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Darcy Anne Kimberly

"Nothing good comes of impatience. Or yelling. Or laziness. Or any other deplorable habit."

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a character in “Fleure”, as played by Kveria


Darcy Anne Kimberly

Gender: Female.

Age: 22.

Race: Lith/Tantre

Nationality: Shigan

Physical Description: Darcy is a striking figure. Long-legged and slender, her Lith mother shows through in her elegant, long-necked build. However, she is shorter than a general Lith, as she didn't get enough food as a child. Darcy’s Lith blood is also evident in her flexibility, which actually borders on grotesque when she demonstrates it, and, on anyone less self-assured, probably would be. Though she has naturally deep purple hair, Darcy had it bleached blond for a while, and so now it fades out towards the tips. She always keeps her hair up, often with ornate pins in it. As a Fleuré, Darcy wears ostentatious over-robes, which she wears when not performing, and delicate dresses underneath. They are for dance, contortion, and less formal meetings.

The expression on Darcy’s face is often cold and a bit distant, even haughty. Her eyes are slate-blue and her nose is just a blade. She keeps her nails long and glazed, but does not put any paint on them. When working, Darcy wears powder that whitens her out a bit, red lip-paint, eyebrow and eyelash blackener, eyelid shading, and heavy earrings. She has a line of purple fleur-de-lis down her spine, one for each nob of her vertebrae.

Personality: Darcy is proud. She has been described as “the most stuck up refuse as ever came off the streets”. After that man described her as such, he was no longer allowed to return to the House. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's an unfair description. For a girl who did come from the streets, Darcy thinks very highly of herself. She's strong-willed and self-reliant, believing that she often, if not always, knows best. Darcy is not openly combative, but is very passive-aggressive, and is an intense snubber when she feels that she has been slighted. She doesn't take well to criticism or slight, and may get in a snit over very small things that she perceives as wrong. Darcy finds it very difficult to rely on other people or to trust in them, and believes that getting close to someone is a sign of weakness, because it opens you up to getting hurt.

Darcy also has a mothering side, which is connected so her pride, and feels very strongly about protecting and caring for the new girls who come to the Lady, showing them the ropes without unnecessary sweetness, but certainly not cruelly either. She is distant but caring in her own way, trying to make sure the girls know what to do and how to do their best. She would feel as though she was failing them if she didn't. Darcy is a perfectionist, and allows little room for mistakes in anyone, but she also refuses to permit anyone but herself to power through illness. When asked if that's hypocritical, she says no, even though she knows it is. When she feels she has done something right, Darcy is very content and will brook no discussion, but when she feels as though she has done something wrong she becomes snappish and cornered, as her own imperfection makes her cranky.The kind of person to hide her emotions, it is a rare and special thing to see Darcy get mad, cry, or show happiness. However, you can see her demonstrate a haughty side pretty much every day.

Powers: Darcy, though due to her mixed blood, can’t possess someone, put them to sleep, or play with dreams, is a very proficient trance-creator. She combines dance, which she’s particularly good at because of Lith breeding, with the Tantre trance-creating. However, manipulating people who are in trances is harder for Darcy, and she mostly uses it as a mesmerizing technique as part of her duties as an entertainer.

Abilities: A graceful dancer and a lithe contortionist, Darcy has beautiful physical control. She can dance with scarves, fans, other people, sometimes swords, or by herself, and she's trained herself into superb balance. Though she can't sing to save her life, she's learned to play the harp well enough, can sit comfortably in almost any position, and has the ability to conduct a tea in four different manners. In that vein, Darcy is very good at subtly filling drinks, and is quite observant. She's good at applying makeup, though she always puts on too little, so another girl usually darkens it for her. Darcy cannot swim. Or arrange flowers, no matter how hard people try to teach her. She has an odd skill at coaxing butterflies to survive, and is the reason there are always a few fluttering though the hot rooms of the House.

History: Darcy's mother was a whore. And not just to men. To men, the bottle, and opiates. The woman gave up so much of herself that she had nothing left for her daughter, essentially. The only thing she ever gave the girl was part of her name. Anne. Though Darcy kept it, she didn't keep it as a first name. It was a memory she didn't want. Darcy spent her first five years of life on the streets, stealing when her mother had no money (which was all the time) and trying to take care of herself and her mother. It was a role totally unsuited to a little girl. But she had no other choices. During that time, Darcy never got clean. She wasn't abused, physically or sexually, she never saw her mother having sex, she was just very alone, very dirty, and very, very hungry. Because of this, Darcy fell into the one thing that children on the street get into seemingly without being able to help it. A gang. For two years, Darcy ran with them. She got her first fleur-de-lis, from a boy who fortunately knew what he was doing, or she might have been paralyzed. She lied, stole, cheated, and even hurt people. This gang is the reason that Darcy now knows how to dance with knives, though she's not very comfortable with it.

