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"Wait... You want me to stay?"

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a character in “Fire Emblem: Conquest”, as played by 10tanksonawall


Name: Nichole
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Nationality: Rausten
Appearance: Tall (6'5") and fairly muscled, Nichole is built like an athlete. She has piercing blue-grey eyes and flowing blue, almost sliver, hair.
Personality: Nichole has a generally withdrawn and pacifistic personality. Her studies and life experience tend to mark her as an outsider, and generally has no wish to hurt others. However, she highly values people that are willing to befriend her, and will fight fiercely to defend them. She is slow to open up about herself, and her doing so means that she has accepted you as a friend, and will fight to the end to protect you, and if she fails to do so, she will not stop until she has had her revenge.

Class: Druid
Starting Stats:
HP: 25
Strength: 0
Magic: 17+3
Skill: 9+2
Luck: 10
Speed: 9
Defense: 6
Resistance: 11
Move: 6

Staff: C
Dark: E
Anima: E

Growth Rates: 250%
HP: 40%
Strength: 0%
Magic: 50%
Skill: 30%
Luck: 25%
Speed: 20%
Defense: 15%
Resistance: 20%

Starting Inventory: Fire, Flux, Physic, Restore, Balmwood Staff

Strengths: Being fairly athletic, Nichole has a fair amount of endurance in her body, and has been using magic long enough to be able to keep up a sustained barrage for a decent length of time. Also, she is disciplined under fire and skilled with staff and tome alike.
Weaknesses: Nichole is not a front-line fighter. She is more apt to use her staffs than she is to use her tomes, and is actually pacifistic by nature. Also, under periods of extreme stress, she has a tendency to snap under the pressure. Can also be highly emotional.

History: Nichole was born in Grado to a fairly well-off family in the Rausten clergy. during a period when members of the cloth within Grado's borders had begun to see themselves persecuted against. For a while, her family went from town to town, often leaving when a fanatic stirred up a mob and drove them out. It never reached violence. They simply threw the family out.

Until one day when they took it a step further. After her father delivered a fiery sermon, a mob swarmed into a frenzy and surrounded him, pushed his to the ground, and held him there while he was beaten to death. Nichole, only four at the time, went with her mother as she returned to Rausten.

As they stopped for the night in Caer Pelyn, though, Nichole's mother noticed a dark aura surrounding her child. Fearing the worst, she abandoned her daughter and left her in the night.

When Nichole woke up, her mother was gone. She wandered about town for a bit, and eventually was admitted into the orphanage, where she lived until she was fifteen. At fifteen, she discovered her talent for magic, and began training herself. The elders of Caer Pelyn were happy to encourage her in her endeavors, helping her train with staff and tome, constantly reminding her that magic was not a toy, and that she had to be careful not to use it wantonly.

Then she began to dabble in the Ancient Arts. At first, the elders looked the other way, keeping in mind that, at one point in each of their lives, they'd all done the same. But as weeks turned to months, Nichole showed no sign of stopping her investigation into dark magic, and the elders had her leave their town.

She remained nearby, always sticking close to the only home she'd ever known. When Skeld became Vespasian's new advisor, though, trouble began to brew again. As Grado's borders with Renais and Jehanna began to crawl with bandits, Nichole refused to stand by and watch as villages near Caer Pelyn were ravaged. She became something of a local hero in the mountain villages, honing her skills with magic, and sticking around to help others through the aftermath.

Eventually, she left the Caer Pelyn area, looking to help others whenever she could. Recently, her travels have brought her to the Grado-Renais border...

So begins...

Nichole's Story


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#, as written by Flexar
After Oskar, the first to arrive was the lanky, blonde Grado soldier, accompanied by his wyvern. He had identified himself as "Cespar Stern" the night before, and his wyvern as "Lorcan". He seemed like a very sincere man, and was clearly outraged at the lack of effort that his country had put into keeping its borders clean. When asked if everything was to his liking, Oskar simply nodded in response.

The next to arrive was Lenore, who was clearly in need of some more sleep. Strands of her hair were sticking out in places, her eyes lacked the shine they had bore yesterday, and was yawning loudly. Oskar hadn't been a morning person when he was younger, but his job had quickly beaten it out of him.

Ephony joined the company more extravagantly than the others; she jumped straight from the inn's rooftop down to the group. If Oskar tried that, he would break both his legs, and his back if he was unlucky. Having someone that agile would certainly be a great help. Oskar returned her "Good morning" politely.

