What if my past is nothing but the horrors that I have seen? I don't think I want to remember. I'm content with making new memories...with my Eric

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Her true name is unknown. During the time when she was first “born”, she was simply referred to as Goddess. Though she has gone through many names throughout the years: Aikaterine, Symphony, and Melody are the ones that are remembered most.

While she is looks no older than twenty-one, her true age is innumerable.


She is presumed to be Faerie or at least half-Faerie, but her true race is Goddess. She is the creator of the Fae and their realm. So, in a way, she is Faerie.

Physical Appearance
Melody is rather short, standing in at 5'0” and weighing in at a mere 112lbs. Her hair is just past her waist and jet black in color, often holding red, purple, pink, or blue highlights depending on her mood – As she has recently discovered the modern joy of hair dyes. Her eyes are strange yet enchanting, drawing attention to her heart-shaped face with their alluring bright violet color. Her figure is one that even Aphrodite was envious of in her time; Melody is busty with hips that define her, a nice flat stomach and an ass to die for. She looks as though she just stepped out of a Playboy Summer Spread. Her skin is a tad on the ivory side, though there's a visible tan to its tone and her ears are just ever so slightly pointed. Her limbs are slender. She has only some muscle definition, though it is mostly in her legs and stomach from eons of dancing. There are times where she does glow, though she has not emitted a glow since being cursed by Hecate. She did once give a slight glow when she first grew close to Eric while he was King.

Contently Sapiosexual.

Telepathy- Melody is able to read the thoughts of any sentient creature that gives off brain waves (which means it excludes vampires). She can receive images or sentences, depending on the person. If she concentrates, She can "turn off" this ability. If she focuses hard enough, she can "enter" another person's mind and "reset" memories that have been tampered with, such as through glamouring. Though, an ability that she possesses that Faeries and Hybrids do not is the ability to speak to someone via sending her own thoughts.

Photokinesis- Melody can generate and control large beams of light using only her willpower, using this ability to attack an enemy or topple large objects. She can morph the light beams into grenade-resembling round shapes that explode on impact. The light varies in color, from blue to golden, usually depending on the time of day; blue seems to be more common at night whereas gold appears in daylight. The ability has been described as "nature itself" and can be used offensively on humans, the two-natured (shifters and weres) and vampires, but not maenads. Photokinesis is the core feature of fairy magic and can be used for a number of purposes other than offensive blasts. Melody can use her light abilities to sense things about other faeries, and seemingly render beings unconscious and return a person's consciousness.

Shapeshifting- Her shapeshifting abilities only allow her to become various forms of light or changing different features on her. She is incapable of shifting into someone else. This has helped her hide for some time, though her scent is a dead giveaway. She also has the ability to shrink down into a smaller form of herself, which is where the rumor that Fae are tiny folk originated from.

Dimensional Creation- While it takes a number of particularly old and strong Faeries to create a dimension or alter it, Melody seems capable of doing it with great effort on her own. She has done this only once and that was to create the original plane of Faerie where she once called home.

Dimensional Transportation- Melody can transport herself and others to other dimensions. Mortals and faeries of lesser power require fixed portals to do so, but more powerful faeries may cross dimensions at will. Powerful Melody can banish people to other dimensions against their will.

Illusion Casting- Able to cast vivid and convincing illusions in order to trick others.

Psychometry- Melody can tap into the power of the past by connecting with the energy that exists in the universe. Through a connection to an object she can then enter the minds of those who were present in these areas.

Oneirokinesis- She appears to be able to enter people's dreams and converse with that person. For a vampire, drinking large amounts of fae blood might trigger oneirokinesis.

Immortality- Melody is a Goddess. She is immortal. She does, however, seem to fall ill in health due to her cursed condition. This happens to be incredibly painful for her, as her immune system is not built to handle sickness. She does not have any ability to heal herself like the Vampires do, but until she is healed by some force, her wounds will remain and bring her pain. So you can shoot her in the face and she won't die. She will just walk around with the bullet in her head with a massive headache while she bleeds excessively. Though, once a wound has been there for more than twelve hours, she will enter a coma.

Magic Reversal- Faerie magic is the only magic capable of reversing the spells and curses of witches. Though, the magic of the Faerie must be equal to the magic of the witch. That means that a Faerie must be as powerful in her magic, if not more powerful than the witch who's magic they are trying to reverse. If a group of powerful witches cast a curse or a spell, it is nigh impossible for any single Faerie to reverse the magic on his or her own. Which happens to be the reason for Melody's predicament.

Flight- Having been spotted many times by humans as she flew about has lead humans to believe that all Faeries have wings. Though, it only her. Her wings seem to materialize at will, lifting from a shimmering tattoo on her back. She fan fly 200mph on her good days. Just fast enough to be faster than younger vampires.

Like other Gods and Goddesses, Melody does not remember her childhood. She never had one. As with other Deities, she just came to be. As though she had always been there. Upon her “birth”, Melody was a curious young woman content with attempting to enjoy the world. Though, she was “born” in biblical times and the way she wanted to live was frowned upon. Unhappy with this, she called upon her powers and created a dimension just for herself. She whisked herself away to what she called “Fae” and partied for a few decades all by herself. After growing quite lonely, she took it upon herself to create what is now known as the Faeries. Being as vain as she was, she wanted to be the prettiest one around, so she gave them horrid appearances, though they didn't mind. They were happy creatures and were thankful to her simply because she had brought them into creation. To make up for making them such eyesores, she granted them the physical strength that she lacked.

These were happy times. She allowed her people the ability to go down to earth, which eventually brought about the birth of Hybrids. She had no qualms with these Hybrids, but she was soon forced to bestow her people with ability of changing their appearance. They were seen as demons and murdered in massive numbers. But, moving forward through her life...There was a woman named Hecate. When the Greek and Roman Empires began to form, she was among many Witches and Supernaturals that rose up and took to living on Mount Olympus, meddling in the lives of humans. They would spread rumors but rarely be seen. Thus started Greek and Roman mythologies. One day, Hecate came across a young woman that seemed terribly frightened and alone. She said that her name was Lilith. Hecate adopted her and took her in as her own, changing her name to Lamia.

It was made obvious by the woman that she was very bloodthirsty. When found feasting on the blood of humans, they asked why. They also asked how it was that she had no heartbeat and yet she lived. Lilith explained that she could remember hardly anything of her origins. But what she did remember was being a fine young woman who had fallen in love with a man. His name was Judas and he told her that if she stayed with him, she would have all that the world had to offer:Fortune, Fame, Power, and Sex. She had to admit that she was quite a harlot and an expensive one at that. When she asked what it would cost her, he replied only “Your blood.” He then turned her. When she woke, she was at first angry with him, but soon grew to love him and they wreaked havoc together.

After some time, they began to bicker. They fought over power and her promiscuous ways. She could have any many or woman she chose to bed! Why must she stay with only him for always? So, he attempted to kill her. But, she was already warned by one of her progeny and when he came for her, she drove a wooden stake into his heart, carved from the very tree that he once attempted to hang himself from before some Divine force forbade him from taking the easy way out of life. After that, she remembers suffering many a beatings from his other progeny before she escaped and wandered the world. Rumors of bloodsucking monsters had been passing around the humans for centuries, but the supernaturals thought them to just be serial murders by some sick human. They knew now as they listened to Lilith that it was not true. The two-natured and the Faeries shunned her and every other vampire there ever was. Melody was one of the Creators that formed the High Council that banished her and her kind from Mount Olympus, telling them that they would be better served remaining in the dark of the night.