At eight years old, Darcy attempted to steal from the wrong woman. The Lady of the house had paint on her face and ornate robes on. Darcy assumed this meant she was rich and not paying attention. In fact, she was trolling the streets for girls who had no options. Admittedly, she was looking for girls older than Darcy, old enough to begin earning their keep, but when she caught the skinny girl who obviously had no better options, the Lady decided. However, when she asked the girl's name, even though Darcy was named Anne, she informed the Lady of the House that her name was Darcy, a name she'd gotten from a book one of the gang girls had. And that is why Darcy has three first names as her name. She named herself.

Amusingly enough, Darcy wasn't always as proprietous. When she was a little girl, first in the House and having given herself the name she chose, some of the older girls (who hadn't necessarily been there longer) started calling the girl "Darce", as a kind of nickname. Darcy did not respond favorably. Rather, she loudly asked "Who are they talking about? I didn't know there was someone named 'Darce' here. That's so similar to my name, how strange." They got the hint, and even though Darcy was lectured and disciplined for her bad attitude, she won. No one gave her a nickname again. As far as she was concerned, she'd given herself a name, and it was good enough.

Darcy is one of the longest residents of the House. She came in and learned voraciously, trying to do everything right. It is from this time, where Darcy thought she should be invincible that she achieved her perfectionist status and her pride, because she became so much more than she had been, it was natural for her to be enormously pleased. Because of her range of experience, she saw being a Fleuré as the highest status someone could achieve. She also became mothering in that she tried to learn to be like the Lady, before she realized she could be herself. Her only life goal at this point is to stay as she is, because anything else would require her to leave, and Fleure is the only home she's ever had.

Partner: Viktor Venetius

Other: Darcy has weak wrists, and so when trying to do handstands or hangs, she often shakes and gets wobbly. She's also one of the more requested girls due to her long-time status which has lent to her reputation and her sense of mystery, but she's not requested multiple times very often. She also hates to have her hair down, and grumps if anyone says it's pretty, because she thinks it's obnoxious. Because she's known the Lady so long, her punishments are the same as they were when she was eight - she has to stand in a corner for an hour and then instead of getting clients play waitress to the other girls for the two busiest hours of the night. Needless to say, she tries very hard to avoid needing a severe punishment.

Overwhelmingly, Darcy has a judgmental attitude towards the other girls. She loathes Akako most of all, perhaps, because she doesn't understand how such a flagrantly disrespectful girl, treating what the Lady has given them so brashly and without due reverence could ever be a popular courtesan - she simply doesn't deserve to be the sixth top girl, Darcy thinks. Because of this, she does her best to "accidentally" screw Akako up when they're working together. As the third-top, she has a lot of respect for the first two, though. Twins, Annabeth and Anastasia are everything Darcy wants to be. They have horribly mixed bloodlines, which, everywhere else, would be a minus, but is a bonus in Fleure. As near as she can tell, their mother was a pure Càntin, but their father had Hotep, Inamai, and somewhere in him Lith blood. She would love to be as graceful, as personable, as talented as they are, but tries not to acknowledge it because it's impossible. She doesn't even have the best of control over her Tantre blood, and they display the abilities of four different races.

Often, though, Darcy is better to the younger girls. Though she practices a lot in the dance studio, if she sees them watching her or imitating her, she will quietly allow them to do so, coming over to correct a form if she sees something that she thinks off and acknowledging them without acknowledging them. Most of these girls are not at all Lith, because the several Lith girls don't need Darcy's help, though she has very strong Lith traits for being mixed blood. She suspects that her father was pure, considering her mother was a drug-addled Tantre. However, she's often noted Lilla watching her as well - Darcy was serving a large group with the girl once, and found out that she has pure Lith through her mother, something that confused Darcy, as she'd seen the girl dance, and it could have been lovely if she hadn't stumbled. Since then, Darcy requested (behind Lilla's back) that the Lady allow them to serve together in groups or when waitressing, not because she felt any particular need to show Lilla up (one of the boons of Darcy's self-confidence is that she rarely feels the need to rub anyone's nose in it) but because she hoped she could subtly improve the girl's strength, knowing that somewhere in her had to be a dancer that could surpass even Darcy... if only Lilla could strengthen her ankles!

Theme Song: Alegria - Cirque Du Soleil

So begins...

Darcy Anne Kimberly's Story