Then came the thief, who still hadn't given her name. She ignored everyone else and went straight for Lorcan, to whom she seemed to have taken a liking. She then climbed into the wagon and flicked her eyes from person to person in a rather unnerving fashion.

To Oskar's surprise, the girl from before who had been beaten up pretty badly turned up on horseback. If she had a horse, why hadn't she stayed on it? Perhaps she just preferred fighting on foot.

The other wyvern rider arrived soon afterward. He quickly rode over to his fellow knight and took his position beside him. Harlaus was far more rigid than Cespar, and clearly cared a great deal more about his appearance.

The last to arrive were Donovan and Calais. Oskar had been surprised the night before when Calais had offered to come, but he was in no position to be picky about where help was coming from. Donovan's joining was less surprising, since he was actually capable of wielding a weapon.

"Well, that's everyone." Oskar announced, "We shall depart immediately. Any objections?"
If there were, then nobody mentioned them. So, Oskar cracked the reins and the horses set off, pulling the cart with them. The three not using the cart followed closely behind.

After less than an hour of travelling, they were inside Grado. The road had led them down a narrow, winding path down the mountainside, a path that only just had room for the cart on it. Oskar looked down into the valley and at the bottom of the valley was a fort. Presumably that was their target. It seemed rather badly positioned; enemies could surround it on all sides and would also have the high ground. Perhaps that was why the military abandoned it. Oskar couldn't see properly from this distance, but it didn't look quite as dilapidated as it might be. In fact, he swore that he could see ballistae and cannons mounted on the battlements, and he could also swear that there were people milling around them. Some of those people appeared to be carrying sacks, large spheres and ballistae bolts. Realising that they would soon be victims to open fire, Oskar spurred the horses into action, going straight from a trot to a gallop.

A slender woman with long flowing pink hair made her way up onto the ramparts to survey the process.
"Faster, you dolts!" she snapped, "If you carry on at this rate, they'll be here before you've even loaded a single ballista!"
The bandits immediately sped up, for fear of what she might do to them if she got any angrier. One hurried over to her, empty handed.
"Miss Sylvia-" he began, but was abruptly stopped by Sylvia slapping him round the cheek with the back of her hand, her sharp nails leavings gouges in his skin, "Milady," Sylvia smiled this time and gestured for him to continue, "There is a woman near the east side of the fort. She appears to be a mage of some sort; she clearly has a staff with her. What should we do?"
"She's just a healer." Sylvia scoffed, "Did she look rich?"
"She didn't look poor." the bandit answered.
"Rob her blind, then." Sylvia ordered, "Bring back everything she had. Kill her if you want, but it really won't matter either way. The worst a healer could do is whinge about us to the law, who can't be bothered to do anything about us."
The bandit nodded and scuttled off, presumably to follow orders. Sylvia turned her attention to the west rampart, where the cannons and ballistae were being loaded. Most of them were ready to fire by the time she had turned around.
"What are you waiting for?!" Sylvia hissed, "Don't shoot the wyverns though, they'll fetch us a pretty penny."

Oskar heard a whistling in the air and turned to see a ballista bolt sailing through the air, right towards the cart. It impaled one of the two horses and splintered the front of the cart, breaking off the driver's seat from the passenger compartment. Oskar had almost found his balance when two cannonballs smashed into the mountainside, destroying the road beneath their feet and sending Oskar tumbling down into the valley. Terror gripped him as he was hurled to the valley floor and almost certain death.

Oskar was far more lucky than he thought he would be, but that didn't mean that he was in a good shape. He had landed in a copse in the valley and was currently sprawled out on the grass beneath an oak. Blood was pouring down from his forehead into his eyes, all but blinding him. While his whole body hurt, his left arm, his sword arm, felt far worse than the rest of his body. He attempted to move it, but to no avail. It was broken. He tried to push himself to his feet, but all that resulted in was him coughing up blood. He couldn't die here. He mustn't. Kai and Freya were waiting for him at home, the villagers had nobody to guard them, his comrades needed help! Were his comrades even alive? They could well have all been killed in the barrage, leaving him as the only survivor. God dammit, where had those bandits acquired ammunition from? The military wouldn't simply leave gunpowder, cannonballs and ballista bolts lying around near abandoned siege weapons for anyone to find and fire. He could think about that later, right now he had to get to safety. However, that was easier said than done; his own blood was clouding his vision, his left arm was broken and he couldn't stand. He tried to pick himself up once more, but only coughed up more blood. It was pointless. He could do nothing but wait to bleed out or be found by a bandit and killed. Speaking of bandits, Oskar could see a figure approaching him through the curtain of blood over his eyes. He couldn't make out anything about them, other than that they were a person. With any luck it was one of his comrades, but he strongly doubted that any of them were healthy enough to be walking. Oskar just closed his eyes and awaited whatever fate had dealt him.


