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[hr:2qyhe3of][/hr:2qyhe3of][hr:2qyhe3of][/hr:2qyhe3of][right:2qyhe3of][font=gabriola:2qyhe3of][size=120:2qyhe3of][color=#4D4652:2qyhe3of]I.Y. 1180 - Wyvern Moon - Tuesday the 21st Garreg Mach - Early Evening - Clear Senka Rinaldi[/color:2qyhe3of][/size:2qyhe3of][/font:2qyhe3of][/right:2qyhe3of][hr:2qyhe3of][/hr:2qyhe3of][hr:2qyhe3of][/hr:2qyhe3of][justify:2qyhe3of][font=georgia:2qyhe3of]Senka was rather tired of seeing her friends not making any progress in their relationships. [i:2qyhe3of]She[/i:2qyhe3of] might not have been as inclined to something romantic like Sorcha and Amalthea were, but she was aware of her friends and how they were [i:2qyhe3of]drawn[/i:2qyhe3of] to each other. It was something she remembered seeing between her mother and father, and she was beginning to see it with her friends. That they seemed to be keeping each other at arms length was not sitting well with her. She knew their positions were unique, and difficult, though. She'd been in their position, before, but she wasn't [i:2qyhe3of]now[/i:2qyhe3of]. Today, though, she was going to get them to at least spend time together: [i:2qyhe3of]alone[/i:2qyhe3of] and in different areas. They needed to see what she saw, and be able to enjoy it for however long they were going to be at the academy. Graduation was still a few months away, but with the increasingly dangerous missions they were being sent on, Senka wanted her friends to appreciate each other just a bit more. Sorcha, especially, since she was Senka's best friend. She deserved to be happy, just as much as anyone else, and it seemed that Mercer was doing just that. Senka knew that it wasn't just his doing, but she also knew how Sorcha felt about him. Shaking her head softly, there was only one person she could think of to help her on this endeavor of hers. While she also planned something for [i:2qyhe3of]him[/i:2qyhe3of], Vridel was the only person she knew who would help her set Mercer and Sorcha up on a small [i:2qyhe3of]outing[/i:2qyhe3of]. It would be slightly romantic, but they didn't have to know that. The same for Vridel. He'd been in such a rut after the whole ordeal with Amalthea, that he needed something [i:2qyhe3of]light[/i:2qyhe3of] in his life. And Senka was determined to see that her second best friend was going to smile. She had already told Amalthea, Sorcha, and Mercer to meet her near the gazebo by the knights' hall later in the day, however; she needed to make sure the other member of the group would be there as well. That meant she had to convince Vridel to join in under the pretense of helping [i:2qyhe3of]her[/i:2qyhe3of] to help [i:2qyhe3of]them[/i:2qyhe3of]. With that in mind, she set off to find Vridel. He was usually at the training grounds, but as of late, he seemed to be trying to avoid a certain red-headed girl that they had [i:2qyhe3of]rescued[/i:2qyhe3of]. Monica, if she remembered the name correctly. The girl always seemed so adamant about chasing after him, however; she seemed to stay clear of Senka. She didn't mind, though. There was just something about Monica that rubbed her wrong, but she didn't dwell on the subject for long. Senka had other things to attend to, after all. Still, it made sense to check the training grounds first. Monica was indeed in attendance, but she had been seemingly relegated to the stands, where she watched with rather rapt attention as Vridel and Cyril trained with nothing but their bare hands today, it seemed. Cyril was oddly insistent that all of his students train for and take certification tests in barehanded fighting. It was certainly one of his areas of expertise, but the rationale he gave was that people could find themselves with a need for defenses even in situations where no weapons were available, or magic would draw too much attention or risk collateral damage. And so he tutored them all individually on the subject. This must be Vridel's practice slot. His hair was damp with sweat, sticking to the back of his neck. Cyril, by contrast, didn't look much disturbed; he was holding the small target pads he used to run them through forms, and as Senka entered, Vridel battered at them for half a minute without stopping, before a jerk of the chin and soft word from Cyril paused him. Their Professor straightened, meeting her eyes across the ring and smiling slightly. [color=#4C0F75:2qyhe3of]“Senka,"[/color:2qyhe3of] he greeted gently. Vridel turned, running his hand through his hair and grimacing. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“Hey, Sen. Need something?"[/color:2qyhe3of] [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I do,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she stated, offering both of them a smile of her own. It was much easier to produce than it had been, before, and it was something Senka was grateful for. She didn't know she could miss smiling so much. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I need your help with something,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she directed the statement towards Vridel, pausing only for a moment to regard the both of them. While she didn't need Cyril's help, she supposed it wouldn't [i:2qyhe3of]hurt[/i:2qyhe3of] to let him in on what she had planned. The only unnecessary person, here, was Monica. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“Only if you are finished with your training. I can wait a bit longer if you are not; it is not of the upmost importance,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she stated, which was true. While it wasn't [i:2qyhe3of]entirely[/i:2qyhe3of] important, it was still something she wanted to do for them. Vridel looked to Cyril, who waved a hand dismissively. [color=#4C0F75:2qyhe3of]“You've done plenty for today."