Muraco Locklear

A carefree joker determined to live his friends dreams out to the fullest, in honor of her life cut tragically short.

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a character in “Finishing The Bucket List”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Muraco Locklear (Nickname = Raco, which is pronounced "Rock-o")

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Role: Male Friend #1

Personality: Raco is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He's always joking around and working at getting others near him to laugh and joke around too.
His jokes are often crude or inappropriate, but he usually knows the limit.........USUALLY. If he ever goes overboard though, his friends know that a quick nudge in the gut will make him stop.

Muraco is also the first into a tough situation, whether it's for a daredevil stunt or to save someone, he'll jump off cliffs to dive into water, jump city roofs, and etc. if at all possible. Party isn't his middle name, but he knows how to do it like the best of them.
Having fun with life and appreciating it, especially after the death of his friend, is a huge thing for him.

Likes: Water(especially the Ocean), Daredevil stunts, Making all types of girls smile and feel good about themselves, Joking around, Stunts, Music, Playing his Guitar, "Smoking" candy-cigarettes, riding his motorcycle, and driving other peoples sports cars whenever possible.

Dislikes: Pessimists, Cynics, Jerks, Bullies, Boredom, Adults who make excuses(especially men), Gross irresponsibility/Childishness, Ignorance, and Drunk driving.

Talents: Playing guitar, Fast Swimmer, Performing random handstands or back flips off things, and Etc. stuff i might come up with as we write! =P

Height = 6'1
Weight = 195lbs
Hair = Brown, and a few inches past his shoulder when out.
Eyes = Hazel
Body-Art = A Native American armband tattoo with a feather is located in the middle of his upper left arm, and then a Native Thunderbird is tattooed on his upper back.

History: Raco grew up on the local Native American reservation, however went to school off of it and befriended all sorts of people.
His ethnic background is of great importance to him, but so is his individuality. Once 18, he'd get a job at a bar near the edge of the reservation. He couldn't serve drinks by law - but usually did anyways, since no one ever told. He thought he'd probably go to college in-state too, and never travel too far from the Rez, that is until his friend passed - and finishing her bucket list became of the utmost importance.

(all his family lives on the Rez)

- Father, Patamon (52)
- Mother, Luyu (59)
- Sister, Hateya (30)
- Sister, Abey (16)
- Brother, Shiye (25)

Other: I can't think of anything else atm, but if i do - i'll edit this!

So begins...

Muraco Locklear's Story