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Fix You


When the school freak show, Tessa Lee, commits suicide, no one really cares. No one, except star soccer player Cameron Porter, the most popular- and richest- guy in school. When Mr. Death comes into the story, nothing is as it seems.

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Tessa Lee is a freak. She has absolutely no friends, she doesn't talk, and the Queen Bee of the school, Meghan Miller, has made it her number one goal in life to make Tessa's life a living hell. Her life at home is heart breaking. And then she kills herself. No one was expecting it, but that's probably because nobody talked to her. But, for some explainable reason, Golden Boy Cameron Porter gets hit hard by the death of the girl he never really knew and he goes to her funeral. After the service, he meets the family no one ever knew about and the friends no one knew existed. And then Mr. Death himself approaches Cameron with an intriguing offer- Go back in time two months and try to stop Tessa from killing herself or go on living life like it it now.

So, Cameron takes a risk, and goes back in time to October first, just so he can try to save the life of a girl he never knew. Suddenly lies, love, heartbreak, tears, cancer, and eventually death, all work their way into the story about Mr. Popular and Miss Nobody and just how hard love is.



Cameron Porter | 18 | Fix You by Codplay | FC: Drew Van Acker | OPEN

Tessa Lee| 17 | How to Fix a Life by The Fray | FC: Dakota Fanning | TAKEN

Marcus Lee (Tessa's brother) | 20 | I Hate This Song by Secondhand Serenade | FC: Austin Butler | OPEN

Nicholas Lee (Tessa's brother) | 14 | Payphone by Maroon 5 | FC: Dylan Sprouse | OPEN

Klaus Lee (Nicholas's twin) | 14 | I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz | FC: Cole Sprouse | OPEN

Edgar Lee (Tessa's Father) | 36 | Lego House by Ed Sheeran | FC: Johnny Lee Miller | OPEN

Walter (Walt) Everett | 19 | You Found Me by The Fray | FC: Nicholas Hoult | OPEN

A. J. (Angelica Jane) Rolf | 17 | Lights by Ellie Goulding | FC: Arianna Grande | TAKEN



  • A. J. and Walt are dating
  • Klaus is gay
  • Mrs. Lee (Tessa's mother, Rebecca) is dead
  • Cameron is a soccer star and the most popular guy in school; he is a senior
  • Tessa is a senior, she skipped grade ten
  • A. J. and Walt are Tessa's best (and only) friends
  • Mr. Lee (Edgar) owns a book store/ cafe all the Lee kids work in
  • Yes, Cameron and Tessa end up together...
  • if you wish to portray one of the Lee's, please see Tessa's character profile's History portion for information

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Character Portrait: Marcus Lee


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Character Portrait: Tessa Lee
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Nobody really cares unless you're pretty or dead. I'm neither.


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Character Portrait: Marcus Lee


Character Portrait: Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee

Tessa's oldest brother. I'm not in college because school is stupid. I work at my dad's shop and help teach football to kids.


Character Portrait: Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee

Tessa's oldest brother. I'm not in college because school is stupid. I work at my dad's shop and help teach football to kids.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee

Tessa's oldest brother. I'm not in college because school is stupid. I work at my dad's shop and help teach football to kids.

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