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Nichole was absolutely sick of bandits, this bunch in particular. They'd been sitting in their fort for who knew how long, picking off every single caravan and robbing every traveler that came by. Of course, Grado decided not to do anything about it. Then again, Nichole had long since decided that people had to take matters into their own hands. She was a bit warmer than she'd have liked, but this area loved its flash storms, and her cloak was all that kept her tomes dry. She looked up at the fortress that loomed ahead. She was sure that they could see her, but all that they could see were the Physic and Restore staffs on her back, and the Balmwood staff in her hands. The shoulder bag under her cloak carried her tomes.

There was a massive booming noise from the fortress, and Nichole's eyes tore to the canyon wall on the other side of the fort. There was a pair of explosions as cannon fire blasted at a cart up above, sending it and its passengers down the side of the cliff and into a stand of trees below. Nichole rushed towards them. The enemy of her enemy was her friend, after all.

She took a bit longer than she would've liked to get to the forested area. Her eyes immediately scanned the treeline when it came into view, looking for life. She saw a trio of bandits moving into the forest. She quickly and easily pulled the Flux tome from her bag, and held it in the crook of her left arm as her other hand shoved her staff into the soft earth. She pointed an open palm at one of the bandits, and recited a line of text from the book. An orb of dark energy, at least a foot in diameter, appeared before her hand, then shot off in the direction of the bandit. Halfway to the target, the orb disappeared...

Only to reappear surrounding the bandit's torso. She closed her hand into a fist, and the ball of dark energy contracted with it. Wherever the edges of the Flux sphere went as it collapsed inwards, they tore flesh from bone in a gruesome display. The other two bandits noticed Nichole now, and charged her. She recited a different line of text, and a pair of the Flux spheres manifested before an open palm, these much smaller, about three inches across. They also moved faster as they shot forwards from her hand, guided by a constant reciting of the text. These did not disappear. They flew straight at their targets. One sphere collided head-on with a brigand's chest. The Flux sphere broke, streaming over the contours of the brigand's upper body, ripping away flesh in bloody streaks. The other bandit managed to dodge away from the sphere she'd sent at him, which disappeared. He was growing closer and closer...

The sphere reappeared as a circle on the ground in front of him. He stepped onto it, and collapsed in pain as it swallowed up his leg up to the knee. Nichole closed her open hand, and the circle moved along the ground, stripping away flesh from his back. Nichole fell silent, feeling the strain of having to deal with three bandits alone like that all over. Her extremities felt cold, her heart raced, her lungs burned, her mouth was dry. She pulled her staff out of the ground, and used it for support as she entered the forest.

The first person she saw was laying crumpled underneath of an oak. Smaller, less worrisome cuts were scattered all over his body, but the worst injuries by far were the large slash across his forehead, the apparently broken right lower leg, which was heavily bruised and slightly bulging, and the compound fracture of his left arm, the broken ends of his ulna tearing through his skin. She moved quickly, and knelt beside him. "My name is Nichole." She said. "I'm here to help." She stood, and pointed her Balmwood Staff at his broken leg. "You're going to be in pain for a bit. That's just the bone settling back into its normal position." She closed her eyes, and focused. A soft blue light surrounded them. When her eyes opened again, the bulge and bruising was gone. She then turned her attention to his arm. Compound fractures were a bit more tricky.

"Don't move your left arm."
She said firmly. She switched the Balmwood to her left hand, and concentrated. Her right hand began to glow with healing magic, and she used her hand to manipulate the broken bone, pushing it back into place before mending the break and closing the wound. She kept her hand charged with healing magic, and she wiped it across his forehead, healing the last major wound that he'd suffered.

She gripped the Balmwood staff tightly in her hands, and relaxed as its naturally imbued properties sent a small stream of healing magic into her own body, removing the ache and exhaustion that were afflicting her. She shook her head to clear it, sending her hair flying in all directions. She swept it out of er face, and looked at the man before her. "Please tell me that you're not alone here?"