Hecate was angry, taking her Coven of Witches and went with Lilith. They traveled as Nomads for a while. Lilith began to procreate and one of her Progeny worshiped her as a Goddess. He wrote what is now called “The Vampire Bible”, fabricating many details to make Lilith appear as the original one. Though, he had no idea. She told him all what she wanted him to write. After some time, she fell deeply in love with a man and turned him. Of course, with her, this was a polyamorous love. Unfortunately for this man, he did not understand that only she was allowed to sleep with others.

It was the time of the Vikings when Melody thought that she might visit earth once more. After the ruckus with Mount Olympus, she had returned to Faerie where she remained for what seemed to be a few months before she returned to earth to study a group of people that she had heard from called “Vikings”. Many years had passed on earth and everything seemed so new and exciting, more than it had before. While she was there, she fell into the arms and bed of a man who's name she knew not. It was not until some week later that she had found this man to be one of the many lovers of Lilith. It was quite known that Lilith was a greedy and possessive woman. Fearing for her Faeries, she went to Lilith and begged of her to spare her beloved creations. Lilith, enraged, demanded that her adoptive mother Hecate curse her. “If she wishes to lie with Vampires, then she shall have no choice but to lie with them.” Words that Melody would never forget.

Afterwhich, she found herself back in Faerie. She grew ill and weak. Her hair began to fall out, her spine began to curve so that she hunched over, her skin grew leathery, her eyes were dull, and she was bleeding from her ears and nose when she wasn't vomiting up blood. She was taken back to earth by her Faeries to seek out Hecate, demanding to know what evil curse she had lain upon their Goddess. Hecate promptly informed them that Melody would never be able to live without Vampires. Her blood now would double as dusk would hit. She must be drained of all excess blood (Which would equal up to a gallon and a half) by the stroke of midnight or her body would force it out and she would grow decrepit and hideous like her precious Fae “children”.

Content with the look of horror on the face of the Fae, Lilith emerged from the shadows with dozens of her progeny on hand and their progeny as well, she openly declared war on the Faeries that she claimed would last centuries until they were all drained and dead. At this time, not one but Melody knew the effects of Fae blood on Vampires. She was too weak to stop them as they massacred the Fae that were there and were then sent out by Lilith to find all the others and drain them as well. Happy to torture their beloved Goddess, Lilith bit into her and drank what excess of blood there was, returning Melody to her full strength and beauty. It was then that a most glorious battle between the shadow and the light took place. Lilith was much younger than Melody and no match for her even at her own full strength. Melody thanked the stars that the woman had not drained a Faerie with the others, for her magic would have then been useless.

While Melody could have destroyed her using her light or even banished her to another dimension, she wanted to torture her. Lilith was ignorant and saw only her glory. Melody was no battle expert, but she knew that the sun couldn't be the healthiest thing for these creatures of the night. She drew out the battle for many hours until the sun began to rise in the east. With the silver chain she had brought along with her, she bound Lilith to a tree and watched as she burned. She collapsed in the forest and was there until the next night, lying in her own blood. One of Lilith's progeny had returned to see what was taking his Maker so long. Seeing that she was gone and only Melody remained, he assumed the worst.

He knew that the Faerie would not survive without a Vampire and while he was tempted to leave her there to rot, she just smelled far too delicious. Greed set in and he decided that she would live to serve him. Months went by as she served him. She wasn't completely mistreated. Beaten, raped, and degraded. Yes. But he did have his mood swings where he would be kind and intimate and tender. She was always fed well, though she was only to eat fruits and sweets. He didn't like the way meat made her blood taste. She was kept considerably weak so that she couldn't harm them with her magic, cursed by Hecate's circle that she could never enter the Fae dimension again. After a while, she grew weary and escaped from her chambers during the day and went to him, driving a stake through his heart.

She knew of a worker in the kitchens that was kind. He wasn't the brightest star in the sky but he had brute strength. Often teased by the others, he would mumble of leaving one day. And she would grant him that wish. In exchange for his feeding on her, she would aid him in escape. During the day, she was hard at work killing them, driving stakes into their hearts as they slept. Hecate had long since died. She was killed for having tried to control Aleric, the man that held her captive. She had no need to worry about any Witches. When night had fallen, she and her slow but sweet companion fled and came across the camp of a Viking King. Thorin told her that he would guard her from the shadows, as they would suspect something when he went missing in the light of day. So she approached them camp. The King allowed her to join his army after she defeated two of his finest warriors – Melody wasn't as physically strong as her creations nor Vampires, but she was indeed stronger than humans.

Traveling and battling with him, Eric tried many times to make advances upon her but she promptly informed him that she made that mistake once and was saving herself for one that she truly loved. Unable to attain her, he began to fall for her. In the confines of his tent, he taught her battle strategy and during times of rest he would teach her to fight with the spirit of a Viking, building up her muscles. Every night, she would slip away for a few minutes so that Thorin would drain her excess blood. After a particularly bloody battle, she was allowing Eric to tend her wounds in his tent. They had gotten rather close over the past couple of years and she felt as though she had fallen in love with him. He had even dared to bring up hypothetical marriage.

He had been sleeping with her holding his head in her lap, singing softly the tunes that bards had written in honor of his glory in battle. Before she knew what had happened, she was in the arms of a Vampire that would later become known as Louis had taken her from her lover's arms as she kicked and screamed. He had caught a whiff of her blood that soaked their previous battleground and nearly went insane trying to find the source. The next many centuries of her life was spent playing cat and mouse with him. Though, this last time was different.

Louis had made his way to Louisiana. Shreveport, to be exact. He was looking for an old friend of his, Calvin. He heard that Calvin was fond of hanging around a place called Fangtasia. He went there with Melody in tow, though the place was closed and Eric was gone. Pam offered him the option to wait with his “snack” until Eric returned and Eric could tell him where Calvin was. Melody would often stir at the name Eric, but she didn't speak a word. She was silent and obedient. Until Pam left, saying that she needed to go grab a bite and Eric was almost there anyways. As soon as the door closed, Melody attacked.

She had been doing her best to reserve her strength and secretly drinking his blood, mostly from licking her fingers after scratching him. She had been on “V” for the past couple of weeks. Paired with her own strength, she was almost a match for him. Eric then entered, seemingly enraged. He wasn't a fan of fights in his club. Sure, he kicked around a human or two, but he never allowed anyone to literally beat the hell out of someone in his club. When Melody saw Eric she immediately recognized him, whispering his name as she was overwhelmed by the scent of winter's snow and the ocean. Louis took advantage of her distraction and threw her into the liquor rack where she blacked out on the fall.

Waking up, she remembered nothing. Though, she had frequent nightmares of Louis, Lilith, and Aleric. Not once did she dream of her time with Eric. Not until he lovingly offered her his blood. But she was sure that it was simply the usual effect that came from drinking a Vampire's blood when she began dreaming of him and lusting after him. She thought nothing of her memories, thinking them only to be sweet dreams. She had no memory even of the powers that she possessed or what she was. She seemingly only remembered of Vampires, Witches, and the terrible things they had done to her. Eric promised her that her memory would be returned and left one night. When he didn't return by daybreak, she and Pam worried for him and left the following night to go find him. They then found him wandering the streets like a zombie with no memory of who he was or either of them.

