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Perish Layoneil

"I will strive ever onward until the Light opens a path."

0 · 253 views · located in Spira

a character in “Final Fantasy X: The After Wars”, as played by Genesis Rhapsodos


Name: Perish Layoneil

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Aeon-Mark: Bahamut-marked

Class: Paladin, upgrades into Templar

Job: The odd monster hunting job, when he can get it.

Appearance: Though Perish is physically fit he appears gaunt and bony. Scars cover his body including a huge one that runs down his left arm. His dark blue hair is mussy, his skin is pale, and his clothing is shabby. Despite this his green eyes burn with determination, and his bearing is of one who is on a mission.

-Height: 5'7"
-Weight: 145
-Eye Color: Green
-Hair Color: Dark Blue

Armor: Image
Perish wears scared and dinted armor gauntlets and leggings. He completes the look with a white doublet, and a plain leather belt. (Refer to picture, the race is wrong but the clothing is right)

Weapon: Excalibur, Tower Shield


1. Cover: covers ally with low health and receives damage in their place.

2. Shield Bash: light damage but chance to interrupt action.

3. Raise: revive ally from KO and restore 1/10 of health

Overdrive: Holy Blade: strike with light-infused sword. Does massive Holy damage. When upgraded to Templar this auto-casts Regen on self and allies.

fight sequence - Saints vs Devils
sadness - Night of Seclusion
anger - Clamor of Heaven and Earth
general song - Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
song while in the farplane -FF I Theme

Personality: In a word: driven. Before the 'incident' Perish was outspoken and brash, and was always quick to smile. Now it is like he is a totally different person. He seems as if he is on a mission and thus is abrasive and doesn't idly chatter. This coupled with his constant preaching tends to drive everyone away. Perish doesn't enjoy the solitude, but it is his norm. He constantly refers to the mysterious 'Light' as what guides his actions, and appeals to it often. He can often be found extolling the virtues of the Light to anyone who will listen.

Bio: Perish used to be a soldier in a unit formed out of Besaid to combat Sickness. On a mission in a cavern Perish was separated from his unit and presumed dead along with so many others. However two months later Perish came strolling back into Bevelle without a scratch on him. Furthermore he had in his possession the legendary sword Excalibur.

Yet people began to wonder if Perish had actually come back at all. Other than his physical appearance this man had little similarity to the Perish they knew. People pressed him for what happened in that cave, but he always responded that he didn't remember. Indeed Perish claimed he remembered nothing of his old life. A rumor began to circulate that Perish had been possessed by Excalibur. This became believable because Perish would stare at Excalibur for long periods of time, and he was always ranting about the Light.

Shunned by people he no longer remembers, Perish carries on with single minded determination. He offers his services as a monster hunter, but barely scrapes by. People recognize his skill, but are loath to deal with him. So mainly he spends his days spreading the virtues of the Light to unwilling recipients.

So begins...

Perish Layoneil's Story


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Perish wandered around Besaid not entirely sure where he was going. He was restless to be doing something, but with no work available Perish was reduced to little more than pacing. Even if I had a job to do I would be restless. Perish had a passing fondness for Besaid, but knew he wouldn't be welcome here much longer. The people of Besaid had finally snapped blaming the disappearance of a young girl on him, but as of yet had been unable to prove anything. Even in the face of such hatred Perish refused to leave. Life here was hard and people mistrusted him, but at least he got by. Although that was before, when he had been able to exercise his talent of monster hunting to sustain himself. Now the people here mistrusted him so much most wouldn't even speak to him. As far as Perish was concerned these people were all crazy. Malady was out there, waiting, and everyone needed to band together to defeat it. Instead fear and doubt fostered amongst them, and everywhere the Light faded.

Perish didn't want to leave Besaid as he suspected that it was his home. People here had said they knew him and named him Perish Layoneil, gone missing from an army expedition. Perish desperately wanted to believe it, to have some kind of past. Try as I might I cannot remember. Perish sighed inwardly and walked on. No use dwelling on the past, rather, move forward to the future. The Light had brought him to this town for a reason, and he meant to seek it out. Perish rested a hand on the hilt of Excalibur for comfort. I just hope I succeed before I starve to death.

