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♗ || Name || ♗ Gin Kuroba
Named after a brand of alcohol.

♗ || Nickname(s) || ♗ None
It's too much to ask to just say my name correctly?

♗ || Gender || ♗ Male
Female. Duh.

♗ || Council Branch/Position || ♗ Head of Recon Branch
Getting involved is troublesome, yeah?

♗ || Age || ♗ 17
Old enough for you, darlin'

♗ || Year || ♗ Junior
Is it that important?

When you constantly wear masks, you'll eventually forget your real face.




♗ || Hair Color || ♗ Dark brown with tints of red at the tips.
All shades of flawless.

♗ || Eye Color || ♗ A mix of purple and red.
It's a nice color, right?

♗ || Height || ♗ 6'1"
I'm actually pretty tall.

♗ || Appearance || ♗
Gin is, what most could call, a good-looking looking young man, with reddish-brown hair that falls down to his neck and shadows his eyes from sight, giving him an odd sort of mysterious look. Despite his looks, he rarely ever gives people the chance to admire it, as he almost always has his hands at his lips, covering the majority of his lower face. Because of this, not much skin is shown, due to his fringe, and any other skin on his body is hidden beneath baggy sweatpants, jumpers, gloves, scarves and boots. He has a cold exterior, making him out to be rather unapproachable. This, however, is completely opposite.
Great genes, am I right or am I right?




♗ || Positives || ♗

▲ Skilful Liar: Not the best trait to have, but it has been very useful for his job. His lies could range from simple deceiving of his client's enemy to charming the pants off of anyone. Though he could also use it for things other than his job, talking his way out of a dangerous situation, calming people down, it's a very useful skill to have in society nowadays.

▲ Caring: While he may seem like an awful person, he cares a lot for people. Although difficult, he would never purposely harm anyone who was important to him, even for a job. He has demonstrated this many times during work, gaining trust of the people working with him. Sincere, compassionate, and supportive; he may lie, but overall he does mean well.

▲ Determined: One Gin had made up his mind, he carries it out until the very end. Of course, in some scenarios, he could change his mind and help out someone else, but he will go out of his way to do things if he has made up his mind. This is probably the reason he managed to rise up from the ranks and become the head of the Recon Branch.

▲ Knowledgeable: Gin has a great love for knowledge, weither the knowledge be dirt of someone or simple things they teach in school. This gets him good grades and an un-forced enthusiasm and love for his job. He is also rather intelligent, and knows how to use his gathered information well.

♗ || Negatives || ♗

â–ŧ Possessiveness and Obsessive: Gin was born wanting lots and lots of affection, but had gotten none due to the death of his father. Because of this, he tend to get attached to people very quickly, but becoming extremely so if they get along well. Gin would start wanting them to only look at him, ignoring everyone else. Simply put, Gin could be described as a Yandere. Thankfully, this hasn't affected his job and life thus far; adding the fact people generally dislike his smart ass-ness that comes with his personality.

â–ŧ Two-Faced: The head of the Recon Brach actually is someone with an inconsistent personality, differing from one person to another. His real personality is something he has already forgotten, always pretending to be someone else. Even though this has made him a mess when it comes to being honest or trying to connect with someone, it has benefited his job many times over. Gin has a great dislike for this trait of his, and of whoever manages to call him out for it.

â–ŧ Secretive: Unless you befriend Gin, he won't reveal much about himself or his job. This is usually understandable, since his job is important, and giving information to the wrong person could potentially drive them to ruin.

â–ŧ Jealous: Gin becomes jealous rather easily, ranging from envying someone's happy family and carefree life, to their 'I won't change for anyone' personality. This becomes even more apparent if you become closer to him, as he will cling on to you. He never really shows his jealously, however.

Image Image

♗ || Likes || ♗
Caring Individuals | Soft Melodies | Showing and Receiving Affection | People Who Stay True to Themselves | Peace and Quiet | Drawing |

♗ || Dislikes || ♗
Being Called Out on His Lies | Constantly Lying and Changing Himself | Being Reminded of His Family | Guns |

♗ || Special Talents || ♗

| Agility and Stamnina |
Gin is much better at dodging than at attacking, being fast and quick on his feet. As a child, he was often very active when it came to athletics. As the teenage year hit, he started getting more engaged in combat and fighting. Although he can throw a few good hits, he is by far much better at dodging. As said before with his knack for sports, he has trained his stamina to be more long-lasting, not letting himself be more easily worn out.

| Careful Speaker |
Helps with his job with gathering information, useful for charming others, and gaining good connections. Gin is careful not to spill any secrets no matter how uneasy the atmosphere may be, or how intimidating everyone looks. Instead, he has a knack for charming his way out of almost every situation with a carefree smile.

| Stealth |
Mostly for his job; but makes a habit out of moving around without making any noise. This makes moving around without one's notice second nature, making it very easy to sneak up of those unsuspecting. (Also very useful for scaring others.)

| Art |
It is something minor he likes to do whenever he gets some free time, for it relaxes him and let's him focus on something silently. He likes drawing still-life, but occasionally draws with help from his imagination. It was taught to him back in elementary, but he has grown a liking to it.

♗ || Fighting Style || ♗
His job doesn't require him to fight very often, much to, admittedly, his own disappointment. He's good in using certain weapons, and even hand-to-hand combat, but he is most skilful in using knives. Be it throwing them or just using them to cut into skin, Gin is very masterful at the wielding of a small blade. Though because fighting takes up too much time, he often coats his blades in a type of sleeping drug. It won't harm the other, but will get them out of his way. He finds guns a waste of time and refuses to use them, as will he refuse to fight anyone who wields one out of disgust of such a boring weapon.