[+]Dancing, Singing, Music, and everything associated with art. She was once viewed as the Goddess of the Arts, Light, Joy, and all things Pure. The Arts has always been a large part of her life.
[+]Sweets. She can eat sugar straight and not be bothered by it. Except for maybe the whole part where she bounces off the walls.
[+]Feeding Eric. She loves the tender way that he handles her and cannot deny that it both arouses her and makes her feel both loved and safe.
[+]The rain. She loves thunderstorms the most and finds herself dancing in them whenever they come around.

[-]Pam. She looks at her like she is nothing more than food and has made it known more than a few times that she doesn't like the way Melody has waltzed in and taken Eric from her.
[-]Being in Fangtasia while its open. Even though Pam closed Fangtasia two weeks ago when Eric lost his memory, Melody experienced the club a couple of times while it was open and she was attacked and nearly drained more than once.

[-]Remembering. All the memories that she retains are nothing but a horror show to her. She would prefer to make new memories with Eric, getting to fall in love with him all over again.
[-]Being separated from Eric. She feels a strong connection to him, though she's not fully sure why. He's the first kind person she has met in over a thousand years.

Opinion of Eric
When Melody first woke up, Eric was having her feed from his neck. She first felt ashamed, but because she felt so inexplicably drawn to him she kept feeding up until he pulled away. She thanked him profusely and then begged for his mercy. She told him that she didn't even know her name or where she was. She just didn't want any more pain. Eric seemed to know her from her past, though she was drawing a blank when it came to his face. Regardless, when Eric wrapped an arm around her waist and growled “You. Are. Mine.”, she didn't argue. She felt the need to trust him.

She didn't mind that he was a bit cruel to others because he showed an absurd amount of kindness when it came to her. She would sleep in his coffin with him, allowing him to hold her. She no longer had as many nightmares after the first couple of days because she could dream only of him. When Eric returned with memory lost, she promised him that she would help bring back both of their memories. As soon as she figured out how, not knowing that all she needed were some Elder Faeries. Since the loss of his memory, he has been much more intimate with her and she is beginning to fall in love with the Viking all over again. She does all that she can to protect him even though she doesn't have the spine to protect herself.

Melody is very compassionate and a bit on the bashful side. When confronted by new people, she sticks to Eric and Pam like a moth to a flame. She is very loyal to them both, though she would do more for Eric than Pam. While she and Pam don't much get along, they force smiles for Eric's sake and because Pam is Eric's Progeny, Melody refrains from staking her in her sleep. She sympathizes with Pam, but she still doesn't appreciate the treatment. She does her best to be obedient to Eric even though he doesn't ask for much.

When she's in a good mood, she is all that one would expect a Faerie to be: Cheerful. She loves to sing and twirl about, often putting on a show for Eric to get him to smile. When they take breaks from hunting for the way to get their memories back, she enjoys laying in his coffin in his arms listening to nothing in particular, though he says he enjoys listening to her heartbeat and smelling her hair. He says she smells like sunshine and love.

She is quite polite with others, seeming to not have an aggressive bone in her body except for when Eric is threatened. The few times that she has found herself in Bon Temps, the only people that she has cared to form a sort of friendship with were Lafayette and Terry from Merlotte's. She sympathizes with Terry for his PTSD, as she is plagued by hallucinations and nightmares like he is at times. She loves Lafayette's fabulous attitude and cannot help but to smile around him. It doesn't hurt that he can cook and dance, too.

So begins...

Melody's Story

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Eric opened his eyes slowly, taking a moment to acclimate himself to the coffin that he'd been sleeping in the past two weeks...well according to Pam a lot longer than that. For the large, norse vampire this was all new. He hadn't even known his own name two weeks ago let alone where he lived or slept. He shuddered to think of what would have become of him if he hadn't been found. With dawn soon approaching he would have surely died that day without the help of Pam and Melody. Melody, where was Melody? He thought as he emerged from his resting place. She was always close to him and for some reason now she wasn't. The vampire was bonded to the beautiful, kind, gentle girl through blood and as such Eric was always slightly aware of where she was although it seemed different than it did with other people, even Pam. Melody had become his one constant in all of the confusion that surrounded, well, everything in his life. There was Pam but she spent most of her time trying to remind him of who he once was and looking for traces of the man she once knew in his eyes.

Climbing from the hidden room which held both he and Pam's coffins, he emerged into the basement of the bar and went in search of the women in his life. Eric could sense them both above him and found himself almost intoxicatingly drawn to the scent of Melody. So sweet and her blood even sweeter. Bounding up the stairs two at a time, he swung open the heavy door that separated Fangtasia from their private quarters and silently walked into the room. His icy blue eyes softening at the sight of the only two people who meant anything to him also knowing perhaps they were the only two people who cared whether he lived or died.

Being in Fangtasia was like being in some bizarre museum to the strange and he could barely imagine it filled with patrons. If it was up to Eric the doors would be open, music pumping, and money coming in. He and Pam were partners respectively and she'd decided to close the doors until his whole memory problem was rectified. It wouldn't do for word of his condition to spread any further. If others were to know of his amnesia their enemies would waste no time in striking while they were weak she'd told him. Eric felt anything but weak.

"You snuck away and I didn't even notice. I must be slacking in the Old Eric department." Eric said with a slight smirk in Pam's direction, she'd made it her mission to let her maker know just exactly who and what he was before he'd lost his memory. The thought of who he was before was a complete abstract. All he knew was what he saw before him and all he wanted was Melody. They'd both lost who they were for a reason, perhaps it was fate. Whatever it was he didn't care. Just as long as she was by his side. She was his and that was the end of it. Memory or no.

Moving so quickly he was but a blur, he was at the petite brunette's side in the blink of an eye. Reaching out to wrap an arm around her waist in an effort to draw her closer to him he glanced at the other woman standing in the room. He knew Pam was insecure about his relationship with Melody, but even he knew that statuesque blonde would always be a part of his world. He'd made her, she was his only child and they'd always be connected.

"We should think about reopening Fangtasia. It's been two weeks and nothing has changed beside the fact that our bank account is dwindling." Directing his statement to both of his confidantes, valuing their opinions over anyone elses. Eric could trust no other to speak the truth to him. "I need something to do." He finished solemnly, the strain of being tucked away from prying eyes beginning to take it's toll. That was something that hadn't changed with the loss of his memories, Eric's lust for life and amusement.

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A soft, feminine whine came from within Eric's coffin as the raven-haired woman lying in his arms turned over so that the front of her body faced his. For the first couple of days, she would have nightmares. But from her intake of his blood, those nightmares would soon become fantastic dreams in which her Protector would slay those that wished her harm. And then they would have sex. Sometimes thinking of sex made her frightened, though she didn't know why. It was Eric she was talking about; She couldn't imagine ever feeling unsafe or frightened in Eric's presence. She let her fingers splay across his muscular chest, feeling much more at ease as she felt the chill of his flesh.