Perished paused by a large crowd gathered around a man arguing that they should leave Malady alone and do nothing. Such talk was rampant among the people of Besaid it seemed to Perish. Because Malady was immobile they called to simply wait, or worse. Open worship of Malady was not unheard of, and many sought to appease it in some way. "The Light only aids those who open their own path," Perish called loudly. A few in the crowd turned towards him and shot him dirty looks, the rest outright ignored him. Open hostility seemed to be becoming the norm, but Perish preferred that to being ignored. He longed for companions, even just a single companion, but only the Light stayed with him. Perish gave a mental shrug and moved on. Nobody said following the Light was easy.

Yet how could he not speak up? Appeasing Malady was madness. One simply does not appease destruction incarnate. Still, each time he spoke up more and more people glared. He wondered how soon it would be before false evidence was found and he was driven off? Not before I complete my purpose here. Perish hoped that he would be able to get some answers about the mysterious power that had awakened in him recently, accompanied by a mark on his hand. The power frightened him so bad it kept him up at night, for it was not the warm glow of the Light. This power felt strange, feral, and inhuman.


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Perish turned away from the crowd to continue his wandering, but a young lady called out to him. As she approached Perish tensed, expecting an accusation that could quickly escalate into a riot directed at him. The woman in white defied his expectations, approaching him calmly. Yet when she held up her palm and questioned him Perish blanched. How could this kindly girl be afflicted with this evil power as well? Perish was afraid of this power, but sensed absolutely no evil or hurtful intent coming from the girl. In fact he took an immediate liking to her kindly demeanor, and the fact that she even approached him at all. I need answers about this power, this woman may be the key.

Perish gained control of his facial features, and attempted to smile at the woman. "I am afraid I have no information, but am happy to know that I am not as alone in my search as I thought." Perish desperately wanted to continue this conversation in private, but knew that was a bad idea. Already many in the crowd looked alarmed that he was even around a young women. Could they really hate me more than they already do if they find out about this mark? "May I?" Perish asked bending over to look at her palm closer, being careful not to make any physical contact. He realized that while her mark was very similar, it was a different pattern. Yet their was no doubt they were connected somehow.

He straitened up, and felt a rush of excitement run through him. I am finally making some progress. Perish looked the girl over again, she was petite with blue eyes that were striking against her pale feature. Perish noticed she had a hardness around her eyes that he had missed earlier. This woman had experienced a great hardship. But who hasn't these days? Most likely all her family and friends have been killed. Perish bowed slightly in greeting, "It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Perish Leyonil. Could you kindly direct me to someone who might have some answers about this?"


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#, as written by Rarikou
Aura was enjoying staring up at the sky, the feeling of the sun against her skin. It wasn't often that she relaxed like this... but Aura felt like she deserved a break every now and then.

She raised her fingers in the air, and snapped, small sparks running through her fingers. Aura stared at it. Casting magic for her was as simple as that: focusing her will on what she wanted, then snapping. Aura theorized that this was because she had a greater will, a better control of the magic within her, though there was no proof of it.

She bit her left glove, pulling it off to gaze at the mark upon it. At first, she wasn't sure what this mark meant...but after years upon years of studying myth and symbols, she had finally came to an conclousin: she had been marked by an Aeon. Witch one, she wasn't sure of, but she knew that, someday, she would be leaving this place.

...But what would happen then? Would that mean she would have friends? Aura couldn't say, but she dared not get her hopes up. They would probably be companions, if nothing else. But maybe.... just maybe, she would get a thank you. That would Make Aura's day, to be certain.

After a little while, it got got, so Aura snapped her fingers, causing a bit of ice to appear, witch she sucked on in reflief, until she felt cooled down enough. After that, she stared at her hand, lost in thought, until a voice called her out of her daze.

Not sitting up, she leaned back at the man that had approached him. “Edge, The Scarlet Cloacked Hunter”. She always referred to him as. She turned to loook at the Azrail, and offered her still-bare palm to her, wandering what she would do. “If you get the chance, I need a blue flan to experiment with.... but thats whenever you're not doing anything... and you?” She asked, out of curiosity.


Miriam stared at the man, feeling slightly embarrassed at having her examined, for no obvious reason, and she felt chills from the back of her spine. She was receiving daggers, from more than one person behind her. After he gave his introductions, “Pleasure. I'm Miriam... have I seen you before?” She asked, studying him closely.

“..guess not. I was a priestess in Bevelel till very recently.” She said, clenching her hand at the mention of the city, “But I hated it there, so here I am.” She said with a slight laugh.

