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Fire, Death, Pinetrees

Kingdom of Alras


a part of Fire, Death, Pinetrees, by Armin.


Armin holds sovereignty over Kingdom of Alras, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Kingdom of Alras is a part of Fire, Death, Pinetrees.

17 Characters Here

Ammy Seppen [175] "What's wrong? You don't like me?" *sniffs*
Earth [164] "Life is finally falling into pieces"
Jeremy Dantoh [125] An undead necromancer.
Keph Lavon [72]
Mirian Alasi [64] "Me? I'm not that special..."
Joshua Dracnitch [64] A man made into a horrible beast, seeking to end the world as we know it.
Xin Zhao [63] "Nothing is harder to see into than people's nature.".
Wiesel Uring [46] A former 'noble' turned to homicidal bandit.
Karma [39] "I know your spirit...but I must stop your heart.".
Skye Emerton [30] "Survival is my purpose now."

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#, as written by Hyydra
Joshua petted the cub bear, stating "I still haven't found a name for you, have I?" He smiled and hugged the bear's head with his. "Jonah." He said, looking at him now. "Jonah's your new name." He said, then smiled, only to fall for no reason. He dropped the bear, but he fell underneath the ground.

Joshua collapsed weakly, seeing nothing but darkness within the area he was in now. The pit he fell from sealed up, as if it was never there. "W-what!?" He panicked, dashing his head around, turning as he tried to see anything. Then, the four walls appeared. On either side of him, four gigantic purple transparent walls appeared, going underneath where he could stand, but yet he could see him. "What is this...?" He looked in awe, as the walls dashed into him and out of him.

He yelled in pain every time they collided with him, all at once and never stopped. In and out they continued to go. He felt himself changing, his yelling turning into a roar. His eyesight changing to black and white. After he could see in this vision, it all stopped. Nothing could be heard, just silence in the darkness. "You serve me now, and forever." an evil voice all dark and unsettling grined in his head. With that, he looked up, light appearing into his eyes as all of a sudden he appeared back inside the forest. He looked upwards into the sky, seeing nothing but blackness. Because all there was was darkness. The entire sky was engulfed with a strange black mist, every now and then a large appearance barely visible floating around within it. "Wh- what?"

He whirled around to see a strange creature. It shyly hobbled over to him, and as he reached his hand out, it cringed. "It's ok." He said in a dark voice, startling himself. But the creature seemed ok with it, letting Joshua pet it. As if instantly, dozens more, tens of hundreds came out of the ground, from the trees, and some just appearing. "This is your army, wield it in my command." The voice grined in his head again as he nodded. And then, his mind was clear. Images of him and another being flowed throughout his mind. New information and explanation for all this reached his most inner core, and with a pound on the ground, he roared into the air, the monsters around him making a lighter but equally startling screach into the sky.

He had released it, the dark being which has sought to destroy the world.
(Notification: The Game master [Armin] has given me permission to do all that occurs. Nothing here will be godmodding or OP without his permission [but don't worry, I do not intend to do either of those things] This is merely a small campaign for other rpers who feel left out or needing an adventure to occur.)

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ammy Seppen Character Portrait: Earth
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0.00 INK

She wiped the rain and hair from her face, leaving a streak of mud across her body as she pointed excitedly at the fallen tree, roots rising like castle spires into the cloudy sky. It was massive, regal and toppled over. The bark on the inside had been hollowed out by years of decay. On the outside the wood smelled musty and dark, coated beautifully by rain darkened lichen and strings of ivy and hanging moss decorated the branches. The inside had been burrowed out, going deep into the ground. It was lined with dry leaves, crisp and crunchy, leaves that came from a completely different forest. Earlier, before she’d become a moose even, it had been covered in the soft hide of a deer. It had been cured, and Ammy clapped happily to see that everything was as she left it.

She wiggled herself in, falling into the beauty and warm tickling touch of the fur as she giggled and relaxed back. Her back was against the fur, her arms above her head and one knee bent up to her rump. Her eyes were closed and her red lips parted in a giggle as her nose worked the air. Her eyes went wide and she beckoned Earth to come beside her, out of the rain and into, what could be considered, the belly of comfort.

Ammy’s body slithered and crawled into the tree trunk, head first, her butt wriggled freely in the open air. He felt a sudden urge to jump her and take her from behind right there and then as her chest was caught in the gape of the trunk, but quickly opposed it. After she entered the he followed.

The fit through the opening was naturally tighter for him then it had been for her, but although being tall and muscular, Earth’s build was rather lithe and slender. He first popped his head in through the opening. The whole atmosphere was different inside. It was warm and dry and you heard the rain in that comforting way that you hear rain when sheltered from it. He wriggled his way in, the trunk got a bit more spacey as you moved further inside it. Crisp leaves were crushed under and clung to his wet body. At least he was not muddy anymore though, the rain had seen to that. He made his way to Ammy and sat himself beside her, leaning against the curve of the trunk wall. The animal furs were a million soft strands against his back and Earth grabbed a nearby fur and drew over his and her body.

She smiled, tucking herself against his flesh as her fingers pulled the leaves from his body and casting them out. He’d pulled and wrapped them into her mother’s old wedding fur, the one she’d secretly given Ammy on the day that Ammy had left. Ammy knew it had been in hope that she would, one day, settle down herself and start a family, even if she was a shape shifter. Find love, that’s what her mother had said even as men with pitchforks and torches came in their direction. Ammy longingly touched the fur, her fingers stroking over the black spots that had once adorned such a magnificent creature. It had come from one of the large and rare breeds of cat that lived around her homeland and its spirit power was said to thrive in the pelts that men took, giving strength to those who paired under it.

She didn’t tell Earth, leaving him with just a melancholic smile. Her blue eyes flitted up into his own, searching for the golden rivers that had once flooded his eyes. She smiled, and ducked her head into his chest. He put an arm over her body as they lay chest to chest under the furs. Their body temperatures, mostly hers, gradually warmed the space they shared under the covers. She was always so warm.

"Will we lay here until rain stops?"

"After it stops we'll head to the wall," she said softly with a little nod. "Until then..."

"Hm?" he uttered inquiringly and tilted his head down a little, looking to meet her blue eyes.

"I guess we just relax, sleep a little, maybe eat something?"

"Eat?" his voice was relative excited surprise and he sniffed the air, smelling for but failing to identify any distinct food aroma. Earth had not eaten for over a day and he was craving for food. "What do you mean eat?(!)"

His excitement was infectious and as she began to work herself up, her stomach responded with a distinct growl. She squirmed free from his arms, crawling forward so that she could enter further into the log. Her hips wiggled as if she had a tail and her hands pulled up a pile of rocks. She was excited, her mouth salivating as she pulled up the last large rock with a yap and pulled out a small wrapped bag of meat. She opened it up, looking at the two strips inside. Once Earth saw the meat he could not help himself. He quickly came up behind her, cupping her body leaning in over her shoulder. As she handled the meat with her hands he spontaneously began munching and nibbling on her right ear.

Ammy giggled, her arm catching his as her head tossed, her ear flickering as she let him have the first bite, offering up a whole strip as her back arched, her hips pressing against his as she took a mouthwatering bite, her eyes going wide as she whimpered and the jerky broke between her teeth. He bent in over her, placing his right hand against the ground, arm pillaring up in front of her shoulder. She offered him a strip of jerky and he swept it from her hand brought into to his open jaws. Earth ripped into the flesh and proceeded to devour the meat. Ammy was smiling, listening to the ripping and tearing of flesh as he tore into the jerky like a ravenous wolf. She was a little more careful with her own, deciding that she would also give him the second piece. She sat back, pushing her rump into his hip and forcing her back against his chest. There wasn't enough for both of them and so she offered him the second bit as well, her eyes kind and happy as she watched him.