She tried to resume her sleep and go back to her lovely dream of running through wild flowers under the sun with Eric. Little did she know, it was entirely possible. Of course, he wouldn't be as sober as he was normally. But it was perfectly possible to frolic in the sunlight with him. The poor dear had no idea who she was, much less what she was. Eric seemed to know her from ages ago. But how could a human live so long? Eric said she even recognized him for a moment before she hit the shelf. And as much as Pam didn't like her, she did try to sink her fangs into her often. Even if Eric would throw her across the room for trying. As far as Melody knew, she was just a human who was catnip for Vampires. At least, according to Pam she was.

Sleep was now distant to her as she lay with eyes wide open. Sometimes it frightened her to wake and hear only her breathing and only her beating heart. That's why she had to reach out for him – To make sure he was still there. Silently, she pushed up on the coffin lid and swung her legs over the side to slide out. She stood on the tips of her toes and leaned her upper body back in, her plush lips planting themselves on his forehead for a few brief moments before she closed the lid of his resting place and made her way upstairs. Pam was there, pacing as usual. The only other person there besides the two Vampires and Melody was their jumpy barmaid. Ginger.

Melody didn't really like being around her. She screamed a lot. She freaked out about generally everything supernatural. And wounds. Plus she ate horrid sandwiches! Her chef skills were an abomination, a crime to digestive systems everywhere. Though, for Eric's sake and to save her own self from Pam's bitching, she would smile and be kind to Ginger. Ginger was pacing around the room with Pam, trying to think of something that she could do that might prove useful. What about the girl Eric's fucking now? Pam said she seemed fine until she got back. And before Eric left and lost all his memories, he said that she was thrown into the bar. She hit her head. Maybe if we hit her in the head again, we can get her memory back.

Was she seriously thinking of hitting her?

Judging by the amount of scars Melody bore, she thought that she had enough abuse that she didn't want Ginger swinging an iron skillet at her head. Pam glanced up as Melody took a seat on the bar, narrowing her eyes at her. Pam didn't like her because she had never heard Eric speak of her and now as she waltzes in, they act like lovestruck teenagers that have known each other for all of their lives that they can't even remember. The girl was shrouded in mystery and Pam wanted to know everything.

What was she? The days before Eric had lost his memory, when Melody had first arrived, Eric was speaking to her and trying to ask her to remember him. Pam had been with him for just over one hundred years and she had never seen her. Again, he had never spoken of her either. And if she was older than even Pam and wasn't a Vampire, then just what the hell was she? She could already imagine that the scars came from Louis. But why didn't glamouring work on her? And why were Vampires so attracted to her? And why did she seem to think that reading minds was not much of a big deal?

“What are you?” Her bored voice broke through Melody's thoughts – Or Ginger's, rather.

“I...don't know. I could have found the Holy Grail.”, she offered. She knew Pam was still as dumbfounded as she was when it came to the question of how old she was and just what she was. Her voice was melodious and innocent as she swung her legs back and forth like a child. Her violet orbs were trained on the imposing retired Madame that was glaring her down. She honestly might as well had been licking her lips because her eyes were screaming for a bite. But, thankfully Eric woke up before Pam got the chance to pounce.

Melody slid down from the bar as Pam moved towards her, stopping at her side. She smiled widely as Eric commented on her sneaking off and wrapped her arms around his waist as he came to a halt on her other side. She had only left him moments ago, but she still felt the need to inhale deeply. She loved the way he smelled – Not the cologne, but him. As he mentioned reopening Fangtasia, Melody squirmed from his hold and scrambled back onto the counter of the bar. She reached out and pulled him to her, now a bit more on his level. “New Eric. Old Eric. As long as you're still Eric.”, she piped up cheerily.

He really was a giant to her, being a whole foot and then some taller than her. She felt like a porcelain doll when he held her sometimes. Her gaze fell to Pam as her small hands rested on Eric's bare waist, trying her best not to stare and drool over his shirtless torso. She did not believe that she had ever met a man more attractive than he. Pam, however, seemed unfazed by his shirtless appearance as she rolled her eyes. Both at his suggestion and Melody's previous remarks. The two had exchanged no I love you's, they weren't fucking, and they wouldn't even kiss for God's sake! Ugh. Courting was so fucking sappy that she would vomit every time she saw them if she could.

“Great. And who exactly will be kicking off every Vampire that smells her and decides they want a bite? Her scent is so thick you can smell it from a whole mile away.” Pam's deadpan voice broke the small silence, her gaze making Melody uncomfortable. The frazzled Fae turned her gaze up to Eric now.

“But...They can't bite me, right? I'm his....Its against Vampire Law, isn't it?” Her eyes glazed over as she felt tears well up at the thought of Eric being unable to keep others from biting her. Pam only gave a snort. “You've seen the fucks we have coming in here. You think they care about Vampire Law? They feed on humans in fucking dirty bathroom stalls and behind dumpsters. They won't give two shits about the whole Law of Claiming.” Melody knew that they had all sorts of riffraff, but people to directly disobey Vampire Laws? Her bottom lip trembled as she buried her face against Eric's chest.

Pam rolled her eyes. “Here's a better idea. I will open Fangtasia to get the money flowing. You take your pretty little princess out shopping for new clothes. Latex doesn't quite fit her. She needs outfits that will go naturally with the innocent air about her. Short cotton dresses. School girl clothes. What am I telling you for, though? Get her clothes that make you hard to think about seeing her in. She can't keep wearing t-shirts even though I'm sure we all appreciate the way they give nice little glimpses of her ass.” Pam watched his face closely, hoping, praying even that she would catch a smirk or that he would undress the girl with his eyes. Something, anything the old Eric would do!

Melody's head lifted and her eyes lit up at the thought of shopping for new clothes. She smiled up bashfully at Eric, her lips parting as she prepared to ask him politely if he would take her. But then she heard Pam continue on. Her ivory cheeks flooded with red as blood rushed to her face. She looked down at the red Fangtasia t-shirt that she was wearing, knowing Pam's words rang true. Or at least most of them. She wiggled a little and pulled her shirt down some more past her knees, becoming increasingly self-conscious.

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Eric listened silently to Pam and Melody, knowing the words his progeny spoke to be true. Melody was perfectly enchanting, her scent like no other. It called to him constantly, to be near her to drink from her but most importantly to protect her. He could only imagine what any other vampire might have felt in her presence and it frightened him for a moment. They'd have to be a fool to go toe to toe with Eric, who while an amnesiac, was also one of the oldest known living vampires. His power was immense and it radiated through every part of his being. Perhaps if he'd had access to his memories, to who he use to be, it might have been enough to keep the one in his arms safe. As it were, Eric nodded slightly in agreement and gently lifted the petite brunette's head with his index finger. After trapping her gaze within his own icy blue stare he smiled warmly at the girl wrapped around him.

"No harm will come to you, I swear it. I would die first, Melody." He pledged, his much larger hand covering hers as if to place it over his non-beating heart. "But I think Pam is right. Maybe now isn't the time for me to make a reappearance as it were. Perhaps now we will focus on you." He replied kindly, instantly taking note of the response that the other vampire had elicited in his new companion. Her flushed cheeks warm and for an instant he wanted to lay his head in the crevice between her neck and shoulder. Eric wouldn't bite her, not yet, not unless she wanted him too. He merely wanted to bury himself in her scent, instead he admonished his underling for making Melody feel uncomfortable.

