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Peter Singrass

If I must die... So be it...

0 · 336 views · located in Kingdom of Alras

a character in “Fire, Death, Pinetrees”, as played by Lost_chance


Gender: Male
Physical description: 6' 7'', well built, lean and short blonde hair.
Picture/weaponry, abilities armor: Has 2 twinblade swords, with magical elf nature powers, and chain armor underneath tunic
Picture/description of clothing: white tunic with a leather vest, leather boots, and leather gloves occasionally
Optional: Is half elf and half human

So begins...

Peter Singrass's Story

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Peter walks arrives to the Kingdom of Alras on a horse. Not knowing what is happening (seriously 9 pages its hard to read em all) he gets off his horse and scans the area. He sees a man with a golden cross on his chess basically pinning a woman on the ground doing god knows what. He runs to them. "What is the meaning of this?! What are you doing?!"

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“Dear me. I had no idea there were so many friends of yours around!” he laughed, eyes glowing at the challenge, “Who knew that we were going to be having so much fun?!”

Like arrows the tentacles shot forward, spinning through the wet air to leap and twist and swivel around through the air in a dance. They attacked, but not seriously, tripping and pushing around themselves. Azian laughed, his spirits bright and high as one would grab hold, twisting up the captured with little stem-like branches going up around their legs till the shadow was cut by one of its own. It would wither, the amputated bits turning to water as soon as he lost control of it but not before another replaced it. Within a matter of seconds the darkness had him tied and bound, held steadfast.

“Come on darling! Watch!” he ordered and removed his hand from her, shoving her down beside her own body. Suddenly she turned and smashed against his nose.

The darkness froze, his eyes wide as he looked at her, giving a tiny smirk, "That’s the way you want to play it?"

There was a sweeping sound, wind like but rougher, and the spirit of Earth's eye, the goddess of Debris and Decay, seeped into the spirit realm, taking her regular shape. Her figure was tall, two meters or more. She looked lithe and strong, but her exact outline was difficult to make out because wearing nothing, her skin was dark grey, constantly shedding dust, forever dispersing and disappearing. Her hair was black like charcoal and had locks clearly distinguishable, not looking all that unlike dreadlocks, although being less voluminous and more gathered behind her back. From all of her hair combusted black smoke, the tips of the locks, their length in height with the bottom of her shoulder blades, pouring it our most intensely. Her right eye was black, blacker still then the charcoal hair. Her left eye was regular, with an Iris ice blue. The eyes of a pleasantly sharp face expressing more than anything almost arrogant confidence.

“A trial here would be painful at best, if anything you’ll be weaker here in spirit form,” he warned, his eyes narrows into lavender slits, his breath a menacing hiss as he took a step towards her. He still hadn’t noticed the woman behind him, stunning, frightening. Ammy did, her eyes wide as she threw herself away from a strike from his blade. He turned, catching sight of the woman, his lips pulling back into a snarl. Azian stopped his advance, his body slowly turning as he came face to face with the woman of Ammy’s vision. Her stomach dropped and she scrambled back, away from both of them as Azian took his sword, pointing it at the goddess, his attitude towards Ammy changing greatly.

“Stay behind me, Ammy. Don’t let her touch you.”

"Excuse me." Her grey face always felt like it was smiling even when it wasn't, giving off the feeling that on the inside, she is always either laughing at you or with you.

"I want to know what is happening here! You!" she was referring to and aiming her face at the man "Who are you?"

“Azian. That's my name, now we're going to play a game. You ask I answer, I ask you answer. Equivalent exchange. What are you doing here,” he spat, lowering the sword but keeping a protective stance, “What does it matter to you?”

"MmmMh, I don't like you now. But okay. I am here and I need to know your name because someone, hehe, that guy, asked me so persistently to know it and how could I say no?"
"Oh and what game are we going to play?"

“You don’t have to like me. I certainly don’t like you,” he growled, looking over his shoulder as Ammy stood behind him. He suddenly decided that he no longer wanted her presence. “Well now you know…leave us!”

"Awww don't be like that... I don't like you, that does not mean I don't want to get to know you!" She began walking closer, her decaying essence leaving a dim trail in her wake. It looked as though she was soaring, even though it was totally clear she really was walking.
"Quite the opposite actually, I’m dying to know what you are"

“That’s close enough, witch!” his sword was raised again, eyes flashing as he suddenly smiled. “Wouldn’t you like to know; Decay, Chaos, lady Death. The end all, be all for us Spirits, isn't that right Debris?”