She put her own strip in his mouth and he bit it and chewed only a little. Then he lunged forward at her and shoved, with his tongue, the rest of the long strip right in between her lips. As he forwarded with his head to give her the jerky, she had to retreat downward and her back arched and rump shot up higher and further against his hip, where she could feel a warm bump under his clothes against her crotch. Ammy gasped, accepting the meet with a little shake of her head and a tear of her teeth. She swallowed it, but didn’t take the rest, flipping away like a slippery fish. She turned, pouncing on Earth and knocking him back against the white fur; the long hairs enveloping him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They lay next to each other, chests rising and falling rapidly. Ammy’s eyes were gold as caramel, her lips parted over her arms, stroking heat across her fur, her belly on the white fur and her body quivering ever so slightly. She wasn’t cold, she was on a tripwire. So sensitive that the brush of a leaf against her side had her twisting once again. She was sweaty too and the cold air ran over her body she erupted into little bumps over her skin. Earth was lying beside her on his back, his eyes up toward the bark as he let go of every single muscle in his body, sinking onto the ground. It would later occur to him that he was still hungry, but in these moments he felt nothing but bliss. She shifted onto her back as he began to move next to her, her eyes watching as he came closer to her skin. His face was in front of hers and he reached for her cheek and told her:
"Stay with me. If it’s like this, I'll have you a hundred, no, a thousand times again. That's what I feel right now."

“Earth!” she smiled, her ears pricked fully forward, ringing with his words. He wanted her to stay. Her arms she threw around his neck, pulling her up so that her chin was in the hollow of his shoulder and throat, whispering happily into his ear:

“Of course!,” she cried, happily accepting his embrace as she remembered herself and with a small blush she withdrew, stared him in the eyes and said, “I think I would like that very much.”

He expressed his happiness with a look into her eyes and then he shuffled and climbed over her and went back to the furs, close to the hollow that was a window to the raining world outside. The wind came in and swept cool and calm onto the skin of his body and he sat down on crossed legged, looking out at the greyness and dark green of what he could not help but perceive as beautiful. Raising his chest, he filled his lungs with the moist and fresh air. Ammy crawled forward, having pulled the white fur over her shoulders, her body falling over his shoulders, lounging over his back. Her eyes were not looking to the outside world, instead focusing on his ponytail. The golden strands enticed her and like a youngster she began to bat at it, playing with the strands as her eyes got big and round. They were damp and clung together, shimmering in the light as she couldn’t stop herself.

It was only after she felt something prick at her senses did she stop. Her body pressed against his again, wrapping him as best as she could in the fur that they would share.



“Where are you from?”

"I don't know. My earliest memory is of a place in a country far from here."

"What do you remember?" she was admiring the crosses, her fingers carefully touching the one around his neck as she still continued to amuse herself with the shiny things he wore.

"A sun shining at me through an opening in a grey sky. I was laying down with my back on a road."

"And these?' she nipped as his ear, allowing the cross to fall back against his chest, looking curiously up at the others.

"Religious symbols."

'What do they mean?"

"Nothing. Or probably something. But I like them."

He looked over his shoulder at her head that rested against it and he could feel the brush of breeze and the sense of her sticking onto him. There was the little raspy sole of a hand and the tip of its fingers feeling his stomach. And the rest of her was completely unsharp and unedgy. Her head against his shoulder. Such precious thing, he could not allow that head to be removed from those shoulders.
Such a thing...he thought, and a feel of safety swelled and blossomed in his chest, dulling his consciousness, drowsing his breath.

"Who is the woman?" she asked suddenly, curiosity in her voice.

"The grey one?"

A little nod.

[Hoh? She wants to know about me! Let me talk to her]


[HmM? Whets wrong with you? I was being courteous. You can't stop me from going.]

[... ...not now... please?]

[*snarls* Fine. *change of mood* Hihi I'll examine her good.]

Earth did not much like the sound of that. Grey was... problematic.

"She is Grey, the goddess of our religion. My left eye is her host." His voice was somewhat subduing when paired with the smattering of rain against the tree trunk roof.

"What religion is that? Can she hear us now?" Ammy asked, sniffing the air and cocking her head to better look at him.

"Yes, she can always hear. And her religion, I never learned what the followers do."

"Does that make you an idol or something? What does she tell you?"

"To kill spirits. They made me her vessel" His eye slanted at Ammy, “Though it’s more of a mutual agreement."

"Is it? Why do you kill?"

"...Because I want to."

"Why?" She'd rolled onto her back, looking up at him as her hands began to bat at the crosses again.
"If spirits don't die Grey will decay to the point where she will lose her consciousness." That is what she told me. This is what Earth told Ammy, but it wasn't the entirety of the truth.

"Why do you kill?" she asked, poking his chest softly, "Does she make you, or do you just do it?"

"... ...She can't make me, but I want to help her."

Ammy frowned, stopping in her playing to think for a moment. If he was killing for her, did that mean he did everything she asked? Would he kill her if Grey asked? She frowned, her little nose wrinkling as she sat up.

"I’m going to sleep." Earth said and he reached for the large feline fur cover pulling it in over his back and shoulder, wearing it like a coat. Then he turned to Ammy and laid his hand on her shoulder gently dragging her, or rather guiding her in his direction, as though asking her to join him. Ammy quietly went with him but she didn't plan on sleeping, she wouldn't have even though she was exhausted. She snuggled against his chest with a small sigh. She needed to think.

Earth killed for the grey lady, the one that she was supposed to fear. But why? Would Earth hurt her? It wasn't unlikely. He killed spirits without as much as a second glance.

Spirits like you.

"What?" Ammy asked aloud.

"Hm?" Earth whispered, tilting his head down towards her ears and head, his breath kissing her hair.

"Did you say something?"

"Nothing important."

"It's always important! Silly Earth!" she giggled.

"You suddenly said "what?". Why?"

"...nothing," she said quickly.

Earth identified abnormality in Ammy’s answer but did not feel a need to investigate it. He lay a lazy arm over her body and back and closed his eye.

"Okay." He fumbled a little with the cover, feeling and fingering the edges, making sure they were both tucked in, than he spoke low, lazy, drawn-out voice in her ears:

She felt compelled to do so, tucked so nice and safe against him, his voice so low it sent calming shivers down her spine. Her green eyes drooped, then closed as she fell into a light sleep.
Earth too succumbed to the warmth and safety, and drifted into slumber.


The howling of the wind brought Ammy’s eyes to open. Where was she? Focusing in the dark of night, confusion washed over her as she came to realize she was in the desert. Distant landscapes of dry and worn rock surrounded her, and beneath her bare feet she felt the gritty sand caught between her toes. She was surrounded by those rocky hills and yet as she scanned the desolate desert, it seemed never ending. The irony of the nighttime desert suddenly set into her body; that ghastly wind moving right through her and chilling Ammy’s bones to that of splintering ice. The need to move started her forward though, and she felt a sharp ache all over, her body trying to fight against change. Was she lost? Her heart began pounding fast in her chest, the blood pumping through her veins felt like an icy river. So slow, but she trudged onwards, hope holding onto a possible lie. It was when her pace held steady that a sudden wariness alerted her to foreign noises. Soft hissing sailed through the air waves, accompanied by a more mechanic static… What was that? It slid right into her mind and took Ammy in a hold.

