to this. He sat in front of the lantern and let the heat greet him.

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Character Portrait: Ramza  Lugria


Character Portrait: Ramza  Lugria
Ramza Lugria

"I'd lived my life the only way I had known, but when the pillars of that life came crashing down I did not stand and watch them fall. I turned and walked away."


Character Portrait: Ramza  Lugria
Ramza Lugria

"I'd lived my life the only way I had known, but when the pillars of that life came crashing down I did not stand and watch them fall. I turned and walked away."

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Character Portrait: Ramza  Lugria
Ramza Lugria

"I'd lived my life the only way I had known, but when the pillars of that life came crashing down I did not stand and watch them fall. I turned and walked away."

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Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars


Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Looks like a 3 way battle. Or alliance. Or something. ^-^

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

RP will begin on Monday!!!

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Hmm with all these supermen Ramza may be in trouble. Then again his job changing on the go may even the odds.

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars


Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

good point it would be a good fight

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Touche. But Cloud will still be quick. It will be a battle worthy of its own book.

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

or so you think ever hears of the spell Slow?

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Cloud has 6 FREAKIN SWORDS! 7 IF YOU COUNT HIS ORIGINAL BUSTER SWORD! THE FUSION SWORD'S OMNISLASH 6! BLOCK THAT! But still it will be a good fight. Besides, ALL THAT SLOWS A MAN DOWN! Zyon may be quick, but Cloud is quicker!

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars


Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Cloud is ranked as number 2 of the top 5 FF characters. 1 is sephiroth, All the others are also from FF7. Heh, Cloud will destroy you!

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

OH and Might I add, WHOMEVER PLAYS AS KAIN FROM FF4 WILL BE BRUTALLY MURDERED!!!!! Because I dislike Kain...

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

oh and Shadow, other than Cloud its fine, and Tactics will go under Other Clan

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

it doesn't bother me!

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Hello, I want to join though I don't know if I can make the character I want. I want to use Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

I made CLOUD Please accept!

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

RIKKU HAS BEEN SHOTGUNNED, and theres nothing you can do about it >:]

Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy Wars

Ok, if this is some kind of Dissidia-like RP then I'd love to join in as either one of these characters from FFVII, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth or Vincent Valentine

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