[/color:2qyhe3of] As they walked to the edge of the ring, Cyril handed Vridel a canteen of water; her friend took it gratefully and drank about half of it before unceremoniously dumping the rest on his head and using it to slick his hair back. It wet his uniform too, but it was one of the practice ones that were sort of designed for it, and didn't seem to bother him. Monica seemed inclined to approach, but a chance glance from Cyril was apparently enough to make her rethink it, and she vanished wordlessly a moment later. Vridel didn't even seem to notice. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“So what's this thing you want help with?"[/color:2qyhe3of] He took up the towels on the fence rail, tossing one to Cyril and wiping at his face with the other, shifting it to the back of his neck and arching an inquiring elbow at Senka. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“Mercer and Sorcha,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she responded. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I asked them to meet me at the gazebo later today, but..."[/color:2qyhe3of] she trailed off, pursing her lips into a thoughtful manner. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I need to set it up before they get there and I was wondering if you'd like to help. It is meant to be very subtle, but it is also meant to be romantic. They are, after all, engaged."[/color:2qyhe3of] Falsely or not, they were engaged, and they needed a little bit of a push. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I am certain I am not the only one who has noticed their lingering affection for each other, and I believe it is time they had a gentle push in the right direction."[/color:2qyhe3of] She allowed her smile to inch just a bit wider and her eyes softened at the thought. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“Hm. So you want to provide the push, but not so much that they can protest too assiduously and get out of it."[/color:2qyhe3of] His eyes narrowed. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“Nefarious. did you have a plan for what exactly to set them up to [i:2qyhe3of]do[/i:2qyhe3of]?"[/color:2qyhe3of] Senka felt herself grin at the statement. A strange feeling, but she didn't linger on it for long. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I do. I've already had the stables saddle a few of the horses. We're going to take a tour through the forest near the monastery. There are four different trails that each have different scenery that I hear is quite beautiful around this time of night. It will force us to split up, but that will be the point."[/color:2qyhe3of] She, of course, neglected to say that Amalthea would be joining, and that the trails in particular were only suited for two people at a time. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“And the reason we are going on horseback is because the trails were not made with fliers in mind."[/color:2qyhe3of] That meant that Mercer and Sorcha couldn't take Lady and Sir, but they would still be able to enjoy themselves. Vridel stroked his chin a moment, looking thoughtful. He was a clever man; for a moment he looked at her so keenly it was almost as if he were suspicious or her intentions somehow, but it faded a moment later. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“I suppose that could work. A bit [i:2qyhe3of]separate[/i:2qyhe3of], horseback, but I suppose it makes up for that with the seeming innocuousness. How do you plan to make sure they don't just insist on a different grouping, or all of us choosing one trail and going together?"[/color:2qyhe3of] Behind him, Cyril was working on resetting the ring, clearly keeping an ear on the conversation if the soft snort of almost-laughter was anything to go by, but not interfering with their scheming by any means. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“That's why I came to you,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she replied. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“The trails in particular we would be taking were designed specifically for two people at a time. If you were to come with me, then we could force the two of them to take a separate trail by suggesting we each bring back a description, flower, or herb from that particular one. And since it would be safer to go in pairs, it would make sense for them to go together, especially if we disguised it as something that would be beneficial to them, in particular."[/color:2qyhe3of] She could, theoretically, ask Cyril to come with her, instead, but she needed Vridel to go as well. Otherwise her plan would fail, and she couldn't have that. He hummed consideringly, narrowing his eyes at her in a familiar, calculating way before he raised his voice slightly. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“Professor Cyril, would you mind helping? I'm sure it would be much easier to get permission to take the extra horses out if you said we were collecting samples for instruction."[/color:2qyhe3of] Cyril paused in his work, looking at them with one eyebrow slightly raised. [color=#4C0F75:2qyhe3of]“You want me to lie to the monastery?"[/color:2qyhe3of] He didn't sound offended in the slightest; if anything there was a bit of amusement gilding his flat tone. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“For a good cause, yes."[/color:2qyhe3of] That got him a snort, but the Professor shrugged. [color=#4C0F75:2qyhe3of]“If you don't think my presence would be disruptive, I certainly don't mind. I've been meaning to explore those trails myself."