Adam and Steve Edenburg

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a character in “Flickering Souls: Soul Eater”, as played by Calyx_Mason


Character Name: Adam and Steve Edenburg

Role: Weapons

Gender: Male

Appearance: Image two tall slender boys, one with blue eyes the other with red eyes

Weapon apearance: Image
Soul Resonance form Image
Soul Resonance Techniques:
Twin Hurricane - both blades are spun at a blinding speed creating two hurricanes made of their specific elements
Arctic Slice - Steve blade extends when swung to slice any opponent at almost any distance
Flaming Slash - Adam's blade extends when swung to slice any opponent at almost any distance
Deadly Frost - every cut made by Steve's blade becomes a growing frostbitten wounds
Cleansing Blaze - Adam's anti-madness wavelength cleanses the soul of his opponent.
Fire and Ice - the ends odf both swords connect and create a shield of ice that throws attacks back amplified by being set on fire
Dragon Blitz- the twins elemental powers are amplified and manifest in the form of massive fully conscious twin dragons mimicking their shoulder tattoos.
Smokescreen: it is what it says it is.
Soul of the Dragon: pushes all three souls above normal limitationso that they can fight for a little longer.

Age: S:16 and two minutes & A: 16

Personality: Adam is a very extroverted person, flirty, hot headed, and bratty . Steve is very introverted, harsh, honest to the point of being mean, distant, and accurate.

Likes: A:spicy food, punk rock, Pop, skateboarding. S: Iced coffee, cold pizza, Metal, snow boarding.

Dislikes: A:being separated from his brother, spiders, roaches, being alone. S: Hurting those around him, dying, heights, clowns(they're too happy)

Quirks: Adam is a huge flirt, guys and girls. Steve is very disciplined and obsessed with the band NightWish.

Hobbies: Adam plays bass guitar and the cello. Steve has been interested in business since childhood.

Goal: To become as strong together as physically possible.

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So begins...

Adam and Steve Edenburg's Story


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Character Portrait: Calyx Avery Mason Character Portrait: Adam and Steve Edenburg

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In a3 bedroom apartment somewhere within Death City
"Can I make my infamous Devil Curry, please, please, please?" Adam said as they walked in. Steve angrily walks over to the couch and starts using his ice ability to make a flower then smashes it on the table. "We all know Steve hates curry, pick something else?" Calyx shouted from his room. "Awww, alright, hey bro, what do you wanna eat for dinner?" Adam said from the stove. "Can we have Coconut rice, orange chicken, and candied bacon?" Steve smiled. "Calyx, get in here, Steve is smiling!!" he shouted. "For reals, Give me a sec, I'm looking for my dog tags." Cal shouted as he made a massive mess sprawl out his doorway.


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Character Portrait: Calyx Avery Mason Character Portrait: Adam and Steve Edenburg

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In a 3 bedroom apartment somewhere within Death City

"Breakfast, cereal, cheesy eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, waffles, french toast, maple syrup, sausage, fried chicken, biscuits, butter, orange juice, pizza, apple juice, tuna melt on white bread, cinnamon buns, Canadian bacon, and a coffee! Calyx said as he flung his arms into the air, eyes glowing bright grey. "Dude, is that all for you?" Adam said as he dried his hair with his bladed hand. "Yeah, I'm starved!" he replied, "Where's Adam?" "He left early to do some research in the library, something about a weird dream he's been having!"

In the D.W.M.A. Library!

"Do you have any books on dream meanings?" Adam asked the librarian behind the desk. "I believe so, let me see?" he said as he turned around and read through the call cards, "Yes, we have three, they are 1 star books, may I see your I.D.?" "Here you go?" he said handing him a small plastic card with his photo on it. "Steven Edenburg, eh? I met an Edenburg once during my travels, his name was Wesley, helooked alot like you but his right eye was red, wonder whatever happened to that kind soul?" he said as he gave him the i.d. and the books. "He fell in love with a young demon weapon girl, had twin sons then dissapeared." Steve said with a dark grimace.