"We'll find you new clothes of your choosing, Melody. If your taste runs towards latex I'm sure there'll be no problem with that. As for this t-shirt..."He mused as he reached out to gently tug at the red cotton covering Melody. "I think you're right." With a swift glance at Ginger he tilted his head as if in deep thought and dismissed it soon after. Eric then gave his full attention to Pam, his eyes travelling from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. "Would you be so kind as to let our guest borrow a pair of pants." Eric asked with a grin that Pam had never seen before he'd lost his memory. It was a young and mischievous smile, one that told her he knew exactly what she was playing at.

"If the sight of her ass is merely appreciated here, I can only imagine what kind of disturbance it might cause out there." Eric finished, arching an eyebrow at the younger vampire. He knew he was a disappointment to her, everyday Pam searched his face for something...a glimpse of the Eric that made her. Of the vampire that had come to Shreveport and opened a thriving nightclub with her and everyday he could see the despair within his only child. Eric was unsure if he'd ever get his memory back, maybe it was better that way for them. He just hoped he wouldn't lose Pam in the process.

Pulling away from the warmth of the woman he'd become infatuated with Eric tossed on a plain black button up shirt and shrugged slightly to himself. Finding the small cache of credit cards and cash Pam had shown him a week ago he looked at them as if they were foreign objects before stuffing them into his pockets. He knew he'd need money, the viking wasn't completely helpless, he just wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do with it. Between him and Melody it'd be the blind leading the blind.

"Also if you could explain shopping to me, that would also be helpful. Or should I just take what I want?" Eric asked Pam, though now his eyes were once again upon Melody, his words benign yet his voice soft and warm.

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“For fuck's sake, Eric! You go into the store. You pick out what you like. You put it on the counter. You give the lame bitch at the counter the credit card to slide or the appropriate amount of money.”

Pam's arms flew up in frustration at his lack of proper response to her previous jab at the catnip hanging all over him, but she was gone and back again in less than two seconds, having thrown a shirt at him and a pair of pants at the small young woman. Melody was still blushing from the direct eye contact with Eric. They were always so close to each other; holding hands, wrapped in each others arms, leaning on one another, or with she in his lap. But, never did it go beyond that. It sickened Pam that Eric was acting like a goofy fucking teenage human boy over some dairy maid little bitch. Her frustration showed as she often cracked her knuckles the past couple of weeks – She had never really cracked her knuckles before.

Melody smiled softly as she caught the pants thrown at her. They were black denim skinny jeans that didn't quite fit well. Her legs were a bit shorter than Pam's, her hips wider, and her ass just a bit rounder. But, she did manage to squeeze herself into them with a bit of hopping around. Pam sighed and looked at her, shaking her head. “You are not wearing that outfit in public.” Before Melody could ask her what she meant, the woman had pranced over, her pumps clicking on the floor. There was a loud ripping sound and Melody was left standing in her bra and skinny jeans looking quite embarrassed. Pam dropped the shirt on the floor and was gone and back again in a matter of seconds. She came back with makeup, a shirt, and hair products this time.

“Since you seem to be a permanent, slightly unwanted member of our little family, you need to learn a few things. One is that you do not go into public with Eric Northman looking....ghetto.”, she sneered as she began to work as fast as a Vampire possibly could. Which was actually really, really fast. Melody saw only a blur, but she did feel as makeup was applied and her hair was toyed with. By the time Pam stopped and stepped away, Melody didn't realize that she had on a shirt again. Well, a corset actually. It was black like her jeans and decorated with lace and ribbons as violet as her eyes. Her lashes were longer and her eyes seemed to glow, the thick eyeliner and her raven locks drawn up into a ponytail that curled drew attention to her heart shaped face, though the way the corset pushed up her bust just drew the attention back down to her chest. Her lipstick was as red as the walls in the scary place that she called home, making her plush lips look just so kissable.

Pam stood back and smirked, admiring her work. “That is much better. Be sure you give back my pants and corset. I really am getting tired of sharing my clothes and getting them back smelling like candy.” She almost purred in that humorless voice of hers, though she tilted her head some, admiring the sight with much appreciation. “You actually really do look half decent. If Eric isn't doing anything with you-” Her fangs slid out with an audible click as she took a step forward, dragging a single manicured, pink nail down Melody's smooth cheek. “I might find you less annoying if we spent some girl time together.” Her eyes slid quickly to Eric as she purposefully began to tread both on his toes and very thin ice as she moved in on what was his. Even if he hit her or cursed at her, she wouldn't mind. She would never stop until he at least showed just a little bit of who he once was.

Melody took a step back and shook her head causing her ponytail to bounce around her waist. “Thank you...for making me look presentable. I guess. But...I'd rather not...” Her voice was soft and bashful as she cast her gaze down. She wasn't quite sure what to say because Pam could be quite intimidating and Melody was confused by her. One minute she was trying to tempt Melody into her coffin and the next she was cursing the day that Melody ever found Eric. She understood that the woman was torn, but that didn't mean she had any idea as to how she should react to anything the woman ever said or did.

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"Have I told you how much I value your help in all of these recent difficulties, Pam?" Eric replied to her in a darkly sarcastic manner, nearly reminiscent of his previous self. It wasn't pleasant to have to be told who you were every day, to be looked at with disappointment not to mention the constant pushing and prodding. He was constantly unsure in every step he made, or action he took. The only time Eric felt like he knew what he doing was when he was alone with Melody. Then there were no sarcastic remarks or snide comments thrown their way. He could take it but the last thing he wanted was for Melody to be scared off.

Settling back onto a barstool he watched in amusement as the younger vampire began to transform Melody in front of his eyes. He couldn't say that he didn't enjoy the view but did his best not to make the half-naked girl feel more uncomfortable than she already did. Once Pam had worked her magic Eric couldn't help but notice the small differences. Melody was angelically beautiful and somehow Pam had turned that into something sinful, something that he hungered for.

Perhaps this was why he was standing between the two women closest to him in the blink of an eye. With breathtaking speed he caught Pam's wrist in his large, powerful hands. His fingers holding her gently yet as hard and cold as stone. The large viking towered over his progeny silently, his gaze betraying nothing as he leaned in slowly to plant a small kiss to her forehead. Moving his lips close to her ear he murmured softly "I don't remember much, but I do remember she is mine. You're the one who told me of the laws. It wouldn't do for both of us to forget ourselves." Pulling away from Pam he grinned at her, his threat mild yet feeling that his point had been made, he turned back to Melody.

"Lovely, as ever." He complemented, his sincerity shining through. "Thank you, Pam. We're in your debt." He said without glancing back to his protege who was now scowling behind him. Winding an arm around the woman who'd stolen his heart, he made for the exit of Fangtasia. He had keys in his pockets to a car that may or not be his, which he'd just learned to operate. Eric had a feeling the whole time that driving was being explained to him that he wasn't sure if it was something he ever truly did, or cared for. It seemed like such a waste of time.

