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Viktor Venetius

"...I'm bored..."

0 · 244 views · located in Shigan Imperial Palace

a character in “Fleure”, as played by :Nagato:


Viktor Venetius

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Psyhre

Nationality: Reitír

Physical Description: Viktor stands at six feet two inches, with broad shoulders and a strong, firm build; as a result of his Psyhre heritage, he is very pale, a fact that remains regardless of how much he is in the sun or attempts otherwise. His silver-black hair is straight but often ruffled and tangled; it reaches at the furthest to the base of his neck. His eyes are (again, as a result of his race) a startling, almost unsettling crimson, and his third eye is located on the bottom of his left wrist; as such he almost never actually uses it. Despite this, they rarely actually show any emotion besides boredom and contempt, and they usually are half closed as if he has just woken up. His face has sharp, powerful features, with a prominent jawline, a small, pointed nose, and high, shallow cheekbones.

Personality: Viktor's personality is difficult to describe in that he hardly seems to have one at all. He seems to consider 'social situations' (which he is often forced into by the king of Reitír, as in this situation) to be trivial, pointless inconveniences and a waste of time; he often spends them detached from the main crowd, watching them with apparent boredom. Almost nothing seems to amuse or entertain him, and whatever does doesn't manage to do so for very long. The only things he has seemed to enjoy doing his entire life are reading and the 'art' of the sword (as he would put it), and even then he goes about it with the same stony, almost solemn expression; in general he just seems eternally bored with everything. This doesn't apply very well to situations when it is necessary to use his skills at work, as though he obviously has the skills, whenever he starts working on something he often gets bored of it quickly and then passes it off on a lesser subordinate rather than finish it himself.

As one might have gathered from what has been said thus far, Viktor does not much like talking. He is of the opinion that if whatever he wants to get across cannot be expressed in a gesture or in subtle (very subtle) body language, then it is not necessary to be said; as such, he prefers to communicate through body language. The only person with whom he can be seen to say more than one word responces to is his younger sister Irene, arguably the closest person to Viktor. She is the only person with whom he drops the hardened, cold facade that he shows to all others and becomes more expressive, talkative, and really, overall more 'human'.

So indeed, as cliche as it may sound, Viktor is not a soulless automaton, as much as he may act like one and as much as he is unlikely to stop acting like one for just anyone at all. He trusts Irene enough to truly be himself when with her because growing up she was the only friend he ever had (and vice versa), and though it may seem unexpected to those who see in Viktor merely someone who cares for nothing and no one, the young prince has many concerns and worries of his own--though it would take someone who has the time and effort to go through the arduous effort of gaining Viktor's trust to gain access to that very private part of him.

Powers: As a Psyhre, Viktor has the ability to alter thoughts. This ability gives him an incredible power--he can change emotions, cause people to love or hate one another, change their opinions, their goals, their most ingrained feelings and emotions, he can make anyone do whatever he wants, he can get whatever he wants--though the degree to which he can do this depends on Viktor's own energy and willpower at that moment. The problem being that Viktor never seems to care to bother to use his power for anything actually important. For the most part he uses it on random people around him for his own momentary amusement.

Abilities: Despite his rather...unusual way of going about it, Viktor is actually quite knowledgeable in how to lead a kingdom, how it works and how to deal with its workings--whether it be the treasury's finances, internal situations, or skillful negotiation (though that has less to do with his, er, 'charisma' and 'diplomatic ability' and more to do with his power as a Psyhre'. He also studies military strategy and tactics and considers himself a competent leader should such a situation arise (and the threat of that is always looming); in addition to this he is a skilled swordsman, having spent much of his life training as such. He is a decent chess player, though he rarely actually finishes games as he has a tendency to get bored halfway through and leave, much to the annoyance of anyone who happens to be playing against him.

History: There is little to say, really. Viktor's history is neither particularly eventful nor tragic in any way--it would be better to say it was simply rather lonely. He was born to the king of Reitír and a woman who died two years later giving birth to his sister Irene--the king and this woman were not married, and throughout his life Viktor actually never heard much of his mother and to this day hardly knows anything about her. The king of Reitír was often away on business of the state or at home working, and thus had little time to waste on his children; they lived in the royal castle where no one was their age and the aides, the only other people for the most part, were respectful but distant and aloof. Lacking a mother figure, barely seeing their own father, and having no real friends to speak of, Viktor and Irene instead came to depend on one another, and became very close, remaining to this day inseparable for the most part. However, they developed on two very different paths apart from each other. While Irene learnt from her experience and came to become a kind, loving woman, Viktor became withdrawn and distanced himself from others. When questioned by Irene as to why he does this with others, Viktor makes many excuses--that he must prepare to become king of Reitír, that he has no time to waste on others, that they have nothing of worth, no wisdom to offer him, it is more possible that he is simply bitter and unsure of how to deal with meeting others and coming to trust them.

Partner: To be determined

Other: Viktor is infamous throughout the land for his notorious inability to remember people's real names. He often assigns them nicknames based on appearance or personality (which tend to be demeaning in nature), and chooses to remember those nicknames instead.

Theme Song: I'll try to find one as soon as I can

So begins...

Viktor Venetius's Story