*Yaawwwn* *sniff* *blink* Hm? I apologize dear, I failed to hear you. Now what was it he wanted?...Oh!" Her eyes glinted for a fleeting moment upon recalling. "What's up with her?"
She was definitely laughing at him on the inside.

"Don't look at her," he said softly. "She is nothing, and nobody."

"HmmMM?" Grey tilted her head unnoticeably little.
"No, that is not what he meant, fool, you are dull. Not what she is, but what's wrong with her. That is the meaning of the question!"

"Nothing," Ammy said gently, speaking for the first time. "Nothing at all."
"Hush, girl," Azian growled softly, turning half towards the woman and haft towards Ammy, his eyes warning her with a single glare. He turned towards the woman, smirking softly, "How about we strike a deal? Hmm? I'll release your host if you release mine."

Grey completely ignored Azian "Ah, here we have sensible person." She smiled, and it seemed that she was laughing with Ammy.
"Well, I have what I need. Hehe. I don't care about you anyone."
She began glancing around curiously, as though searching.
"Now where is he..."

"He?" she asked stepping forward and past Azian even as he yanked her back.

"Aha!" For a moment her face looked concentrated and her body balanced, and in through a hole that was nowhere seeped a white and golden essance. It took shape and formed Earth.
"She said there was 'Nothing at all' wrong her." Grey said.
Not including high angled golden ponytail, he was shorter then her grey contour. And his great glory sword was not suspended on his back.
"...That is good. And who is he?" Said Earth who seemed not to be disturbed or surprised at all for being suddenly sucked into a
different dimension.
"HmmMM? That is not something I agreed on finding an answer to. But I will tell you anyway! He is Azian."
"Okay." With that, Earth sat down as he always did.

Ammy stared, her muscles trembling as Azian growled, "Run Ammy."
"But-but...I know him" she began to struggle, Azain's grip tight around her wrist as one hand grabbed at her shoulder.
"Stop Ammy!" he shouted as she ripped away. She ran, yanking away from Azian and throwing herself at Earth. They collided, tumbling forward as Ammy wrapped her arms around his neck.
"I'm sorry," she said softly, burying her face into the crook of his neck, her breath soft against his skin. He caught her with one arm, hauling her in, holding her closer, while bracing himself against her impact by placing his other hand against the ground behind him.

"Okay. What for?"

"T-trapping you....I did do that, right?" she cocked her head, confusion flickering across her face.

"No, that was her." Earth flicked his head in the direction of the grey woman spirit.

"Oh," she blushed, sitting upright across him as she moved to pull away.

"Why are you here?"

"...It-I...." she stammered, trying to come up with an excuse as she looked away quickly, down at her hands.

"Hm? You don't need to answer."

"Thanks," she blushed, "What are you doing here?"

"She pulled me in. Probably on a whim, out of laziness." 'She' somewhat snarled.

Ammy shook her head, giggling as her nose bumped his own, "I meant, why you even came to the clearing?"

"Because of you."

"Me? Why would Earth concern himself with a shape shifter?" she frowned, staring point blank into his face.

"Why? I do what I feel, and I felt like finding you"


"I want you."

She stopped, smiling almost shyly, color flushing her cheeks as her eyes shimmered.

He came running, sword flashing as he lunged forward at Ammy. His eyes were narrowed, twisted in a rage as dark tendrils raced forward. She turned her head, gasping as the darkness pierced her soul, going through her as she was suddenly thrown off of Earth.

“How could you forget?” he smirked, “You’re here for me. Not him!” Azian ran forward towards her with a cry, his hand outstretched as she tried to dodge it. He grabbed hold of her hair and slammed her back against her body, watching with a little smirk as her chest began to rise and fall, having shoved her out of the spirit world. He looked back towards the two, passing through with her.

"There they go" said the grey woman.
"HmmMM. He can force people to pass between the realms, that is unusual. I don't like it, you should kill him."
"I don't want to."
"What? But he is terrorizing your woman! What was the blunt sweet-talking for then?" She was not actually surprised, but making a point of his how strange his behavior was by acting so.
"... ..."
"Hmhm, okay."

There was someone else there, another human touching Ammy, trying to move her and Azian snarled. Nothing touched her! Nothing lifted her before breaking Ammy's connection ad ruining her. The Tendrils came again, moving both humans, trapping both in tight, stifling and hot. For a moment he ignored the second man. He walked around to her face, nudging her cheek with his bare foot as her eyes suddenly fluttered open. Her lips parted and she saw Earth. Her eyes blinked, bright blue as her muscles quivered. The tattoos on her skin were covered with mud and as she slowly rose to her knees she brushed the mud from her body. Azian smirked, stepping back as he let her rise.

