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a character in “Fish Tails and Boys”, as played by ♥ILoveParis♥



Youngest Sister

Pearl is the youngest in the family and often treated as the baby. She always has her mother attention and when their father is around she has is attention too. She doesn’t like all the attention but she doesn’t hate it either. Her sisters get mad at her at times for being an ‘attention hog’ and will often tease her about it. She isn’t the favorite of her parents just the baby girl.
She is the most outgoing in her family. She doesn’t have a shy bone in her body and that is a fact. It may seem like she doesn’t have a filter from her brain to her mouth because she says whatever is on her mind. Pearl tries hard not to say something she regrets but sometimes she slips.
She never shuts up, ever. She is always saying something her mouth just runs and runs and runs. She doesn’t seem to know when to shut her mouth and just sit quietly. I don’t think she has ever shut her mouth and sat quietly.
She does NOT have a short temper but you still don’t want to get her mad. When she gets mad she will either yell at you or hit you. Usually it is yelling unless you did something horrible. She says things that really hurt your feelings when she is mad then she will stomp off. She won’t be the first to apologize, ever. She will give you the silent treatment until you apologize. Trust me she is good at the silent treatment.
She sometimes may seem like a bit of a ‘dumb blond’ (no offense to blond people, it’s just a saying and I have blond hair so..) She can sometimes be a bit slow or just seem a bit weird.
She is a very silly, girl. She just does the craziest of things.

Written Appearance
She has natural wavy blond hair that is a little past her shoulders in length. Her eye color is sea foam green, they are her favorite feature on her body. Like all mermaids she has perfectly straight teeth and blemish free skin. She lips are a natural pinkish color. She bites her finger nails for they are never very long. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 103 pounds.

So begins...

Pearl's Story