[/color:2qyhe3of] Senka shook her head. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I don't think it would be disruptive at all,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she replied. That Cyril was going to be attending as well would make this a little easier. It would not only force Mercer and Sorcha together, but also Vridel and Amalthea. That left her and Cyril to take a trail as well, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed spending time with him, even if it wasn't in the classroom or on missions. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“It might actually be conducive to the situation,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she continued, glancing in Cyril's direction. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“They only allowed me to saddle a few of the horses,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she added. While five horses was a little more than the stable hands had originally been willing to allow out, if Cyril were to ask for permission, taking a sixth horse for him would be easier. Cyril nodded, then. [color=#4C0F75:2qyhe3of]“All right. Should I go do that now?"[/color:2qyhe3of] [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“I need to change,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Vridel noted, plucking at his damp shirt. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“When did you tell them to meet you?"[/color:2qyhe3of] [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“In an hour. I believe it is more than enough time for everyone to get situated,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she replied, glancing towards Cyril before turning back to Vridel. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“I will meet you both at the gazebo in that time,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she continued. Once everything had been prepared, and set, Senka made her way back to her room to prepare for the evening's ride. She changed out of her uniform into something a little more suited to the weather, and for the ride. While it was still warm during the day, the evening tended to cool down rather rapidly. While it was nothing like the cool air of Faerghus or Duscur, it was still nice. She chose a white shirt to go underneath a lavender tunic with a gold sash that she wrapped around her. It was embroidered with silver trimmings, and it matched the grey banded trousers she slipped on. Once she was satisfied, she pulled her hair back, braiding it over her shoulder to keep it in place. She left her room, after, to wait at the gazebo for the others. Mercer was the first to arrive, his hair slicked back behind a thick band. He was wearing a pair of dark trousers and a sleeveless emerald green tunic. The neck was trimmed in gold, and the trimmings seemed to go down the middle of his tunic where the buttons were. He grinned at her as he waved. [color=#CBA135:2qyhe3of]“Hey, Sen. We waiting on Sor and Thea?"[/color:2qyhe3of] he asked as Senka shook her head. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“They'll be here shortly, as will Cyril and Vridel."[/color:2qyhe3of] Mercer arched a brow at that statement, but didn't say anything. Sorcha, generally very prompt, arrived next, in simple dark riding trousers and a half-sleeved teal tunic with a basic white wave pattern at all the hems, belted with a white sash. It was another one of those she'd acquired more or less at Judith's demand in Derdriu, still nothing fancy. She must have pulled out her hair pins at some point and not been able to replace them herself, because her hair was in a tail now, trailing to the small of her back even so. She narrowed her eyes at Mercer rather grumpily, ignoring him entirely when she greeted Senka. Vridel had elected for billowy shirtsleeves and a neat red waistcoat trimmed in gold. His hair had clearly been cleaned and dried in the intervening hour; he raised a hand to cover a yawn, waving lazily at all of them as he approached. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“Still waiting on the others?"[/color:2qyhe3of] he asked, either misspeaking or [i:2qyhe3of]expecting[/i:2qyhe3of] multiple others. From the sly look he cut Senka, it was the latter. [color=#4C0F75:2qyhe3of]“Horses are ready,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Cyril replied from behind him, scanning over the group as if to count them quickly. He seemed to have changed as well, from his training gear at least. Being, well, not a noble, he didn't dress like one, but the black tunic with the sigils Jeralt used in white was well-fitted, and matched the black of his trousers and boots well. He seemed to favor blacks and dark greys and the occasionally deep blue or purple over brighter colors or pastels. Senka merely smiled at Vridel's statement. Before she could answer, though, she could see Amalthea running towards them, and huffed lightly. [color=#78AF17:2qyhe3of]“Sorry I'm late!"[/color:2qyhe3of] Amalthea stated. Her hair had been pulled into a bun with a single braid on her right side that was weaved into it. She was wearing the necklace everyone had bought for her birthday, and it was clearly visible with how low the neckline was to the short-sleeved white tunic she wore. It was trimmed in gold with what looked to be triangluar patterns, but unlike everyone who had elected to wear trousers of sorts, Amalthea was wearing a black skirt with white leggings tucked into her riding boots. [color=#CBA135:2qyhe3of]“It's alright, Thea. Now that everyone's here, what do we need horses for?"