“Do not interfere human,” Azian spat, even as the darkness nearly broke in the transition from Ammy’s body back to his own form, “I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“Save it Azian. Let’s get this over with,” Ammy said sharply, completely ignoring the newcomer. Azian was the real threat.

Ammy and Azian faced off on the forest floor. The clearing was wide enough to keep Earth from getting in the line of fire, and that brought Ammy some peace; no one or anything would suffer because of Azian’s challenge. Azian smiled, throwing off his dark cloak and revealing a man clothed in a black tunic and long tight fitting pants, bound together with a rope around his waist. His face was scrunched up in anger and excitement. Slowly he drew the sword from his side, the blade making a hissing whisper as it was removed from the sheath. All the while, he held Ammy directly in his gaze.
Ammy had nothing. She was naked, her only weapons her fists and her reflexes but he wasn’t about to fight an unarmed woman. Azian tossed her a cloak, very similar in his own as she slid her fingers though the sleeves. It morphed, tightening and slinking around her curves until she was wearing almost the same thing as Azian. The only difference was that her sleeves had been exchanged for two gauntlets on each wrist.

“What, no sword for me too?”

A smirk, “Don’t hold back or I’m going to break you.”

Ammy shrugged her shoulders, smiled, and slowly brought her leg up behind her back. She held it there for a moment, holding out a palm to say “wait.”

Azian cocked his head in curiosity.

“Wish me luck,” she said to no one in particular, turning her full attention back on him as she let her foot slip back into the dirt, “Now—where were we? Oh. Right.”

She beckoned with her hand, settling low. She wouldn’t make the first strike. All she had to do was defend herself for the time. Let him wear down a bit before going on the offence. The fight was on.
Azian rushed at Ammy. He dipped and weaved right as he was about to reach her and slashed downwards with the sword. She parried with one of her gauntlets, and the blade clashed against the metal strapped to Ammy’s arm with a shriek that sent sparks skittering like lightning bugs into the air. Azian was quick and changed the bounce of his sword into an uppercut slash, attempting to catch Ammy m stem all the way to stern. She managed to side step to the right just enough, her body leaning back as the blade passed a hair’s breadth from her nose.

Quickly, before Azian could respond with a fallow-up, Ammy swiftly punched him in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him and stunning the shadow for a moment. He could be hurt, that was good. At least now she stood a chance of at least surviving—maybe even beating him. Azian hadn’t regained his standing, his lips gasping like a fish as Ammy moved in again. Her foot swung through the air, her foot catching him in the stomach, doubling him over. She quickly followed that with and uppercut.

Even she winced. By doing so she hesitated and Azian smiled, pointed teeth glimmering as he took the opening. He used the environment to his advantage, his own foot returning the kick as she slid back, nearly falling into the mud. He pushed himself off of the bark of one of the trees, speeding towards her with a determined look, his hand tightening on the blade, his eyes wide with the scent of her blunder. However, this was a game to him too and just before he reached her, his body flattened out, feet first. His ankles wrapped around her neck.

It startled Ammy, her eyes widening as she too had just finished gathering her wits. She gasped as he gave her an almost apologetic shrug, his lips grinning. Azian used his momentum to be creative; instead of piling into her, he instead twisted his body forcefully. Her body dropped, pulled down by his yank on her neck and he leapt off as she went face first into a puddle of mud. He landed directly behind her, watching as she slowly pushed herself up, wiping the mud from her eyes and mouth as she spat. He allowed her the time, a small smirk on his face as she looked away. He approached, sword resting by his side. She waited till he was close enough, grabbing hold of his wrist and throwing Azian past her body.

There was nothing to slow him down, the water creating a slip-and-slide of mud and dirt as his body went barreling towards the stump of a tree. He was finally stopped by the tree, a groan escaping his lips as the pain form the attack stared to set in. She didn’t give him a chance to get up. She ran forward, her arms pumping as she let out a small cry. She was getting ready to kick when all her momentum was suddenly thrown forward into her leg.

The world went quiet for a moment, the forest holding its breath.