Guiding Melody into the slightly ostentatious, black vehicle that apparently belonged to Fangtasia, he slipped into the driver's seat and sat silent for a moment, fiddling with the seat so as to fit his large frame inside the car. "I'm sorry, driving seems to be such a wasted effort but we're supposed to be...nonchalant." Eric finished lamely, shoving the key into the ignition, the engine roared to life and he put it into gear. Glancing over at the girl beside him, Eric smiled warmly, savoring the time they had together alone "We could go buy you a new a wardrobe if you'd like, something we could do anytime. Or we could see where the night takes us, is there anything you'd like to do...or anywhere you'd want to go? Unless the fluorescent lights of a department store are calling your name, that is?" He finished seductively, reaching out a cool hand to touch the warmth that she radiated.

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Pam could only roll her eyes at her Maker, though a shiver went down her spine at his threat. At least he was still capable of making threats – That was a good sign...right? She hadn't answered his previous question of how much he appreciated her aid – She didn't care whether he appreciated her help or not at this point so long as he got back to normal. This...wasn't him. From the way he once spoke of his previous life as a human, it never was him. Eric Northman did not love anyone but himself and he most certainly did not fall in love with pretty little snacks. It made her absolutely sick to watch them as they left with his arm around her waist. Melody, however, could not imagine a time when she had felt better as she clasped her hands together in front of her before sliding into the passenger's seat.

“Pam seems to want me out of her clothes quite soon and I really would like to wear something besides what she has and t-shirts...” She blushed softly, glancing down at the dainty hands clasped within her lap. She then turned her gaze to him as he reached out for her. She couldn't quite explain in words the way it felt when his cool flesh made contact with her much warmer skin. Sometimes she thought that she almost glowed with elation. She really did glow, of course, but it was often just taken as the way the light was hitting her frame and the glow never lasted long. She tilted her head some so that her cheek rested in his massive hand, her fuchsia eyes closing slowly. “Maybe after that...we could walk around some and explore?”

Her smile was sweet and soft, though Pam's makeover had turned her once angelic and bashful smile was now seductive and alluring, her lucullan ruby lips volumized. Her gaze slowly opened, dragging upwards to meet his own cerulean orbs. His boyish smile brought a flood of blood to her cheeks, reddening them. She quickly sat upright once more and gave a light giggle. The ride was short, as there were plenty of small boutiques to shop at. Melody did her best to avoid malls for fear of the plenty of people there.

Instead, she was content dragging Eric around and modeling outfits for him. Her wardrobe consisted of plenty of cotton dresses, ribbons, bows, hair clips, vintage jewelry, and numerous types of heels and boots. She did grab a few darker outfits that she thought Pam would approve of and would help her blend into Fangtasia since it was to be reopened. Her eyes lit up with every new outfit that she saw and she was quick to grab them. The Chevy Cruz LTZ that they were driving around in was slowly filling up with clothes and accessories. Their trip had begun around 7:30㏘ and by the time she had slowed down it was almost 9:45㏘

She had two bags on each arm as they made their way around the boardwalk and she found herself chatting affably about the numerous musicals that she had purchased. She couldn't remember seeing any of them, but the man at the store had said that if she enjoyed music, good acting, and amazing stories, she would definitely enjoy the musicals. Eric told her that she could get them all. Melody worried for a moment that Pam might get angry for the amount of things that she was buying, but Eric assured her that she could get whatever she wanted. Even if he did tease her every few minutes that she might have a shopping addiction. Even if she did her best to stay cheap. By the end of her trip she had only run up about $3,500. She and Eric had even bought a few electronics – It was 2008, after all. They did have to fit in.

She had finally found herself in a jewelry store, promising him that she was just going to look this time. She separated from him after a few moments in the store to browse around and allow him to look as well; They had some nice male watches. As she was browsing, there were a little more than a few people in the store and their thoughts perturbed her deeply. She tried her best not to hear them, but she couldn't turn it off.

She must be one of those special hookers for Vampires Alex was talking about that one time.

I wonder how much she's getting paid.

Holy shit, those Vampires sure do pay a lot for just some blood and sex.

Disgusting minion of Satan. Probably seduced that poor girl and is turning her into one of them. Reverend Newlin says they can hypnotize you with their devil powers.

There were so many of them and she just wished she could shut them off. She never heard Eric's or Pam's thoughts. Or any other Vampire's for that matter. That is, unless she focused on them hard enough – Which didn't really happen very often. With every thought that entered her head, she could feel her mouth pulling itself into a frown and her eyes slowly begin to water. Just when she thought she was going to start crying a middle aged woman walked over to her and put a hand gently on her shoulder, speaking with a light coo. “Darlin', you don't need to do this. You really shouldn't.” Melody gave a look of confusion and the woman gave a soft laugh. “Whore yourself out to Satan's children, I mean. If you have moment, actually -”

The woman paused and reached into her purse and pulled out a Church of the Sun pamphlet. “Underneath that Jezebel outfit and she-devil makeup I can see an innocent, scared, good Christian girl. Now, I know that your parents must be real sad and disappointed to see you doing this. No matter how low of a point you've hit in your life, this is not the way. These creatures promise you money and love and...” She leaned forward some and whispered. “sex.” Melody rose her hand gently, trying to protest, but the woman didn't seem to notice. “But you don't need that. Because it won't end well. You'll end up “disappearing” when they're done with you or they'll turn you into one of them and there is no salvation for such a damned soul. You just need to give yourself back to the good Lord and let him take your life into his hands. You should consider this and soon. Before its too late. Judging by these scars...You might not last much longer, sug.”

The woman left the pamphlet in Melody's hand and gave a gentle smile, gently caressing the violet-eyed girl's cheek before leaving with a “May His holy light shine upon you.” and leaving Melody with teary eyes and a quivering lip, clutching the pamphlet. There were a few people staring at her, but she didn't meet their gaze. The jeweler behind the counter moved a bit closer and gave a light smile. “Ah, don't listen to her. Those people are a bunch of Bible banging retards.” The blonde's reassuring smile made Melody quickly wiped the tears from underneath her eyes delicately so that she didn't mess up her eyeliner, turning to smile at the woman. She dismissed the thoughts of the holy brunette and found her eyes drawn to a beautiful purple diamond ring and smiled gently. “Oh, that's beautiful!”, she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up a bit. “Nothing like some A-class diamonds to make you forget about idiots, right?” Melody was aware that the woman was kind only to have Melody spend Eric's money in her shop, but she was also aware from the woman's thoughts that she was a regular Vampire snack of her own free will. She blushed softly and shook her head. “I don't know – I've already bought so much...”

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“We’ll do whatever pleases you, Melody. I’d do anything in my power to make you happy.” Eric replied softly, relishing the warmth she emanated, She always smelled of sunshine and flowers and when he closed his eyes it was as if he could feel the sun’s rays upon his skin. The ancient Viking’s cold, white skin that hadn't seen the light of day in over a thousand years. Agreeing that it’s probably in her best interest to find suitable attire, both for her sake and for Pam’s, Eric found a small row of shops and boutiques to take Melody. Though, personally he didn't mind the t-shirt look himself.

There he wandered after her like a smitten puppy, holding boxes and bags when needed and nodding appreciatively at everything that was modeled for him. Eric’s was of the opinion that everything looked stunning on Melody therefore she must have it. Any protestations Melody might have had at the lavish spending spree Eric quickly silenced, expressing desire to shower her with gifts. To any outsider it would look as if he had no backbone, an inability to say no and an unlimited credit line apparently. Yet Eric knew that he only wanted Melody to have everything she might ever need, and there was a part of him that merely liked showering her with gifts due to his affection towards her.