[/color:2qyhe3of] Mercer questioned, arching a brow towards Senka and the others. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“We're going to collect samples on each of the different trails near the monastery,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Senka replied easily. It wasn't an entire lie, after all. They [i:2qyhe3of]would[/i:2qyhe3of] be collecting [i:2qyhe3of]something[/i:2qyhe3of], however; they didn't need to know that. They could grab whatever caught their eye, and bring it back for everyone else to see. Mercer mouthed an 'oh' as Amalthea smiled at them. [color=#78AF17:2qyhe3of]“Sounds like fun! Should we get going, then? Before it gets too dark?"[/color:2qyhe3of] she spoke, causing Senka to nod her head. When everyone had mounted their horses, and exited the monastery's gates, Senka couldn't help but smile a little to herself. This might not work as well as she wanted it to, but at least she was able to get everyone to go. It was only a half hour ride to their destination, and when they approached, the trails had, indeed, broke off into four different paths. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“We're going to break off, here,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Senka spoke, pulling Libi to a stop. He grunted with what sounded like discontent, but paused where he was. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“Cyril and I will take this trail,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she gestured to the far left, and glanced towards the others. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“Mercer and Sorcha, you can pick your own trail, and Vridel and Amalthea as well,"[/color:2qyhe3of] now all she had to do was wait for their reactions and reply. She knew Sorcha would be against it, which is way she announced she'd be going a different way with Cyril. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“The trails are only big enough for two people at a time which means we should all pick one trail each,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she added. [color=#5C9CB5:2qyhe3of]“Hang on,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Sorcha said, glancing at the forking trails. [color=#5C9CB5:2qyhe3of]“There's four paths here. Shouldn't a couple people go alone? I can take this one so we get something from all of them?"[/color:2qyhe3of] Vridel arched an eyebrow at Senka, his lips twitching. Apparently in light of the betrayal he was quite content to leave her to sort it herself. She would have smiled at Vridel, however; she needed to answer Sorcha's question, first. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“In light of recent events,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she began, glancing towards Thea, [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“it would not be wise to go alone. It's best to go [i:2qyhe3of]together[/i:2qyhe3of] as a precaution. If something should happen, at least there will be another person with you to either help you, or call the others. We don't need something from [i:2qyhe3of]all[/i:2qyhe3of] of the trails."[/color:2qyhe3of] Amalthea nodded as if it were the most obvious thing to do, and turned towards Vridel. [color=#78AF17:2qyhe3of]“That makes sense,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Thea spoke. [color=#78AF17:2qyhe3of]“There are supposedly wild herbs that grow here that we can't get in the monastery. Maybe you've seen them before and can help me identify them?"[/color:2qyhe3of] Thea stated as she glanced towards Vridel with hopeful eyes. At least Thea was helping out, even if she wasn't aware what was truly happening. [color=#CBA135:2qyhe3of]“I don't see a problem with it. Plus, I get to spend more time with Sor,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Mercer spoke, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. [color=#CBA135:2qyhe3of]“She never did tell me her favorite flower, so maybe we'll find it on one of these other trails."[/color:2qyhe3of] Sorcha sighed, shooting Mercer a glare, but she put up no further resistance, lifting her hands as if in surrender. Doubtless she wasn't going to ask Thea to switch, not when she seemed to excited to go with Vridel, and she probably had the sense that Senka was doing this on purpose, if the baleful look she gave her was any indication. [color=#5C9CB5:2qyhe3of]“All right, fine. Samples it is, then."[/color:2qyhe3of] Flicking the reins, she directed her horse down the trail furthest from Senka's, apparently supposing Mercer would follow. Vridel huffed, obviously amused. [color=#7A0A26:2qyhe3of]“So stubborn,"[/color:2qyhe3of] he murmured. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“Indeed, but she'll be fine,"[/color:2qyhe3of] Senka spoke, her eyes narrowing slightly as she smiled. Mercer huffed lightly, but followed wordlessly after Sorcha. Sorcha would, one day, thank her for this, though. She glanced at Vridel and Amalthea, though. [color=#9C9CF0:2qyhe3of]“Don't enjoy yourselves too much,"[/color:2qyhe3of] she stated, staring directly at Vridel but directing the statement towards Amalthea who merely looked confused. [color=#78AF17:2qyhe3of]“Alright, we will! We'll meet up with you once we all finish our trails!"[/color:2qyhe3of] she stated excitedly, nudging her horse, Sunflower, in the direction of the trail next to the one Sorcha took. She was rather pleased by the outcome. Nudging Libi in the direction of her trail, she smiled just a little brighter to herself.[/font:2qyhe3of][/justify:2qyhe3of]

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