Azian rolled. It was a testament to his experience in battle, having moved just at the right time. Ammy’s leg smashed into the ground, slamming into the root with her shin and knee. The wood splintered, rising up in a torrent of splinters. Most would have let their opponent rise, as an honorable fight, but Azian had no such concept. As the splinters were still rising and she was turning back to face them he moved. With the speed of a cat, he swept towards her head. The attack was so fast that it didn’t hurt Ammy, rather sent her a foot into the air.

Why hadn’t that hurt?

It was Azian’s intention. Swiftly, he rolled forward and under her back, facing Ammy’s back. Air whooshed from her lung as she was pushed back up by a kick from Azian. She flew forward, hitting the mud again as she skidded forward, coming to a stop into
a massive puddle.

“This is going to hurt you just as much as it’s going to hurt me,” Azian said softly, rising and sweeping back a strand of hair from his face. He ran forward, picking her up by the collar of the robes. He threw her up, crouching under her body as he exploded upwards to the body. He grabbed her by the waist, twisted midair and arched the two of them towards the ground, easily angling her head first.

She screamed, her ears going flat against her skull as her eyes closed and her shoulders rose up to her chin. He grunted, his shoulder hitting the ground first as her lower back struck next. There was the sound of a shoulder splitting with painful cracking and crunching sound as the bone shattered under enormous pressure. Ammy’s body hung vertical for the briefest moment, suspended in an ephemeral moment in time, then she collapsed. Her body went limp in an uncomfortable position but she was still breathing.

Azian let her go and slowly stood, rolling his shoulder as the bone began to rearrange, snapping and crackling back into place as he gave a huff of laughter. He turned, looking back at her as brief sadness flashed across his face before it replaced by a smile.

“That had to hurt,” he said to himself, smirking as he played with his sword, debating on slicing her open. It was only then that he noticed the blood. It was from his nail.

“DAMN IT! I broke a nail!” he exclaimed in frustration.

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Peter fell over from the tendrils attack. His eyes turned red as he began to murmer an ancient elven spell that summoned the aid of the forest to go and aid him. As he was doing so he grabbed his sword on his hilt and motioned to where it turned into double swords. "By the gods of nature what has happened?! What is happening. Who are you people?! I dont want to hurt anybody but I would like to get the situation... Well situated clearly and without bloodshed." Peter said sternly with a bit of nervousness. He has fought in a battle or two before but not like this.

but he would still uphold his duty and protect. Even if it means dying in the process. He quickly bursted out laughing as the creature yelled out that he broke his nail. And then had the trees begin to wrap around him for a couple quick minutes to where he reappears in a full seducing dress. Peter tries to mimic a girls voice "Come here honeybun!! Don't you want to play with a true woman?!" he said as he turned around smacking his bum. Last day I decide to be a girl to save people he thought with embarrassment.

"may the mother of nature bless me." he said to himself

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Mirian walked until she was sure she heard voices ahead. It sounded like a battle was going on, someone was shouting as well. She still hadn't any idea what has happened in her childhood town and just in case she decided to cover herself with the shadows. Even though she was skillful at sword fighting, she preferred not to start unnecessary fights. ”Let the night and the shadows in it hide me” she whispered. The shadows of the trees draw themselves towards her, covering her in shadows, letting no light near her. Mirian felt the coldness that came with the shadows and shivered. It was something she would never get used to.

She walked forward and came to the edge of the clearing observing what was going on. Staying in the forest she leaned towards a pine. She would decide who can be trusted after figuring out what was happening. It would be almost impossible to see her when she just stayed out of the light and still. It seemed there was just a another shadowy, dark spot in the forest. And while it was raining as heavily as now, there were no light that would reveal her.

There had been only one person so far who could see her despite her skill: her brother. With the thought in Mirian's mind, two tears fell to ground.

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Azian stopped. Turning slowly he looked over at the she-man. His face fell, and he instinctively wanted to throw his sword when the she-man started to slap her/his own behind.

“You have got to be kidding me,” he said eyes narrowed in frustration. What did this fool think of him? That he was after woman? That he wouldn’t know his intended target? He laughed, suddenly, joyfully. Shadows couldn’t be harmed, not by silly tricks by silly humans. Or did they just not understand that?

It was time they learn.

He stood, leaving Ammy on the ground as he began to slowly make his way over to the she-man, his face almost entirely amused.

“You’re accent is off, voice to squeaky, and….just please never wear a dress again,” he said as he approached, “Even the animals are crying.”

He stopped, playing with his sword as he debated where to stick him. Ammy had woken, even her own dizzy face a bit…off as she looked at Azian’s back and the woman--was that even a woman?—in front of him. Azian needed to be stopped, but with what? Quickly she looked around, scanning the trees and the shadows, her nose catching a scent.

