Fish Tails and Boys

Fish Tails and Boys


3 mermaid sisters fall in love with humans (ALL GIRLS TAKEN NEED 2 BOYS)

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Fish Tails and Boys


Mermaids and Mermen never come out of the sea, not because they can’t but because it is the law. The king or the ruler of the mermaids and merman Triton, made that law almost 1000 years back when the mermaid and mermen where revealed to the humans. The human started to hunt them and try to kill them. The hunting lasted 300 years but then the humans gave up on killing them and they became a myth to the humans.

Now the only time that mermen and mermaids are allowed on land is to mate with people of their own kind. Like mermaid with mermen. You are 30 years old when you leave to mate. Any time before 30 you still live at home and are considered a child. Yea I know for most people 30 is like old to have your first child! You must have you baby before you are 40 or you will die during the pregnancy. When you are on land there is a lot of rules but the main one is:
No Interaction with Humans
The other rules are:
 No going into any towns of cities, stay at the beach
 After you get pregnant come right back into the sea
 No interacting with any other mermaid or merman except for the person you are mating with
 No touching water until you are ready to go back into the sea

If those rules are broken you will be punished to death. The mermaids and mermen are very strict about the rules and won’t have any exceptions to the rules.

When you get to land you are able to walk right away. When mermaids get to land they are in a white dress, and when mermen get to land they are in tan shorts and a white shirt.

To turn into a human they have to stand at the spot where they got their legs when the full moon is the highest then they have to jump into the water.


Triton was married 10 different times but never had children until the latest wife. She has three girls one is 20 years old now, the other is 18, and the youngest is 16. They all are getting a bit bored with the normal life for the ‘Princesses Of The Sea’ they are ready to go on their own and have fun. So when the mermaid and mermen go off to mate the three girls go with them. When they get to land they see 3 boys and it is love at first site.

While there staying on land there living in a cave by the beach

Things You Need To Know About Mermaid and Mermen:

- They are born the size of a star fish and are done growing at the age of 15
- Mermaids nail color changes with how they feel. Blue: Sad Red: Mad Pink: In Love
- Mermaid and Mermen have perfectly straight teeth and no canines
- Mermaid are extremely beautiful
- Mermaid have a high pitched voice that is very beautiful and sounds like singing
- Mermaids and Mermen are very pale because they spend all their time in the water
- Mermaids and Mermen don’t have last names
- Mermaids are between 4’9-5’5 feet tall so there pretty short


The Beach

The Town

The Cave Where The Girls Are Staying


The Girls

Aqua: Oldest Sister


Age- 20| Name- Aqua | Face Claim- Ashley Greene
Aqua is the oldest of the 3 sisters. She is very protective of her younger sisters. She isn’t shy but she doesn’t say much. Is the wisest of all of the sisters. Reserved

Starr: Second Oldest Sister


Age- 18 | Name- Starr | Face Claim- Demi Lovato
She is the shy one of all the sisters. She usually doesn’t say what’s on her mind. Always wants everyone to be happy before she is. Reserved

Pearl: Youngest Sister


Age- 16 | Name- Pearl | Face Claim- Ashley Benson
She is the youngest in the family and is treated like the baby. She has a very bubbly, happy personality and she doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. TAKEN

The Boys

Jake: Aqua’s Crush


Age- 21 | Name- Jake | Face Claim- Liam Hemsworth

Cody: Starr’s Crush


Age- 18 | Name- Cody | Face Claim- Josh Hutcherson TAKEN

Jordan: Pearl’s Crush


Age- 17 | Name- Jordan | Face Claim- Harry Styles

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