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Two years have passed since the defeat of Arachne and her organization Arachnophobia. It's been two years since the formation of the elite squad Spartoi. Things had settled down, and the students had gone back to their somewhat-normal daily lives of catching kishin eggs and saving the world from the soul-eating murderers.

In this moment of mostly peace and quiet, something is beginning to stir. Stolen corpses, witches and kishin eggs grouping together under one leader. Someone's plan is moving forward, and whether or not it's good or bad for humanity is yet to be seen.


Canons available:

Maka: Love me Not
Soul: Heroking23
Death the kid:Chloe De Luca
Chrona/Ragnarok: Mr. Fly On The Wall
Black star:
Liz: chloe De Luca
Patty: Chloe De Luca
Stein: Lirrin
Lord death: Kaida

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Kami smiled through breakfast that morning, it was like they were when they were kids. Spirit would have something for her every morning, no matter how he felt and even though he was a horrible cook, he would either have cereal or fruit for her. When they got older he learned how to make coffee, she sat silently eating what he had given her. She was surprised at how well she had slept the night before, she thought that she would feel weird being in his room. But he hadn't changed the room since she had left.

Everything in that bedroom was the same as it had been when they were together. She had expected, girly posters and other women's underwear haphazardly disposed of. But there was know of that, the same bed, the same sheets, washed and well cared for even the pictures on the walls were the same. All were picture that Kami had taken over the years either of Maka and Spirit, or photographs of sunset and flowers. All neatly cared for and dusted, "Why is he like this, you'd think he would have changed it to a bachelor pad, but it's like I never left.", she thought as she sipped her coffee.

It wasn't long before they were heading back to the DWMA for a new day at school Kami was hoping she would run into Maka and be able to pull her aside and talk with her. "Spirit... thanks for letting me stay at your place last night" she said thoughtfully.


"It's alright Soul you can come in" said Maka when he knocked. She hadn't slept to well the night before, thought of her mother and father and everything that transpired in the past 24 hours was all weighing heavy on her. She had spent so much time trying to keep from being around her father, and now everything was changing. "I don't know Soul I'm just confused by my parents right now, my mother has been away for so long and when she comes back it's like she's trying to bet back with my father" she sighed as she put her hair into pigtails for the day.


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In a 3 bedroom apartment somewhere within Death City

"Breakfast, cereal, cheesy eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, waffles, french toast, maple syrup, sausage, fried chicken, biscuits, butter, orange juice, pizza, apple juice, tuna melt on white bread, cinnamon buns, Canadian bacon, and a coffee! Calyx said as he flung his arms into the air, eyes glowing bright grey. "Dude, is that all for you?" Adam said as he dried his hair with his bladed hand. "Yeah, I'm starved!" he replied, "Where's Adam?" "He left early to do some research in the library, something about a weird dream he's been having!"

In the D.W.M.A. Library!

"Do you have any books on dream meanings?" Adam asked the librarian behind the desk. "I believe so, let me see?" he said as he turned around and read through the call cards, "Yes, we have three, they are 1 star books, may I see your I.D.?" "Here you go?" he said handing him a small plastic card with his photo on it. "Steven Edenburg, eh? I met an Edenburg once during my travels, his name was Wesley, helooked alot like you but his right eye was red, wonder whatever happened to that kind soul?" he said as he gave him the i.d. and the books. "He fell in love with a young demon weapon girl, had twin sons then dissapeared." Steve said with a dark grimace.


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#, as written by Lirrin
Spirit stammered. "Uh, it's no problem, I just don't think it would be a good thing for Maka to find out, seeing as how she responded yesterday." Inwardly he frowned, unable to think of anything else to say.

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Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Chloe, sorry to hear about the upheaval in you life, I hope everything turns out okay.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

I am so Lost right now, that I'm about to just post that the boys are arguing in their apartment.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

hey death the kid lovers here's a story I wrote if you want to check it out.


Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

if you want to go ahead, I don't think as Gm I can accurately portray him in a good sense anyways.

I think I only really get the goofy side of him but not the serious side you know?

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Hay uh Kaida, If You require a perment Lord death. I will offer To play Lord Death Permantly Because With a kishen We will need some to be lord death.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater


http://souleaterepisodes.com/soul-eater ... glish-dub/

Not the website I originally went to, I think, but it should work. Just ignore the chat bar to the right, some people can get pretty inappropriate...

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

... Sounds familiar... I'd go watch Soul Eater but my friend's ex boyfriend got mad and smashed my copy so I have to re-buy it. (Still waiting to get paid back -_- )

Instead I'm watching Hetalia.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

So, Soul Eater cannon has a witch Miester, Kim Diehl (she wields the girl who turns into a lantern). And apparently every witch can fly some even without a broom, according the the soul eater wiki.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Your accepted and I sent you a P.M. Lirrin.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Done, Raven! Now let's see what other mischiefs I can get into here... :P

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Mer, I may have to, I don't like leaving things blank but I can probably fill it in as we go. The power should be back on at my house in about an hour so I'll see what else needs to be finished and then submit it. I see that the other characters are listed by their class, am I to put 'The Mage' or be more specific and put "The Animist" since the Mage is listed?

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Feel free to skip the history if its to difficult. I understand its not easy writing up a background when your in world your foreign to.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Aw, my posts aren't as awesome as they were supposed to be, I had to retype them because the website logged me off while I was typing them!

Also, Raven, sorry it's taking so long, my character is about halfway done, (I always have trouble coming up with a background...) and when I got home from work today the power at my house was off because of the bad weather (it's a very old house -_- ) so I am at the library but I don't have my character file.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

I looked for the highest concentration of madness susceptible people and that is where Kuja's wavelength struck! Crona -and- Stein along with Suzu made the perfect bulls-eye plus Kuja needs Crona's black blood for his evil plans of a world of endless war!

*Pokes Lirrin* Still waiting on your character sheet for the off-site role-play.

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Yeah, I kinda get that feeling as well, hehe, but I wouldn't worry too much about it, stuff like this is what makes it so much fun!

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

am I the only one that feels like there are two role plays going at once, The normal one and the chaotic one. I think I'm a little lost here I hope it wasn't because i took Crona outta class that Things got all un-orderly

Re: Flickering souls: Soul eater

Hey Kaida I made Marie if thats okay.