Eric even bought things for himself, trinkets here and there, mostly electronics. It was if the salespeople could spot him coming a mile away and knew he’d make an easy target. The amnesiac vampire was fascinated by technology and would listen wide eyed and rapt to every sale pitch directed his way. He ended up with a new phone, gaming system and laptop, which he was very eager to figure out.

Carrying the many bags, and boxes they accumulated Eric took no pains to hide his superhuman strength and quite obliviously walked through the crowded boardwalk. A genuine smile plastered to his face as he listened to the petite brunette beside him speak of the musicals she seemed enthralled by. It was quite obvious that he was smitten, a slave to Melody’s desires and needs. He wasn't sure why but there was this need within him to protect her, keep her safe from all cost and to…love her. It confused him, much as everything did since he’d lost his memory.

So when she flew away from him into a jewelry store, promising that she only wanted to look Eric laughed to himself and followed her inside. Instantly he was taken with the displays of glimmering and glittering jewels, much like a small child would be. Instantly he knew that he wanted something for Melody, yet was unsure as to what he’d be able to find that would match her beauty. Noticing a display of a set of pearls, he looked at them admiringly before he noticed the conversation happening between the strange woman and Melody. He had no idea why Melody was so upset but thought that the idea of ripping open the woman’s throat didn't sound so bad right about now. Muscles tensed, he fought every impulse and merely gave the offending woman a blank, feral stare. Eric was doing his best to abide by Pam’s rules. Never feed on a human in public, never threaten a human in public, definitely never hurt a human in public. Instead he’d rely on intimidation he supposed, something which came pretty easily when one happened to be six and a half feet tall.

As he slowly watched the woman, who was now visibly cowering in fright, move towards the exit he casually showed her his fangs, laughing softly when she ran. Quickly retracting his fangs he looked around, an boyish, impish expression on his face and made his way over to Melody. Casually looking over her shoulder at the ring that had apparently caught her attention. “We’ll take it.” He said, a confident smile overtaking his face. “There were a set of pearls. I think I’d like those as well. Is there anything else you’d like, Melody? If not that idea of exploring sounds pretty good right about now. Because, and no offense, Miss” Eric said with a pause to look at the woman behind the display case”But If I don’t get out of here soon I might kill someone, and I don’t think that’s technically allowed.” He finished with a bit of a shrug and apologetic smile to the human woman before him whose smile had slowly begun to fade.

Handing her his card, he waited patiently to sign his name like he’d had at all the other places and kept his eyes on Melody. “What did she say to you to make you so sad? I should have been with you, kept her away from you. I was distracted, I’m sorry and I swear I will never let anyone harm you. I swear it” He repeated solemnly, taking a moment to look away from Melody to gather his purchases and sign his name before turning his back on the saleslady and ushering Melody and himself out of the store and back to their car. Where he deftly extracted the purple diamond ring out of its packaging and took Melody’s petite hand in his own much larger one. Casting his blue eyes down to catch Melody’s own gaze he quietly slipped the ring onto her finger and favored her with a shy smile. “You have excellent taste Melody, and now I think that since we’re done with that mess we should reward ourselves.”

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“Oh, it was nothing. Just the usual mindless drivel.” Melody offered a nonchalant shrug as the young woman behind the counter gently grabbed Mel's left hand and gave a light smile. “Perfect fit.” The saleswoman smiled as she slid the ring onto Melody's left middle finger. The iced out song bird wiggled her fingers and smiled brightly. It was paid for quickly and Mel was soon off with her protector to explore the town's beautiful sights. She couldn't help but to feel safer – But, she always felt safe when she was with him. She couldn't even begin to explain how safe she felt the first time he protected her from a Vampire in Fangtasia with a sweet tooth. It was because of him that she hadn't been bitten since her memory loss.

Walking along, she grabbed his hand and raced off towards the car where she was quick to slide in and head off on an adventure with Eric. They drove around for a while until she found herself dazzled by the bright lights and hopping music of the Boardwalk. After they parked they were soon off to explore the stores and restaurants available. She didn't have plans to buy anything, feeling that the $5,000 ring was pushing it even if Eric was so happy to spend his money on her.

“I have to go to the restroom – Wait right here!”

They had stopped a half hour ago and grabbed her a really large soda and it was starting to hit her as she crossed her legs before jumping up and dashing off into the nearby Hooters. She shimmied her way past everyone trying her best not to pay them any mind or touch them as she made her way to the restroom. She didn't take too long before emerging to wash her hands after handling her business. As she tried to leave the bathroom she was met by a woman with flowing curls of black like her own and piercing green eyes. The woman had her hands on her hips as she stepped into the restroom and locked the door behind her with a lick of her lips. “You smell...absolutely delightful.” Her voice was a soft purr as she slid out her fangs with a click and was soon shoving the petite fae against the wall, using one hand to hold Melody against the wall by pressing her hand against her chest and using her other hand to force her head to the side, exposing the tender flesh of her neck where her pulse was visibly increasing.

Melody pushed and shoved as hard as she could but it wasn't any use as the Vampire woman ducked her head down and sank her fangs into her supple flesh. Melody tried to let out a scream as she began beating against the woman at every angle that she could manage to maneuver her arms, but a hand was soon over her mouth nearly suffocating her. It was no use as she felt her life force drained from her. For a minute she thought that maybe Eric would feel her fright and burst in and save her. But then she remembered that he had never had her blood. More fear set in. And then rage – Rage that she was so weak and couldn't defend herself and as the anger bubbled, she felt an energy surge through her that was foreign yet so familiar. Her entire body soon lit up like she had swallowed a million violet light bulbs and a blast of energy surged from her fingertips, throwing the Vampire from her, knocking the woman unconscious.

Now, while she did have to previously use the restroom, she had noticed that ten o'clock was drawing nigh and had gotten worried. She mentioned nothing to Eric, but she feared that she was sick with some disease. She didn't know what it was, but she found herself vomiting blood and bleeding from her ears and nose, much like a Vampire does when they stay awake too long during the day time. She didn't want to go see a doctor because she feared that they wouldn't know what was wrong with her. She had searched online a few times when Eric and Pam were otherwise busy and found absolutely nothing. She could only imagine being probed and dissected by doctors as they attempted to find out what was wrong with her. For the past two weeks, with each time she would vomit, she felt herself growing weaker but she forced a smile in front of Eric and Pam, using Pam's makeup to cover her complexion which had grown sicklier.

As she began to vomit now, she felt a pain in her chest and stomach and clutched at them both, holding in her cries. There was a pause and she finally called out for Eric. She was met by a few women walking in and then screaming at the sight. “Eric! She cried out again as people seemed to just blur around her, asking if she was alright and jumping on their phones to call the police. Someone had picked her up and carried her out to the dining area that they had promptly evacuated. As she sat on the bar, she looked around for Eric, her eyes watering. “Eric...Eric!”

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Eric smiled at Melody and watched bemusedly as she ran for the nearest ladies room which happened to be in Hooters. “Humans” He said softly to himself with a shrug. Even if he had access to his memories, the thousand year old vampire barely understood what it was to be human. He’d spent much more of his time being undead than alive and he preferred it that way. Instead of waiting for his companion patiently, Eric decided to fly back to the boardwalk and back to a booth that had interested him.

