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Flarea Mysterium

Flarea Mysterium


A family of 7 dies in the old times. Will history repeat itself or can a group of misfits stop the carnage before it begins?

581 readers have visited Flarea Mysterium since Guardian Aelita created it.



Time: 1724

The Flarea Family, consisting of a mother, father and 5 daughters, all live in perfect harmony in the Flarea household. The mother worked full time as a mom while the father worked and brought home the food. Meanwhile, the five daughters would play and have fun in school. It seemed perfect... until the fateful night of March 15th when the eldest daughter went insane and killed her entire family. Police tried to find the daughter but she had mysteriously disappeared. It was a tragic mystery that went unsolved.

Time: 1824

Another family had moved into the manor despite hearing the horrific tragedy of the Flarea family. For the most part, everything was peaceful. The family of seven had lived a relatively normal life. Until March 15th. During the day, reports from neighbors said that a mysterious woman came in the house and murdered them while they were sleeping in the morning. Police found painted in the manor walls "The Flareas are just the beginning." No one had ever heard of these Flareas before. After some digging, the police found an unsolved mystery. They thought the killer might have been the daughter that got away but it was impossible. She would have been too old. The case was determined a murder suicide and it too remains unsolved.

Time: 1924

Once again, another family moves into the manor. This family of seven was already uneasy and it didn't help that the manor seemed to be possessed. Things would creak and groan for no reason, water would drip, one of the son's woke up with slashes on his back and one of the pets was found dead and stuffed in the oven. On March 15th, the entire family was found dead. This time, police arrived in time to see an odd girl standing in the middle of the carnage. She grinned at the police before telling them "You're too late again... I'll just keep doing this. It's my job after all~" and then disappeared. Police never tracked her down and the Flarea Manor claims yet another unsolved murder.

Time: 2024

The Aquius family move into the Flarea Manor for the first time. Today is March 10th, 5 days before the fated incident is about to occur. The family seems to be an odd parallel to the Flarea family. There's a mother, a father and 5 sons instead of 5 daughters. Elsewhere in the distance, four girls watch the Aquius family carefully and nod to themselves. These girls would protect the Aquius family from the same fate the Flareas went through. Can they stop the carnage or will history repeat itself yet again?


1. Though I will accept anyone, please keep god modding to a minimum.
2. Be respectful to each other.
3. I'd like you to post at least once a week.
4. Keep it PG-13. This includes romance, swearing and violence.
5. Above everything else, just have fun with it. Twists are appreciated and I love drama as much as the next guy.


Flarea Mother:
Flarea Father:
Eldest Flarea: Alexa Flarea played by Guardian Aelita
Second Eldest Flarea:
Middle Flarea:
Second Youngest Flarea:
Youngest Flarea:

Aquius Mother:
Aquius Father:
Eldest Aquius:
Second Eldest Aquius:
Middle Aquius:
Second Youngest Aquius:
Youngest Aquius:

Murder preventers
Girl 1:
Girl 2:
Girl 3:
Girl 4:

Mysterious Killer
Eradicator Sins played by Guardian Aelita

If anyone wants to join, they have 48 hours to submit a work in progress and then 5 days to complete it. I look forward to working with you! Here's the character sheet.

Code: Select all
[center][font=Times new Roman][color=???][u]Theme Song[/u][/color]
[url=URL HERE]Song Title | Artist[/url]
[color=???][u]♠Emotional Song[/u][/color]
[url=URL HERE]Song Title | Artist[/url][/font]
[color=???][u]♠Fighting Song[/u][/color]
[url=URL HERE]Song Title | Artist[/url][/center]
[font=Times New Roman][center][color=???][b]GENERAL INFORMATION[/b][/color][/center]

[color=???][b]Love Interest[/b][/color]
[color=???][b]Face Claim[/b][/color]


[center][b][color=???]Height[/color] [/b]
[b][color=???]Weight[/color] [/b]
[b][color=???]Hair Color[/color][/b]
[b][color=???]Eye Color[/color][/b]

[font=Times New Roman][center][color=???][b]MENTALITY[/b][/color] ♦[/center]

[b][color=???]Oddities[/color] [/b]
[b][color=???]Power [/color][/b]
[b][color=???]Likes[/color] [/b]
[b][color=???]Dislikes[/color] [/b]
[b][color=???]Hobbies[/color] [/b]

[font=Times New Roman][center][color=???][b]HISTORY[/b][/color][/center]


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Character Portrait: Alexa Flarea
Character Portrait: Eradicator Sins


Character Portrait: Eradicator Sins
Eradicator Sins

"Hehehe~ Your life is mine to play with."

Character Portrait: Alexa Flarea
Alexa Flarea

"The roses... They tell me things."


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Re: Flarea Mysterium

I would like to snag the second oldest daughter please.

Flarea Mysterium

"Flarea Mysterium"

Well, this is a thing that I created! Anyone's more than welcome to join in just fill out the character sheet and let me know in advance through this here OOC board which position you want. Hopefully this doesn't die...