She halted, her feet sinking into the sand as her hands clamped over her ears. An uneasy paranoia gripped her chest as the noises mocked her, pausing just as she did. Sickness rose like bile in her throat, she could feel eyes upon her… somewhere. She began to move again, desperate to leave this place now. Stubbornly, she stared towards the endlessness of the chilly desert, refusing to look back. A strong gale came, making her hair flail out behind her and the tiniest of noises began to spiral around her head with unseen stealth. The static came back, but mingled within it was a wicked giggling. Ammy looked around uneasily, head turning to look and search all around her. Where was it coming from? All she saw was those silent, unmoving rocky hills…The giggling continued to move all around her, fading in and out of hearing range, corrupting her to an edginess that brought on an unwanted burst of adrenalin. Burning tears began to well up in her eyes, her body sinking to her knees as the laughter became unbearable and no matter how hard her hands clamped over the delicate skin and fur of her ears the laughter refused to disappear.

“Go away!’ she screamed, but the laughter only doubled, mocking, maddening. She began to run, fleeing
forward as her feet sunk into the sand, pulling her back, dragging her toward the mirage that had suddenly appeared behind her.

“No!” she howled, dropping her hands from her ears to scramble up the deserts dune, ever slowly slipping back towards the mocking face. Ammy refused to look back, her heart in her throat and her blood racing through her like fire. Something grabbed her hair, pulling her back, holding her still as she twisted and writhed. A cold female voice shook the air around her, freezing her to the core.

“You took something of mine. I want it back.”

Her eyes were closed, hands out in front of her to defend her from the woman. Coldness, and pain. She shrieked, the blade through her stomach blood spraying across the sand like a splash of wine. Her eyes went wide and her hair was ripped, forcing her to bare her throat. Her eyes looked into that of her killer; one eye as black as night, the other ice blue.

Earth was walking, toes burying into the sand as he treaded desert. There was a nice sky and a burning warmth that by the whim of a wind that moved in waves onto his skin. The wind was not strong enough to cool him, but also not strong enough to blow sand onto his face.

"Where am I?" Earth thought. He could not be in a desert because he was in a forest. Was this another one of those realistic dreams? He was touching her and he had gone to bed recently. Yes, it must be so. Earth continued walking. The desert was peaceful and quiet, and incredibly flat under a blue sky. Not far up ahead were a few rocks, little ones not larger than mice. Earth went to them, squatted and picked one up, the rocks had caught his interest since they were small divergents in the flatness. It was brown and quite edgy, sharp. He threw it away. There were more rocks up ahead, bigger ones, and Earth rose from squatting walking towards them. Reaching a larger rock, while investigating it, Earth heard her voice in the distance. [Go away]. It was a weak cry in an endless plane but he heard it, and he moved toward it; Earth began jogging. A queer emotion filled his body, there sound had not alarmed his senses, and he was moving for it more because it was something he felt that he needed to do. His white robes and cloudy pants fluttered in breeze as he picked up pace, long leg's leaping lightly. Then suddenly as it landed, Earths foot sunk straight through the sand because the sands resistance had turned into that of water. Earth began swimming, skimming across the yellow waves of billion grains, cleaving them in half before his swift figure, forcing them apart with his strength.

Earth took a leisurely dive in under the sand, and when he surfaced again he could see her.

"Wolf?" So she was here.

Through her stomach came a sword, Ammy shrieked and blood splattered from the wound and the metal and it fell in drops onto the sand. Earth felt his body surge with energy and move faster forward, instinctively he was drawn towards her pain. From the sand with the stroke of a butterfly, and a swipe of his legs, he pounced out of the water and through the air to the sprinkling of grains following his breaking out of the sand, and he landed next to Ammy, where he rolled fluently into a cross legged sitting stance, hunched calmly, almost meditatively postured.

“How could you?”
The sword moved, sliding from her belly with the squelch of her body parts moving back into their place. She was about to take a step forward, to try and run through the pain had sent her vision blurry and her knees weak. Her hand was pressed over her stomach, blood was running like ink though her fingers, life blood dripping onto the sand. She turned, the sword rising again only to crack between her snowy breasts. Beat. Beat. Beat. The scream had died in her throat, all the remained was a small shuddering grasp. Her knees went weak, her eyes locked onto the eyes of the man she’d trusted, loved.

“Earth,” she whispered, eyes opening wider, “Tor…”

She was being tortured before him and he was uncertain whether he felt more pleasure or fear from watching it. There came a sword through her chest and his name slipped through her lips, and it caused Earth to rise. The motion was steady and smooth, as he flowed up onto his legs and went right into Ammy, impaling himself on the same sword that pierced though her and embracing her, encasing her with himself as he gasped softly at the sharp to pain of metal.

She clung to him, her body shaking as the steel left her cavity. She was losing blood. It was soaking over both of them, coating their skin in sticky sweetness. Her executioner stood behind her, wiping his blade. She was struggling to stand, gasping for air as she suddenly sank to her knees. Her eyes were soft, blinking quietly.

“Earth? You came,” she smiled, her breath just a breathless whisper.

He followed her to the ground, not loosening his grip, holding her by the back of her head and back and waist.

"Is this a good dream?" He asked in a neutral voice.

"How could you?" she croaked, fading.

"Could I what?"

"How could you let her-you--" her breath hissed, face falling into despair, "I trusted you."

"I will never harm you unless you want me to."

"Want? I want to wake. Please, wake me from this nightmare."

"I can't wake you."

"Then kill me, please. Earth it hurts," she was whimpering, her eyes glazed with pain as her body began to shake.

"No. You will do it for yourself."

"Please," she began to cry.

"What happens when you die here?"

"I die over there."

"IDIOT!!!" He roared, it was the first time he'd ever been mad at her.

"You...! I won't kill you, and I won't let you die."

She flinched at the harshness of his voice, the little giggle in her mind going off as she began to thrash. He wouldn’t kill her, he’d let her suffer.

“You bastard! Then flay my skin from my flesh while I bleed out why don’t you. This is your fault in the first place, you were the one who cut me down! You! I-“she coughed, she was livid, remembering only the black and blue eyes.

"...What do you want?"

"I want you."

"I can do that."

"...I'm going to die here."

"How do I get you out then?!"

"Do I look like your Lady Grey? I am not a spirit, not like her. I have to wake up...Earth!"

" am I helpless!?" He said and screamed and kicked the sand as he restlessly moved about and lashed out at the air and fleeting grains.
"Just wake than! Wake! Why can't you!?"

“I can’t-Earth,” she was fading fast, her breath retching her chest as her heart began to go into shock. She was crying again, her eyes wet as her hands remained limp at her sides, “Just promise me you’ll be happy.”

"Shut up!" He came back to her and squeezed her while trembling and his eyes screamed open. And then he ceased, falling back into steadiness.

"No, wait. What happens if I die here?"

"Promise me!" she cried.

"This is not my dream, if I die here I'll wake up and I can wake you."

"Earth stop! I can't take that risk....if you die..." her voice was barely audible, just a whisper now, a breath on the wind, "Please promise me."

"Shut up."

Her heart broke, a single tear glimmering on her cheek, "My love...."

"... ..."



"I-I love you."

"I will hate you if you die. I will love you if you wake."

Her breath left her body. Her once glimmering blue eyes, so bright and full of life now stared ahead, seeing nothing. Her body had settled, the fur around her ears settling as her head relaxed against the sand. The sand around her was stained red, her lips were parted slightly, as if getting ready to smile, but her skin had frozen.
She stopped.

"...H-hey...Ammy?" His hand shook as it slowly reached for her face, "Did you wake up? A-Ammy?"
His finger was on her throat and. He felt nothing. And he was not stupid.

