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A Multi Universe world, limitless, colorful and beautiful. You can use any of here, but it can’t be based off another game.

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In the beginning, it was void...just void. Only void. It didn’t stay that way though. The first goddess, Gara, created a world, beautiful and untouched. Soon realizing that life was needed, she created countless animals, and the first god, John Cryheart. She created him and adored him for his bravery and warrior like spirit. A few thousand years later, and the grid was created. A safe haven for the gods that johnn made in place of Gara. He did not abandon her, oh no no. He created these gods to make this world thrive. He also made a trio he called,”The Guardians” who were going to be the next gods, the permanent gods. Go further into the future and you will find that the grid was destroyed. The old gods died, except john, who went missing shortly after. The main god, Jacob,would take johns place, and also become known as,”The Dragon King”, because he would have full control over them. The goddess of the sky, Dez Flamdoxius Flamora, would take her parents place. The god of shadows, Christopher, would have control of the Shadow realm, or in other words,”Dark Deep”. These three people are only three of the gods you know. They go on and created a warrior group called the fire fox legends.

How the universe got its name: A long time ago, the gods used to have a power source called the crystal heart. John later destroyed it due to its problems and unnecessary use. It creates the crystal amulets you will find in the Roleplay.

What are the amulets purpose?: To show that you are one of the fire fox legends, and that you should be treated like one.

Toggle Rules

No God Modding(immortality,coming back from the dead,”no miss” or “miss”) You can come back from the dead as another charater though!
No Sex, normal romance and kissing is allowed, gay, bi, etc. is allowed.
NO UNIVERSE POWERS(control over everything, and to make it fair, I will not use universe powers in Roleplay s when I join)
Your charater must be original to this universe
Use backstory as reference

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