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Valence Everwing

They should know how it feels to die but still live.

0 · 393 views · located in Spira

a character in “Final Fantasy X: The After Wars”, as played by Everscale


Name: Valence Everwing

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Aeon-Mark: Mark of Yojimbo

Class: Fighter

Job: He has taken up a job at the local inn, where he lives after coming to Besaid as a refugee.

Appearance: Image
Valence is of average height, and remarkably thin for a warrior. That probably has something to do with the lack of muscle requirement in his art. He has a fair, rather delicate face which is marred by the dark patch over one eye, and the scars that web out around it. His eyes are bright blue, and seem eternally sad, in spite of his somewhat cheerful demeanor. He wears his hair long, so that he can let it hang over his face. He prefers to hide his scars, whenever possible. It is longest at the back, worn in neat, streaming black braids that hang well past his waist.
-Height: 5'10"
-Weight: 120 lbs
-Eye Color: Blue
-Hair Color: Deep brown

Armor: He does not really wear much armor. A long, dark coat makes up the majority of his attire, and well it offers wonderful protection against the weather, it would do little against an oncoming sword.

Rosebud - a black handgun that packs a nasty punch, infused with thunder magic. He is highly practiced with it, and rarely misses.
His hands and feet.

Darkness Attack
Silence Attack

Overdrive: Rain of Fire - he moves in close for a series of rapid attacks, a mixture of both martial arts and gunwork, which deals massive damage and may or may not inflict status ailments.

Personality: Valence is not really what is usually expected from a traumatized young refugee. He has the sad look in his eyes, the quiet, half-hearted smile, as though he can never quite pull it to the surface, but he ever seems particularly unhappy. He laughs, he smiles, he jokes. He is everybody's friend, and it can be almost frightening how little the whole war with Malady has affected him. He is easygoing and even sometimes foolish, eager to make friends, always lighthearted no matter the situation. Perhaps that is what is so frightening about him, and one of the greatest warning bells about what might be hidden underneath his friendly mask - Valence could kill a man and his smile would not falter in the slightest. He is a soul broken by this war, driven half mad, but no one could possibly know it. Not unless they spent some time actually fighting at his side. Who knows? Someday he may start laughing while he kills.

Bio: It has been a long time since Valence was what anyone might call "normal". Once, he was a pleasant, cheerful boy, a joy to his parents and to his siblings. He was like that for them up until the day they died. He watched them slaughtered before his eyes by Malady's fiends, brutally torn apart while they were still alive and screaming. Even now he hears them screaming in his sleep - he has not had a sound night's sleep in six years, since their deaths when he was sixteen. Now, his one and only goal in life is to show the fiends the same treatment they showed his family. Rip them asunder. Kill them. Murder, until there are none left to be murdered. Luckily for him no one really has a problem with him killing fiends...

So begins...

Valence Everwing's Story


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Once, a long time ago. A child walked with a purpose. There was fire in his heart of injustice, of what could be done, and what should be done. And how it was different than what was being done. In indignation, he left everything he had known behind and risked death that he knew could wait. Only he found nothing that he sought. And when he thought his journey was over and the hardest miles traveled, he realized he must once again move along.

Today a man will step onto a sandy shore. With no room left in Spira to run. There is still the fire in his heart and it burns strongly. But that child is now just a legend. But the story doesn't end here.

-Issac Ettore

Issac watched as the sandy beaches of Besaid grew in his vision. Finally, he was almost there. The last safe haven of Spira, one of the two blessed safe areas besides the ruins of Bevelle. Issac pushed his hair back in the humidity and the heat. It was nice to feel this warmth, as it was nothing like his home, but still, enough was enough. His jacket flapped lightly in the ocean breeze as Issac watched the shore intently, watching the people running around on the beach. He smiled at how carefree they could be.

"Finally arriving, right?"

"Yeah" Issac replied. "You came from Guadosalam, didn't you Karvel?"

"Right." the young guado man replied as he leaned on the railing next to Issac. "It seems as though Malady has herded everyone in the world into little communities, doesn't it? I wouldn't have dreamed before that I would see Besaid."

Issac laughed at the comment and replied with a smile "Neither did I."

The pair watched the approaching shore in silence, and soon the boat began approaching the pier. "Well, then. I guess I will see you around." Issac said as he backed away from the railing, which was met by a confused look by Karvel. "What do you mean? The boat hasn't..."

Before Karvel could finish, Issac gave a short runup to the railing and made a small hop onto it. Then he made a massive leap into the air, and landed onto the nearby beach. "Can't stand waiting around." Issac yelled up to the Guado as he yanked his spear out of the sand,"I'll see you in the village!" And with that, Issac gave the boat a wave and headed across the beach towards the village of Besaid.


Kries looked up as he heard his name mentioned. It was one of the hunters around the town... Kries couldn't say he remembered his name. Really, Kries knew his gun better than he knew the man. Kries had worked on it a few times, for minor maintainance or whatnot whenever he needed it. But all of that was beside the point. Kries couldn't imagine why this man was in the blitzball stadium or why he had even talked to him. "erm." Kries stumbled across his words briefly, but soon thought of what to say. "Yeah. I just had to fix a few things around here. The manager came to us with the request yesterday, so I thought I should probably do it sooner rather than later."


