Aiden Petyson

"She is dead..Now, we have to fo this for her.."

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a character in “Finishing The Bucket List”, as played by Ally-loves-you


Name:"Aiden Petyson.Did you understand or should I spell it?"
Age:"I am 20.Time passed so easy.I still remember when I was just a kid..."
Gender:"I am a male, if it is not obvious enough"
Role:"Well, poor me.I am just one of the male friends.."

-hot girls;
-his friends. "They are like my second family for me."

-engagements; " I want to have a free life, so if I will find someone who wants this, I think she is the perfect match."
-Katie"s death. "She did not deserve to die.She was too young and I wish I could see her alive once again.."

"Look.I am not so skilled but I know to do I do it very good...Mmm, I sing better when I am drunk, but shh, do not tell my mom!"

Written Looks:
Aiden has brown to blonde hair, which is cut short but wild.He has got blue icy eyes, and normal skin.He is tall and slim, but not like a model.He has two scars on his abdomen and a tattoo on his neck.The tattoo is a black cat covered by clouds.Her sister made it. He wears jeans, tops...And for his acting career, suits and other stuff.He is turning a movie with vampires and has to paint his lips in a brightful red, and sometimes is so hard to erase it, and the girls are wondering:Is he painting his lips?

Aiden grew up in Dallas, Texas. His father was a dermatologist and his mother was a teacher. He had one sibling, a younger sister, Caroline, who was studying broadcast journalism. Aiden played football and golf in high school and was a talented artist. He graduated from Trinity HighSchool and went to a popular university.Trough his second year his mother encouraged him to pursue acting. He credits her for initiating this bold move. She stated that "it was a practical move," based on career aptitude test he had taken in high school which revealed he was best suited for a career in the performing arts. He was signed by the first talent agent that interviewed him and started acting studies. But even with his amazing life, problems appeared at the age of 20. Aiden was arrested and charged in Plano, Texas with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.
 Police said Aiden was in a parked car when he was arrested for having less than two ounces of marijuana.Aiden insisted he was innocent and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.But one year later, it was reported that the charges would be dismissed and his record expunged if he met certain conditions, including performing 24 hours of community service and reporting to a probation officer once a month for 5 months.In university, he made many friends, but it was rather close to his four best friends.Katie was one of them and Aiden used to date her.They were actualy together just for three months but something changed, and they broke up.He heard about her engagement, but never bothered to talk to her after they broke up.After some time, Katie was not engaged and he forgives her.Then, at her 21birthday, something terrible hapened.After the party, everyone was drunk, even the girl who was driving, Marie.Katie died in the car accident but the others were ok.They found her bucket list and they decide to finish it..for her..
Family:-mother: 47;Melissa;
-father: 49;Danny;
- sister: 19;Caroline;

So begins...

Aiden Petyson's Story