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Vetsin Condrel III

View on allies and enemies: "You are not my enemy until you attack me." Self motto: "I won't let anything get in my way once I decide to do something."

0 · 138 views · located in The Lands of Aithis

a character in “Fire Emblem: The Darkest Blood”, as played by Zeique


Name: Vetsin Condrel III (III means 'The Third' for those that did not know this already)
Age: 21
Alignment: I would like to be a neutral alignment if I may, although if that is not allowed I would like to be Dairell. If you would rather have me be Galleon to balance out the alignments I will do that as well.
Class: Mage
Weapon or Magic: Dark/Wind magic
Personality: Vetsin is the most kind person you could ever meet, until you loose his trust that is. Luckily loosing his trust is nearly impossible. Vetsin would protect anyone he befriends as much as he could, and (depending on how he feels toward the other person) even put his life on the line if needed. He can usually be found multitasking in one way or another.
If allowed to be neutral: Although Vetsin was born into a small village on the edge of Dairell he had always paid little attention to that fact and wondered into Galleon lands. He had made friends amongst both lands and did not want to go against either sides entirely. It wasn't long after Vetsin had been noted in magical arts that he was given a magical power enhancing staff that had been passed down in his family for hundreds of generations. The staff was fully endowed to Vetsin 5 years later when he turned 16, making it so the staff could only be used by him. Vetsin's family started to allow him to be more free and act on his own will. With his newfangled freedom Vetsin left the village 2 weeks later with the cover of night and took to being a Jack-of-Trades for money and living fees. Often Vetsin would do a job or two for free, which in return left him with just enough to strive through his life. Now Vetsin is looking more to settling somewhere, but just can't seem to find the perfect place yet.
If wished to be Dairell: Vetsin was originally born of the Galleon lands, though he has little memory of it. When he was of a mere 29 months (2 year 5 months) of age he was, as far as he knows, separated from his family while traveling through a small place in Dairell lands. Although he has minimal knowledge of anything about his birth family Vetsin is happy with his adoptive family. The only thing he has to go on of his biological family is a staff that seems to enhance his magical power. As Vetsin grew up helping out his family in the fields he also used his magic to protect everything he could. Soon after what had been called his 16th birthday the village was set ablaze and all Vetsin could see was a silhouette of what he assumed to be the culprit. Before he could do anything about the mysterious figure he decided to subdue the flames and help all he could. There were few survivors from the catastrophe and Vetsin feared that he was the cause of all of it somehow. Without a word he left the village never to look back he hoped. From that point on he decided to help Dairell in anyway he could in order to find out more about both himself and the unnamed fiend of a man that destroyed his beloved home.
If wished to be Galleon: Vetsin was always fascinated by magic and its workings. At the age of 9 he started to show some talent in Wind magic, and about 4 months later Dark magic as well. On his 10th birthday he was given the honor to attend the magic school his village had set up long ago. There he gained a staff that could only work for him to enhance his magical power. Although Vetsin had a very low interest and knowledge in most of everything he was exceptional (though not the best) in magic fighting. He had barely missed the acceptance cut off for being a mage in the army, but that didn't slow his loyalty to his home land in the slightest. After he graduated the school for magic he did everything he could to so he was war material. Even though Vetsin was only 16 upon graduation he set off instantly to find a way to serve Galleon in any and all ways he could.
In case the image does not show:!


Other than the Magical staff he has a small magically enchanted pouch. Even though it looks to only hold maybe 8 cubic inches, it had a portal to an empty and endless void. Anything that can fit inside the 4 inch wide mouth could go in the pouch and easily be taken out if you know what you want specifically. He was also given an item on his journeys that can shrink things to 1/3 the original size, making it easier to use the pouch. He gave all three items nicknames: the magical staff was called Kuromizu, the pouch got the name Void Pouch, and the shrinking item was called S3.

So begins...

Vetsin Condrel III's Story