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Kries looked away, slightly embarrassed. Was it really that easy to tell that he had forgotten Valence's name? That was awkward, he didn't want to be disrespectful to the guy. Kries scratched the back out of his said, and let out an "Ah... Sorry."

"Well, you are right, though." He added, trying to keep the conversation up, "The blitzball stadium is probably the most important thing we have here. I mean, it lets us seem like there is something normal here. Something that Malady... hasn't touched." Kries hesitated for a moment after saying Malady's name. He had noticed it was often a touchy subject with most people. Everyone had their opinions on it; why it was here, or how to destroy it, or how to co-exist with it. And everybody it seemed had been affected by Malady in one way or another. People like himself had come to Besaid as a refuge, when they never thought of leaving their home. And when they were forced to leave their home, it was always in flames.

But that was neither here nor there. Right now they just had to live well, and hope that Malady would not stir from it's perch. Kries exited out of the stadium with Valence, and squinted in the sudden adjustment to the light, lifting his hand to shade his eyes. So he had the rest of the day off, right? Well it was a great day, he should probably spend it shooting. And if he was going to do that, it would be rude not to invite Valence as well.

"Hey. I know you use a gun, right? Well I was just about to go practice. You could come if you want." Kries offered to the honestly intimidating looking fighter. Kries had never seen Valence fight, but just from the look of him, Vanlence seemed to be a well experienced fighter, and a great one. While Kries was a good shot, he couldn't say he had ever been in a life or death situation, or at least one with his life in his own hands and not Malady's. Well, maybe he could learn something if he watched the veteran. That is, if Valence felt like wasting his time with a rookie.


Issac strolled up the relatively barren path, aside from the odd person here or there. Truly, this place was a tropical paradise. It was warm, there was no cold breeze, and all the girls here looked fine. Well, relatively all, he nearly laughed to himself as he passed a particularly unattractive one on the road. He held it in for a bit down the road before letting out a chuckle to himself.

He spun his head to catch one more glimpse at his walking signpost of irony when he caught the eye of a man walking some distance behind him, eyeing Issac suspiciously. When their eyes met, the other man looked away, and Issac shrugged. Whatever. He knew he looked different from most of the people there. He wasn't nearly as tanned as he had seen the natives there, and he carried a spear, which is by no means a standard weapon. More often he had run into the idea of it being a hunting tool, and not a legitimate weapon as sword or magic. So naturally, most people were surprised when they saw a spear as ornate as his.

It was all good though, they would learn in time. It was just his first day there anyways, you had to expect to be judged. He smiled to himself as he began to think about what he should do when he reached the village. Guess first thing was to get temporary housing and work out a deal at an inn or whatever. He had some gil on him, but granted, not much. But after that, he could probably sign up for the militia. That ought to be a fair job, and work well for a man with his talents. And maybe if he told the innkeep that plan, they may even give a discount. He would be keeping them safe after all.

But instantly all that left his head as he laughed. along the path he spied a blitzball stadium. Blitzball! He had seen it often on the few machina projectors at his hometown, so he knew quite a bit about the sport. Heck a few kids back home had tried to start a blitzball team that he joined. Of course that was shortlived due to the water they were using being runoff from Mount Gagazet. Damn cold stuff. But enough reminicing. Issac continued to smile as he altered his course to the stadium.

Soon afterwards, Issac was sitting in the stands, his spear propped up next to him, and watching the blitzers swim and play. What a wonderful day this seemed. Got off the cramped boat and got to see some blitzball. Certainly a good day.


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Kries blinked and looked over at Valence, slightly confused at the question. "Erm..." Kries hesitated, "I just go out to the outskirts of the village. There are plenty of trees and everything there, and I am not bothering anybody." But as he finished, it dawned on Kries what Valence must have meant. He was a hunter in the village after all, why would he not go and hunt Sickness? It was obvious, and now Kries was suggesting that they just shoot at trees. He felt kinda like an idiot now. Here was an experienced hunter, and Kries was suggesting target practice.

Well, nothing that Kries could really do now. He really couldn't take the words back out of his mouth, and really, he didn't want to. He didn't want to go hunting Sickness, nor did he think he was really ready for it. But maybe he could get something out of this target practice. He could see how Valence shot, and see how he stacked up. He could really see how much he had improved since he began to shoot machina.

The pair walked and Kries tried (and largely failed) to make small talk as he led them to the outskirts of the village, to Kries' normal training grounds. As they arrived Kries gave a small 'Here we are" as he examined the trees that marked the entrance to the jungle. Kries hesitated a minute and walked forward to one of the nearer trees, and put his hand on the bark. The tree was fairly large, it would allow Kries to sight in more, and be able to give more feedback on his shots, as he should be able to consistantly his a tree that was as big around as about his armspan.

Kries thrned and took fifteen measured paces then turned to face the tree, pulling out his machina, and examining it for a second. Then he racked it back and unloaded the gun, placing the clip inside one of his jacket poackets. This was a habit that Kries had for before he started his practice. In the beginning, Kries had a lot of trouble loading his machina and making sure it was clear. So before every firing drill he always did a speed run on loading a fresh magazine into the chamber then unloading as soon as he was out.