For a long time he sat still and stared at her face as water poured into his eye. Than the left corner of his mouth twitched and the pearls began flowing down his cheek. The desert was now dead silent, there was nothing there. She was gone. Really.

Earth shot up at his knees and laughed at the dead Ammy, stabbing his palms and fingers right into the middle of her chest, crushing her ribs and tearing her flesh, and with a violet rip and to the sound of cracking bones and Earths furious, dark screams he brought his arms outward spliting Ammy into half and hurling the pieces off into the depths of the desert where they fell limp and rolled and soaked the sand, leaving trails of blood.


He fell back on his ass and his hands came lifeless down at the desert sand where their bloodstained surface was clung to by the sand.

"Why must everyone be so...(he tilted his head) ...weak?...Why can't she stay...?"
As his tears fell in the sand beneath him, it loosened and he sunk slowly. Feet, hands, than stomach and chest and face. Everything went black.


"Wake up! Earth please wake up!"

His eyes opened and found their focus. Above there was a brown sky, or it was not a sky at all, was a particularly low roof with a craggy texture. And before the roof was a familiar face.


"Thank Tor, you're alright!" she had stopped shaking him, her eyes were frightened, but relief was on the corner of her lips as she met his lips in a passionate and furious kiss.

Earth was first still and thoughtless, regaining his grip on what was reality. She was kissing him. He kissed her back. Had it been a dream? Earth searched Ammy’s body, running his hands all over it, looking for wounds in her stomach and feeling skin and ribs between her breasts. She was whole, complete. Relief, it swept through his mind and absorbed. His arms than wrapped around her back, squeezing her between his chest and the fold of his arms. Her chest pushed and shrunk against him, he could even feel her heart beat. And her mouth was moving in his. She was alive still! And she fit perfectly in his arms.

Breathe her smell.

“Are you alright?” she asked, breaking away to allow herself to tremble slightly. She had been woken from a dream about the chase of life and death only to find him thrashing about wildly in his own dream. His sudden sobs had frightened her and as soon as she had managed to keep him from crushing her, she had been trying to wake him. Death in a dream meant death in this world too, after all, everything was connected by a stream of consciousness. Her blue eyes searched his own, her hands stroking along his face, shoulders, hair, and chest, everywhere she could touch, all the while keeping herself atop him.
“You scared me half to death.”

"You are alive..."

"Of course I am," she said, looking at him with confusion, "Am I not supposed to be?"

"No." Stroking a string of hair out of her face and brushing past her ear, flattening it for an instant before his hand went past and it popped back up.

"You're alive. This is how it should be. Did you dream with me?"

She shook her head softly, displacing the hair back around her face, "Did you dream of me?"

"Yes..."What? It was all me... Why would I? Earth thought surprised and baffled.

"Something awful happened..."

"... ...?" He gave an inquiring look, a little lift of the eyebrow.

"You...uh..." she blushed.

"Hm? Is it important?"

"No...I guess not."


She blushed and looked away.

"Are you lying?"

A shake of a head.


Earth lifted his upper body to sitting, gently he shuffled Ammy to the side and the pelts slid forward on his belly and down onto the leaves and the layers of pelts. Leaning forward in over his legs, he began taking his clothes back on, fumbling with the golden rings for his calves and the belt for his hip. His back musculature was turned towards Ammy's resting head, clearly defined and twitching and tensing, detailed fine machinery.

Fingers on skin, her breath passing over her lips to fall gently onto his skin. She had to touch, the tips of her fingers dragging over each ridge, each valley in his skin. Her insides quivered and heat flooded her cheeks as she carefully pressed one side of her face against his skin, nuzzling along his spine once, twice, three times before taking his scent again. Frenris, he smelled good. Bravery, power, lust--no wait, that was her. A small smile pricked the corner of her pink lips and she quickly slid her tongue over them. She bit into his shoulder, not hard enough to break skin, just enough to prick and make him register pain and she moved up to his neck, nipping playfully at the junction between his shoulder and his throat. The thick wet squelch of his heartbeat, just inches from her slightly elongated canines. To bite, or not to bite....she hesitated and closed her eyes for a moment as she allowed that wonderful sound to echo and thrill her soul.

"Bite." he whispered.

"Hmmmm...." her lips were inches away, parted, teeth bared and her innocent eyes had an evil glint to them. “You’re sure?"

"Yes, bite down." he answered, she could here there was a longing.

She was now touching him, the soft prick of teeth on skin. Her eyes had closed softly, her ears going back against her skull as her hands held him, fingers spayed across his chest, his body pulled tightly to her's. Her tongue was the first to savor his taste, flicking out to ready the skin as a wicked smile curved along her face. She waited, letting the suspense grow....then she kissed his pulse and pulled away with a little chuckle.

"Let's get something straight here first," a small smirk, "I am a wolf, not some dog you can order around, so don't even think that you can."

"Also, I'm unpredictable...hopefully," with that she lunged forward, pinning him as she forced his throat back and bit.

Earth was thrown towards the ground landing softy on his back with a wolf on top of him. It was unnatural the amount of pressure her slender build could exert, holding him in place as her neck curved and her jaws came down at his throat and her teeth sunk into his flesh. Blood sipped into her mouth, a gust of air sipped between Earths lips as he breathed a shuddering sigh of delight.

“Good.” That was his reply to her.

Her hips wiggled, if she had been with a tail it would have been wagging furiously. Her eyes were closed as she tasted the salt of life blood. Was this the end? Had she won the hunt? Her muscles quivered, the hands on his shoulders making his own body tremor with hers as she moaned.


"Mhmmnh?" she hadn't let go.

"I don't like this forest, but here and you, it can be like this for a night." Earth was looking her straight in the eyes for once.

"But - after we go in and out of the wall, I will go someplace else and probably return to here."

"I'll come with you!" she chirped, detaching herself from his neck as her eyes went bright and happy.

"Ah, that's good..." There was a warmth in the relief of his expression as he faced her for moments, before they moved.

"We must prepare - food - storage, I did not carry any, others had them and they disappeared with the..." ...I don't want to go... Earth's mind was reminded when he sat in the cramped but autumn colored paradise.

"The wall," she finished for him, gently touching his arm. "We'll be okay, Earth. I won't let anything hurt us."
She'd managed to crawl into his lap, her hands caressing each side of his cheeks, holding his head still so that their eyes were locked, "I promise."

Her hands keeping me calm, sedating me? His eyes widened.

"...Mh." But his answer was rather absent still, as though his thoughts were either drawn to her or to anxiety.

"Tomorrow. Today I want to be here, buried under these." his foot swept nimbly over the pelts flicking their edges, feeling their soft and raspy.

Because the cold would hit soon, and the night would come. Earth had had enough of cold that day.
Ammy nodded, her lips pulling back into a smile as her body hopped and pranced to the opening of the tree, looking out, sniffing the air and reaching out with one of her hands. She was thirsty, and she didn't have a container beside her hands to catch the rain in and she let out a small sigh.

He saw her, but did not follow and began stacking pelts until everything was one big pile. He retreated into it, burying himself and closing is eyes, going to rest.

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#, as written by Hyydra
And with that, Jona rose.

He claws at the ground in pain, then at his eyes as he saw nothing but darkness. He roared into the forest, feeling nothing around him but the air and the trees. "Help! Help me!" He yelled in his distorted voice, letting out an undesirable cry that'd make the animals near him scurry away in the utmost hurry. He then lashed his head out into the sky, roaring so loud that the trees near him shook. With that, his eyesight came slowly, starting from the center of his view outer. "No, NO!" He yelped again, crying as he dug into the ground weakly, his bloodied eyes tearing up and releasing red tears into the dirt. "Brother!" He cried out loud, smashing at the ground limply, then laid there crying.