To most of humanity Eric looked like a human being, his Nordic ancestry and its inherent paleness definitely gave him a bit of an edge when it came to passing as living person. Although the fact that he had no idea how to act like a normal person certainly impeded him. The vampire did nothing to hide his superior strength, enhanced senses or unique oddness that comes along with being a supernatural creature.

“Step right up, son! You look like a man who knows a bargain when he sees one. Three darts, one buck. You get all orange balloons you get the big prize, how bout it?” The older, bearded man asked Eric with a toothless grin, as the vampire walked towards the gaming booth “C’mon now, bet there’s some girl out there who wouldn't mind one of those big old teddy bears to keep her warm at night when you’re away.” He finished his pitch with a wink.

Eric was finally convinced and pulled a wrinkled dollar out of his slim fitting trousers and handed it to the grizzled man standing before him. Taking the darts in his massive hands he looked at them suspiciously before touching the tip of his finger to a sharp point, sticking his finger in his mouth he tasted his own blood before his wound healed of its own accord. While the vendor looked at the tall, blond man standing before him, wondering if the giant man was a bit touched in the head or simple, Eric quickly loosed the darts with superhuman speed. Three orange balloons popped simultaneously and the cigar the old man had been chewing on dropped from his gaping mouth.

“I want the pink one.” Eric said nonchalantly, pointing at the vast arrays of stuffed animals hanging above his head.
“You’re a vamper, and you cheated. You got nothing, now just move on.” The vendor replied, pissed that he hadn’t been able to tell that the mark in front of him was a vampire. Eric moved so quickly that the man had no time to react. One moment he was free and the next he had a hand like steel wrapped around his throat. “There are no signs stating vampires can’t play your games, and as a matter of fact I think that falls under discrimination…maybe. I can’t remember, but either way I’m taking the pink one. Now the only question is are you going to hand it to me or are you going to make me get it myself?

Slowly the man reached up and plucked twitchingly at a teddy bear until he violently pulled one down and showed it at Eric. Releasing the man, Eric looked at the white teddy bear in his possession and shrugged as he propelled himself back into the air and back to where Melody would be waiting for him. Landing gently he looked around and made no notice of Melody, immediately he was concerned. Dropping the bear in the street he quickly forgot about it and went to look for her.

Striding into the restaurant he waved away the hostess and walked to where the bathrooms were, dutifully following the signs. Nearly there and upon the still unconscious vampire, his attention was caught by the sound of Melody calling for him, for a moment he felt like his heart had leapt into his throat and within seconds he was at her side. Of course he caused quite the disturbance when he arrived virtually out of nowhere and with fangs blazing. Eric was on the offense and would immediately tear anyone apart who would hurt her or try to come between them.

Ignoring the murmurs, whispers and scandalized looks he received he went to gently lift Melody’s gaze to his by trying to deftly lift her chin with two of his fingers. “I’m here, Melody. What’s wrong, what happened? Are you hurt?” He asked quietly as he began to take stock of his companion’s state, absent-mindedly trying to ascertain her injuries by attempting to run his hands along her shoulders and arms.

“Everyone back off.” Eric called behind him firmly, the press of the crowd beginning to make him agitated and nervous. “Did you hear that, he wants us to back off? Well, last I checked I don’t take orders from vampires and we’re not gonna let you just waltz off with an after-dinner snack. That girl is sick and we’re gonna help her.” A bleached blonde woman in her mid to late thirties replied sassily to Eric, but was surprised when he didn’t react the way she thought.

“She’s sick? What do you mean sick? What happened to her?” The anxious vampire asked hastily, his desire to protect Melody readily apparent on his usually non-expressive face.

It was then he heard the sirens and the fight or flight instinct took hold, if he was alone perhaps he’d be more interested in playing with the authorities but time seemed to be of the essence. Turning his attention back to Melody, he moved to gather her in his arms.“Are you well enough to move? I’ll take you home and we’ll figure it out. I promise

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Eric’s mind was racing, between the people crowding him, the fact that there was some idiot vampire attacking who was his and the sweet, intoxicating smell of Melody’s blood all he wanted to do was spring into action and drain every person in a fifty foot radius, which sadly enough included Melody. Eric was aware that her scent was intoxicating, but her blood was like nothing he’d ever smelled before. It was sunshine, freshly baked cookies and like dust after the rain. He knew that the first thing he had to do was to get the hell out of there and get Melody somewhere safe which was the crux of the situation. He adored Melody and all he wanted to do right now was taste her, he could only imagine the way Pam or any other vampire would act. He’d sincerely hate to kill anyone, least of all his progeny. As a matter of fact he was barely able to believe in his own restraint as it were.

As a matter of fact, Eric could barely listen to anything that was said, not the officers or the scared patrons. All he could focus on was the sweet, red stickiness that was readily apparent all over Melody. If anyone had taken a close look at the blond vampire they wouldn’t have mistaken the look on his face for hunger. As it were it took everything he had not to reach over and start cleaning the blood from her with his tongue.

Eric was seemingly brought back to life at the mention of them being allowed to go. Pulling his gaze away from Melody he looked at the crowd surrounding and mentally made a note to glamour the officials. The last thing they needed was anyone poking around in their business. As for the vampire who dared to touch who was his, he’d be taking care of that without the help of the boys in blue.

Looking down at the petite brunette, he nodded in silence as began to gather her up in his arms, and gave a last look at the bathroom where he knew the vampire he was going to show the true death had been moments before. “Of course, home. First, we should clean you up.” He murmured so only she could hear as he strode out of the restaurant and back to their vehicle. Setting her down onto her feet, he stood over her and regarded her much like a starving man would a sandwich. Tentatively he reached out a hand and with his index finger trailed his hand through the coagulating blood still upon Melody. Slowly he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked the sticky sweetness from it, his glacial blue eyes never leaving Melody’s.

“You said doctors won’t know, what won’t they know, Melody? You know there is no substitute for the healing properties of vampire blood, all you have to do is tell me and it’s yours.” Sighing slightly, he ran a hand through his hair and did his best to grab a hold of his thirst before regarding the woman before him warmly.

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“Eric...I think I'm sick.”

She let there be a moment of silence as he set her down before placing her hands against his chest, shivering after his finger ran down her flesh. “Since I've stayed at Fangtasia, I throw up. Every night around ten. Nosebleeds...Just...gallons. If I hold it in, my head hurts. I get weaker and more tired. But when...she bit me. I started feeling a little better.” She bit her lip as she looked up at him. “I don't know what I am...Pam thinks I'm pretty old. I must be if we knew each other when you were human. And every Vampire I meet asks me what I am. I don't even smell like a human.”

She sniffled as she let a few tears roll down her cheeks before turning and sliding into the car. She felt bad as Eric followed after and even worse as the drive home was silent. She issued a quiet thank you as they arrived home and he opened the door for her. But as he began to walk towards the club, she grabbed his hand to stop him. “Eric...You haven't fed tonight...and. If I'm right, this could benefit us both.” Her head canted to the side where the fang marks remained and blood was still flowing, though much slower, it's sweet scent and thickness calling to him from her caramel flesh. “Just...don't hurt me...okay?” She pushed her hair back some more and took a few steps closer, putting her hands against his waist.