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#, as written by Flexar
The mysterious figure drew ever closer, so Oskar could make out more of their silhouette than he was able to before. It was a woman; an extraordinarily tall woman with long hair and a pole with something on the end of it. It was either a mace or a staff, so either he was going to be bludgeoned to death or his wounds were going to be healed. Oskar prayed to the heavens that it would be the latter.

"My name is Nichole. I'm here to help."
Oskar smiled as much as his frail body would allow him to; he was going to live after all! As she knelt, Oskar could make out more of her face. She had fair skin, steely blue eyes and long hair. He couldn't make out a great deal more before she stood up, and the next thing he knew was a searing pain tearing through his right leg. However, it subsided quickly, and he could move his leg again.

"Don't move your left arm."
Her voice wasn't quite so soft and reassuring anymore, and sounded rather commanding and stern. However, Oskar knew that it would be best for him to simply do as she said, so he relaxed and waited. It wasn't as if he could move his left arm, anyway. The pain came again, but this time it was much worse than it had been last time. Oskar turned his head and saw the woman forcing the bones back into place with her hand. Oskar suddenly felt very sick; he'd never been injured badly enough to have his bones actually sticking out of his body before. Fortunately, it wasn't too long before it was back in place with new flesh and skin over it. She followed up by sealing the gouge in his forehead, stopping the constant stream of blood into his eyes.

While he wasn't exactly well, Oskar felt much better than he had before. He was definitely well enough to sit up. He leaned back against the oak tree and wiped the blood from his eyes with his right hand; while he could move his left, it hurt to do so. He could see his saviour properly now; she was an enormously tall woman in her late twenties or early thirties with pale skin, flowing, silvery blue hair and steely, blue eyes.

"Please tell me that you're not alone here?"
"N-no..." Oskar answered shakily, "I was with... eight others. We dealt with a bandit raid on a Renais village yesterday and decided that we needed to cut off the source, but... this happened. We had no idea that they had siege weapons, just that they held an abandoned Grado fort. I don't know whether or not they survived..."
Oskar suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of guilt; he had been the one to beat information out of that bandit; this would never have happened if he'd just let the bastard go! He had survived the blast because he was a big, healthy young man, the others probably hadn't been so lucky. Cespar and Harlaus had probably escaped the barrage on their wyverns, but the two of them alone would pose no threat to the horde of bandits. The rest... No, he couldn't give up now. He had survived, so it was possible that they had, too.
"I'm going to find them." Oskar stated as he pulled himself to his feet and staggered wearily forward, but didn't get too far without having to lean on a tree for support. He drew his sword from its scabbard and proceeded to use it as a walking stick; he was going to find the rest of his party, no matter what it would take. He dragged them into this, and now he was going to drag them out,


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"I'm going to find them."

He had resolve, Nichole had to give him that much. He had something invested into this. Most people would take their second chance at life and run. This man seemed eager to get back into the fight. He forced himself along, willing himself to continue.

Nichole grabbed his arm and pulled it over her shoulders, supporting him as they walked along.

It wasn't long until they found the next of his companions. She lay collapsed on the ground, face first, a few feet from a dead horse, killed either by the ballista bolt that had been rammed through its flank, or the long fall from the cliff above. Her long, blonde hair was splayed out in all directions, her green armor dirtied by mud and blood. A large piece of metal shrapnel was lodged in her back, dangerously close to her spine.

Nichole dropped the man's arm, and moved to the girl, drawing the Balmwood staff again. She focused the flow of energy into her free hand, and closed it around the fragment.
Alysia yelped as a sharp pain shot through her back. Her eyes snapped open, and she was prepared to roll to the-

"Don't move."
A commanding voice said. Alysia froze. The voice was female, but that didn't mean anything. It could be a bandit standing over her right now.

She felt pressure on her back, and suddenly a shot of pain rocketed through her body, especially her ribs and limbs. Then, the pain was replaced by a warm, almost pleasant tingle as broken bones re-mended at an incredible pace. She felt an uncomfortable ache where she'd been injured, but she supposed it was better than being a cripple. The pressure on her back receded, and Alysia pushed herself up, coming face-to-face with her savior.
Nichole watched as the girl shakily, and looked up at her, literally. She was a small girl, maybe 5'9", but she had an air of determination about her, similar to the man's.
"My name's Nichole." She said. "What's yours?"
"Alysia." Came the reply. "Thanks for your help."
Nichole nodded. "Do you know if anyone else made it out of that alive?"
Alysia shook her head. "No clue."
Nichole nodded, and turned to the man. "Let's keep looking..." She shook her head. "Sorry, what's your name?"