Fire and ashes, and girl? Was she just like Azian? No she had a heart beat that was clear as day. Ammy’s ears flickered forward to the sound of her breathing and glanced at Earth. He was sitting still, the darkness still oozing and flexing around his body, the connection made to Azian’s body. Through it she could see a flash of steel. A sword.

“You really shouldn’t have interfered,” Azian said quickly, stepping forward his purple eyes looking over the blade of his sword, “I was a man of my word when I was alive, I’m a man of my word in death too.”

A smirk, a sudden swift movement and a spatter of blood. Azian stopped, his hand softly closing around Earth’s smaller katana though his stomach cavity. His eyes were wide, the tendrils releasing Earth as he suddenly lost the will to hold them. Ammy trembled softly behind him, her hands holding the sword. A smile, a cough of death and wet squelch of the blade being pulled back out and the tip dropping to the ground. She was shaking, trembling as Azian sunk to the ground.

“Well done,” he said softly. Ammy didn’t hesitate, she moved forward, grabbing his hand and placing her own over the wound she’d just created. She did the unthinkable, and began to heal the wound. Azian frowned, stroking back a strand of hair behind her ear and then smiled. He was going to die…

Don’t trust the woman spirit, Ammy. She’s dangerous and sly.


She is a soul consumer, Ammy. Don’t be afraid of the horse either. He is a friend to you.

A Friend?

We call him a Helper. You can see through his eyes.

What is this?! Why did I get this?!

his mind was soothing, yet faint, you know what it is. It’s the Sight. It is a gift from Frenris and Tor. In your own time you will know why you must use it, and what for.

Azian….I didn’t ask for this.

Neither did we but we needed a champion.

We? You mean there are more of you?

Plenty more.
A laugh. Just hold on to hope….and Ammy?




Killing isn’t in your nature. Not really. Take care of those you love.


He was fading fast, his thoughts shoving against hers. She’d never had a person die on her while connected, she didn’t know what was going to happen; but she remained touching him, eyes closed, tears running down her cheeks. She clung to his consciousness and didn't let go.

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Peter, while on the ground bleeding slowly got up trying to chant the Elvish healing spell. Once he got back to his feet he had the branches wrap around himself and he changed to his regular traveller's clothes. "God i hate it when i change like that and it doesn't work... Are you two alright?" Peter said curiously, as he was straightening himself up. "Sorry for the disturbing scene of my transformation, apparently it's supposed to help. Peter Singrass nice to meet you." He said as he stuck out his hand to shake hers, then he looked down. "I am still confused about the situation. Who is he?" He said confused

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#, as written by Armin
The constant distorted sound of the spirit realm. What does the spirit realm look like? Anything. I Imagine it as purple, but that is my mind. I may even have changed my mind already? How about Frodo, lord of the rings, the grey and blurred world of wearing the ring?

After the narrator had finished his awkward intrusion, the story continued.

"Hey Earth."
"She killed him, haha. That is great! now you won't have to do it."
"... ...Grey." That was what Earth called her, the grey decaying spirit. He was sitting still in the realm of spirits, leaned back. A pose fitting for sitting grass bathing in sunlight.
"I want to return to the world."
She went to him, a fluent movement, slow and constant. The nails of her hand were black, and she standing idle at his side for moments, before she placed the palm on his shoulder. As they touched she crumbled to dust and was sucked into Earths left eye.
Earth was lying in water on the ground the real world. The sound of rain spahing aginst the wet dirt so close to his earts as he lay on his back, was relieving and had his mind lighten itself. He sat up and the cold liquid ground was replaced by naked air.
A little distance away was Ammy, she was wearing black. On ground by her feet was one of Earths swords. Blod was spreading from its steel, blending with the water of the forest floor, faintly redding the neautral liquid as the color expanded and diluted. Ammy was on her knees, her white hands on the man called Azian. He wasn't moving, because he was dead, or that was what Grey had said.
There were others there too. A man wearing travellers clothes. Earth had never seen him before.
Earth stood up and water swell in masses from the lowers of his figure, not willing to rise as he did. Earth went to them. Being there, he said:
"Who are you."

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Peter bows gentlemanly at the tall man and said "My name is Peter Singrass, i come from a land far from here, and as i was travelling i stumbled onto milady over here and this man... Tell me sir what is happening? I am visiting relatives and i would be grateful if i knew what was going on." He said really worried while looking down at the person called Azian. Showing true fear at the thought of his folks getting hurt.

