Mikan Izumi

"If, um, it's okay, I would like us to get along!"

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"It's very nice to meet new people!"


Mikan Kudou

Mikan, simply; or Mika by close friends and family.





Wolf 1

"I may not be human, but please don't forget I have feelings too."


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

159cm/ 5'2"


Mikan is what most would call psychically unfit with how skinny she is, but in reality she both looks and feels completely fine. Her distinct lack of muscles makes herself worry about her health at times as well, but Mikan is not yet to the point of being or looking sick. Other than the odd hair color (which many seem to believe she dyed) and even stranger eye color (in which many people also think is fake ), there isn't much different compared to another human girl's body. --Except for the fact that underneath her clothes hides away all the scars she's gotten in the past, all of which she finds disgusting and makes herself sick to the stomach upon sight.

Wolf Appearance:

Mikan is not one to wear 10-inch heels just to look taller. Her choice of clothing is more comfortable than stylish. Her main focus when it comes to dressing is how easily she can move around in said clothes. That said, she prefers cuter-looking style clothings instead of anything revealing due to the numerous scars on her body. Her everyday clothes consists of a nice, clean T-shirt , a skirt, and sneakers.

Peaceful | Sincere | Fragile | Warm-Hearted


Bright and bubbly seem to just be the perfect words to describe this cheerful individual, able to light up an entire room. She is rarely seen without a big smile and is awfully kind to everyone. She dislikes being mean, often resenting bullies who think it's fine pushing around the weak. Though because of this, she is also viewed as weak and easy to manipulate by others. --Which is incorrect. Mikan will be hostile to people when needed, especially if they harm those who she cares about.

However, this happiness is very fragile. She is a very sensitive person, and can become sad over a simple comment people make. That, along with her rather quiet and meek side, can give people the feeling that she is helpless and easy to pick on. Mikan has been trying to change this factor of hers, not wanting to seem so shy and useless to others.

✔ | Sweets |
I can't help myself! They're so delicious and yummy! I swear that they are a piece of heaven!

✔ | Anything cute-looking (be it person or thing) |
Things like stuffed toys or beautiful dolls are just too cute! I reeally want one now...

✔ | Stars |
Maybe it's silly, but I feel like every star has a story, especially when they join up with other stars and create such beautifully constructed constellations.

✔ | Smiling |
There's nothing wrong about smiling! Even in darker moments, I will always smile! Being happy shouldn't be a painl!

✘ | Being a wolf |
Not that I don't like... My kind. It's just...

✘ | Her Scars |
It's like they are a constant reminder of what I've done. I've changed already, yet it still punishes me by just being there.

✘ | People who will accept her as she is |
It'll be nice to find people like that, yeah?

✘ | Bullies |
Why do people feel the need to hurt those weaker than themselves? it doesn't make you look cool!

✘ | Darkness |
I mean, being surrounded by utter and complete blackness is terrifying, don't you think?

✘ | Guns |
I hate it. I really, really hate it.

⋆ | Generally submits to the ideas and suggestions of others without thinking of her own needs. |
N-No! It's alright! As long as everyone else is happy! I can deal with it, don't worry!

⋆ | Readily puts her self in the way of danger without careful consideration. |
I don't really have anyone any more, whatever happens to me is fine. Promise.

⋆ | Always sleeps with some sort of small light on |
I'm not very good in dealing with darkness alone. Sorry...

⋆ | Apologizes way too often for the smallest of reasons |
I don't want it to bug you! I'm sorry!

â™Ĩ | Star-gazing |
They are really pretty, I could just stare at them forever.

â™Ĩ | Knitting |
D-Do I seem like a grandma? Aha...

â™Ĩ | Baking |
Don't tell, but I make my sweets extra-sweet~

"My past doesn't define me. It led me to the person I am today."

From a very young age, Mikan had discovered her abilities to transform into a wolf with the help of her parents. The moment she'd found out, she was in love with it. To suddenly go from a creature strained by society and it's chains into something that could run free and run with the wind, who would hate such a power? It was because of these types of thoughts that led to Mikan's growing irritation as a teenager. By 13, she'd been overwhelmed by the stress of a typical middle school child. She didn't want a life chained to more and more work. Not when there was such an easy option to just ignore it all and be free.

She'd forgotten how common it was for she and her parents to argue over that very same topic weekly. Her relationship with her friends and parents worsened more and more, detaching herself from those who wouldn't allow her to be 'free'. The day before her final exams, she'd screamed at her parents and ran away from home after changing herself into a wolf. What happened next was all a fast blur. Her parents, who'd been following her closely behind were no longer with the echoing sounds of gunshots. In shock after seeing her parent hurt, she tried to help move them, but was yelled at to go before the hunters came around. When the hunters came around, Mikan naively tried to fight them in her form. There were only three of them, and even after getting shot once and having numerous knife cuts throughout her entire body, she managed to scare them off.

However, by then it was too late to get help for her parents. Mikan, even as a sobbing, bloody mess, eventually found her way home a few hours later. She'd turned back into her human form and collapsed on her way. She woke up in her town's hospital with her aunt and uncle sobbing around them. They took her to live with them in a new town called Setogiwa. She moved with them at the age of 15 and decided to live the rest of her life simply. Though, there is still a part of her who deeply wishes to be able to run wild again.


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