Troublecausing Son of Tidus and Yuna

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a character in “Final fantasy X: Return of the Aeons”, as played by Hellbreaker


Character Sheet
Notable Parents: Tidus and Yuna
Name:Raiden(OR at least that's what everybody calls him)
Hair Color: blond, with blue dyed tips
Eye color: Like his mother, he has two colored eyes,but unlike her, he has a amber eye, instead of green.
Appearance: Spiky hair, slender like his parents, but obviously strong, with scars from practicing and hunting lowlevel feinds(Without permission) Tends to wear sleevless shirts and shorts stopping at the middle of his shins.He also has a reinforced vest with a hood, and wears greeved boots on his feet, and armored fingerless gloves on his hands.
Weapon:Weilds a sword, like his father. His looks more like a kopis, which has a flared edge for momentum, and a c-shaped handle. Of course,it's much longer and larger than a standard kopis, with tribal-ish designs on the blade, and a lightning shaped medallion hanging from the pommel.He's also unusually adept at lightning magic, thus his (nick)name.He also can weild Brotherhood, though he leaves that alone when his dad is around.(Note: THe Kopis:Lightning Bringer, will be a gift from Tidus when he starts on his adventure.TIll then, he uses a generic, standard sword)
Any Armor;WHen he's exploring the island, he wears a reinforced vest, armored gloves, and arm armor on one entire arm. He also wears greeved boots on his legs.
Biography:Was born to Tidus and Yuna. He once had a diffrent name, but everyone started calling him Raiden when he demostrated his adeptness at the lightning element with a basic lightning spell at the age of 7(accendintly setting a house on fire).Since then, he's grown up, causing trouble born from curiousity, and an urge for adventure.He's developed a bad habit of going out to the more dangerous parts of the island,looking for feinds to fight.He is waiting for his big chance to get off the island, and explore....
Personality:At first, he seems cocky, and full of himself, but when you get to know him you realize that's just born from a near-total lack of fear. He knows caution, though, and tries not to take things too far.He's also goofy, and funny, being the goofball of any group he's in.He's also kind, and hates bullies and bad guys. He's protective of his freinds, and it's rather hard to get him to back down from a threat to them.
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