After a few sniffles and the rest of his sob, he rose. He looked all around him. "Alone." He said. "All alone." He scurried towards the forest now, trying to find Joshua. He checked in every tree, every log, and every stump that'd be the size of a human. But it'd be no use. There was no sign of his existence.

And that's when he heard the worst sound his ears ever noticed.

He dashed towards where it was, curiosity filling his brain. "Where?" He said weakly, then noticing a monster surrounded by dark monkey-like figures. "Brother!" He yelped, but couldn't be heard over the noise of the roars. He knew it was him, his life source easily seen. But Joshua turned towards him, and showed no expression. No joy in his face, no heart rate increasing. He only stared, his mouth shut and his chest pumped stirnly.

When Joshua trotted away, Jona cried. He bawled now, slamming his body into trees to keep him up. "Br- Brother!" He yelled to himself as he limply walked away from the sight. "Why!?" He yelled, slashing a young tree to watch it fall, relieving no pain at all. "WHY!?" He roared once more, yelping as he gripped for his throat as it hurt for him to cry and shout at the same time. He curled up into a ball now, his body covering the monstrous noise of his sorrow as he cried solemnly.

After a rough hour of sobbing, he rose. He looked towards the sky, to see the darkened world's atmosphere. "I-I will end you." He vowed, looking at something which others wouldn't be able to see. "And I will save my brother."

With that, he dashed into the forest, hoping something or someone would be able to help him.

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#, as written by Armin
Ammy woke to the whisper of Earth
“It’s time to go”
The words, spoken against her ear by lips ever slightly grazing, seeped into her consciousness pulling it into the world, and the hand that had carefully shaken her, to awaken her, left her shoulder. There was the sound of movement, scurrying and soft scraping. Preparations in the morning, at the time when you would rather just want to remain in bed or rise with force of will and sit down sleepy-eyed and wait for the deeper parts of the mind to gradually accept awakening, and for the morning dullness to disintegrate.
But the air breezing into through the hole of the trunk helped awaken her, the tiny gust rattled the dry leaves of the shelter floor. Earth was probably cold, at least a little; he was not swept in pelts, bare chested as usual. His feet were red too, and they left trail in of relative darkness in their steps, inklings of water. Had he been outside? He had. It was to go get the great sword he’d left behind yesterday, abandoned by the avalanche hill and the rock.
After going getting it and returning, Earth had layn the sword to rest against the home-trunks sturty wood. But it would be lifted up onto his back soon again.
But what was Earth doing now? In the green and gray of the mornings dim and almost damp, fresh air, breathing in cloud light. Or the outside world was green, the inside trunk was mild and musty autumn, a place to wake that makes you want to go back to sleep.
Anyway, back to Earth: he was fumbling with something, one of the pelts; he had turned it into a bag. Nothing fancy, just a string and a pelt: pull the string to contract the opening.
Finished with whatever he was doing, he threw it slowly over his shoulder. It signaled the end of preparations.

He went outside and sat down on the trunk in a casual stance, slightly curled and sunken back, one leg dangling, one leg folded, knee protruding skyward and forward. Eventually Earth stretched and cracked and gasped, and filled his lungs full. The birds were chirping. Earth sat silently waiting.

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Finally, she had arrived. The locating spell had shown that Charlotte is right above, which means it is time to resurface. The two finally get to reunite...

The ground liquified a bit more as Eve slowly raised from the ground, right in front of Charlotte who was lying down curled in a ball, shaking and scared. Why would this happen? Oh, it's Earth's fault for running off. He deserves a corpse slap, like what happened to the moose.
But wait, there is something heavy resting on Eve's head, sitting there giggling to itself. Before speaking to her child, Eve raised her arm and grabbed onto the item on her head, was it just a rock or something? But, once she held the item in front of her, it wasn't a rock. Instead, what she was holding was a very familiar being, hanging down still giggling as Eve's cold, angry hand tightened on the being's leg. It was that blob of life energy.
"... The fuck are you doing here?" Eve spoke through gritted teeth, angry. Before she even gave it a chance to do something, she span around by 180 degrees and lauched the being with a great throw at a tree, oh the strength of anger was immense, did the tree splinter a bit then? But it didn't matter.

Eve crouched down and put her arms around Charlotte, startling the child as it raised it's head to look into her mother's dead eyes. She instantly recovered, hugging onto the dead woman while shouting; "Mummy!". Damn, that kid is so damn cute. If Eve could cry, she would. But instead she gave off a relieved and saddened voice as she spoke, "I will never leave you alone again, now, let's go. We need to get Jeremy sorted out."

And so, Charlotte was lifted up and held in Eve's arms, close to the body and under Jeremy's black long coat. Being dead would give no means of heat, but the coat and the body can still act as an insulator.

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Like the fresh sprout of a plant Ammy’s eyes fluttered open. She had been sleeping, yes? She rose in the log to find herself alone, stretching, rising. Her lungs filled with the scent of rain and good earth, the dampness of the world flooding her nose with new scents that should have long since died. A little hand ran over her eyes and scratched along the edge of her nose, tongue curling as she opened her maw wide. Blue eyes welcomed the day, shimmering like two bright jewels as her skin quivered with the kiss of air that managed to stir the leaves around her. Her ears flickered. Forward. Back. Forward. To the side.

Where had Earth gone? Her nose worked the air and she rummaged around inside the trunk for a dress. It was stunning, and tight…almost too tight. She sighed and dropped back to her hands and knees, arching her back up, then down, then up again and finished off with a ferocious shake of her body. Cartilage popped and bone shifted, working out the cramps and lumps from the night before, her lips curving into a small sigh as she remembered. Oh how nice it had been to share an embrace, a touch, a kiss, and something oh so sexy it left her shivering. Earth.

RIGHT! She’d have to chase after him no doubt and so, with haste she rolled up her mother’s fur, tied it with the one bit of leather she could find (there had originally been two and the one really left her confused) and grabbed a small bag she’d hidden under all the furs. With one last look she began to crawl out, her back arching and butt wiggling to escape the confines of their little den. She didn’t notice Earth straddling the log, plenty relaxed and so, as she stood, she pulled down the back of her dress (it only reached mid-thigh) and began to promptly march away, her nose already caught on what she assumed was his trail, dragging something long and furry behind her.

It was Earth. But his sound came from behind her. She stopped and turned to look directly into his eyes, her own smiling as she waved, hoping that distance would hide the rush of blood that now colored her cheeks. So he hadn't left....damn rain she thought as she came prancing back beside him, looking at the makeshift bag he'd made from one of her furs. So that's where her other tie had gone. Figures, she shook her head with a small smile.

"Hey yourself."

"...You still want to go through the wall? We can disappear north and abandon here."

"You're not even the least bit curious?" she smiled, gently grabbing hold of his arm, "Think of the adventure behind! I think both you and Grey want to know...but maybe...No. That couldn't be. Are my two brave warriors frightened?"
Her eyes shone with mischief.

"...Yes." Shamelessly.

A sigh. Her hand slid up his arm to his shoulder, finally to his cheek and there it rested, her eyes searching his face, quietly. She stood there for a long time. Secretly she was flipping through his memories, her mind shielded from them both as she did so. A dragon, an old spirit breaking into something new and terrible. It had killed and destroyed everything in it's path, so how had he managed to escape?

