Aurora Rosalie Dupez

"All should end well, so let's just kick back and party!"

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Full name:

Aurora Rosalie Dupez


Rawra ~ Rosa ~ Doopy ~ HS (Hookshot)




Greek and British (Accent leans more towards british)

Birth Date:


Twenty-two (birthday is May 15th)


Bisexual though she used to lean more towards guys her distrust is causing her to cose up and lean more towards females again.






Putting the truth right in there, Aurora is the biggest nerd someone will ever encounter. Out of the many varieties of her tattoos most are of her favorite game Legend of Zelda and also tattoos of her childhood crush Peter Pan on the back of her right shoulder. She has two other Legend of Zelda tattoos- one located behind her ear and the last one that's strtched across her back proudly. That's not all the tattoos she has though- there are two nmore that arn't exactly affiliated with any games. An Owl is located on her left under arm, and then following up is a tattoo hat hold a lot of meaning to her that is located down the left side of her body of birds flying out of a cage. Aurora is a very artistic and creative girl so piercings are a must for her mental moral code for accessories and attire. Clad on her belly button hangs a dream catcher piercing with surrounding piercings. Lastly is her mouth piercing.



"It’s probably not even possible to out nerd her, she owns almost every comic book known to man and she isn’t very good with the relations. She’s a pretty shy girl who lives alone with no family, she’s got a pretty lonely life, but never the less she keeps a smile on his face."

Aurora is a pretty laid back person, though she also is quite serious when it comes to her studies. She loves to just hangout with her close friends and go out. Like any other teen she also loves to party and hang it loose. She's been to her share of parties and though she gets invited to tons she barely attends them. She's more for hanging with her closer friends at a small get together, huddled around a nice game of 'Dungeons and Dragons.' When it comes to her studies she's very studious and even took it so far as to become student body president. She helps out on the comity to make field trips happen, sports day, fundraisers, ect. She has a huge interest in the fine art, including Choir, modeling, and Animation.

Though it's a dorky dream, she want's to become the first women to make a 'Virtual Reality' game. Gaming's just in her blood really. She models more of a way to make money then anything, she doesn't want to become an actress, or some fashion model. She's an honest person and she'll never let you down if you ask her for a favor. Aurora also acts like a walking diary for most people because she knows how to keep a secret. Though she has her low points too. She never talks about her feelings, what she wants in life, and never states her opinion. Most of her smiles are what she'd call "barbie" smiles. Fakes. Under everything, she's hard-headed and has one hell of a temper. Ask her Ex and his package, and see how their doing. Her temper usually scares guys away once their attracted to her. She likes a female prying mantas. Once she mates, she'll bite your head off if you do something to her. Cheating to her is like going against the bible (Even though she's an atheist).


Relationship Status:

Currently in a serious relationship with Link From Legend of Zelda, and are to be wed during her next day-dream. Secretly cheating on Fantose from World of Warcraft. Though Danny Phantom is pissed that she dated Fantose since they were best friends, but then Link beat the crap out of both of them. <3

(Happily Single)


Family & History:

Aurora didn't grow up in America; let's just start off with that. She grew up in Great Britain with her mother, father and grandmother- she was an only child. She never did mind growing up with no other children to play with since she usually helped her parents with chores and such. As a child she loved to go up into the mountains and explore, acting like she was some super hero she'd heard of on TV growing up. She'd save branches from falling into lakes, stones from ants, and even helping injured baby birds find their way home. Yea, she was a sweet kid with a nice family that raised her. All was well and at peace during the times of her child hood up to when she turned sixteen. Even in her teen years she got along with her parents, she respected them. Their house was pretty decent, too. It was two floors high with an attic and basement. Her room was up in the attic because she wanted it up there- being the adventurous- creative person she was. Her walls were covered in posters and lyrics to songs written in paints of all colors.

It wasn't until she turned seventeen that she had to leave her sanctuary and head to America. After taking two years of "proper" English, unaware of why- her parents had brought tickets to move there. Although she had no friends to leave behind, (other than school friends, they weren't close but she got along with all the kids) she was reluctant to leave her home that she had lived in for seventeen years. Her grandmother stayed behind and off they went to the airport. Since she was seventeen she could buy her own ticket so she waited at the seats until her parents got theirs. After waiting for a few minutes she received a call from them. They had said that they were going to miss the plane so she should just board the one they were going to miss and they'd meet her at the new house. Aurora was hesitant about the plan but agreed non-the-less since she never really argued with her parents.

Oh how she wished she did.

Later on that night she arrived at their new house the next day, the house was a pretty decent size.She had taken all their home supplies along with her that a taxi helpfully helped her with and the rest of their furniture would arrive the next day. She hurriedly went upstairs to pick a room and take a nap. That's when she was awakened by a crazed call from her grandmother. She yelled at him to turn on the news since she was sobbing so bad she couldn't even speak correctly. The phone in her hand dropped from her grasp as she flipped on the TV- fumbling with the remote.

"It seems flight 213 has crashed on its way to the U.S from Britain. We don't know if there’s any survivors yet bu-"

Kicking the TV over with all the force she had she sobbed for hours upon hours. Since the day of their funeral back in Great Britain she fell into a depression but decided to go back to the U.S for the sake of her parents memories. Her grandmother sent her money every month to make sure she has everything she needed. A year after living there she finally got up and decided to stop crying every day and night and to finish collage. She just wanted to make them proud... Halfway into her freshman year of collage she had to fly back to Great Britain during spring break to attend her grandmother’s funeral. Of course she was overcome with sadness and grief but again she wouldn't allow herself to sink into a depression again. Her grandmother had left her everything, and by everything she meant everything. She decided with a broken heart to sell her house in Korea and stay in the U.S. Now she has a job part-time at the public library and does jobs here and there at coffee shops around town. She has yet to use the money her grandmother gave him out of respect and the fact she wants to save it until an emergency.

Always with a smile on her face....

Known Languages:

Greek and a bit of Japanese just because of her obsession with the beautiful culture and lanuage.




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