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Alexandria "Lexi"

"I won't just stand here and watch as people suffer!"

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a character in “Fire Emblem: Reawakened”, as played by 10tanksonawall


Name: Alexandria
Alias: Lexi
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 6'0
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Description: Lexi wears her hair long, down about a foot past her shoulders. Her garb is very different from that traditionally worn, but the plain brown leather pants and white wool shirt are very much in line with the lack of extravagance that one would expect from a member of the clergy.

Personality: Lexi's personality is very outgoing and bubbly, and always seems to be talking or working or helping out. She cares for the people around her, and always seems to be able to find the up-side in any situation, despite how bad things may seem. She's always looking to help others, even at the cost of neglecting her own personal wishes. Overall, a selfless, outgoing, and optimistic personality.
Strengths: Lexi is a very helpful person, and is always looking for ways to help others. She is also fairly well-trained in self-defense, though she couldn't stand up to a professional soldier.
Weaknesses: Lexi's outgoing tendencies mean that she often goes too far. She may accidentally prod someone to talk about things that they'd rather not discuss. Also, her drive to serve others means that she often neglects herself.

Biography: Lexi grew up on the Plegia-Ylisse border. She spent much of her life with her mother and father, who greatly loved on their only daughter. She grew up well, despite not being upper class. Her father was a local priest, her mother a member of the local church's convent.

When Lexi was ten, there was a raider attack on the church. Her mother was killed along with many of the others present. A few, like her father and herself, escaped, but the rest were killed, and the church was burned down. That day, Lexi decided that she'd follow in her mother's footsteps.

She took it upon herself to fill in for her mother. She learned to cook, clean, garden, and defend herself. She helped to rebuild the church, and began running errands for the remaining members of the convent. As she became more involved with the church, she became less obsessed with filling her mother's place, and more determined to make one for herself. She joined the convent on her fifteenth birthday, and was an invaluable addition to the church.

On the ninth anniversary of her mother's death, Lexi and her father were out on the site of the old church, which had become a monument. As they were walking around, remembering the people who'd died, Lexi saw a metallic glint in the grass. She moved towards it, and picked up a beaten-up medallion. When she showed it to her father, he took it gingerly in his hands, and pressed a small mechanism on its side. The medallion opened, and inside was a miniature portrait of a ten-year-old Lexi, flanked by her parents.

The medallion became something of a treasure to Lexi, who wore it every day. One day, though, her father was leaving for a mission trip to the capital, and offered to take the medallion to get refurbished. Lexi happily agreed. However, when her father returned, he broke the news to her: On the return trip, his small group had been ambushed and robbed of all their valuables, including the medallion. He promised her that she would get it back...

So begins...

Alexandria "Lexi"'s Story


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"I'm about to head into there and take back what's mine." The former bandit said. "Follow if you want."

A couple of the villagers followed him into the fortress, looking for stolen possessions or just trying to find something worth taking back. The others remained back with Raymond, gathering the dead villagers closer together.

As he was finishing up, the dark mage came out of the fortress trailing two scrawny-looking horses and a beaten-up wagon. He wasn't exactly expecting a royal carriage, but Raymond was surprised that the thing was actually rolling.

Raymond nodded. "Thanks." He turned to the handful of villagers who had remained behind. "Let's load them up." He said, picking up the first body and laying it gently into the wagon. The villagers followed suit, loading their fallen neighbors into the wagon. It was silent, numbing work.

They arrived back in the town early the next day. The solemn air that surrounded their pitiful convoy as they rode through the gates was palpable. Raymond directed the convoy straight to the local monastery, where the now-deceased were given back to their families for the proper burial that they deserved. It was a depressing task, one that Raymond had done before. The repetition did nothing to help make it easier, though. The anguished looks on the faces of their husband or wife at seeing their loved one in varying states of injury; the tears of older children at seeing their parent dead so early; the confused expressions on younger children as they were told that "Daddy didn't make it."

Raymond gave comforting words to whomever asked for them. When he felt another tap on his shoulder, he thought it was another widow looking for a shoulder to cry on. Instead, he saw a member of the clergy, wearing brown leather pants and white wool shirt. Alexandria looked at Ray expectantly.
"I'm sorry, Lexi." He said. "I couldn't find your necklace."
Her blue eyes teared up, and her face buried itself in his shoulder. His arms wrapped around her as she cried.
"I'm sorry, Lexi." He said again, as though it would ease the pain of losing her mother again.