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Wiesel continued to act sympathetic, try to give a look of pity and another gentle pat on the back as he stood besides the half demon girl, though inwardly worried this girl seemed to have a demonic side. "Don't lose hope Mirian, there's no proof in that village they were caught in that fire.", faking a sincere tone and adding; "Well, no use sitting around, let's go searching, they couldn't have wandered off too deep in these forests." He signaled her to walk along with him, giving a sickeningly cheerful grin, formulating a number of half baked ideas on how to kill her in his head without causing the demon side to pop up again.
As he began walking, his wrist twitched and itched, feeling greatly uncomfortable and frustrated at waiting for the ideal chance to strike, while also immensely cautious of causing the demon side to stir up once again, not confident in the slightest of being able to fight back against it. He hated that. Though he decided being dead would be more frustrating. What wasn't frustrating however, was how smoothly things were quickly turning his way, when he found a trail of muddy footprints.
"Well these look promising, this way Mirian!" the bandit said encouragingly, smiling in hope that is was one of the previous folks work, following the filthy tracks.

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Mirian walked alongside Wiesel, quietly, not saying anything to him. She crouched to the ground when he found footprints. "I wouldn't say these look very promising. First of all I'm looking my mother and younger brother. These prints are too big to be their. And these are pretty old, you can see it from how the grass around them has already started to recover. Of course now when it's raining the water has caused the footprints to get unclear and messy so it's hard to tell how old exactly."

She looked around her trying to find another footprints when something caught her eye. She slowly walked to a nearby tree looking something. "Blood..." she whispered when seeing the light red stripes on the tree that rain hadn't yet washed away. She walked forward trying to find tracks to follow.

She was only able to took couple of steps when there was monstrous roar. She quickly turned around drawing her katana out of its scabbard. "What was that?"

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#, as written by Hyydra
Through the forest treest, a dark black and grey fur could be seen knocking the trees to wobble. Jona was hunched over, hurrying around to find someone or something that could help him. He let out another roar, louder this time, startling to even himself as he leaped into an opening in the forests, which then he could be seen.

He was almost as tall as the trees and if not taller. His eyes were of a pink pupil surrounded in blood. His face was like a wolf's, blood drooling from his mouth and gums, his teeth ragged and large like a saber's and a bear's intwined. He slammed his head into the dirt, getting a scent of someone. No, two people. He let loose a low grumble, walking slowly towards the two smells he had acquired.

And then, he saw them. A small man which dressed as of a jester in his opinion, and an even smaller girl with a katana and wings. He looked at their faces first, then their eyes. His head snapped down to the girl's katana, and he roared, wind gusting out of his lungs, letting loose a strong powerful boom that'd vibrate their ears and a breeze strong enough to startle them. He backed up, but then lowered down till he was on all fours, still large in size and height. He prowled around them, looking more focused on the girl with the Katana, snarling whenever she pointed it at him. He turned towards the forest and dashed into it, only to appear behind them on the other side of where they were, as if he ran around the world. "I... I need help" He rumbled in his stony voice, lowering himself to one knee. "P-please..." He sniffled, sounding disgusted as he looked towards the ground. "I wish not to fight, young girl. I need your help." he looked up to her, fear and sorrow in his shiny pink eyes from tears.

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Wiesel decided to grit his teeth as Mirian corrected him, having not a single clue she could also do some tracking, giving a sigh as he followed after her admitting; "My apologies friend, I had no idea you had a nose for these things like I do, i was trying to give you some much needed hope with a white lie.", barely registering the blood on the tree, decisively thinking it was blood from some wild animal being hunted by another. Suddenly there was a colossal roar, which had put his new companion on edge, though to be honest, he too was nervous, and clutched at his sickle. "I'm in no mood to fight a bear!", the oddly dressed bandit growled, holding his ground.

What they were met with was quite surprising, even for Wiesel who had lived in these forests for many a year. Some huge beast of a bear, with ear-shattering roars, was barging his way through the trees, who itself was almost as tall as the trees at the very least, with blood red eyes and pink pupils, his maw filled with ragged and threatening clusters of teeth, blood dripping form his jaws, and lowered himself on all fours, snarling at Mirian, and fleeing back into the trees.
"Suppose he wasn't up for a fight. Handy for us eh, Mirian?", Wiesel commented before turning round to find the bear was behind them, nearly jumping out of his skin, which didn't help when it spoke in it's stony voice, pleading for help. He even seemed to be crying.

Wiesel was not happy to be met with yet another unusual occurrence today, though admittedly it was a very interesting day. He was beginning to worry he wouldn't be able to distinguish who was some magical freak and just a normal animal or human after this was over, and certainly wasn't in the mood for fighting this talking goliath of a bear.He decided to keep playing along as the peaceful stranger in the forest.
"A talking bear? I'd be shocked if there hadn't already been a dragon and a living corpse today. He seems to want you to help Mirian, though a bit rude of you bear, a forest local like yourself and not even so much as a hello.", he babbled with false nervousness, but was inwardly seething at how some simple plan of basic trickery was knocked aside already. He was beginning to wonder if it was better to have just murdered the girl instead of comforting her. Today certainly wasn't going his way.

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Mirian stared the bear. She didn't even listen what Wiesel was talking to her. She barely even realized he was talking. Mirian stared the enourmous creature in front of her holding her katana ready to strike if it would attack even though the sword probably wouldn't do any damage at all to the bear.

She quickly turned over when he appeared behind her and startled when the beast started to talk. ”H-help?” she asked quietly confused tone in her voice. That look. That look in his eyes. Mirian didn't believe it would attack on her. Slowly she lowered the katana.

”What's your story?”

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Hyydra
Jona let out a strange, distorted sob, then stifling it with a sudden gust of air through his lungs that'd sound painful. He looked at Mirian with hope in his eyes, speaking in his horrible voice. "M-my brother is captured by it! You have to help." He looked up towards the sky, the center of the darkness above them slowly beginning to swirl together, but in a very very early stage. "We have to stop it. He will destroy the world." He snapped his head behind him, twisting his body to shoot around. "They're here. We have to go, now!" He shot back to her in panic, and from behind, a small monkey was seen. There could be more, dozens actually, hiding within the trees, but only three were present now, scuttling over to Jona, the nearest target. They seemed peaceful, but carried rocks in their balled fists as they approached.

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Wiesel was merely puzzled, though not interested, in the bears pleas for help, claiming that his brother had been captured by something an will destroy the world. He was beginning to wonder if he didn't just go insane and these were all fantastical illusions and hallucinations. It seemed Mirian was also caught off guard so that was something too. He pondered if it would be worth slaughtering the pair of them now, but decided he simply wasn't in the mood. Suddenly the bear seemed panicked and begged the pair of humans to flee, which Wiesel was stunned by as it turned out his foes were a few monkeys with rocks, though he heard some rustling in the trees which didn't sound too delightful.
Wiesel merely laughed and reasoned; "What's so terrifying about monkeys? Honestly, the three of us could slaughter them easily! And there just monkeys, sure they have rocks, but they don't wish to hurt us, just seems like we wandered into their territory and their angry we walked in on there home."
He then had a smug look upon his face, before giving a shrug and waving his sickle. "But if push comes to shove, I have no qualms with fending them off, so what will it be, apparently more interesting human.", Wiesel said with a cocky smirk, obviously bitter neither of them seemed too bothered he was standing there. He really was getting impatient with the whole fake trust and murder when easy routine.