Kries racked the chamber forward and holstered his empty gun once more. he then took a deep breath and flipped the switch in his head. He drew his pistol and transferred it to his left hand as his right hand dashed into his jacket poket, retreiving a magazine he swapped hands quickly and racked the chamber back and loaded in the magazine. He locked the chamber forward again and then took sight at the tree.

And unloaded his clip. After ten shots, Kries stopped pulling the trigger and racked the chamber back, and slid out the empty magazine, letting it fall to the ground.


Issac pushed himself up on his spear as the blitz game ended. That was quite thrilling, people here were good. Well, guess you could expect it, with the hot weather and all the water around. This place would be like a blitz paradise. He would have to be sure to come back here often. It looked like pickup games were pretty frequent from this, which was always nice.

Issac made his way among the crowd back down into the tunnels, and began to make his way around. Well, guess he should get going for the village proper, but he probably should introduce himself around first. He was a freeloader looking for a house right now, and hell, who koew what houses had space for a working guest. Probably none with all of the refugees that were coming around Besaid these days but it was worth a shot. He never counted on his luck but, maybe this once he could get lucky.

Issac made his way to the entrance of the Blitzball stadium. The manager (His first target) was already talking with someone else about the blitz stadium. It looked like he was setting up a tournament of some kind, because the guy already had loads of paperwork with him. Well, guess the manager was going to be busy for a while, so chatting him up wasn't really an option.

Eh. Guess he really didn't have good luck. It looked like the guys he had seen playing Blitz had decided to stay too, since he could see none of them, and really didn't want to be a creepy stranger saying "Hi, I'm new."

Although that may be fun to do to other people just for the reaction.

Soon though, he saw a head of white hair bobbing through the lobby. "Huh... white hair. That's odd, hardly see that around." Issac thought to himself. And then it dawned on him. that girl he had seen during the game, the really quick one, had white hair. And the height looked about right too.

Well time to go introduce himself.

Issac tried to make his way through the oncoming rush of people toward the white hair. But felt himself only falling further and further behind. Issac sighed and continued to fight his way through until he was outside, and then he stopped, his spear at his side. "Pardon me folks." he said as he stuck the butt of the spear out in front of him, creating a small clear area in front of him.

He took a hop forward

And then planted his spear into the ground, using it to vault high up into the air, and over the crowd in front of the stadium, landing next to the less crowded path. Ignoring the stares he was getting, he scanned again for the white hair, and waited as it approached his direction. Seeing the girl, Issac walked up to her. "Hey there! I just watched the game. You were playing right? The quick one?" Issac said cheerfully as he walked backwards in front of the girl, once again, using his spear as a walking stick.


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Kries looked to the tree that Valence shot, looking at the incredible grouping that he produced. Then he looked back to his own tree, and his own grouping, which was not bad, but much worse comparing to Vanence's. His grouping at fifteen paces produced, from what Kries could tell, a spread of what looked like about a foot to a foot and a quarter circle. Except for one shot that Kries noticed he pushed a bit high, but that could easily be fixed, he knew what happened there.

"Sorry" he said to the hunter "I... don't go hunting. I just shoot when I can to make sure I could use this when necessary. If you want, you could go out to find Sickness to hunt... but I think I'll just stay here practicing regardless."

Kries reached down and picked up his empty magazine on the ground, stuffing it into one of his pockets. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out another clip and lammed it home. He took aim at a tree downrange and fired, then swiveled his body to target another tree, and alternated for that clip.


Issac blinked at the... brief response. What had he done to piss her off? Normally girls were only that untalkative when they wanted to hit something. Which he was never fond of being on the recieving end of. But then again, right now he was a relative stranger, so he should probably be safe.

"Erm..." Issac said as he realized that this girl had no intentions of saying anything further. "Well then. Erm. You headed back to the village? Miss... Oh right, how rude of me. Never got around to introducing myself. I'm Issac, Issac Ettore." By this point, Issac had stopped walking in front of the girl and now measured his steps as he walked along beside her.


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Perish heard the gates close behind him and gave a mental sigh of relief. Someone had reacted in time, now the villagers were in their hands. With a surge of energy he burst to his feet, knocking his assailant onto its side and stabbing it in the stomach. To late he realized a flying sickness had wheeled to target him. He couldn't turn around in time. Suddenly a shot rang out. Perish turned in time to see a warrior approach wielding a fearsome black hand-gun. Perish brought his sword up in salute to show his thanks. With the gates closed the grounded Sickness all began to turn on them.

Perish jumped in front of his savior. He was panting in exhaustion, but he readied his weapons once again. He hated turning his back to a stranger, but he had little choice. The time for doubts has past. As he spoke to his new-found comrade he never took his eyes off the enemy. "You have to do something about the airborne Sickness, we have to stem the tide. Allow me to cover you." The wolf-like creatures began to spread out around them. Perish swiped at one who came to close. I wonder what is happening in the village? I must believe in my comrades.