Brave but sensitive, Jacob is the immortal god of Cryheart.

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a character in “Fire Fox Legends”, as played by RosesAndBlood


Physical Description: Black hair, Blue eyes, ivory skin,sturdily built,a few battle scars

Personality:Sensitve,Strong,Somewhat Shy,Kind,Caring,Gentle,A Little Insecure,Brave

Equipment: Enchanted Black Trench Coat, Healing Necklace, Black Combat Boots, Black Leather Gloves, (Under Coat) Nobleman Clothes, Black Boater Hat(With Ribbon)

Abilities: Teleportation, Weapon Summoning, Familiar Summoning, Shape Shifting, Etc.

His true history is unknown, but many believe he was created from void matter His brother is Christopher(A Celestial, meaning all races), is like a parent to him, but still considers him his brother. He holds Chris very dear to his heart, and loves him, even if it’s tabu.

So begins...

Jacob's Story