“Someone who would know about the marks?” Miriam said, touching her finger to her forehead as she could think of possibilities. “The only real possibilities are the teachers or the mages, The teachers dont know, its safe to assume, so it would have to be the mages.... maybe Aura or another bookworm would know.” She asked, though she already regretted it. She found Aura incredibly creepy, like the type to stab you in your sleep or something/

“I have nothing to do... so lets go to the mages guild. Lets see... well, Aura's over there, if you want to go talk to her.” She said, pointing at the hammock where Aura was laying


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"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miriam," Perish said straightening from his bow. He watched her considering who he could talk to. This doesn't seem all that promising. It sounded as if Miriam had not been here much longer than Perish himself had. He followed the direction she pointed in and saw two people, one in a hammock. Well better searching for answers than wandering aimlessly. Perish motioned for Miriam to lead the way and fell in a few paces behind her.

As they approached Perish saw that the one in the hammock, Aria, was another young woman all in black. He chuckled inwardly, this day just keeps getting stranger. She was presently talking to a man with an impressive looking sword, and black leather armor. Perish thought he looked like a veteran in combat, but he also seemed young. Perish waited for them to finish conversing and cleared his throat loudly. "Excuse us, but we were wondering if you could help us with something?"


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Perish almost laughed out loud at Aura's joke. She spoke more truth in that joke than she may ever know. Perish almost couldn't wrap his mind around it, he had been searching for answers for so long. Yet in just a couple minutes had gained three new companions, learned his destiny, and learned that his power was that of an Aeon. Perish felt some relief at that, Aeon's were otherworldly but not necessarily evil. For the first time he didn't feel revulsion for the mark on his palm.

Perish was a little startled as the coeurl began to act strangely. He dropped his hand to Excalibur, but as nobody else reacted he stayed his hand. Now that he knew his destiny he was anxious to be off and embrace it. I wonder how I can tell which Aeon has marked me? He held out his palm as the others had, "Well now we are four, might you know where the rest of our comrades reside? My name is Perish, it is a pleasure," he said bowing slightly.


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Perish was lost in thought, contemplating the best course of action for moving forward. Then he heard the screams. Perish immediately sprung into action drawing Excalibur from his belt, eyes sweeping back and forth trying to assess the situation. The news was all bad. What is Sickness doing here? This island was supposed to be safe. Perish moved quickly to cover the woman who was screaming but Aura beat him to it, killing the Sickness with a well placed spell. He ran over and wrenched her back to her feet. He saw the revulsion in her eyes, but ignored it shoving her back towards the village shouting, "Get out of here, get to cover."

Perish ran to the gates pulling the tower shield from his back, and planted his feet squarely bracing himself for the onslaught. Many and more of the wolf-like creatures were swarming through the gate. "Somebody close the gates, I will buy you time," Perish yelled as loud as he could. He wasn't sure if anybody else was even around, but he had to try to buy some time for the villagers. They may hate him, but he would not abandon innocents. His entire world narrowed to the Sickness in front of him. No time to think. Now is the time to act. The first enemy lunged at him and Perish batted it back into its comrades with his shield. Another made a snap at his leg, but he buried Excalibur in its neck. Before he could wrench his sword free, another wolf bowled into him, knocking him back a few steps. He kicked at it and it dropped back.

In the periphery of his vision he saw more and more Sickness move past him, and all the time the flying Sickness simply bypassed him. I cannot hold them. Is this the end? In his moment of distraction a Sickness latched onto his leg. He beat it off with his shield but it came away red with his blood. He impaled another as it tried to slip past him. As he swung at yet another attacker his leg gave out and he dropped to one knee. He desperately tried to fend off the attacker with his shield and regain his feet. All the while more and more Sickness simply swept past him.


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Perish heard the gates close behind him and gave a mental sigh of relief. Someone had reacted in time, now the villagers were in their hands. With a surge of energy he burst to his feet, knocking his assailant onto its side and stabbing it in the stomach. To late he realized a flying sickness had wheeled to target him. He couldn't turn around in time. Suddenly a shot rang out. Perish turned in time to see a warrior approach wielding a fearsome black hand-gun. Perish brought his sword up in salute to show his thanks. With the gates closed the grounded Sickness all began to turn on them.

Perish jumped in front of his savior. He was panting in exhaustion, but he readied his weapons once again. He hated turning his back to a stranger, but he had little choice. The time for doubts has past. As he spoke to his new-found comrade he never took his eyes off the enemy. "You have to do something about the airborne Sickness, we have to stem the tide. Allow me to cover you." The wolf-like creatures began to spread out around them. Perish swiped at one who came to close. I wonder what is happening in the village? I must believe in my comrades.