You actually want to know me well? ...Thanks.


♗ || Mother || ♗
Yukio Kuroba -- Alive -- 48
Yukio, my mother hasn't been well since the passing of father despite how long it has been. All she can do is stay in the house and continuously do housework to keep her mind off things. My aunt comes to visit her often, but mother doesn't speak much to her. I've been doing all I can to try and help her, but she only seems to worsen throughout the days. Lately, she takes out her anger and frustrations on me; along with beginning to hallucinate. It's wrong of me, but because of this, I've been trying to avoid going home as long as possible.


♗ || Father || ♗
Satoshi Kuroba -- Decreased
My old man. I don't really remember much of him. The afternoon after he quit his job, a truck crashed into his car. My father's death was not any thing less of murder. My aunt, who was working in the same company as my father, had caused part in his demise. He must have been a good person, since mother loved his to death. Even after 15 years, she's still dreadfully upset. She keeps all the pictures of him to herself, yelling at me when I try to look or ask.


♗ || Aunt || ♗
Anna Izanagi -- Alive -- 44
My aunt helps take care of my sick mother, coming over very often despite my mother's difficult behaviour. That makes her seem like such a good person, doesn't it? I despise her. She's only helping mother out of guilt, since it's partially her fault my father died. That damn woman hates me too, I just know it. She only talked to me to beg me not to tell my mother the truth. Christ... if only looks could kill.

♗ || Face Claim || ♗
Shin || Amnesia

♗ || Uniform || ♗
x || x

So begins...

Gin Kuroba's Story

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Kira looks at the guy named Gin and bowed, "H-Hello I'm Kira Hall." She said without stuttering mostly because she had only contact with a boy her whole life.
Kyle let's out a mean low growl at Gin but it was soft. 'Don't touch my sister I will kill you if you do.' He thought in his head.
Kira heard the soft growl and shrugged it off, "hey does any wonder what Zabel looks like or how he sees?" She announced and Kyle walked out not expecting how Kira asked that. "I will be back." He announced and slams the door and buys a mask that only covered his eyes and he took out his ear ring and took out his lip pricing and walked back in after a hour.
"Not taking anything else off hopefully everyone will trust me even though my eyes are covered if not to bad." He announced and sat in a sit away from everyone yet again.

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#, as written by Zalgo
Arthur Wright

He drifted through the halls, listless and tired. His arms hung by his sides by the merit of being attached to his shoulders and his eyes had enough bags that someone could mistake him for an insomniac. Between school and training he had little time for writing, any time spent doing so cutting into his sleep. He had pursued an inspiration of his but as a result he lost a lot of sleep. If it weren't for caffeine he wouldn't be awake for all of school. As it was the buzz was starting to wear on him like a wind up key that's slowly coming unwound.

After some fiddling with the knob the door finally opened for him. With a bit of a heavy thud he pushed the door open with the side of his shoulder causing it to swing fully open until it connected with the door stop. With his rather bloodshot eyes, nearly as dark as the abyss itself with only the slightest hint of brown, he scanned across the room looking across each person within, his trademark deep frown etched onto his face like it was stone.

Now he had only been captain of the Assault Squad Elites for roughly half a year. He's been acquainted with Achillea and though she may constantly stand on both of his nerves he obeys her for she is his superior in the hierarchy. Coriander on the other hand he's met on plenty occasions and has found more tolerable in that she is quieter generally. On top of that she is one of the few members of his squad and thus his direct concern. Everything that happens with her is his business, same with all the others on the Assault Squad Elites.

Besides that he's a relative stranger to the rest. He's only aware of the captain of the regular Assault Squad, a lesser but larger selection where the best are usually picked from to join his Elites, by word of mouth, never having met the guy in person. Same went for the head of recon. Anyone working under them was a complete strange to him, hence a number of the people in this room were complete strangers to him.

With a lethargic nod to Achillea he sluggishly plodded towards a seat. He sat near Coriander since she was the only one in the room he even had any business talking to with the possible exception of maybe Achillea if she had news or plans pertinent to him. Besides those two he had no real intention of addressing the others. He didn't even say a word to anyone since he entered the room as he was tired and not in the mood to get in pointless time wasting arguments which would inevitably occur if he opened his easily irritated mouth. He knew he wasn't feeling his best and he was going to keep that his business and no one else's.

Simply sitting roughly near Coriander he just sat there at the table, resting on his elbows on the desk. He was looking down at his fingers. He started to trace an imaginary circle with his index finger. Slowly the finger came around but the circle wasn't even roughly close to a proper circle. It had a point, something circles shouldn't have. He continued tracing circles on the desk in his mind, each one not quite what he wants. The image that was being spun in his brain started to take on closer resemblance to a drunken Spirograph more than anything else. He wasn't happy with it.

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Coriander greeted Arthur with a nod and a small smile. Though they didn't know each other particularly well, they were comrades and she worked directly under him. She was glad to see everyone again, including him, even though he usually wasn't glad to see anyone. Cori silently watched Arthur draw imaginary circles on the desk, getting noticeably more irritated than he already was. She sometimes wondered what could be going on in Arthur's head, but she knew it was probably better that she didn't know. After all, there was enough strangeness going on in her own.

Achillea began to pace the room. The Vice President and the Head of Assault were late, as usual. "Where the hell are Callum and Yuki?" she demanded. She was getting a bit impatient. Not only was this the first meeting of the year, but there were a lot of majorly important issues to discuss. Of all times to be late- twenty minutes late, even- this was a pretty poor one. But, of course, there was no way they could know that right now. The information she had to share was top secret. Ninja business only. Once those two arrived, the council would have to be moved to the clubhouse.