He then became in a daze as it seemed like everything was getting darker then before, and it almost became pitched black. He collapses unclear about what is happening for all he could see now is darkness.

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#, as written by Armin
The courteous man collapsed falling forward face first into the mud, his mouth gaping, letting in some of the dark brown loose substance. Earth looked at the man when he fell, fully aware.
"...Hm. Did he die?... No, still breathing."

Earth leaned forward, squatted and further investigated the body through unconcerned eyes. The examination did not last long; in short he switched his focus to Ammy. She was tending to Aizen still."
"Hey...When you are done here we are moving."

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Ammy slowly stood, her eyes blinking as she wiped tears from her cheeks, hoping that they blended in with the rain that made the white hair cling to her face. Her big eyes were round and sad, lined with the tears that were previously streaming like little rivers down her face. Her ears were off to the side of her head, her arms wrapping around herself as she watched Azian’s final decent. He first turned to the earth around them, finally disappearing into a scattering of ash. Earth was beside her, the nearest person and without warning she suddenly jumped at him, her arms around his neck as her chest pressed against his own, her body on tip-toes so that she could hold him.

She began to tremble, from around her body her black clothing was changing, turning white and flowing together into a dress. It was open in the back, held together by a thin mesh that then tied up the side and laced together into the beautiful white fabric that composed of the dress. Water dripped off of her nose, splashing against the fabric before rolling off.

How hard it was to lose someone you loved for a second time, by your hand a second time. It tore apart her heart and made her body wrack with a sob. There was a flash of lightning the seemed to tear open the skies, as if accepting Azian’s soul. She cried.

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His white horse Rochael trots to him and pokes his nose at him trying to get his master to wake up. confused about what is happening in truth. Rochael neighs and becomes very disturbed as he can't get his master to his senses.

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"Rochael, avest-a calm..." Peter said sensing his horse's distress through a bond that those two have had. He has regained some of his consciousness, but was in a disillusioned state whereas everything was spinning and some things became bigger and others became smaller. He tried getting on his horse and did so successfully. He then nudged the horse to move forward to try to find safety.

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The horse becomes crazy with darkness and knocks Peter off his horse and then steps on his neck, killing him.

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#, as written by Hyydra
Joshua petted the cub bear, stating "I still haven't found a name for you, have I?" He smiled and hugged the bear's head with his. "Jonah." He said, looking at him now. "Jonah's your new name." He said, then smiled, only to fall for no reason. He dropped the bear, but he fell underneath the ground.

Joshua collapsed weakly, seeing nothing but darkness within the area he was in now. The pit he fell from sealed up, as if it was never there. "W-what!?" He panicked, dashing his head around, turning as he tried to see anything. Then, the four walls appeared. On either side of him, four gigantic purple transparent walls appeared, going underneath where he could stand, but yet he could see him. "What is this...?" He looked in awe, as the walls dashed into him and out of him.

He yelled in pain every time they collided with him, all at once and never stopped. In and out they continued to go. He felt himself changing, his yelling turning into a roar. His eyesight changing to black and white. After he could see in this vision, it all stopped. Nothing could be heard, just silence in the darkness. "You serve me now, and forever." an evil voice all dark and unsettling grined in his head. With that, he looked up, light appearing into his eyes as all of a sudden he appeared back inside the forest. He looked upwards into the sky, seeing nothing but blackness. Because all there was was darkness. The entire sky was engulfed with a strange black mist, every now and then a large appearance barely visible floating around within it. "Wh- what?"

He whirled around to see a strange creature. It shyly hobbled over to him, and as he reached his hand out, it cringed. "It's ok." He said in a dark voice, startling himself. But the creature seemed ok with it, letting Joshua pet it. As if instantly, dozens more, tens of hundreds came out of the ground, from the trees, and some just appearing. "This is your army, wield it in my command." The voice grined in his head again as he nodded. And then, his mind was clear. Images of him and another being flowed throughout his mind. New information and explanation for all this reached his most inner core, and with a pound on the ground, he roared into the air, the monsters around him making a lighter but equally startling screach into the sky.

He had released it, the dark being which has sought to destroy the world.
(Notification: The Game master [Armin] has given me permission to do all that occurs. Nothing here will be godmodding or OP without his permission [but don't worry, I do not intend to do either of those things] This is merely a small campaign for other rpers who feel left out or needing an adventure to occur.)