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Mirian was quiet a while then silently the words came out. "You want me to help your brother. But currently I'm looking my own brother. And when I have to choose between those two, I choose mine" She said to the bear and looked at the monkeys then. She raised her katana again. "Three monkeys on the ground, more in the trees" Mirian said when watching the tree branches that shook like something would jump from one branch to another. She glanced over Wiesel. "I'm still a bit tired from the previous umm... accident. So hopefully you can use that" she nodded towards the sickle he hold in his hand. "I'll cover your back"

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Hyydra
"NO!" He roared in fear. "They aren't as you seem!" The apes got bigger as they got closer, now fully seen as 4'5, and then that's when Joshua came in. It was a large thunderous roar that had him land from leaping higher than the trees and onto the opening behind Jona. "GO!" He yelped as the dashed towards them, nipping Mirian in the back of her dress to carry her, as boulders were thrown at them as well as spears, too many of these people to fight at once. If one were to fight, they'd die quickly anyway from Joshua. He dashed and dashed, panting now as he kept his head up as he attempted to carry her, even now they were about ten to twenty meters away.

But from behind, the thunderous pounds of Joshua were gaining, and screeches were following them as well.

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As he and Mirian were about to strike the monkeys, Wiesel grinning to himself manically a she finally had a chance to shed some blood, his smile vanished as the apes began growing larger and larger, suddenly throwing boulders and spears towards them, as well as the sudden appearance of the inhuman beast that unknown to him was the same crossbow wielding wanderer from earlier, immediately deciding to turn tail and flee along with Jona and Mirian, sprinting right besides them, though obviously was jostling to get ahead and as far away as he could, crying out to the pair of them; "God damn it, it's been nothing but trouble since I found that stupid village a flame! I should of just not got involved with you! I hate life and death encounters!", the 'you' referring to Mirian, who he gave a furious look to, and sheathed his sickle, deciding it would be pretty useless right now since he currently only had one plan in mind; survive. A dark thought then hit his mind, of finding a way to slow the other two down to distract the monsters behind him, but struggled to find any obstacles as of yet he would have time to use on them, and gritted his teeth in disappointment, still continuing to find something that would give him and edge, continuing to sprint ahead from the monstrous horde with his temporary companions.

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”Hey! Let me go!” Mirian shouted as the bear snatched her. She tried to wriggle out of his grip when she saw a spear flying next to her. She looked behind her seeing the growing monkeys and huge beast behind them. ”Wh-what is that?” she asked more from herself than anyone else. She calmed down a bit, letting the bear carry her further away. Although she could wield her katana very well, she knew that beast was something she couldn't defeat.

She then heard Wiesel's shout behind her. Her eyes flashed back to yellow again as she turned her towards him quickly. ”And I should have killed you instead! How dare you call my hometown by names!” She would have attacked on him but there was two problems that prevented her. One, she wasn't in shape good enough to fully transform and two, there was a creature after them that would kill her in instant if she stopped now.

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#, as written by Hyydra
Jona easily outran Wiesel, being him weaker and less energetic than that of the wolfish beast he was himself. Within seconds, his attempt to catch up was gone, and nothing was left but a wave of monsters hurdling towards them. Wiesel living or dying was none of his concern, but it was most likely he died from being trampled by the wave of monsters, especially Joshua, hurdling over to them at great speed. "Joshua!" He muffled a roar out of the fabric he had in his mouth carrying Mirian. He was scared, but his adrenaline kept him running, but the same was with Joshua.

With that, he leaped onto one of the trees, jumping off of the slender figure to make it collapse as he jumped to the left of the straight path, hearing Joshua roar in rage as he continued straight, unable to stop moving for quite some time now. Jona set her down, panting lightly with his tongue out of his mouth. "H-He doesn't mean to do this, I swear. He is corrupted, and without your help and that of others, the world will die as well!" His voice got wobbly until he smashed his head into a tree near them, it slowly collapsing on the ground. "I promise to help your brother as soon as you help mine!" He now pleaded, bowing his head as bloodied tears swelled up in his eyes, puffy from crying during the chase.

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"I'll call your hometown what I like, they're the village that killed my family and burnt down my home and everything in it! Why do you think I live in the woods?"; Wiesel retorted with a snarl, realizing that karma was catching up with him all at once as he found he was slowing, tiring somewhat from a rigorous day, the stampeded of monkeys and Joshua closing in behind him, as his rude behavior obviously done him no favors, with Jona and Mirian storming ahead.
During his panic, and his continued struggle to keep from being struck down by the monsters behind him, he heard running water. His head risked a glance to the side to see a cliff where the sound was coming from, along with a stream cascading off the edge of it. He gave a frustrated scream as he put every ounce of his energy to run to the side and sprint to the cliff, before leaping off it with a swan dive in what he hoped was a deep enough lake below.
"Right I've decided, I hate monsters and monkeys!", he bellowed out as he plummeted downwards towards the small lake that could be his grave or his savior, the latter providing the monstrous apes or Joshua didn't catch with him after the fall.

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Mirian was already too far away to hear Wiesel's words. Now she was staring the beast who was smashing the tree causing it to collapse. She had mixed feelings. She was scared but she was more scared the events than the bear itself. At least he had saved her life. ”For now...” she thought in her mind. Still she wanted to help him, it was in her nature, helping others. Then she remembered something the bear had muttered. ”Joshua?” Where she had heard that before. ”Wait...that other man. Didn't he had a bear cub with him?” her thoughts were making her even more confused.

Mirian wanted answers. ”Why? Why you want my help? I can't fight against something like that. I'm sure there's others in this forest who could do better than I do.”

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#, as written by Hyydra
Jona whimpered, shaking his head. He looked at her, gazing into her eyes with pleading tears, stating: "No, you're a demon. I've seen you with my own eyes, you have power like his. But it must be controlled." He looked around to check if anyone was coming, sighing in sorrow and relief that no one was. "I can't do this by myself, oh please, you have to help me! I'll find your brother, I promise!" He lowered himself, folding his arms strangely into hands balled together as if begging her as he lowered his head in depression, letting it hang as he looked at the blood puddle below his head which he had made.

"He will be gone if you don't help me, the whole world will."

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Having landed in the lake below with a great splash, the upwards spraying stinging from somewhat from the impact, Wiesel quickly and hastily kicked and paddled his way to the surface, not bothering to look back as he hastily swam to shore, clambering back onto his feet to stumble over, feeling his exhaustion take sit toll, before taking a running start to continue his sprint in hopefully out of danger.
After some time of plodding along, having run out of steam for some time, he slumped into a nearby tree, and glanced at his surroundings. They were all definitely gone. Not a single sign of the monsters nearing towards him, or the pair of strangers who sped on ahead of him. He sighed to himself in relief, and let himself slide to the ground to relax, grumbling to himself in annoyance of how on earth he managed to get mixed in this sort of situation.
"Alright, next time, if I meet someone, just kill them, no chit chat or damned ideas of tricking them. Just plain murder!", he growled, once again chatting to himself. He rested for a while, the place seeming oddly calm considering the event he had just been through. He gave a weak little yawn after a couple of hours of doing nothing but sit around, waiting for his strength to come back, and began travelling again.
"Well, time to get back to the tree, though I got nothing to add to it now." he mumbled out-loud, as he began strolling towards the direction of his home.

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Golden waves stroked up along the hills just south of the forest. There was nothing but the sound of the wind and the snap of clothing and banners pulled by that wind. Sunlight glinted off of hard steel, two swords facing each other as two silhouettes faced off in the afternoon light. One, clearly a woman, stood alone as the sun stroked along the soft curve of her cheek and her silver hair whipped and bit against the pale flesh that were her arms and shoulders. Her weapon was held up, the tip slightly above eye level as her fingers tightened on the old hilt. She was crouched in a fighting stance, her white dress flapping against her legs, as green eyes glinted. The second figure was clearly a man, his much larger body nearly towering above her own slim figure. The man was beyond handsome, a pale beauty with two different colored eyes. One was as pale as winter’s snow, the other a green as crushed mint. The man’s lips, as pink as cherry blossoms were curved into a thin smile. His own bade lay at rest by his side. Under the eye that was blue, three black lines descended like the mark of a beast, curving delicately towards his ear as white hair fell around his shoulders.

