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Shreveport, Louisiana

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โ€œEric...I think I'm sick.โ€

She let there be a moment of silence as he set her down before placing her hands against his chest, shivering after his finger ran down her flesh. โ€œSince I've stayed at Fangtasia, I throw up. Every night around ten. Nosebleeds...Just...gallons. If I hold it in, my head hurts. I get weaker and more tired. But when...she bit me. I started feeling a little better.โ€ She bit her lip as she looked up at him. โ€œI don't know what I am...Pam thinks I'm pretty old. I must be if we knew each other when you were human. And every Vampire I meet asks me what I am. I don't even smell like a human.โ€

She sniffled as she let a few tears roll down her cheeks before turning and sliding into the car. She felt bad as Eric followed after and even worse as the drive home was silent. She issued a quiet thank you as they arrived home and he opened the door for her. But as he began to walk towards the club, she grabbed his hand to stop him. โ€œEric...You haven't fed tonight...and. If I'm right, this could benefit us both.โ€ Her head canted to the side where the fang marks remained and blood was still flowing, though much slower, it's sweet scent and thickness calling to him from her caramel flesh. โ€œJust...don't hurt me...okay?โ€ She pushed her hair back some more and took a few steps closer, putting her hands against his waist.