He was clearly a man of wealth, his armor glittering golden and his helm just a circlet. Thought there was much more. Between his dark eyebrows, the centerpiece he adorned was large and proud. Gold circled a red ruby, carved out to hold a flower in the midst of the circle. Above that on his crown, as it was only proper to call it now, was a golden shield, adorned with the diamond cut of a flawless piece of emerald, located again in the center. The two pieces were connected with other fancy curves and cuts, edges and spirals that eventually led to two chains. But perhaps the most awe inspiring and curious part was the way the circlet melted into a face guard. Around the green eye the gold had been cut back then allowed to creep forward and down. From what Ammy could tell the metal followed the curve of the man’s cheek from under his eye only to vanish behind white hair. Her eyes flickered to his lips as he smirked.

“And what is a demon like you doing showing yourself off like this?” In a voice like silk the man finally spoke his first words to her, an edge of distain and amusement in the voice from his curious face. Ammy’s eyes flashed to his own, then to the men he had in formation behind him. Twenty or so with spears drawn and eyes narrowed. And this time, they were right to be wary. Ever since Ammy had left Earth to practice her flying, she’d been unable to return to her human form without the tail of the dragon remaining behind. Though Ammy could accept the change the wolf ears permanently attached to her head had brought about, hiding a dragon’s tail wasn’t an option. She certainly couldn’t hide it now as the fur on the end blew forward across the white and blue scales.

“I don’t expect you to understand,” she responded coyly. They had called her a demon, so a demon she would be. Green eyes flashed and she tightened her grip again on her sword though the man appeared to relax a bit at her statement.

“Conversation opens doorways to understanding.”

“But swords end lives faster than words do,” she responded, keeping her eyes on the man as he tipped his head back in a throaty laugh.

“Well played my dear,” he said with a small bow, eyes twinkling as he smiled, “But perhaps you would care to enlighten us? Unless that is, words are useless and you will not allow us to become your masters.”

“Masters? Of what? Me? No, nothing so wild can be tamed.”

“Wolves have been turned to dogs, horses to beasts of burdens, pigs to feed and even tigers to pets. What makes you so different from creatures such as those?”

“I am not an animal.”

Laughter rose from among the ranks and the man smiled.

“Forgive their rudeness, my lady,” he mocked ever-so slightly, eyes gleaming, “But what my men see is an unexperienced little girl with wolf ears and a dragon tail holding a sword that is much too long for her to handle effectively. Unfortunately I see this too, so if you are not part animal what are you exactly?”

“I-I am a demon. Perhaps this is the form I have chosen to take as of now, perhaps to fool you into thinking I am weak. Or perhaps to lure you into a false sense of security.”

“Forgive me once again, but I’m calling your bluff. You appear too comfortable in that skin for it just to be a ruse.”

“A ruse? Then I should reveal my true form to you men and have you test your skills then?”Ammy asked, trying her best to sound brave.

“Well according to you this is your true form,” the man responded with a small smirk, “So you are lying?”

“I’m not!”

“Then there are no more need for words.”

With the sound of metal against metal the swords were drawn, leaving Ammy with little time to react. In a run the Gilded Man’s men came rushing forward. With great skill her sword was surgically removed from between her hands, not that it took much effort. Ammy wasn’t known anywhere for her swordsmanship and what time she had spent watching and practicing with Earth had left very little of an impression on her. But she wasn’t about to let it end there. She dove and caught hold of a branch, pulling the dead matter up and into the face of one of the men rushing towards her with rapier held high. As his blade fell she quickly dove to pick it up before stabbing the staggering man in the stomach of his armor. The Gilded Man lunged forward, forcing her back. Their swords crossed, sparkling in the afternoon sun. The clink of metal against metal was harsh against her ears, her muscles tensing as the Gilded man leapt back her sword finding skin with the wet thud of steel digging into flesh. Another joined his fight, breaking in to replace him with a grizzled face. Ammy crouched and ducked under the flying blade, her weapon rising as if on its own accord to pierce deep into the man’s stomach. Blood oozed down the blade and onto her hand. The Gilded man sneered. He held his sword in his hand, waiting for an opportunity. Ammy didn’t wait. She twisted her body, bringing up her sword, then let the weapon fall, carving a man’s face and sending him stumbling back. A twig snapped behind her. She whirled and swung her weapon, barely slicing off the enemy’s head. Another rushed forward and brought up his blade. Ammy blocked it with her own, her arms shaking from the weight. Just behind her she could imagine the Gilded man’s smirk, her teeth gritting as the blades locked. With a swing her attacker separated the two, the tip of his blade pushing up near her throat as she spun and the tail on her back sent him barreling backwards.

That had to be all, she panted. Turning to face the Gilded man when she found herself staring into the face of another. Adrenaline rushing, Ammy was able to send the hilt of her sword into the man’s nose. He stumbled back and Ammy did a quick count. At least five had to be out of the fight, their bodies limp and bleeding on the ground around her, one severed head near her feet as she kicked it towards the oncoming men with a small apology. Upon impact, several stopped in horror, watching as Ammy’s body began to grow, to shift. With a bright light her muscles tore from the inside out, the Gilded man rising his hand to hold back his men as his eyes flashed. This wasn’t a demon. This girl wasn’t even close, but she was something that was beyond rare. A Zuikei.

“I want that thing alive,” he snapped, watching as from the light a massive head arose. It wasn’t the least bit hideous, the dragon snout with the mane of a lion circling around its massive neck. Scales as tough as steel shimmered like ice in the sunlight, talons as sharp as a thousand spears glittering on the end of arms that could crush a tree in half. The Ammy-dragon opened her maw, roaring out as the remaining men took a small step back. With a charge forward, her body sprang with the grace ad power of a feline, the men holding their ground even as her claws ripped apart their shield wall and left them standing there with nothing but their shields. The men she knocked down were soon replaced by another, this time with swords. They slashed at bit at her scales, metal dinging off like it was worthless stone, Ammy’s eyes staring down those that smacked against her with anger. She roared, talons shredding through their armor and quickly slicked with blood. Her tail smashed against the ground, knocking away a few soldiers. Still they came forward, hacking at her wings and neck, leaping clear of her massive tail as ropes slid along her scales, looking for a place to grab hold as an primeval fear struck. A downed dragon was a dead dragon.
Run! the voice inside her head snapped and with wide eyes, Ammy began to leap forward. Her body smashed against a solider, knocking the surprised man. Another jumped forward to take his place. Ammy twisted, her body leaping up into the air as her claws ripped at the air around her, body twisting as she rose a couple of feet into the air before crashing back against the ground. She didn’t stop though, her feet pounding against the ground as she neared the cover of the trees. Her lips curved, whiskers flowing behind her as her bright green eyes narrowed with a click of scales. Her tail smashed against the ground, her claws ripping through as tree as she launched herself upwards.

Wind whipped through her fur, her talons reaching up and clawing at the air as she danced higher and higher, above the tops of the tree as her body thrashed. Though she had escaped the battle and possible capture, she hadn’t been so unlucky to escape unharmed. Blood dripped from between her lips, scales broken and cut away, pain spiking up her body with every winding thrust. Soon she couldn’t continue her movements as her arms curled up into her stomach and her body twisted back. Ammy’s back faced the ground as her body fell, crashing back through the trees and hurtling back against the dirt. The ground split around her, allowing her to skid forward. Dust, leaves and branches lay strewn about her, dark eyes closing as she let out a whimpering sigh.